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Chat log from R18 of 2016: Essendon vs Brisbane

Chat log for Essendon vs Brisbane, R18 of 2016

casty46: morning gents.
RooBoyStu: The Mitre 10 Cup for the Wooden Spoon
IHateChat: Leppich sacked this week if they lose this one.
para: Love the amount of interest in this one…
IHateChat: Rockliff captain the only interest here.
poolboybob: This will be a match for the ages. My body is ready
Torz: Rocky getting involved early.
JockMcPie: Predicting less than 40 for Zaha today
para: How do I add my team next to my name? I’m assuming is in account options and listing your favourite team?
Gloryboy: Who’s tagging who? Zaha? Zerrett? Rocky? Robbo?
para: @IHateChat yep
RooBoyStu: would be more entertaining watching a local footy match
AngryRyno: carn Stef starting sore but still chipping in for me
RooBoyStu: I wonder if Cutler will play on Hams
JButcher: Cmon Zorks and Zerrett
BOMBRBLITZ: AAron Francis futer superstar on debut
RooBoyStu: futer?
Torz: Yes Rocky, you pig!
Dunlop: Bewick’s on a wing not down back, William’s down back
para: futerball
poolboybob: Good news for Zaha is that nobody will tag him once Essendon’s real players are back.
Krispin_35: Cmon Merrett and Zorko need two tons at least
armalitemk: Anyone how sees King_Robbo give him a shower talks shit all year and now his side is decimated
armalitemk: who*
SaintsMan: no one will have him poolboy
Roksta: And that’s good armalite?
RooBoyStu: if zaha keeps losing value in sc he might be bench cover in 2017 lol
colin wood: Rocky cape!!
Gott2Win: rocky hitting beast mode after the ‘fat’ article on him this week
JButcher: Another 180 on the cards?
BOMBRBLITZ: lets go captain Rocky. 200sc would be lovely!
jackbastas: I have Z.Smith and he was out, so I got mitch brown on the bench , will mitch brown score count even tho his in defence
AngryRyno: nope @jackbas
blashtroko: Rocky’s end of season run has restarted
RooBoyStu: you need cover in the same position.
para: Zaha in danger of cracking 40
SaintsMan: you are so bad zaharakis. what a mistake it was keeping him
IHateChat: Rocky doesn’t look too fat to me.
IHateChat: Green does though.
armalitemk: @Roksta nah mate I’m very sorry for you just not for King_Robbo at all 🙂
blashtroko: Rocky’s arms are actually skinny compared to his body
para: Rocky is phat. “Playing hard and tackling.”
RooBoyStu: Rocky eye roblem
Torz: Damn, Rocky poke in the eye.
RooBoyStu: *problem
Zeratul: How has screwy leue got more hiotouts then martin =/
JButcher: Zerretts gonna get the cape this quarter
RooBoyStu: Rocky still off
colin wood: Rocky still off?
Torz: Back on
JRedden: lift zorko…
Roksta: Fair enough Arma
Zeratul: Sorryguys i brought in Sloane and Zorko this week :3
para: Has anyone ever suggested a boxing glove icon for Rocky?
TheBigD: G’day plebsticals
RooBoyStu: Rocky needs a boxing glove icon, Wallis needs a boot icon for breaking his own leg with his own boot
AngryRyno: feel for Mitch Wallis, horrific accident
Roksta: Ur an idiot rooboy
poolboybob: McKernan = biggest spud in AFL
RooBoyStu: Goddard winding the clock back
IHateChat: Rockliff: Level Up.
SaintsMan: shut up roo
Breezey: Rocky will ton up by halftime
JButcher: Rooboy’s got his tail up after beating collingwood. wow.
Roksta: Tail won’t stay up north window is closed. Time to rebuild
oc16: rocky is evolving into beast mode
magic007: hey falling from top of the ladder to 8th is a pretty good feat
myteamsuks: Why does anyone still have Rich. More importantly why do I still have Rich
colin wood: Keep going rocky and merrett
Roksta: Give rocky the gun…
Nuffman: for those watching, how does Francis look?
Torz: Very good nuffman.
