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Chat log from R18 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, R18 of 2016

boo!: gunston or greene for F6 in sc
whafc: gunston @boo!
WEARECATS9: hope the dawks lose today
boo!: @whafc bugger, i went greene!
whafc: good luck @boo!
boo!: thanks whafc
JockMcPie: need gibson to have a shocker
Umpirespet: Why won’t they pay HTB against the Hawks so frustrating
sfmmp23: Coem on smitch, rance and dusty
Rorymaca: ya mums ya dad
sfmmp23: dusty on fire
WEARECATS9: who thinks mitchell is a flog
JockMcPie: kick the ball dusty?
ballbag: oh no. range again. never again preacher!
TheBigCats: Need a huge game From Rance and for Gibson to be a spud.
TowelBoy25: Gunston on debut in my team. Watch him stink the joint up or get injured
CrowEaters: Can the Tiggers upset the Hawks ?
JockMcPie: cmon Rance, get involved
Lodgy: Whoops
sfmmp23: Hawks have trouble against the tiges, tigers won 3 of the last 5 v hawks. I reckon they can get up.
SaintsMan: mitchell sc bs
sfmmp23: Wow rancey
TowelBoy25: Bloody hell Rance! Step up your game!
ryanbob: Poppy been learning from the best, Lindsay thomas
ajconodie: Puopolo plays for frees more than Lindsay Thomas.
RooBoyStu: Stop playing Pokemon Rance you muppet, lift!
Jukes82: Expect to get flogged, just hope we’re competitive.
Umpirespet: Can’t stand poppy
sfmmp23: hopefully dusty keeps up his good de
9inch: Rance you my just win me my league matchup. Keep it up son.
colin wood: Rances last 6 weeks have been shower looks set to continue today…
sfmmp23: dusty and smitch doing me good, rancey hasnt beenn great past couple of weeks
PieBoy: have a crack rancey
LuvIt74: rance is killing me, after last nights tragedy with the bulldogs injuries im honestly gutted, couldn’t sleep no jokes.
Sloaneyyyy: Pupolo is in the same class as Ballantyne for me
LuvIt74: Traded Hall to Gunston
Bsmagicmen: Mitchell sc captain on tack for 2600 if he keeps this up
para: Rance is too busy caching pukemon these days…
LuvIt74: lol para
Lodgy: Gunno probably shoulve done better there… don’t know what the wind is doing tho
JockMcPie: Oh rance….don’t make me regret not taking Collins’ score…
Brez09: Richmond currently have to many pasengers.
Brez09: 12 players with 3 or less touches
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon Hodge, get involved
colin wood: Keep going Alex DuRanchula
sfmmp23: Dustin on track for 50 touches, 17 with 13 minutes left in the 2nd qtr
Lodgy: If Hill was to go to freo next year, what will Hawks Ask/Get for him?
TowelBoy25: Dusty should kick more, underrated kick at times
Umpirespet: Nothing just relief Lodgy
CBeezDeez: Would Hill be even worth 2nd round draft pick?
colin wood: Lodgy before this season is say a first rounder, but his form has been horrible I’d say a second rounder
LuvIt74: It would be great if Ciril pulled out his finger
Scootyb: @Lodgy a packet of twisties (chicken)
Lodgy: good comments guys. hawks will let him go for not much imo. Probably 3rd round draft pick
9inch: The hill bros can both be useless together
grossn: Rance picking it up. Must have been watching the chat
colin wood: Alex has his Rancho
colin wood: Alex now has his Ranchometor on now.
sfmmp23: great play from rioli there, daniel.
GJayBee: Hill easily worth second round draft pick. Still young, any team would play him!!!!
9inch: No Rance. I see pickachoo on the bench go go go
RooBoyStu: @grossn chat appeared on the MCG scoreboard when Rance was looking at himself
Umpirespet: Lol GJay hill to inconsistent
CBeezDeez: Freo theoretical pick 21 seems a little more than his worth
lukefield9: anyone else reckon the coaches had a word with dusty during the week about his kicking efficiency? 73% much improved
GJayBee: Umpirespet, he is an outside runner, they are all inconsistent. Also, how many 2 rders get to his level?
JockMcPie: Griffiths absolute Muppet
PieBoy: onya rancey
RooBoyStu: muppet Griffiths
sfmmp23: griffiths you fool
Lodgy: @gjaybee he makes hawks 22 mostly because he is quick. thats his best skill. not sure what speed is worth
Lodgy: he has a reasonable field kick too i should say
Umpirespet: Sloane went pick 44 rest case plenty of more consistent talent out there
dogtiits53: sammy for 150
RooBoyStu: Hill should be sharing a cell with Nick Stevens
Umpirespet: If speed is so important why Hawks want TMitch?
9inch: If Rance gets 95sc I lose. Not looking good anymore.
