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Chat log from R19 of 2016: Geelong vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Geelong vs Western Bulldogs, R19 of 2016

casey22: m0nty; swap the red & blue. I’m reckon the blue reads easier
cusch1: Enright and Bartel are two of the most loved players in the history of the game
Grazz: Onya Boris and Jimmy. Not just champion players you’re champion blokes also. Congrats.
TheBigD: g’day jungle heads
WEARECATS9: lets do this
Lawls: lets go danger
heppelitis: m0nty too busy scoffing his friday night fish and chip…common old boy lift your game
boo!: have a shocker bartel
oc16: really not sure why no one is giving the dogs a chance…
Breezey: Hi there sports fans. 4 Cats and Clay Smith in tonightS game
cusch1: Poor Easton Wood. playing his 100th and overshadowed
zadolinnyj: Gents
boo!: lades
zadolinnyj: And ladies
RooBoyStu: held off with the vc tonight, went Coniglio tomorrow
OnTheRocks: looks like Danger and Joelwood going to take a backseat in this game
TowelBoy25: Danger gonna stink the joint up, ain’t he? :/
zadolinnyj: Hard tag on danger
cusch1: risky rooboy considering how good danger is. but do hope that he has a quiet one tbh
RooBoyStu: @heppelitis get on Caulfield tomorrow R8 #17 Flake and Chips = omen
jeddies22: accidentally didn’t swap danger to vice, cmon danger
OnTheRocks: C’mon Selwood, show us that you’re a champ and don’t always ride off of Danger’s coattails and hardwork
sfenda1: jj needs a big game tonight
cusch1: Clem Smith has the kicking action of the duds on the AFL Live game
TowelBoy25: Ineffective handball because Motlop probably can’t come by to 4.
Smurf_x: Someone explain to me the holding the ball ruling? Player has no prior, loses the ball and gets pinged. Stiff as
TowelBoy25: Screw autocorrect, don’t know how it managed that :/
heppelitis: haha RooBoy tasty odds?
zadolinnyj: How is it that when dogs play the feed has no dogs supporters but any other game????
RooBoyStu: should be mate
zadolinnyj: Some impressive midfield tackling
zadolinnyj: Yohan back to great form. So clean
cusch1: Dunkley is going to be something special
Yelse: geez danger lift for f sake
DrSeuss: Great start from Danger and Selwood…
Breezey: @Zado. They only seem to bob up in other games.
Roksta: I’m here zado
zadolinnyj: Good to see Roksta. Your a chance tonight
Breezey: Probably referring to the King
cusch1: motlop just laying there like a french girl in an art school
RooBoyStu: I was checking the vic police website every day this week, was waiting for a post of missing person king_robbo
zadolinnyj: Spot on Breezy
sfmmp23: Come on Danger huge score tonight got the vc on you
zadolinnyj: *breezey
TowelBoy25: Dogs undersized down back
OnTheRocks: this is weak shit Selwoof
zadolinnyj: Lol cusch1. Good image
sfmmp23: lol id be suprised if Robbo shows up this week unless doggies pull out an unlikely win.
CrowEaters: Need a huge game from Danger
Roksta: Think cats big Feds might beat us
zadolinnyj: Bonts reminds me of Robert Harvey. Like he is gliding along with a heap of time
Roksta: Shame you can’t go missing roo boy
boo!: lift minty
cusch1: raining goals tonight wow
RooBoyStu: Geelong not that good, Dogs could still win.
Pokerface: gun for jimmy. and corey
zadolinnyj: Every time I hear Biggs I think star wars
TowelBoy25: *test*
boo!: pedal faster minty
Grazz: Good game
chinkas: danger’s got front row tickets to the footy
TheBigD: up date the stats you flog
chis00: scores down
heppelitis: classic minty
m0nty: bloody net outage at my place, things might be a tad spotty this evening… pedalling as fast as I can!
Raspel31: Evening all-game on what eh?
