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Chat log from R18 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R18 of 2016

JButcher: Big game for me boys, get ready for fireworks!
TowelBoy25: Please don’t tag Shaw, Port!
tbrowne: Come on wingard!!
sfmmp23: lol butcher still cant kick
Umpirespet: Butch best non afl player on a list
Sloaneyyyy: need Stevie J and H.Shaw to beat Wingard
PureSwag: Not Many people in this game chat? Why?
Fizzy343: prob the teams playing
sfmmp23: soft free
Umpirespet: Go Robbie
sfmmp23: another soft free both holding eachother
JButcher: How good am I today? Crashing the packs hard, giving a few bumps, brilliant.
jeddies22: need gray to get 200
Fizzy343: as garbage as usual
Fizzy343: must be black mailing port to stay on the list
demonhell: Can we start a petition. Draino Russell not to commentate Port games.
sfmmp23: get into the game heater
tbrowne: What’s wrong with wingard?
sfmmp23: cleary touched, stupid review
m0nty: -Port +any
Pokerface: come on mummy you should have a field day today
sfmmp23: wingards a flog
PureSwag: Im on 2250 with Dusty,Rance and Shaw. How much Im gonna try to push for 2400
TowelBoy25: Shaw officially cooked as a premium
gdshifty: Anyone else find it impossible to scroll through games at top with mobile?
JockMcPie: lol shaw…
SilverLion: How is Shaw on -1 SC with 5 possies?
Raspel31: Maybe 2150 if Shaw keeps it up PureSwag
TheBigD: wtf shaw
Tigger5: 3 clangers silver
Gott2Win: Going to need about 105 from Shiel for the win
sfmmp23: Shaws had about 3 score involvents for port
PureSwag: I’m gonna take a plane to Adelaide and give Shaw a spray a QT.
SilverLion: 117 in front with SHiel to play. Oppo has Smitch and Gibbo. Gunna be close…
pie35: I cant do it on iphone gdshifty
Gott2Win: Is this the start of a Sam Gray resurgence
Willymack1: Thanks Heath
sfmmp23: how does shaw have 25 dt, what a joke
blashtroko: Because he’s had 7 kicks a mark and a tackle
blashtroko: and a fa
sfmmp23: blash, he is going at 28%, handfed port 2 goals and given away a free with 5 clangers
Pokerface: thats why he is 4 sc sfmmp. nothing to do with dt
blashtroko: did you know: Tat doesnt matter in DT
SilverLion: Do something Shiel….
hinsch: Shaw 10 SC points he should have stayed on the bus
SilverLion: Shawly his SC score is wrong?
Pokerface: silverlion did you read the chat from the last 5 minutes
SilverLion: Was only joking Pokerface, chill. I’m more worried about Shiel tbh…
DirtyDawn: Afternoon all
Pokerface: oh cool, sorry šŸ™‚ yes get a move on shiel
Barniclez: pittard dont go quite
hinsch: Going to be some big scores in SC this week going to get 2500+ and might sneak in??
Gott2Win: Is shiel out there???
Fukum8: 3 on field rookies and a donut take me down this week.
colin wood: brought in coniglio this week for Hall… šŸ™
Raspel31: Shaw up to50% acc-big turn around.
SilverLion: Looks like I’ll need around a 120+ from Shiel for the win, doubt it will happen.
Rockafella: Crook as dawn
Gott2Win: Keep going Shiel
DirtyDawn: cough or plonk rocka??
JockMcPie: Yes Robbie!!
SilverLion: Prior to scaling in the other game, I need 130 from Shiel…Faaa at least get close mate, cmon.
sfmmp23: Soft frees to port
Rockafella: Plonk
Jukes82: Just need Pittard to be under 120 to win sc game :/
DirtyDawn: ouch mate, it was those bourbons. Did the woodarchies pull up rough as well??
TheBigD: oh for crying out loud
TheBigCats: Come on Sam Reid, out score wingard!
Maltburger: Need Williams to lift!!!
Sloaneyyyy: stay down Winge-gard
PieBoy: onya winesy
LuvIt74: I’ll be scoring crap this week, only around 2450
Rockafella: Curled up like a infant I hear
Pokerface: yeah ill probably only end up around 2700. pretty disappointed.
blashtroko: Pieboy how frustrating is it being a Wines owner though… If he had a normal TOG% each game he’d be uber-premium status
TowelBoy25: I’ll be around 2400, just wanna beat PhantomSC in H2H though.
Mcswains: how do you get icons? lol
TheBigD: beat it towelboy
sfmmp23: port being favoured
TowelBoy25: Gonna be interesting how Port goes next week.
Sloaneyyyy: down arrow for Aaron Young
hinsch: pokerfac 2700 I would not be happy with that this time in the season maybe during the first few rounds but not now
Pokerface: yeah its pretty disappointing.
LuvIt74: Who kicked the last goal from GWS
colin wood: Sam Reid luvit
TheBigD: beat it pokerface
LuvIt74: This round the top scorer would score anywhere from 2800 to 2900+ SC
Sloaneyyyy: Reid kicked it
LuvIt74: Cheers Colin
mookie: Why don’t you give us your team name and score hinsch?
JButcher: wtf is going on???
pattymass: i need coniglio to get 58 to win
JockMcPie: need wines to score under 95 for an unlikely win
sfmmp23: Carn Giants i dont port to make the finals, their fans are already cocky enough
JButcher: fucks sake…
Pokerface: mookie scroll back and read the context of comments
LuvIt74: @mookie I’m pretty sure hinsch was being sarcastic mate.
mookie: I’m on iPad, I can’t poker šŸ™
LuvIt74: Carn Port
JButcher: @sfmmp23, I woudn’t call us cocky, I’ve been well humbled since 2007 GF mate
J.Worrall: sure mooks
mookie: I wasn’t being being sarcastic either, I’d like to know.