OnTheRocks: C’mon Tippa, need you to stay within 20 of Martin
BOMBRBLITZ: Francis is a young Goddard. Silky skills and reads the play.
nikos: Francis looks a natural Nuffman
SwaggyP: ooks like a future HOFer nuff
zadolinnyj: Good over head and looks decent as a D
Nuffman: That’s what I like to hear guys! Watched him in VFL, but that’s a dif league
Nuffman: Thanks for the heads up!
ajconodie: Is A T-W young enough for a Rising Star nomination?
TheBigD: mitch brown you flop
RooBoyStu: McKenna is playing well too for the bombers, can’t believe the bombers started fav in this game
colin wood: Icicle for rocky hasn’t touched it for 3 minutes
lukefield9: speak of the devil @colin wood
Torz: Umpire wanted the Rocky ton at HT!
JButcher: Pig Pig Pig Pig Pig
colin wood: Haha knew that would happen
Breezey: Huddo- they’ve had one win between hem each. Yeah Rightio
BOMBRBLITZ: Zorko a bit quiet, should have gone Zerrett
casty46: umpire must have him captain.
Breezey: Them
Dunlop: @ajconodie – No, he’s 23. Needed a few seasons in VFL to get fitness/skin folds up to AFL standard
OnTheRocks: i think the cape should be Rocky’s perma icon
RooBoyStu: The Butcher loves Bacon
Jukes82: dons deserved being favs, they’ve been competitive while the lions get flogged every week.
Gott2Win: Need Zaha to beat Dea in SC. hope robbo switches to merrett
JButcher: @Rooboy I consider myself quite the pig myself
9inch: Might be an idea to tag Zerrett not Zaha
Raspel31: If Rocky and Zac keep this up I might just sneak a win-pleeeez.
Jair: Yes Rocky, you could pull an unlikely win out for me if you keep this up
Jukes82: my op have rocky captain ffs
RooBoyStu: should tag Goddard, he’s been more damaging than Zac
ballbag: only good thing bout rocky is fantasy scores. the guy is a hack
JRedden: rocky is a must have in DT
sfmmp23: slow right down Rocky my opp has you captain
Breezey: Seriously a hack. My god if he didn’t play for Brisbane he’d be even better.
Raspel31: Jukes and sfmm-perhaps in a spot of bother?
TheBigCats: Come on Zorko, big half.
9inch: Knew I should of gone JJK>Zerrett this week
Smurf_x: Rockliff might just win me a fair bit of cash if he keeps up his pace
RooBoyStu: Green should go onto Hams (Green Eggs & Ham)
TheBigD: pleb trains
para: Thought of that before Roo
OnTheRocks: Shit, don’t stop Tippa. At least get to your predicted score….
nbartos: why Stef Martin gettin big SC love?
JButcher: That was a very dead bant Rooboy
RooBoyStu: para gave me the thumbs up lol
Jaypa: I think giving Dempsey the mare now would be a safe bet
sfmmp23: Courtenay dempsey you flog, good job matho keep it up mate.
zadolinnyj: Rocky may be a crow next year is the mail. He would be very good in a better team.
ballbag: yeah but he didn’t say it rooboy coz its been used this year and flopped
poolboybob: It’s funny how easily Zaha is tagged out of a game.
ajconodie: Dempsey is a very, very dumb footballer.
Jukes82: nah Rap, I’m well ahead unless Rocky makes a double 100 it might be interesting
JButcher: zadolinnyj i hope that deal never eventuates
Roksta: Ball bag flopped lol
zadolinnyj: Spud for dempsey
ajconodie: zado – We all know he will be a Hawk at the 11th hour.
LuvIt74: lift zorks
RooBoyStu: what sc was Rocky on at half time? been quiet this qtr
para: Haha sorry Roo, ballbag is right
sfmmp23: rocky was on 80 at halftime
zadolinnyj: 81 rooboy. 14 with half a 1/4 left about normal
teckert: zado – thats for 2018 mate Rocky to crows
teckert: contracted to lions for 2017, free agent after that
RooBoyStu: yeah 15 pt qtr for Rocky hmmm
OnTheRocks: has Tippa run out of gas?
