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Chat log from R18 of 2016: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2016

Nwalton: go blues
Nwalton: woooo
Yelse: is pendles a good VC???
LuvIt74: @Yelse as good as most
LuvIt74: I just put $50 on pendles to kick first goal at $40
Yelse: pies to win it today and open up the race for the final for the rest. roos might lose their last 6
Yelse: @Luvit interesting bet. comes off u a genius
LuvIt74: Nothing usually makes me more happy when the Pies lose, however I hope they do beat NM
LuvIt74: I just put $50 on Brown also at $11
shaker: Thinking the Pies will win Norf have been very average
LuvIt74: Was sick of NM fans going early that it was there year to win the flag & every time I asked them who have u beat? OMG
LuvIt74: I think norf will win but hope im wrong
Yelse: all depends if the pies continue the form they been in last 4 weeks
LuvIt74: wonder if wells foot will remain in one piece tonight.
shaker: Wells back in the rooms with trainers in warm up ?
GJayBee: Go Pies! Heart and wallet on the line tonight! woo woo
Yelse: no good for my SC team but good for pies. 2 trades a weak this year not enough.
LuvIt74: Wells out lmao
Yelse: do i put wells as a loop hole now geez incase
shaker: they should announce a bit before if Wells is out
makemequac: Come on pies stick it up rooboystu
Yelse: any news on wells?
Jukes82: pendles or parker for VC ?
m0nty: Wells has done a fitness test, no word on whether he’ll play
Yelse: i heard its a quad injury
shaker: They just said on TV it looks like he is out
zadolinnyj: Gents
penguins00: thanks nth you jerks
m0nty: Vickers-Willis in for Wells
SaintsMan: calf
frenzy: time to shine Maj
Jukes82: so what happened to wells? injured in the warm up?
Lachie.BT: Wells…
Lodgy: wells walking out with the group
penguins00: wells there with the team walking out
SaintsMan: wells in
Jukes82: wells is playing you muppets
m0nty: bah! That’ll learn me from trusting old media!
Yelse: i might loophole him in case he doesn’t finish the game
magic007: team sheets are in, welll is plaing
Yelse: swallow hugging wells through the banner
magic007: well will probably got 120+ now haha
frenzy: lil green frog in order, hey m0nt
LuvIt74: Wells will kick the first goal now u watch
shaker: you wonder how long he will last he did have a problem
casty46: time for your roos to get smashed rooboy by the mighty pies
Carnster: would love if the pies got up tonight
cusch1: I never thought I’d say this but go pies
SaintsMan: come on pies, chuck us a spot for finals
Nwalton: clee is a twig like Varcoe
casty46: the pies already to strong for those weak pussies
Jukes82: wells getting tagged ffs
hinsch: ryan clarke to go crazy tonight
LuvIt74: carn pendles
WEARECATS9: i hope norf loses tonight
jeddies22: is wells playing. fuc
LuvIt74: Kick it brown ffs
Yelse: here you go luvit
LuvIt74: Nice first goal
WEARECATS9: has petrie touch it yet or the spud firrito
LuvIt74: Lovely easy money
JButcher: CMON PIES!!! Jesus I think I nearly threw up in my mouth
jeddies22: put wells on my bench cause online it said he was out but is an emergancy
LuvIt74: lol Butcher
LuvIt74: what a bs free
jeddies22: cmon majak
cusch1: Why is swallows kick not from the centre?
CrowEaters: I see you playn on sunday Butch, hope you do well
Yelse: cmon pies touch the ball
sfmmp23: Swallow didnt even get hit on the head, what a bullshower free.
JButcher: Cheers CrowEaters, I’m looking forward to the 5th v 8th Elimination final
boo!: white swallows brown……lift
JockMcPie: berautiful goal
CrowEaters: Butch think ya need Pies to get up tonight first
WEARECATS9: port in 8 is better than the stinkeroos
clee!: How are we all fellas
cusch1: Wake up Collingwood come on
LuvIt74: Norf are under there dome they r safe, if a fly farts then norf are screwed.
Pokerface: heart for wells?
