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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, R19 of 2016

desmondo: A BIG OUT…Cyril Rioli out with the general, replaced by Blake Hardwick
TowelBoy25: Need Simpson & Gibson to have quiet ones, so watch them go big.
TowelBoy25: Got Docherty and Gunston, but got a feeling they’ll both spud it up big time…
haddles99: Go Blues
TowelBoy25: Predicting Hawks by 24 points but would love to see an upset here!
ausgooner: Who’s Curnow likely to go to?
AngryRyno: Curnow will probably follow Hodge/Lewis, whoever lines up in the guts
ausgooner: Cheers Angry
m0nty: Curnow hasn’t been laying hard tags lately
AngryRyno: Gibbs hot early
AngryRyno: Carlton playing 5 wings and 8 defenders, very nice
AngryRyno: 7 wings I should say
TowelBoy25: Knew Docherty would do this, lol
AngryRyno: Kerridge following S.Mitchell
sfmmp23: come on smitch and simmo
Zeratul: Hoping Silvagni doubles his score by qtr time 😀
PieBoy: Ba
PieBoy: Cmon kerry have a crack
DrSeuss: Let’s go Cripps & Smitch
Torz: Great week to bring Doch in.
JRedden: stay down docherty, i was gonna bring you in, but couldnt with kelly out
mattmac24: after having both Dahl and Bont last night. I need Cripps, Doc and Simpson to have big games today
CBeezDeez: What? To minus 12 Zera?
JRedden: @mattmac try having macrae :/
PieBoy: On
AngryRyno: Brand back on
TowelBoy25: Shiver me timbers, Docherty is alive after all! Now lift!
frenzy: bad day for anyone named Hardwick
TowelBoy25: Curnow having a breakout year? Or just a one off?
AngryRyno: keep it up Kedge, Simmo
bongidongi: birch and gibbo lift! simps you star
Gott2Win: Kerridge can ton up and I will loop him in
TowelBoy25: C’mon Ginston & Docherty, lift!
Gott2Win: Looks like I should of got Gibbs in instead of Selwood
AngryRyno: ah Kerridge c’mon man
SilverLion: Be nice to see Carlton win a close one and simultaneously hawthorn lose a close one.
PopStar: Lift Burgoyne!
Harmes37: I want it noted that the blues are doing better than the tiggers…lol
SilverLion: @Harmes wouldn’t be too difficult.
sfenda1: If only we had some classy forwards
RooBoyStu: Bruce will need tissues with Rioli a late out
Harmes37: like Vickery!
Harmes37: No reach around for Bruce tonight 🙁
mattmac24: Aye Cripps! making me not regret having you in my side!
TowelBoy25: Remember that time Rioli was a late out and Bruce McAveney called in sick at the last minute?
SilverLion: Docherty on the move
Torz: Big quarter by Doc.
SilverLion: 19 scoring shots in both games, but I know which game I’d be watching…
TowelBoy25: Just hope Silvagni doesn’t get dropped, need some bench cover, lol
kangawalla: Weitering may have been #1 pick but fantasy wise, yuck!!
Nuffman: What’s happening here? Blustery or just hard slog?
Harmes37: look at weiterings opponents output
bongidongi: wtf just happened to birchall?!
PopStar: must be some serious breeze?
TowelBoy25: C’mon Gunston, get involved now
kangawalla: @towel boy. Agree. That 19 points bench cover from Silvan Icould be the difference between winning & losing. 😉
TowelBoy25: @kangawalla, haha! I know what you mean 😛 Better than a donut at least
DrSeuss: Mitchell & Gibson – anytime now fellas??
Jukes82: fire up mitchell pls
kangawalla: @towel boy. We are agreed. Glad you understood my message despite dodgy auto correct.
SilverLion: If Mitchell and Gibbo had’ve played like this last week I’dve won by 100 instead of losing by 30…
kangawalla: I brought in Hodge last week for 47 point. Now this! :/
OnTheRocks: captain SMitch 🙁
PopStar: Dont go quiet now Cripps
zadolinnyj: Got Lewis bc. Could be good choice
AngryRyno: there’s a goal for you Pop, need Kerridge to get a touch!