PieBoy: onya ruggsy
TheBigD: you’re a good bloke m0nty
sfmmp23: failry good start from vc danger, jj and might take ruggles score if he keeps this up
nbartos: You off the grid m0nty?
boo!: thanks monty for update, keep pedalling
AngryRyno: nice turnaround Big D
HawkTalker: Come on Libba. Need a big one tonight
RooBoyStu: just when m0nty talks up missing the amazon outage on twitter bang
ryanbob: That is either a mark or a goal….how was a ball up the decision. Terrible umpiring
heppelitis: hunter is a magnet
TheBigD: cheers angryryno
Pokerface: stop right there ruggles. now.
TowelBoy25: Step up your game Selwood!
Raspel31: Pretty sure Cats will run away with this-but Doggies, with your injuries
Yelse: is menegola gonna hit a target lol
DrSeuss: Come on Jelwood stop playing lazy and giving away frees
mattmac24: I hate you blicavs.
colin wood: stay down fellwood
PieBoy: onya libby
WEARECATS9: when is scottie selwood or caddy coming in
PieBoy: onya sally
shaker: yep Libba on tonight
WEARECATS9: guthrie lose some weight, you fat cunt
stoo: Not long ago that Picken was a must
DrSeuss: How many Clay Smith tackles have they missed??
WEARECATS9: boyd u million dollar hack
Breezey: Dogs are deadset ripping in here.
heppelitis: agree stoo…amazing how a change in roles changes them fantasy wise,,,like blicavs this year too
Breezey: Boyd looks like he’s going alright at the moment.
RooBoyStu: Libba gone
cusch1: I love the bulldogs trainer with the handlebar mustache. #cultfigure
feralmong: Libba off getting ankle checked
jeddies22: libba ok i reckon
DZL7: geelong will hit back dogs wont be able to keep this up
stoo: Yeah, Blics too, and Hanley
All Reds: limp might have been theatre
Yelse: liba was gonna go huge… poor guy
TowelBoy25: Great effort by the dogs!
Roksta: Libba fine too boy ya flog
wadaramus: Come on Libba, give it a rub and get back on!
feralmong: Ice pack on Libba
zadolinnyj: Ice on Libya bad sign
ballbag: doubt libba will come back
frenzy: libra cooked?
wadaramus: Fuck, ice all over Libba’s ankle, damn!
cusch1: libba iced up roksta move on buddy as per cameron ling
Jukes82: Libba done, ankle iced up.
RooBoyStu: you the doc mate?
TowelBoy25: Ice on ankle…
mattmac24: ice on that ankle.. not looking good
jeddies22: ice on the ankle
Breezey: Ya don’t normally go back on with ice strapped to your body. Libba extremely doubtful now
J_Pinkman: na Ice pack, Libba gone
Roksta: Dangersoft
RooBoyStu: Libba gone like i said iced up
chinkas: yep he’s cooked
heppelitis: has libba got ice?
myteamsuks: Seriously BT makes stuff up.
J.Worrall: who was cookd by ice on the ankle/
Jukes82: rapt, my opp has liber.
myteamsuks: That is a terrible HTB decision
zadolinnyj: Honestly how can it be holding the ball when a player does not have possesion
wadaramus: Libba is fully loaded with ice Hepp.
Raspel31: Well, everyone’s capped Danger on the loop-as have I-so nothing changes.
RooBoyStu: roksta who is the flog?
whafc: lift selwood ya flog
jeddies22: whyyyyyy libba, he was gonna get 150 easy
mattmac24: traded libba for bont a few weeks ago. most of my opponents still have him
TowelBoy25: Only positive is that Danger can run free, sucks for Libba and for those who still have him. Carnage just never stops!
heppelitis: 2nd strike for libba
Torz: Dumb umpiring.
Roksta: Hopefully the digs get a lucky free in front of goal
DirtyDawn: Evening all
TheBigD: unlucky lib
boo!: i doubted you danger. shame on me
All Reds: libs to top score
zadolinnyj: Hey dirty
Yelse: its been a shocking year for injuries in the AFL. never seen anything like this ever
9inch: Poor Liba can’t take a trick
zadolinnyj: Beverage may have to play if any more injuries
eagles86: selwood is starting to lift now
heppelitis: if there is one certainty in life…DD gonna say…evening all
cusch1: if only the dogs had a top up player for crameri lol
feralmong: Jj proppy too.