JButcher: Hence the reason why I am barracking for them CrowEaters
Jukes82: Wells looks on tonight
sfmmp23: Collingwood had poor 1st qtrs against both crows and gws but then came strong next qtrs. Cant let them get a lead though
LuvIt74: Pies are coughing up the ball badly. Sorry Butcher all over
CrowEaters: not lookn good
Yelse: have the pies started well at all last 5 weeks?
Mileroo30: Norf dropping out of the 8 would be spectacular and we’ll all love it
LuvIt74: Norf will win be 4 to 6 goals
WEARECATS9: pies making norf look good
Umpirespet: This is a training drill for Norf atm
SilverLion: Cmon Wells+Pendles+Goldstein
blashtroko: Is anyone else absolutley sick of having North on channel 7
chinkas: surely questions need to be asked with buckley
JockMcPie: boys, this is disgusting
Bazza2014: double muppett for HOWE?
LuvIt74: @Yelse re u watching this shiat mate?
wadaramus: Carn Kangas, got to win it for Boomer…and me.
sfmmp23: Apparently wells was going to be a late out. On fire currently.
King_Robbo: Collingwood just aren’t good enough
DirtyDawn: Evening all
LuvIt74: I’m just wrapped Brown kicked the first goal. Now that the Pies are turning it over its crap.
anthsill03: howe = soft as butter
SilverLion: Wells has certainly come to play tonight. Wow.
Yelse: are the pies on the ground? nearly home to put it on fml
DrSeuss: Come on Sidey and Collingwood
King_Robbo: Good on north though they have come out firing
LuvIt74: Eddy should turn a electric fan on that would screw north up big time, the breeze from the fan will stuff em up.
AngryRyno: $ for Clarke
LuvIt74: think we are all over $ or cash cows this late in the season
AngryRyno: cows are still AF relevant
LuvIt74: who plays AF
ballbag: @angry I got just under 2500 in AF last week
LuvIt74: Poor bastards who took wells off late due to fox, that would kill me if it happened to me.
Jukes82: Wells VC looking like a masterstroke
cusch1: Jesse White you plow
AngryRyno: a considerable percentage of this site’s visitors
Mileroo30: people with friends who play AF
sfmmp23: Pies strining it together now, couldnt you have done this 20mins ago.
JButcher: Supercoach looked shit this year so I started playing AF
mattmac24: I almost traded wells out.. realised hall needed to go before wells
hinsch: lucky I got rid of J Smith this week doh
Bazza2014: wells ded
Wends: What the ruddy heck is AF??
LuvIt74: was that wells off?
ballbag: @wends AF and RDT are the same except AF has 2 trades EVERY week
jalapenoh: Wells not looking too good….
LuvIt74: carn goldy and pendles ffs
Mileroo30: @wends Sloaney missus could be described hot AF
cusch1: Is Cloke considered to be a crab, pumpkin or spud? Or all of the above?
wadaramus: I put an AF team in, but the platform just totally sucks.
bjones38: Will Grundy be as good as Dean Cox at his prime?
Umpirespet: Onya smith keep goin
Wends: Ahh, thanks Mileroo: translation for me, Andrew Swallow is hot AF…
northernstar: Give wells a needle that lasts 6 weeks
Madsnake: anyone else doing perfect 9s?
cusch1: Can Scott throw ziebell into the midfield ffs
jalapenoh: Pies will come back in this one if Wells has to stay on the pine…
HawkTalker: Come on, Adams. Dont make me regret putting you on the field
Wends: Ziebell probably in lalaland after q1 knocks @cusch
Umpirespet: Dingleberry needs to lift
JockMcPie: question is, do I want wells on for SC, or off for the win
PieBoy: onya smithy
northernstar: So wells needs new lungs now😧
Carnster: oath Cusch1
Gott2Win: Smith can slow down, Opp has him as emergency
GJayBee: Well
cusch1: Even before the hit he had zero midfield time wends
northernstar: hypochondriac hʌɪpə(ʊ)ˈkɒndrɪak/Submit noun 1. a person who is abnormally anxious about their health.
Smurf_x: Grundy would be a great late season POD in my opinion
sfmmp23: pies down a rotation now, sincs off
northernstar: Agree smurf. …grundy the next gun ruck
sfmmp23: grundy coming good sc ruck option for next year
mattmac24: I can’t watch it.. is wells coming back on?
Bazza2014: wells =lazarus
Wends: Wow sidey on 5 1/2 way through q1.