Lodgy: @umpirespet coz speed is cheap and game sense is invaluable. U can barely teach the abillity to read the play
sfmmp23: Rance been good this qtr, keep it up.
Umpirespet: Exactly Lodge role players who can spread more valuable than speed
RooBoyStu: Keep it up Dusty
TheBigD: pleb trains
Lodgy: are we arguing the same point ump? haha
Lodgy: Hill been good for hawks, they drafted him, learned him, used his speed. They can do that again
Umpirespet: Nope agreeing lol
PT74: Need Dusty to beat Lewis by 18 (af) points to win my game. Can it be done?
Lodgy: Hill is contracted till next year, but if he wants to go back to WA, as has been reported, Hawks will let him go
Pokerface: hill is not that important, speed is all he has. bring on hartung
Pokerface: how many votes has mclure given dusty till half time?
Gott2Win: Trust Gibson to have one of these days today
para: Looking at 2600 this week… with Zaha’s score included
MULLETMAN: Tigers making this game so crap! Flooding the backline.
CrowEaters: Need a big 2nd half from Silk
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Hodge you flog… get some more light n easy into ya
Willymack1: If hawks didn’t get any goals from free kicks they wouldn’t stand a chance
sfmmp23: Go Rancey, Smitch and Dusty.
CrowEaters: On que Silk on the move
grossn: Gibson at 86% but being robbed in SC
JockMcPie: keep going Rance
Lodgy: Gunston has a few like this dammit. just not quite flushing them atm
sfmmp23: quiet qtr for dusty?
jeddies22: how is burgoyne so muchmore supercoach ffs
kangawalla: Is it pumpkin time for Castagna or Markov?
Sloaneyyyy: wtf is wrong with Hodge… dammit
Lodgy: good boy!
PureSwag: @Sloaneyyyy good, I hate hodge TBH I hate there team. LOL
Sloaneyyyy: Fat chance of m0nty putting an icicle on Hodge though
m0nty: Darius in charge today, he’s not even a Hawks fan!
Viscount: C’mon Markov you’re subbing for Hall. Lift!
Dunlop: @kangawalla – you want to give pumpkins to a 5th and 3rd gamer? Crazy.
Lodgy: Hey Monty… Whatever happened to the delayed scores section on each match? i loved that option living in SA
PureSwag: U live in SA but go for Hawks. Why?
Lodgy: Grew up down the road from Richie Vandenbergs Old man, when i lived in Coomealla
SilverLion: Under 100 for Gibbo and under 120 for Smith would give me a chance…
LuvIt74: Gunston, Martin, Rance but Rioli spuded it for me
sfmmp23: great stuff from rancey on track for 100
Lodgy: Smitch my cap in RDT draft league. If he gets close to Zerret i will love him even more if possible
CrowEaters: Silk always make the most of his touches
Lodgy: @Pure Swag why do you support the Bombers?
LuvIt74: 5 more Rioli
RooBoyStu: Gibbo!!!
Dunlop: @Lodgy – Type &delay=X after the match ID, x = whateva time delay u want
SilverLion: Are you kidding me…ffs Gibson.
TheBigD: go the tiges
Gott2Win: This junk time is hurting!
sfmmp23: 110+ from rance and 120-130+ from dusty and smitch
gdshifty: Hodge should get the down arrow. Is Monty unbiased enough to do it?
AFL Blues: Baby, I don’t need a dollar bill to have fun tonight. (I love cheap thrills!)
Lodgy: @Dunlop. TYVM!. u need the gun over Jackie boy
Bazza2014: 60+ cmon
Lodgy: See O’rourke!?! u didnt need the stuff Talia was sellin!
colin wood: come on Rance ton up boy
TheBigD: flower this shower all these flowering showerwits go home you bunch of showers
Gott2Win: Blow the bloody siren!!
pattymass: surely dustys gotta get one vote
Lodgy: who do u support big D?
RooBoyStu: shame Dusty went quiet in 3rd qtr otherwise would have been huge
Gott2Win: Opp has Riewoldt, Gibson and Breust…These last 10 minutes suck
Lodgy: What would richmond get for Ellis? a first rounder and maybe a 2nd? hes a player they could afford to trade imo
ajconodie: Why do Hawthorn players always act like they have been shot when they are tackled remotely high?
RooBoyStu: Drummond needs a golf icon
Vinstar: Surely Gibbos sc to get scaled up, 90%de!?
SilverLion: I bloody hope note Vinstar…
SilverLion: *not
Bazza2014: good finish to a shit game
sfmmp23: good job smitch, dusty and rance
oc16: is hodge injured?
ballbag: sc total over 3300 so scores will scale down or stay the same
Rush: Nice game for my sc team. Gibbo, Smitch, Gunston, Dusty and Rance.
Bazza2014: few knob gobblers on here today as per usual. Tall poppy syndrome, #gohawks

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