Yelse: scarp the interchange cap
Roksta: Lol zado beveridge was averages as a player
DirtyDawn: hahahaha it would be rude not to heppelitis
sfmmp23: Damn libba was on fire and i couldve loopholed in, unlucky for doggies, shocking injuries.
explodey: Umpires trying to increase game score… I’m a geelong fan, felt cheated before but that was a gift to Hawkins.
Torz: Should’ve played Menegola over Duncan at this rate!
AngryRyno: lot to like about Dunkley
WEARECATS9: every 1 thing moltop does good, he stuffs up 10
zadolinnyj: Zac smith was always pretty good I thought. Lucky pick up for geelong
heppelitis: its yur signature dd…i like it!
Raspel31: Indeed sfmmp-I won’t be buying a new dog. Not my best friend.
DrSeuss: Why is Selwood up forward ffs?
explodey: Smith and Stanley incredible rucking duo, with Blicavs to assist.
frenzy: Clay havin a stinka
zadolinnyj: Not his fault WEARECATS9. Never should have hand passed to him to start with
jxxxxk: So is Libba done?
Yelse: what doesn’t make sense is libra has ice on outside of ankle and he sprained inside if you look at action
zadolinnyj: Looks like another Friday umpiring disaster
sfmmp23: jeez that was a shocker 50, mackie just fell to the ground like a newborn
jxxxxk: So Libba done??
TowelBoy25: Need JJ to slow down. 80 maximum for you!
zadolinnyj: Could be high ligament has his weight went down on it.
heppelitis: does libra have padding on his anlke?…lol
OnTheRocks: Selwood having a mare
jxxxxk: Bartels efficiency right now is incredible
sfmmp23: Lucky I have Libba on the bench on track for a good loophole though.
JockMcPie: damn, CD love dangerfield
Breezey: Good boy Clay
WEARECATS9: knew that was going to happen
sfenda1: well done jason j
cusch1: Dangerfield has done sweet fa tonight jock hahaha
DZL7: got a feelin the cats will blow away in the 2nd half
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure stringer cuts his own hair
jeddies22: good from you jeddie
Breezey: Libra out for a month Heppel
Breezey: In for a week out for a month
Roksta: Big tommy Boyd having a ripper
Raspel31: Gawd I look forward to EPL.
heppelitis: haha breezey
wadaramus: Go Jimmy, Go Patty.
explodey: Bulldogs absolutely blessed to be this close… should be 4 goals down.
cusch1: Poor dogs are playing their full back in Hamling up forward theyre that injury struck
TheBigD: bloody oath raspel31
boo!: ken oath raspel
jxxxxk: is libra back on?
jxxxxk: he went from 16 to 17 touches
cusch1: probably just fixing missed statts kxxxxk
zadolinnyj: Think dogs have had most of the play @explodey. There depleted defence the only reason Geelong in front of minimal entri
RooBoyStu: keep it up Bartel
casty46: evening gents.
swannies05: can someone fill me in what happened to liber
chis00: libba gone for the night reports might be bad ankle looks likes a few weeks
zadolinnyj: Rolled ankle in then out while body weight coming down @swannies. Possible ligament between bones.
Raspel31: Ankle with bone issues-not good.
cusch1: on crutches with a moonboot on
Breezey: Mottyloppy is just a lair
zadolinnyj: I did it 8 weeks ago and was 5 weeks to run but would assume afl medicos are way better then anything I got
mattmac24: come on bont.. need a huge 2md half from you
Torz: Go Biggs, go. Forced hold this week. 😀
Raspel31: I think we all watch this game and come to the same conclusion. Hawks-Sydney final.
Chucky2010: Jelwood no kicks???? whats going on there?
cusch1: shocking deliberate call then
DZL7: dogs getting quite a few lucky calls tonight or missed call
cusch1: i retract that after seeing replays
zadolinnyj: When was the last time that we saw a drop punt on that sort of angle
heppelitis: Biggs on top baffling too @Chucky
zadolinnyj: 2 drop punts from there?????
Chucky2010: Need him to fire up and start racking them up @heppelitis
TowelBoy25: C’mon Selwood & Danger!
cusch1: stringer is an average player who lights up maybe twice a game at most.
colin wood: Keep going Clay.
DZL7: stringer is very overrated
cusch1: i am expecting robbo to pop up and insult us DZL for that
Raspel31: If Danger doesn’t hit 130-who to cap lads?
