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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Melbourne vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs Gold Coast, R19 of 2016

RooBoyStu: Come on Gawn
para: I’m hoping Gawn goes well but I don’t see how that will help
Gott2Win: Hopefully Petracca has a 50 point kinda day
BestCoast: Good night last night RooBoy good win by your lads for boomer
SaintsMan: we couldn’t kick straight, it was shocking
TowelBoy25: Need Lynch to have a quiet one, lol
RooBoyStu: yeah mate, was a good win.
BestCoast: @SaimtsMan be mighty impressed by your lads this year all looks good going forward
BestCoast: West Coast done there normal stage fright routine
SaintsMan: yeah mate, but still disappointed last night, if we could have converted, then it would have been a better game, oh well
BestCoast: Go large Gawn
RooBoyStu: 2 clubs that have done well this year are Saints and Blues, both good futures
CBeezDeez: Hi folks. Just anuva danger game 4 da Deez
CBeezDeez: Here here roos 4 Boomer
shaker: Demons have to beat GC ?
BestCoast: Agree RooBoy
CBeezDeez: They should do! But no confidence in them Shakes
TowelBoy25: Sexton having a decent half to 2016
shaker: Sort of get the feeling Paul Roos can’t wait to go on holiday
shaker: Sexton ha ha he will be all I will be able to afford to replace Libba
fyfe is life: m.gawn 3 votes coming up
CBeezDeez: Agree Shakes! Think Goodwin should’ve had more gameday say this year.
TowelBoy25: Someone has to get the midfield points at GC…
Preston007: Bernie… fark
shaker: Your right TowelBoy think I’m sold on him
TowelBoy25: Obviously better options to replace Libba
poido123: Bernie in next week 🙂
Sloaneyyyy: C’mon Vince, I need you to beat Kolodjashnij
poido123: Hello fellas. back from another ban :/ wow melbourne are so inconsistent
RooBoyStu: last time Gawn played GC earlier in the year he scored 176 sc i think, could be out to get more today
shaker: Not with the cash I have TowelBoy
CBeezDeez: Hope not Roo. My opps got him as C!
cusch1: Look at Wright from Carlton for 400k, avertages 90 and scoring has been relatively consistent,
9inch: Usually takes big Max a qtr to warm-up
para: Dahlhaus is a mid/forward but will be sub 400k very soon
PieBoy: Onya gawny
FlowerTime: was kinda hoping Gawn wasnt going to go insane, I have him but opp has him capt 🙁
FlowerTime: Looks like hes going huge
poido123: Sitting 74 in AF as of right now. Can i win the big prize?
CBeezDeez: Same here Flower. Cept I took the C off him & put in on Danger!
Rowan1984: Para, dahl will not go sub 400k. He will be 438k next week and might only drop another 15k
JRedden: vince is useless
poido123: was gonna bring in vince next week. not sure now, he has played pretty bad the last few weeks. Keep it up Gawn 🙂
RooBoyStu: look at the hit outs lol gc hopeless
BestCoast: Suns will get absolutely pumped after Half time
Breezey: This Lynch is just too strong for his opponents
TowelBoy25: Stay down Lynch! Of course my opponents have you
CBeezDeez: Melb really need a big bodied def
clee!: what has happened to kolo this year??
cusch1: I should have played Omacdonald over Gibson this week ffs
Breezey: If you find out @clee let me know. I’m still stuck with KK
Krispin_35: Lol had Gawn as back up caption for danger and omacdonald emergency for Boyd hahahahahahhahah
Sloaneyyyy: Vince, wtf, seriously!
JRedden: vince could get dropped this week
CBeezDeez: Is Vince taggin sum1?
TowelBoy25: Stop it Lynch! >:(
RooBoyStu: qtr time Gawn 47sc, half time 68sc Lift Gawn! lol
TowelBoy25: Champion Data clearly has Petracca in their SC sides, lol
iZander: there is no way vince is playing inside mid…this is why i cant trust these icons :/
chris7399: i always get the kerridge vs petracca choice for f6 wrong. who do u blokes prefer?