Carnster: why is ziebell still up forward
CrowEaters: Goldy & Pendles killing my team
tbrowne: Oh fuck me treloar
Torz: Got Treloar in this week. Hopefully that knee isn’t too bad.
HawkTalker: Pendles has struggled since the bye rounds
Wends: Yep @mattmac
sfmmp23: treloar should be back on soon, looks like it was just a knee clash.
Breezey: Moore will be a Star. No doubt
cusch1: It’s going ti be a bright future for key forwards with Daniher Moore hogan schache all looking great
tbrowne: Looks more like he jarded it looks fine thank god
Lachie.BT: Cloke has to go back to the VFL
JockMcPie: LOL nice duck Thomas you dog
sfmmp23: soft frees
Breezey: Ducker Thomas
Smurf_x: Don’t forget the likes of Peter Wright and Eric Hipwood to name another couple cusch1
sfmmp23: quack quack lindsey
HawkTalker: Adams and Pendles getting going now. Worried about Goldstein
clee!: flower lindsay
Torz: Taylor Adams spending more time across half back tonight. Should’ve gotten DPP.
jeddies22: when wells is on ur bench/top scorer
jeddies22: and j smith
JRedden: can you do something goldstein?
cusch1: Ben brown tpatton jcameron tom lynch. Wouldn’t want to be a defender for the next 10 years
wadaramus: He just leans into it and gets the high tackle, expert t it.
HawkTalker: AFL makes so much noise about clash guernseys then does nothing for the most obvious clash game of the year
september: North are about to trip on a stick
9inch: Cloke would do better for his team on the bench. Usless
Lachie.BT: Cant watch 3 tackles in a row not HTB!!!!
sfmmp23: that was bloody ridiculous umpriring, holding the man after 6 north players just drop it to the ground. yeah righteo ump
BestCoast: Pies will win as North are just B grade
JockMcPie: inconsistent umpiring is bad umpiring, these umpires are crap
Smurf_x: A big forward should never be allowed to do what Petrie just did
sonik79: i just logged in to say hawktalker 10pts to you
Gott2Win: Sinclair out for the game statless and will still be more influence than White!
cusch1: Majak is a special breed isn’t he? Spud him up
Umpirespet: If Norf ain’t a top 8 side Collingwood are Vfl material
september: North still to miss the top 8
Smurf_x: Could the AFL stop getting weaker and weaker. Someone hits the ground and the umps give them a free kick
BestCoast: Surely Jesse Whites last year the biggest spud to put boots on
SydneyRox: so disappointed with this piss poor pies performance 🙁
DrSeuss: Get back on the ball Sidey
wadaramus: Carn Goldy, Pendles is carrying his can, how about you?
Carnster: did i just see ziebell in the midfield!!!
SydneyRox: LOL – didnt realise that was a swear word!!
danmaio: Looks great with a man bun though Best coast
september: Pies will win North are softer then pelican feathers
Lachie.BT: They dont pay HTB anymore FFS
Yelse: north been lucky
YouBetts: Pies will bounce back in the second half.
9inch: Sidey just went bang
danmaio: North has been as lucky as the pies have been shite
sfmmp23: how does white have a spot over goldsack, wills, frost. I dont get it
JButcher: Collingwood you bunch of flowering spuds!!!!
cusch1: Daw vs Marley Williams is the battle of the criminals
casey22: Dont think I’d be taking Daw on!
JockMcPie: cmon Collingwood, focus on kicking goals
BestCoast: @JButcher you have been named this week welcome back from the wilderness
september: Cloke my Captain c’mon Cloke, grow some ankle hairs
JButcher: Thank you bestcoast, I am to score 4 points for 3 quarters and then sneak one through in junktime for the crowd
Breezey: Abysmal Pies.
wadaramus: Goldy 7 to Grundy 17 H/O, come on Goldy.