RooBoyStu: Where’s the King Robbo?
zadolinnyj: Think he’s watching 97 and 98 finals with a box of tissues
DZL7: im waiting aswell cusch surprised he aint no where to be seen
casey22: Ton up, danger
cusch1: Gawn against GCS, SMitch Dependlebury
zadolinnyj: Could be catching pokemons?
cusch1: Im thinking a needle joke for me and an aging roos joke for you, then throw up an injury excuse for good measure
RooBoyStu: The Bont having a cracker of a game lol
cusch1: Isnt Bont the best player in the comp?
AngryRyno: Robbo has Bont VC over Danger
heppelitis: nah stringer just in front of him
TowelBoy25: Stop stinking the joint up, Selwood! >:(
cusch1: Cowan looks like a shit liberatore
LeBron J: Stringer is a disgusting player, over rate by the big flog bt
Roksta: Go easy on the dogs boys it’s not their fault robbo is a bit of a flog
Raspel31: Being a rugby convert to your beautiful game-Bontompelli is soft.
AngryRyno: at least the doggies fans recognise it
zadolinnyj: Would think Bont will be amazing in next two years
heppelitis: I dont mind him…makes for interesting chat
RooBoyStu: says the bloke who calls others flogs when they’re right
Roksta: Menzel the biggest goal hog in afl?
DrSeuss: Hunter has stopped!!
cusch1: Raspel I am so sorry to hear about that dark stage in your life when you thought rugby > footy
zadolinnyj: Love the banta with king
Torz: Menzel not even the biggest goal hog in this game Roksta.
AngryRyno: damn this Dahl tag, ruining his DE%
Roksta: Rooboy you’re worse than robbo
RooBoyStu: Bring on the doggies next week!
ballbag: king has abit of passion nothing wrong with that
zadolinnyj: Rugby got better from when it was just a bunch of men hugging in the park to them introducing a ball
Breezey: Give him the Brownlow for flowers sake
wadaramus: Danger Danger
OnTheRocks: Fuck you lazy Selwood, gotten fat and lazy since Danger came on board
Roksta: Doggies with half their team out will still beat Roos
cusch1: We call him KingWrongo for a reason
chis00: give danger the brownlow now
JockMcPie: oh danger
Raspel31: Okay-there goes the loop problem solved.
wadaramus: Come on Jimmy, ton up mate.
The39Steps: Give Paddy the Charlie now and stop the most boring Monday night TV telecast ever.
Roksta: He’s passionate but says some silly things.
JockMcPie: this could get ugly if the dogs dont lift their intensity
RooBoyStu: lol
heppelitis: Carlton99 the biggest flog with his umpire bashing IMO
cusch1: id laugh if someone completely unexpected won the brownlow like priddis a few years back
Roksta: Dogs are probably stuffed jock
Breezey: Nothing wrong with the Dogs intensity. Their just understaffed
zadolinnyj: This could be the first game in years where Selwood has not got a head high tackle free
TowelBoy25: C’mon Selwood, get some junk time points!
The39Steps: Doggone – for the season.
Smurf_x: Dogs CANNOT catch a break with injuries
The39Steps: @cusch1: Zac Dawson?
RooBoyStu: @cush1 Coniglio could do it
Roksta: Danger 2nd best player I’ve ever seen behind Gazza
3rdstriker: is jimmy bartel alive?
Roksta: Lol 39steps Richmond gone for the next 10 years
wadaramus: We’re Duckwood free zad!
colin wood: God Sc scoring is horrible.. Selwood 2 handballs for plus 14…
feralmong: Wow I have Libba vs opp has Bont. Might not hurt so bad.
Gott2Win: Dahls clangers hurting
boges11: More injuries to the Dogs. Who Smashed a mirror on a black cat over there?
Breezey: What about Dusty. Richmond probably don’t win enough for him to poll 3 pointers.
Raspel31: Poor Dogs-injuries aside could have been contenders.
cusch1: would love for one of the gws mids to win it like coniglio or shiel
mattmac24: have both bont and Dahl.. 🙁
The39Steps: No spite intended @roksta. The injury toll is piling up, the mental fatigue will follow unfortunately.