SilverLion: Despite being 2 games clear on top. I remain unconvinced by Hawthorn. Have been so ever since GWS flogged them
HawkTalker: No one cares, Silverlion. We get written off every year
AngryRyno: great work young SOJ
TowelBoy25: When Hawks fan perceives themselves as the underdogs…
oc16: lol at SilverLion
AngryRyno: agreed with @SilverLion
SilverLion: Docherty, why’d ya have to leave Brissy mate? 🙁
SilverLion: @Hawthorn peeps, not writing them off at all. Just saying that I think ppl oversestimate them coz they’re 2 clear on top
sfenda1: good fight back blues
Torz: Simpsons yet to take a mark. Strange for him.
PopStar: Freo were two clear last year… doesnt mean much! haha
LuvIt74: Cripps is the best midfielder to bring in for the finals with a easy draw home so will score huge.
mattmac24: I agree with Silver. Had some very lucky wins this season to less than average teams. Will be interesting come finals
zadolinnyj: Logical but risky LuvIt74
mattmac24: Started with Cripps this season. Happy that I kept him the whole time
LuvIt74: Get on Cripps for a upgrade midfielder – Blues have the Saints, Lions, Melbourne, Essendon
colin wood: Keep going Kerridge push for a 90 from here boy!
SilverLion: @LuvIt74 Looks like I know who I’m bringing in for Libba. Thanks for the info!
Gott2Win: Gibbs also a good option. I should of taken him this week, went with Selwood unfortunately
LuvIt74: @zadolinnyj whats risky about it he scored 102,103,137 his last three games against Crows, WCE, Swans
TowelBoy25: Hawks shouldn’t need umpires to help them here, they should win this on their own for once.
sfmmp23: smitch and simmo try to get to 90
SilverLion: @m0nty, can we have an animated clock icon for players who ‘turn back the clock’? like SJ today for instance.
Pokerface: thats why i kept the kedge Luvit.. great finals draw
m0nty: nup
SilverLion: @m0nty no worries, just figured it wouldve been appropriate.
SilverLion: Cmon Carlton, put the Hawks in their place. This is hardly the fortress the Hawks think it is, St. Kilda showed that.
PopStar: Thank god Cripps has had a good few weeks!
LuvIt74: Cripps tonned up on his last 4 games against top 4 sides in Crows, WCE, Swans & Hawks & has SK, BL, Melb & Ess run home
ballbag: @silver de-nied
LuvIt74: Kerridige is good for bench cover
Pokerface: @silver sounds like the zombie icon
SilverLion: @Pokerface True! Forgot bout that one.
PopStar: @LuvIt he was really quiet before those and i was thinking of trading – happy i didnt!
SilverLion: Ying Yang for Silvagni.
DrSeuss: Keep going Cripps – need to make up for Smitch & Gibson
Gott2Win: Cripps is a beast and will be a gun for years! Love the way he plays his footy
ballbag: Gibson is useless a third of the time
mattmac24: Is Cripps still no.1 for center clearances this season?
TowelBoy25: Don’t stop now Gunston
Gott2Win: No1 for clearances, not sure about centre clearances
AngryRyno: Tuohy nearly in the votes today
mattmac24: Just meant clearances in general.. Wasn’t meant to type center
Gott2Win: No3 for centre clearances behind the Dynamic Duo from the cats
Pokerface: thats cos he has to do it all himself. if jpk/hanners/parker were a lone clearance player they’d be up there
TowelBoy25: If only Gunston converted these opportunities, lol
Gott2Win: Still a great effort. 5th for Contested possies as well. Is huge in the contest for them. Would be a deserved AllAus
Pokerface: you were right earlier. its not a fortess here. Its The Hawktress
Pokerface: agree g2w, didn’t mean for that to sound like he wasnt a gun. i reckon he’s great
mattmac24: It is a great effort, Bont and Cripps are some amazing young players to look forward to in the coming years.
RooBoyStu: hold your heads high Carlton fans
PopStar: I cant wait to see Fyfe back in action too, plays a similar style to cripps and bont
Gott2Win: Bont, Cripps and Merret all gonna be stars for years
TheBigD: fuck fyfe
mattmac24: Merret definitely! has been amazing this year!
TowelBoy25: Despite slow starts, cheers Docherty & Gunston
RooBoyStu: Power off Gibbo
SilverLion: Where were these pathetic scores last week when my opponent had you Smith and Gibbo?
mattmac24: If Neale can keep up this season’s efforts then it’ll be great to see the Sandi, Fyfe and Neale trio.

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