Barniclez: vince why…
FlowerTime: petraccas SC can flower off
Kekkington: I think Vince has been injured for the past 3 weeks. He hasn’t been himself.
Viscount: I’m lovin it FlowerTime
shaker: Me too
CBeezDeez: Cmon Traccs! Ton up!
cusch1: I traded Petracca two weeks ago over Kerridge because of a few crappy scores fml
RooBoyStu: Get Harmes off the ground, he’s in harmes way
blashtroko: I just want you all to know sam frost has had 40DT in 7.5 minutes
Breezey: Harmes still the +1 on the bench
ballbag: frost goes bang 6 touches and tracca zero touches.
CBeezDeez: Harmes off the ground still beat Collingwood didn’t he?
LuvIt74: What are you guys scoring SC excluding todays scores & how many players?
Breezey: Frost will melt if he flames up
bigpens: Is Petracca still in line getting a pie at half time
RooBoyStu: Put the ciggy out Gawn and get back on the ground
TowelBoy25: Don’t stop now Gawn
PieBoy: Cmon gawny have a crack
m0nty: this game needs some Benny Hill music
CBeezDeez: Bloody Hogan already planning his move to Freo?
ballbag: give petracca the shower head icon coz he’s shit
PieBoy: Onya jonesy
CBeezDeez: That bad is it Monts?
Mex13: Can someone explain why Joyce’s SC is so high?
m0nty: worse
CBeezDeez: Clanger City?
AngryRyno: rate Malceski’s move to the GC /10 for me lads?
BestCoast: @AngryRyno 3
RooBoyStu: Gawny going backwards, lift!
m0nty: this is a good game for me to POOP ON
AngryRyno: he just got 2 touches! better make it a 4
ballbag: poop
Barniclez: kermits for everyone
Pokerface: i think malce$ki would rate the move 10. people generally move to the gold coast after retiring
RooBoyStu: Viney and Vince barely sighted today
9inch: Capt Gawn stopped at qtr time 🙁 need at least 120
Barniclez: nice one monty haha clangers for days
9inch: Still 800 sc points for grabs
shaker: Butchers cleavers for all ?
myteamsuks: This is going to be a big sc scoring week. What’s everyone looking at scoring?
CrowEaters: @myteamsuks, F*** all as my pod player are S***
PieBoy: Top kent
StuL: myteamsuks:2500 but so is my opp. Someone is going to be stiff.
SilverLion: gunna be a ridiculous amount of scaling in SC at this rate. Also, stoked that Petracca has outscored Smith.
cusch1: 1900 from 18, looking at just under 2400
myteamsuks: Hate that.
PieBoy: Cmon gawny have a crack
SilverLion: Is anyone going to actually crack the SC ton pre-scaling?
StuL: C’mon malceski. Stay cactus.
poolboybob: Nobody deserves the star in this lousy game
myteamsuks: Melbourne supporters every game Sook up about frees
CBeezDeez: Aaaannnd! Here we go!!!
RooBoyStu: why would you have Gawn off with less than 7 mins left?
CrowEaters: give the star to the umpires
AngryRyno: how long on the clock?
CBeezDeez: Savin him 4 the upset victory ova Hawtorn next week?
cusch1: If you cant beat GCS at home you wont come close to the hawks
shaker: If you cant beat GC no hope against Hawks
CBeezDeez: Lowest wit Cusch. I woz being sarcastic.
lukefield9: 2 and a half minutes
Breezey: They got no hope against Hawthorn even if they beat GC
myteamsuks: How does Gawn have 2 hitouta and a tackle and lose sc points
AngryRyno: kick the winner TJ Lynch
CBeezDeez: This mob couldn’t beat their meat!
FlowerTime: when Gawn single handedly triples gcs hitouts…
AngryRyno: Ryan Davis will have nightmares if GC lose
poolboybob: Jack Watts, Brownlow smokey
cusch1: Have we had a draw yet this year?
All Reds: called it ryno
Rilian: How are you expecting a draw with 2pts the difference?!
AngryRyno: noooooooo Tommy ;(

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