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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Collingwood vs West Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R19 of 2016

SilverLion: West Coast will lose if their last two weeks is anything to go by.
Tonche: Pies 40+ good value at $9
casty46: carn the pies
TowelBoy25: Saturday twilight games always burn my SC side, so hopefully Priddis and Pendles score well. Go Pies! Tipping a draw
Gott2Win: Stay low Pendles and Treloar
RooBoyStu: have a good night all, heading into town for dinner then watching the Boomer Show, Go Roos!
SilverLion: @RBS Same to you mate, though I’d like St. Kilda to win to make the last few weeks interesting…
ballbag: have a goodnight rooboy. hope saints win though
Torz: Great start Treloar. :/
AFL Blues: hahahahay. Kennedy has a “on fire” symbol, and he’s negative. Hah-What!? XD
blashtroko: Its for DT (AF) the better more important game
AngryRyno: don’t start with the DT vs SC bs
Yelse: pies shocking conversion geezzz should be 3 goals up
TowelBoy25: Cheers for the laugh, blashtroko
ausgooner: Is Kennedy really on -1? O has he been Mitch Browned?
JButcher: Of course kennedy has a good game in the only week my opponent has him
TheBigCats: Go big Kennedy and Priddis, I’ve got a thought match up!
TheBigCats: Tough*
Ben_Gogos: Terrific mark from Greenwood there!
Yelse: this is what happens when you don’t take your chances
iZander: stiff on sheed in his first game back
JRedden: whats treloar doing? just cant find the footy?
TowelBoy25: Priddis still won’t make it to 80
qcumbers: tunbridge no disposals, but one contested poss.
sfmmp23: Dont waste your chances Pies!
Gott2Win: Towelboy…throw in the towel already!
m0nty: Moore shaping up to be just as good as Cloke, i.e. can’t kick either.
Gott2Win: Not bad from you there Monty
casty46: moore please moore
JRedden: another missed tackle for treloar.. come on
casty46: shut up huddo
m0nty: to be fair, Cloke would have shanked that one
casty46: white cost sidey a +12 bloody cockhead
m0nty: now here comes the master to show the apprentice how to really stuff up a point blank set shot
Gott2Win: This will test your theory Monty
poolboybob: Eagles somehow managing to make Pies key forward look good, hahaha
m0nty: ah it was too far away, not challenging enough for Trav to miss that
ajconodie: To be fair, Moore would have shanked that one
clee!: flower sidebottom
Pokerface: nice work ajconodie 🙂
TowelBoy25: *test*
Gott2Win: Stats frozen
boo!: you stopped pedalling minty
Jukes82: dream-stats is working, why not here..
TowelBoy25: Damn internet
CBeezDeez: Probably coz pies hav hit the front…
Gott2Win: Don’t the Coast just love the G!
grossn: Damn, Pendles and Treloar still on 0 SC combined 😉
TowelBoy25: Hope Pendles & Priddis S scores are above DT, lol
Gott2Win: Pendles 52, Treloar 50 and Priddis 56. Darcy Moore on 78! Gaff 68
BestCoast: @Gott2Win west coast are a bunch of spuds
MerleDixon: SC scores v
shaker: Yes if you have any SC players in this game you are flowered
Jukes82: kennedy sc?
Gott2Win: Hopefully Priddis continues his form for a 130 and pendles and treloar stop there 2nd quarter dominance
PopStar: Put money on Cripps to kick 3 and pendles to get 30 – come on cripps!
PopStar: Mare for MacKenzie…
eagles86: bestcoast ur a dissgrace to call yourself an eagles supporter
TowelBoy25: Priddis getting scaled back like a mofo
Mex13: Priddis you are going backwards
TowelBoy25: This internet sucks 🙁
Jukes82: give Pendles the gun already!
Ben_Gogos: Treloar has 87DT in the past 2 Qs
Gott2Win: Treloar and Pendles….stop…Thank you
ajconodie: Maynard has improved tenfold since the bye.
Solat: come on benny, surely shuey can’t have a shovel with only two CP
TowelBoy25: C’mon Priddis, please ton up
JRedden: raise the bat smith, well done
ajconodie: Williams on the other hand………….
Ben_Gogos: @Solat the shovel is for where he is playing. Luke is playing as an inside mid.
BestCoast: Eagles86 keep pretending we are a good side then
sfenda1: keep going treloar
eagles86: i admit we arnt a good side but calling your own team a bunch of spuds is disgracefull
eagles86: eagles clearence and there hit outs for the eagles have been shocking ever since nic nat left
eagles86: pluss once nic nat comes back ill see where we are at
TowelBoy25: Club record for most tackles in a game for Collingwood, great stuff. Cheers Wills! 😛
BestCoast: Master Wellingham are spuds and should be delisted immediately
eagles86: clearence and hitouts been eagles strength this year
BestCoast: We need a clear out, must go backwards to go forward
boges11: At least Wellingham tries. Masten occasionally sticks an arm out but that’s all.
chris7399: agreed @eagles86. its like changing your whole gameplan. without nicnat the midfield has to play a different style
BestCoast: Love my eagles I’m just P ssed that certain clowns just worry about there image and not the club
Gott2Win: Snag a goal Priddis
TowelBoy25: Hopefully Priddis scaled up to a ton, or just get one more contested effective touch
boo!: eat a snag priddis
brentz: carn the pies!
m0nty: There’s the Travis we know and love
grossn: I’m so happy right now 🙂 SC from Pendles and Treloar the icing
Ben_Gogos: Was only a matter of time
mason2016: Back the the vol clokey!
hinsch: damm it I have Danger as C and Pendles as VC missed out on 8 points

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