LuvIt74: wines was 68 sc at HT bloody going ackwards
LuvIt74: port look as though they have been shot, no run
Sloaneyyyy: GWS will go to 2nd on the ladder with this win
Maltburger: Williams has gone 39 49 55 in the space of 2 minutes lol
Mcswains: carn Jasp!!
tbrowne: 2320 with Chad and Shaw come on Chad you motherfucker
hinsch: LuvIt 74 you got it, 2700+ in SC your dreaming
AngryRyno: what a recovery from Shaw & Coniglio, keep it up Ward!
Umpirespet: 2301 with Robbie, shaw and conig atm
JockMcPie: coniglio cape-worthy quarter
sfmmp23: lol, most port fans reckon they are a finals team. Some port fans at the game are being way too vocal.
SilverLion: Pull ya finger out Shiel.
casey22: Bloody hartless, turns up for a half of footy
Grazz: Robbie has stopped this qtr
Sloaneyyyy: when was the last time port kicked a goal ?
Grazz: That worked good on me. lol
JButcher: @sfmmp23 you angry because fans are vocal? flog
stoo: Say it again Grazz
Mcswains: good boy Jasp
Sloaneyyyy: great to see that 1-2 punch of Schulz and Butcher is working so well, lmao!
colin wood: Brilliant quarter by coniglio
sfmmp23: jbutcher should be calling your fans flogs after some of the stuff they appeal to. Anyways gws will probs run away
Mcswains: you’re my hero colin wood šŸ™‚
All Reds: floggy flog flog, flogged flogging flog flog flog
All Reds: go jasp
JButcher: @sfmmp23 i’m pretty sure fans from every sport appeal for decisions mate
SilverLion: Need Shiel to double his score in the last qtr.
Choppy: sfmmp23 and you barrack for?
J.Worrall: YBS hinsch
teckert: just cracked 2500 in AFL fantasy… easily best ever score
colin wood: Get to bed Mcswains
Rockafella: I hope port win Dawn
Mcswains: haha i’ve got my big boy pants on so i can stay up late lol
Grazz: @Stoo lol I will mate, dont want to waste them haha
Grazz: Nice teckert.
DirtyDawn: Ive tipped the giants
jaypeee: i’m up by 145 with shiel. My opponent has pittard and ward. Who wins?
Choppy: @sloaneyyy – just like the 1-2 combo of tex and eddie last night
sfmmp23: port have got a good a chance of making finals as north winning the flag.
jaypeee: yes yes shiel goals. whoop whoop
myteamsuks: @jaypee that’s a tight one. I reckon you might just
SilverLion: good start Shiel, need 130+ though…
teckert: saints beat roos next week, and saints will make the 8 imo
mattmac24: need ward and R.Gray to stay below a total of 224..
Umpirespet: Time for port fans to book there holidays
Choppy: Have a look at all the crows flogs coming out the woodwork!
Rockafella: Schulz is having a blinder
Sloaneyyyy: GWS jumping to 2nd on the ladder with this win
Sloaneyyyy: Wines with a disappointing 2nd half
DirtyDawn: He’s riding the blue horse
a1trader: I’ve got Boak + 68 points vs Shaw and Young in SC – very tight finish
AngryRyno: Hartlett yin yang
Choppy: @sloaneyyy – speaking of a disappointing 2nd half, yours last night.
TheBigD: GWS to win 4 of the next 6 flags
Grazz: Robbie quiet again.
BestCoast: Giants just want it more than port
Sloaneyyyy: @Choppy, I agree. Relax mate, I’m not having a go at Port. But GWS are, overall, a much better polished team
sfmmp23: choppy, seasons over mate
Fatbar5tad: The important thing is that you both lost
jackbastas: nothing to do with this game but anyone know what Mitch Mcgovern got last night
TowelBoy25: 3 in SC, jackbastas
JButcher: This game proves we are still just not good enough, we don’t have the extra gear
jackbastas: Pittard and Mumford both off sore, and got them both :/
Fizzy343: unfortunatly u handicapped yourselves by playing butcher
TowelBoy25: C’mon Pittard & Ward, junk time. Stay down Greene!
Choppy: @JButcher yep, just not quite up to it. Much like your namesake, lol
JButcher: If we can’t win at least we can stuff up the crows
Jukes82: how long left?
m0nty: nominations for star please
SaintsMan: haynes
Fizzy343: Scully
lukefield9: Trengove – smashed mummy
boo!: schukz
blashtroko: Kelly for sure
LuvIt74: Butcher even if you did make the finals whats the point when your realistically no chance to make the Grand Final
sfmmp23: Haynes been good
LuvIt74: Iā€™m a Doggies supporter & even though we will make the finals, big deal realistically we have SFA chance to make the GF
iZander: mummy star
Choppy: Shulz and butcher joint BOG monty
sfmmp23: Carn Giants
J.Worrall: $cully
LuvIt74: Hawks, Crows, Geelong & Swans are the only teams that will make the GF, Hawks im certain will, then either 1 of others
Choppy: muppet for sfmmp23 monty
J.Worrall: Wow, I guessed correctly!
sfmmp23: lol port still a finals team?
J.Worrall: purple name pls m0nty!

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