RooBoyStu: @breezy Dusty is into single figures so i hear, Coniglio still 80-1
Gott2Win: Last quarter for Selwood to cape up
heppelitis: zerret poll highest for us I think…between 10 to 12 votes perhaps
cusch1: so mental fatigue is an appropriate excuse for the dogs after injuries but not for the bombers 39steps
cusch1: Zerrett might very well win a brownlow someday soon hepp
wadaramus: Smash it from here Danger, 160+!
Breezey: Macrame done now
Raspel31: Zacha hero hepp
RooBoyStu: Martin only $5 now
PieBoy: onya biggsy
King_Robbo: Great effort by the lads. This years adversity will only make the group stronger. Flag in 2017
Breezey: Autocorrect changed that from Macrae to Macrame.
RooBoyStu: King_Robbo is here clap clap clap
boges11: Rocky 184, Danger the next week got 187. Last week Rocky 179, Danger 185+
King_Robbo: You need some luck to win a flag. We cant take a trick this yr
leorosman_: big call
ballbag: you’ll cop a barrage now @kingrobbo
whafc: not worth wasting our breath @ballbag
The39Steps: @cusch1: No argument from me. This deep into the season if there is no goal, guys will tune out.
Raspel31: On your side KingRobbo- but for? lOOKING GOOD.
mattmac24: don’t think danger will go over 150
44snub: Why even pipe up about the doggy’s? Glass is less than half full
DirtyDawn: Bont foe the brownlow next year IMO. Is there a futures market?
heppelitis: keep going Duncan..need 100 tonight
leorosman_: dusty for the 2017 brownlow?
leorosman_: bont 2018 brownlow
zadolinnyj: Dogs forwards need to seperate to give Boyd one on ones
cusch1: I dont think bont will win a brownlow with the likes of hunter macrae dahl and libba to take votes off him
AngryRyno: Fyfe for 2017 Brownlow 🙂
mattmac24: if dusty can play well for a full season rather than start very late.. he’s a good chance for the Brownlow
leorosman_: glad to say that tommy boyd plays at the same club as me and went to the same school!
TowelBoy25: Reverse psychology then: Stay down Selwood
sfmmp23: would like 140 from vc danger and 100 from JJ
cusch1: Hanners or Parker could be contenders as well
AngryRyno: if Stanley kicks this X Factor for sure
DirtyDawn: Is this yeas brownlow now unbackable??
casey22: Lose the beard Jimmy!
The39Steps: At what number do you lock in Paddy in SC?
Breezey: I’m not ruling out Pendles to win one yet
zadolinnyj: 13 mins till xmas in July miracle, duckwood 0 high frees
RooBoyStu: Libba stays on 65sc how many cd muppets have him, what a joke
Raspel31: My thoughts too Cusch but Hanners been shockink lately-Rocky or Gawn-I’m sticking Danger
sfmmp23: Hard for a swans player to win the brownlow. Hanners, JPK, Parker, Buddy, McVeigh and Jack all take votes off eachother
RooBoyStu: 2fa as well
mattmac24: my rule is always take 130+ for a vc
mattmac24: rooboy. he was best on when he went off, why would it not change?
zadolinnyj: Good rule mattmac24. Never get too greedy
The39Steps: Yes, @mattmac, inclined to agree.
cusch1: are you regretting not taking danger as vc over coniglio yet rooboy? lmao
poolboybob: Libba should be the x-factor for getting injured
jeddies22: sfmmp- tom mitchell and rampe will poll as well
mattmac24: so just lock danger in now..
RooBoyStu: 34% game time
JockMcPie: I would cry if I was a dogs supporter, so many injuries just when they look like getting going
sfmmp23: Defo taking Dangers score, he can still get to 150
zadolinnyj: Cordy massive passenger
sfmmp23: Ruggles and collins have been great bench cover. Ruggles is a great pick up for the cats
mattmac24: rooboy. he’s injured? not much he could do about that, they don’t just take points off for not being able to play
heppelitis: scaling starting…libba just went up lol
cusch1: mattmac yes they do
mattmac24: at what sc score should I loophole Dunkley onto the field for Petracca?