TheBigD: rocky has a big score this week but will get under 80 next week
LuvIt74: will Rich beat 102 his highest SC score against Essendon
mattmac24: kick a goal Zorko!!!
zadolinnyj: They are trying this year as they think lions will be willing to trade to get something.
AngryRyno: ooh yes Stef you big lump of sexy
9inch: Carn rocky at least 120sc 3qtr time
Tigger5: yeah stef
Breezey: Ow much of the ball will Zerrett get next year when the rest come back
The39Steps: Ok, which two SC rucks would you be taking into the finals?
Raspel31: Someone really should put Brown out of his misery.
RooBoyStu: no way i will get zac next year as wont score as well
JButcher: Zorko will struggle to make 75
zadolinnyj: Less you would assume Breezy but depends if Watson plays on
ballbag: @para is your surname letic?
Raspel31: Zach did pretty well last year.
Breezey: I’m just not sure he’s that good that’s all.
Rebuild: My opponent has Merrett. Daniel Merrett.
RooBoyStu: glad i picked Brissy, could not pick essendon
spudaroos: Would be silly if Zerrett doesn’t become a permanent fixture in their mids, he is their future.
zadolinnyj: Definitely has a tank breezy
AngryRyno: Zerrett carrying Dons, nearly double the next best possessions (ignoring that old hack)
Breezey: I picked Essendon. Could not pick Brissy
para: it’s actually noid btw
Breezey: I thought it was site @Para
ballbag: hahaha
AngryRyno: it’ll be lympics in a week or so
Sloaneyyyy: just need StevieJ and Heater to score more than Winge-gard and I should win my league game
parasite: Somebody talking about me?
para: Very original this lot… haha
AngryRyno: hard to pick BOG at this point, Stefan and Rich leading the way IMO
9inch: Wish that 140 was under SC
jackbastas: hey, Zac Smith was a late out , and I got Mitch Brown and Taylor Duryea on my bench as emergency, will one of there scor
zadolinnyj: Like the old Olympic song, amigo PARA siempre
Breezey: I was talking about your half brother @Parasite
blashtroko: ur so alternative angryryno not saying rockliff you must be so proud
AngryRyno: for the second time, no @jackbas
ballbag: parasite meet Mr noid. a top bloke
Zeratul: CAptaining Martin… not the worst decision
zadolinnyj: Unless he is an emergency on the ruck line u will not get it
Umpirespet: Keep going Rocky u star
jackbastas: Zac Smith was out so will any of my emergency score count , or because his a ruckman did my emergency have to be a ruck
Breezey: They have to be an emergency in the same position as Zac Smith jackbastas
ballbag: keep going martin have you vs rocky in sc
whafc: sos to James Kelly
Fletch91: Feeling good with Zerrett, Stefan, Zorko and Tippa
AngryRyno: Rocky is not BOG lol @blash
poolboybob: Dempsey mare, McKernan potato
sfmmp23: Zorks pump out a 110 please
JButcher: @Sloaney mate where was junktime betts last night mate, no cheapies over the back for him?
Zeratul: Emergancy score to count – needs to be an E in the same position as the 0 score. So no, you will not get that E score.
zadolinnyj: AngryRyno will need to change his name to FuriousRyno if you ask again Jack
BestCoast: Zaharakis is a front running Flog, anyone with him in there team is a flog
para: You should all thank me for letting you use my medics all the time
Raspel31: Captained Martin? Wow-brave lunacy-but paying off Zeratul.
Sloaneyyyy: pretty happy with Captain Rocky
RooBoyStu: Cooney and Kelly both cooked, the end is near
J.Worrall: Such abuse, BC
Breezey: Thanks for the advice @Worst coast
zadolinnyj: Prefer your troopers @para
BestCoast: Hit the Score sheet Zorkinator
J.Worrall: Unnecessary – bannable
RooBoyStu: good call best coast
zadolinnyj: Brilliant goal
para: Need him to go berzork
BestCoast: Slow down Rocky
zadolinnyj: Lol @para
Umpirespet: Bombers need dank back playing crap
para: I’ve asked before but how do I add my team next to my name? I’m assuming it’s in account options?
RooBoyStu: hope they show the wooden spoon presentation after the game. See the bombers hold up the spoon
Bazza2014: bombers need a shot in the bum
BestCoast: did Dank get shot at the other day
IHateChat: Rocky just gone past Danger in SC.