Umpirespet: That’s about JButch’s ability
RooBoyStu: Free shepherd’s pie here at Etihad for all the spud Collingwood supporters, I said last week North by 40+ had $200 on it
Carnster: Ziebell just got 20 points from 8 minutes in the midifed, he better stay there
clee!: Think casty owes ya stuey
Gott2Win: Big call rooboy
Umpirespet: lol Rooboy where’s all the Norf sups very poor crowd 2nite
King_Robbo: This is poor by the pies. Last chance to do anything this yr and haven’t given a yelp. Wonder what excuse bucks will use
LuvIt74: @Roo your going the early crow mate to win by 40+
makemequac: Funny how rooboy inly shows up when north are winning what a tool
DaBomb: Remember last year RooBoy? Same margin at half time…
RooBoyStu: I called it last sunday 40+ look at chat logs muppets
ballbag: waste of dish rooboy. you ain’t gonna win by 40
sfmmp23: ill put 200 bucks for north to be out of finals by a 50 point smashing, if they make it.
stoo: Adams great 2nd quarter, 120 please
JockMcPie: Collingwood will lose by 100 points if we don’t lift
LuvIt74: Roo at round 7 or 8 you said Roo’s will be a top 4 side, fast ffw 10 weeks.
BestCoast: All the snipers locked and loaded on poor RooBoy
Umpirespet: Jock U can’t play any worse
ballbag: how olds Grundy? don’t rucks mature at 26?
Gordo450: Shepards pie, great pun Rooboy!
heppelitis: hi all
heppelitis: kinda frustrating putting up with stef martin first half of year…now goldy clearly injured
doyoueven: I’m sorry but this is some of the worst umpiring I’ve seen
King_Robbo: @ jock – you’ll come back.. North aren’t that good and as you said, the pies have been rubbish
september: Enjoy the 2nd last win of 2016 North
MULLETMAN: Hey Rooboy games not over yet. Last time ya played em you were up 66 to 27 at the half … And choked. Comeback….
HawkTalker: god, I hope so, Jock
casey22: Whats happened to Goldy? Mere shadow …….
DrSeuss: Great – had high hopes for Howe and then Bucks the genius moves him forward….
lukefield9: Possibly a bad choice putting Daw in my draft squad this week
Carnster: same drseuss
King_Robbo: Goldy is injured
LuvIt74: @casey Gold has been shocker.
wadaramus: Carn Pendles, got to make up for Goldy’s deficiencies.
runt: @MULLETMAN Not to forget Lake choking Petrie either
MULLETMAN: On queue mate!
The39Steps: Reckon this will be the last time Cloke, Moore and White play in the same team again.
Breezey: I’ve seen some poor shower from Collingwood this season but this is right up there with the biggest load of it
sfmmp23: gawn rocketed ahead of goldy as no.1 in the comp.
9inch: Sidey scoring in bursts. Needcanother burst
Scootyb: pies need a new coach, good list but still shyte
aussie59: Well, it seems i forgot the reason i DONT BACK COLLINGWOOD!!!in my tipping comp, Baaaa!!!
Umpirespet: While Eddie is there Bucks will get an extension
AngryRyno: I don’t need a burst, I need an explosion!
King_Robbo: Pendes hurt
ballbag: treloar has gone to shit with Adams in the side
runt: @Scootyb Buckley would be welcome at the Lions, on a 1 year deal of course
Torz: Get going Treloar.
JockMcPie: channel 7 commentators, once again clueless
Scootyb: ps how do i add a team to my name?
DrSeuss: Watching Sidebottom and Howe slide down the list….
King_Robbo: Pies should get rid of bucks.. Spud of a coach
Carnster: same drseuss
sfmmp23: pies firing up
aussie59: whooo Hooomini come back
The39Steps: Hover over team name at the top, account comes up then choose options, @scootyb
Umpirespet: Back to 27 Rooboy must be getting worried
sfmmp23: courageous stuff from grundy
JockMcPie: cant allow this to happen boys, fall asleep every single quarter
JockMcPie: stuff this, tv’s off, im in bed
Breezey: Thomas just an out and out turd
SFMMP23: lindsey dog of a human being, hope he gets knocked out when he ducks next time
Woosha 73: Do you guys reckon Boomers record breaking game will be a sellout?
Yelse: this bull free happens all the time. thomas dived backwards
urmumsaid: is pendles still out there?
The39Steps: Most disliked in the AFL -1) Thomas, 2) Harvey 3) Firrito. Wot? All North players!