zadolinnyj: Scores very low so danger should scale well
ballbag: the guy leading sc is ineligible to win for having multiple teams
sfmmp23: thank you very much dahl need you to stay there so i can pick you up cheap
RooBoyStu: agree but 2nd half hasn’t been on, no influence so should drop, most do
Torz: Biiiiggggsss.
cusch1: im saying 90 for dunkley to loophole over kerridge
zadolinnyj: Amazing @ballbag
mattmac24: they only take points from seriously injured players if they need room for extra points
Raspel31: Not one to every complain but Biggs, your SC scoreis slightly low?
mattmac24: cusch.. I’m thinking the same for Petracca
RooBoyStu: I remember the muppets at SEN used to create multiple teams to fill leagues on their shows
BestCoast: Go Cats
ballbag: a CD scaling to a ton for jelwood would be on the cards
mattmac24: this is the first year that the whole one team per person has been active.
zadolinnyj: Not sure why Collingwood want Jong?
spudaroos: Liking what I’m seeing from Tom Boyd, If I was doggies fan I’d be excited to have him.
RooBoyStu: rubbish mattmac24 always been in the rules
heppelitis: i got 3 teams…dam..i cant win
AngryRyno: Boyd will be a good player, just not worth 1m/y
BestCoast: Dreaming Bullflogs
Raspel31: Ballbag-Jelwood is a dinosaur.
ballbag: don’t say that heppel. the guy raj got busted cos of a fb check
RooBoyStu: How do Geelong play Essendon twice? just like Richmond need to get the 8pts
AngryRyno: Dahl just lost 5 points, for what?
Roksta: Cheers spudaroos looks great tonight
sfmmp23: Doggies unlucky
mattmac24: rooboy, it hasn’t. the people running SC and CD have had multiple teams in previous years
RooBoyStu: Geelong the only top 8 team from 2015 to play Essendon twice.
ballbag: fossil fuel ya rech
heppelitis: I cant win @ballbag cause im terrible lol
BOMBRBLITZ: Motlop on the bench covering for Deledio. Good job mate
cusch1: Rooboy we pushed the cats for 3 and a half quarters last time and have improved since then
frenzy: nice recovery from Blic, I’ll take 90
zadolinnyj: For dreadlocks from a few years back @Angry
AngryRyno: that’s fair, I’ll cop that
mattmac24: dogs have given an awesome effort this game considering their injuries.
3rdstriker: the fixture was done well before the bombers were banned
Gotigres: Well done Libba, you’re going to reach 70sc. Not bad for one and a half quarters.
mattmac24: geelong were 10th last year.. just saying..
JockMcPie: @Rooboy geelong finished 10th last year
sfmmp23: im taking ruggles score
AngryRyno: give Jimmy a ton for his 300th CD
RooBoyStu: Libba sc bullshower demand a countback
poolboybob: Boyd blue moon, lol
zadolinnyj: Danger gets injured it’s good night cats. Maybe a Sam Mitchell corky special
WEARECATS9: yes bartel
Grazz: Onya Jimmy
Hoot: Classic end for bartel
zadolinnyj: Remember rooboy Libby was very influential in first half. Kept them in it. Deserves the score
RooBoyStu: tank to 10th and play bombers twice to finish top 4
mattmac24: Rooboy. tell me if he wasn’t injured that he wouldn’t have scored well? get over it. they know what they’re doing
sfmmp23: Great stuff from VC Danger, JJ and Ruggles.
Roksta: Rooboy no idea
All Reds: main opp has dahl, stoked liber covered him
Roksta: More like RooBoyStupid
zadolinnyj: Duckwood no blood on head and no frees for head high. Amazing
mattmac24: rooboy just sour because his excuse of a team can still be dropped from the top 8.
Pokerface: surely thats a cherry for jimmy!
cusch1: Boris for Geelong GOAT
RooBoyStu: Bring on the dogs next week
Straffo: Surely a 150 for Danger
casty46: pipe down rooboy
Maerzy: Cheap win roo boy
ballbag: hahaha rooboystupid. hilarious call!!
mattmac24: if a depleted dogs can still do that to the cats then I hope they slaughter you next week.
RooBoyStu: so many give it to me on here, now i give it back
BestCoast: Dogs got slapped again, got nudda confirmed B Grade since 54
sfenda1: danger always finds a way
BestCoast: I am with you RooBoy, dogs are quality

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