Breezey: Ranks still ducking for cover
para: spoon fed the no 1 pick next year
lukefield9: hilarious rooboy…
Nuffman: Gee North win one game against.. surprise surprise a non top 8 side and rooboy got all his feathers showing
Breezey: Dank
Umpirespet: Apparently @Bestcoast
BestCoast: @RooBoy they are just appliying the last coast of varnish
9inch: Most Ess players already have spoon.
BestCoast: Coat
heppelitis: bombers inaccurate on and off the field atm lol
The39Steps: Yes it is @para.
spudaroos: Something so satisfying about seeing a ruck get a 20+possie, 20+hitout statline
Zeratul: Colour Scheme Preferences under account options
9inch: Apparently Police are searching for a man with the alias Golden Boy
BestCoast: It would take NicNat six months to get 20 touches
sfmmp23: floodgates open, get on the scoreboard zorko
Zeratul: How many Mares has Dempsey had this season?
para: I thought it was favourite team all along… thanks guys
Breezey: 50 more Rocky
Sloaneyyyy: decent spread of goalkickers for the lions
spudaroos: When Nic Nat needs 50% tog and 10 touches to ton up, he is that good.
BestCoast: @Zeratul a whole stable full
Barniclez: keep going zerret and rocky
Raspel31: I am strangely encouraged by this whipping. Very,very strangely.
JockMcPie: ton up dorko, well done zerrett
kangawalla: @para. We liked you better before you added the team icon. 😉
Fizzy343: cd just sucks nic nats dicng dong
The39Steps: Dempsey could fill every stall in the Melbourne Cup field.
blashtroko: Quadruple double coming up for rocky
zadolinnyj: Lol kangawalla. True but
heppelitis: ess last 3 weeks 34.45 opponents 52.21
Stuart88: Great game Martin now that will do pig that will do
Raspel31: Good call kanga-no win situation.
zadolinnyj: Meow goddard
Breezey: Agree Kanga
para: @kanga I was waiting for a comment haha
JockMcPie: will zaha break 40? i said at the start he wouldnt so…make that 45
kangawalla: @39 steps. Brilliant!
oc16: keep going Rocky!
RooBoyStu: Give Zaha the pumpkin. Essendon will be stirring Pumpkin Soup with their Spoon.
TowelBoy25: Opponent has Rocky C and Stef 😪
ballbag: zaha is a spud. if he got tagged every week he wouldn’t get 300 possies a year
sfmmp23: same towelboy
OnTheRocks: had Tippa + Smitch vs Stefan + 9 and was looking like an easy win…..
BestCoast: @RooBoy to funny
grossn: Got Tippa, Dea, Zerrett, Zorko, Rocky and Rich so i’m pretty happy
para: Zaha on 40 Jock
ballbag: zorko is a sc ton king this year
JockMcPie: damn @para, hopefully he gives away a free kick
Gott2Win: All those goal kickers and Zorko missing out!
CBeezDeez: My thoughts 2 Gott
9inch: Need this game to stop about now.
sfmmp23: my oppo smashed me this game, zerret, stef and C rocky in SC.
para: I wonder is Zaha cuts the tags off his shirts before games now. Surely this has to be in his head by now.
LuvIt74: Those who went Rocky as C were bloody smart, I thought it was balsy. Well done guys
CBeezDeez: Is that normal para?
LuvIt74: Ya can’t look at Martin’s score and pay attention, however it becons is it worth trading Goldy out to Martin
para: No idea CBeezDeez. I just like talking shower.
9inch: Had capt on Rocky but changed last min to Jelwood. Would of made my week less stressful
LuvIt74: I had Rich in defence and took Collins 78 and Rich goes BANG
Barniclez: goldy to martin is tempting @luvit
LuvIt74: Goldy will struggle to score consistent tons and surely he will be rested
Umpirespet: Rocky was a no brainer against bombers no taggers
Pokerface: $ for hams
sfmmp23: matho been good last couple of weeks
LuvIt74: @Barniclez yeah mate its really looking good, dont expect Martin to score 150’s but he should ton up

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