AngryRyno: umps don’t like Majak
9inch: Thomas take a fall you flog
SFMMP23: piss poor umpiring tonight, disgrace to the game and ruin almost every game
september: 3 Votes Cloke
Breezey: Pendles still there
MULLETMAN: 39 Steps notice how all “big incidents” happen against North. Lake choke, Barry Hall fight etc
AngryRyno: Sidney you gun
Breezey: Ballantyne is up there @39 Steps
ballbag: thomas is a loser who just bluffs his way through repetitive
BestCoast: Thomas should be awarded flog of flogs
myteamsuks: While that Thomas free was crap , just don’t do it and then there is no chance of a free
Umpirespet: Collingwood have some ugly fans
The39Steps: Yep @mulletman. Just lowlife losers.
Lachie.BT: Cmon Pies!!
BestCoast: Looked like Joffa had brushed his tooth
Lachie.BT: Every Team does tbh @Umpirespet
The39Steps: True @breezey. Replace Firrito with him. Still, North has the top two.
myteamsuks: That was a great pure mark
Kekkington: I think Wells deserves the heart.
SFMMP23: mark of the year right there
ballbag: @bestcoast no chance! its liquid paper white
Umpirespet: Thought it was joffa’s missus tbh
DrSeuss: Great quarter for Howe – thanks Bucks you useless twat
Kekkington: Daniher or Daw for Mark Of The Year?
MULLETMAN: @the39steps I wouldn’t be so sure. Firrito is a flog. I remember when we played em r13. He threw more punches than Ali.
Breezey: Gee Fasolo ‘s done Sweet FA and they left De Goey out who would’ve got amongst it.
The39Steps: OK, original three stand!
9inch: I foresee a big pies qtr to get it close but not close enougg6
jalapenoh: I got a weird feeling pies are going to win this one still…. contemplating chucking a bit of $$ on it
cusch1: I think danihers was bigger kekk
m0nty: Daw for MOTY like Liam Jurrah before him
BestCoast: You would have to busk at night if you were a Dentist in Collingwood
Kekkington: True haha
The39Steps: @bestcoast – lol.
blashtroko: And like ottens and howe and mcpharlin?
ballbag: I think the only dentist in collingwood moved shop 15 years ago
Yelse: pies have gifted this game to north. how many permits and stupid frees
SFMMP23: very happy with wells, almost a late out, i wouldve been happy with a 70 from him tonight considering. Hopefully he tons
The39Steps: Pies are $10. North $1.04. Throw a lazy ten on for me @jalapenoh!
J.Worrall: and like NicNat too, mint0
BestCoast: @Ballbag and sold all his gear next to new
JockMcPie: one goal at a time boys, we can do it
Yelse: need 30 more posis from treloar aish adams
BestCoast: Can Floggingwood get up ??
Yelse: and crisps
JockMcPie: kick. the. ball. its football for a reason.
SFMMP23: pies a big chance
september: North are about to trip on a stick
mookie: Ballbag nails the best comment of the game once again
blashtroko: WHy dont they simply stop the clock on a mark inside 50? and restart after 30 secs
Kekkington: $45 for a draw
september: Here it comes pies only have to play one quarter to beat the roo’s
SFMMP23: pies big big chance
MULLETMAN: Jeez Sidey is soooo clean!
YouBetts: Who was the user mocking Collingwood at HT? Gone quiet now haaah!
Gott2Win: where’s rooboy now?
september: Pies will win North are softer then pelican feathers
MULLETMAN: Nervous @rooboy?
King_Robbo: Do something Harvey you old flog
JockMcPie: woah, Rooboy u there? fair weather supporter
Roksta: Rooboy gone quiet
Pokerface: has it gotten ugly yet
9inch: Haha carn pies. Anything tobsee roos drown
september: I’d just go to bed now north fans
BestCoast: RooBoy with his tail between his legs
King_Robbo: In fairness rooboy is probably at the game
The39Steps: @Rooboy doing home detention this weekend. No technology allowed.
9inch: If it wasn’t for cloke the pies would have this wrapped up already
Umpirespet: rooboy will be in hiding if they lose
Umpirespet: He is King Robbo
Mileroo30: rooboy would probably rather he weren’t
Lachie.BT: We wont hear him, only if they win
Roksta: Was mouthing off earlier
MULLETMAN: Rooboy called a forty point win. Does he know which side he barracks for?
SFMMP23: rooboy said port, pies and saints were easy beats, lol
RooBoyStu: at the game boys, yeah we have let it slip, trying to watch it
HawkTalker: Swallow has had a nightmare
YouBetts: Rooboy, we need to know what happened too the easy 40 point win!?
casty46: looks like you lost 200 rooboy…haha
Umpirespet: Glad we didn’t pick up Anderson been disappointing
WEARECATS9: choke norf choke
RooBoyStu: is the game over?
MULLETMAN: Look at the positives rooboy. Leave now no traffic!
WEARECATS9: didnt rooboy, say beat the house on roos winning
september: Wave Goodbye North
BestCoast: White is an absolute FStick
september: North look like a bunch of blindfolded featherless pelicans
JockMcPie: Boomer you show-off, just retire
SFMMP23: harvey into the dribble file,
MULLETMAN: How can’t the umpire see that? His hand nearly fell off.
SFMMP23: stop wasting chances pies
King_Robbo: Wells has done nothing after half time
9inch: I think cloke is actually a north player in black and white
HawkTalker: Goldstein and Swallow – chose the first week of teh draft finals to turn in stinkers
september: Only thing that could save north is they are playing Collingwood this week
Lachie.BT: 1st Quarters are killing us!!
Umpirespet: All over red rover
MULLETMAN: and that’s the game rooboy. Fire away
JButcher: King Robbo he was on 50 at HT now on 101, I don’t understand??
WEARECATS9: treloar to 100 please
september: Eddie should coach them next week, carn’t do worse then that blindfolded buckley wombat
DrSeuss: Better coach – Leppitsch or Bucks?
SFMMP23: good comeback from the pies, north in for a rude awakening, cant beat port, can barely beat pies.
september: My Pet Galah can coach better then Buckley, and the poor Galah’s Blind!
Lachie.BT: leppa
JockMcPie: thanks for the junktime goal goldy, useless twit
ballbag: eddiesfav move BromeBuckMountain
Buzz67: A lot to like about the Clarke kid
cusch1: Neeld
JockMcPie: Collingwood didnt deserve to win in the end, but North can’t dish this crap up in finals
september: Fitting for Boomer, good on him!
heppelitis: 1 goal in 1 minute for rooboy to get up lol
Lachie.BT: GOSH Cant stand thomas
MULLETMAN: 39 steps one flog to another. Bad way to end
ballbag: Thomas just got rooboys bet through
SFMMP23: Pies were within what 16 now they just let them run away in junk time.
Breezey: Rooboy was right. 40+
Gott2Win: Great work rooboy!
JButcher: Think about percentage Pies, Fucks sake, now we HAVE to beat GWS
Roksta: Cmon pies
YouBetts: GG Rooboy, hahahaha!
Yelse: pies just go to sleep in big chunks of games
BestCoast: You are a genius RooBoy 40 +
RooBoyStu: did someone say i lost $200 lol get the partty started odds were $7
Roksta: Haha rooboy
Carnster: maybe we celebrated to early for rooboy
mattmac24: might not be 40+…
september: 3 Votes….Cloke
King_Robbo: How is Wells only on 100 sc?! Horse shit
heppelitis: moore for the dagger in rooboys heart
Lachie.BT: Enjoy @RooBoy
RooBoyStu: beers will taste great tonight
Yelse: was it 39.5 roboy?
3rdstriker: hate it when they dont show eddie and his kids when the pies lose
SFMMP23: ill put money on roos to lose every game from here. Prentenders, congrats on beating 12th place collingwood in junk time
cusch1: Oh how I wish Moore kicked that for you Rooboy, kudos to you mate
BestCoast: RooBoys thirst just increased
JockMcPie: lindsay thomas is a deadset flog
McRooster: Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. Watching your game plan being executed is like watching an Octopys falling out of a tree.
Breezey: Agree Jock. Can’t flowerin stand him
armalitemk: @RooBoyStu I love my club sometimes that last 10 minutes is the reason why!
armalitemk: @BestCoast if you were in my pub you would have just scored yourself a drink mate thirst achieved!
BestCoast: @Jockmcpie the biggest there ever was
RooBoyStu: yep ovr 39.5 called it bet of the year last sunday
King_Robbo: Bye bye bucks

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