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Chat log from R18 of 2016: Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Sydney vs Carlton, R18 of 2016

Lawls: cmon hanners and parker
Gott2Win: Parker or Kennedy for VC?
Jair: Parker
Jair: Gawn or Danger for Cpt?
Gott2Win: Tough one but Danger for me if Parker fails. Gawn or Rocky could both be huge though
King_Robbo: common hanners. you were piss poor last week. time to stand up this week bud
desmondo: Tichell for VC for me 😉
Gott2Win: Xavier Richards to kick 5 today
Gott2Win: I hope mitchell tags Cripps
ballbag: who has everyone traded A Hall out for?
BestCoast: Hall for Sloane
BestCoast: Wonder if RooBoy is nursing a category 5 hangover today
Gott2Win: I brought in Naismith for a fwd/ruck loop in case Goldy gets rested for a week. Got me some $$ as well
King_Robbo: Im going Hall to zerrett
Gott2Win: Just means I play Kerridge for one more week
desmondo: 6-8 goals to Buddy today 😉
King_Robbo: @bestcoast a hangover well deserved
BestCoast: @desmondo yes please
King_Robbo: im hoping buddy stays low. i selected zerrett over him..
BestCoast: @King_Robbo his backside would of been puckering in the last 15 mins
RooBoyStu: Breaking News: Four ‘n’ Twenty have announced they are going to sell shepherd’s pies at Collingwood games for the spuds
BestCoast: Had your berocca today @RooBoy how is the hangover
RooBoyStu: never get hangovers mate
RooBoyStu: come on captain Parker
colin wood: Afternoon lads
shaker: VC on Buddy
Viscount: White vs White
colin wood: Need Kerridge to fire again this week. Come on lad!
RooBoyStu: ffs scores not working
9inch: How do you think Gawn will go this week against lycett and giles?
zadolinnyj: Let’s go parker
Viscount: Slow scoring game
King_Robbo: yep site is cooked
AngryRyno: kerridge with the early FA 🙁
AngryRyno: dockers page is fine, strange
PureSwag: is it just me or are scores not working?
colin wood: its been overloaded with RooBoys tripe
shaker: AFL site working for AF scores
chinkas: same pure
zadolinnyj: I don’t have any names either
RooBoyStu: @BestCoast m0nty is the one with the hangover lol
zadolinnyj: Lol Colin wood
ballbag: parker 23, simmo 17 hanners 12
m0nty: sorry about that, fixed
runners47: Scores working now
Viscount: Thanks Monty
colin wood: Xav Richards for the Swans and Curnow of the Blues with a goal each.
stakerz: put a little bit of $ on kennedy 30+disp/ jack most tackles / rohan most goals. Ive jinxed them
AngryRyno: is the big man onto it @Ben?
zadolinnyj: What a goal
RooBoyStu: cheers m0nty
Lawls: simpson please outscore docherty
BestCoast: Legend m0nty
colin wood: Work into it Kerridge like last week bud.
RooBoyStu: stay down Kerridge
BestCoast: Warm day on the Goldy beer tasting superb
sfmmp23: Hanners, Parker simmo lets go fellas.
colin wood: Cheers Montylicious
9inch: Stay down Doc and Kerridge
BestCoast: Come on VC Parker go big son go big
RooBoyStu: Warm Day in Melbourne in front of heater, beer tastes good lol @BestCoast
ballbag: so youre gonna drink by yourself for 8 hrs at home @rooboy?
tbrowne: Yes JPK got the vc on you son
RooBoyStu: not drinking by myself mate
man0005: So depressing reading about people at home by themselves, its not healthy RooBoy :S
RooBoyStu: Parker’s started well, @man0005 my names not ballbag lol
colin wood: is Xav Richards, Ted’s bro?
sfmmp23: Xav Richards is teddys brother, colin.
zadolinnyj: Carlton intensity good
heppelitis: ballbag always has 2 rotund mates with him
zadolinnyj: Would almost pay that mark
Ben_Gogos: @collin wood yes he is
colin wood: cheers sfm
9inch: 1st time my opponent has Gibbs. Great.
sfmmp23: what a goal from buddy
Yelse: regretting not picking up naismith :((
sfmmp23: Kieren jack great hands
jaypeee: me too Yelse
Yelse: now don’t know who to pick up for menadue in @jay damn
jaypeee: i had to do the double trade this week, I got zorko and merest i hope they score 100+
Gott2Win: You can jump on X Richards instead
jaypeee: merrett*
Gott2Win: Been holding off a while if you’re only just bringing them in now!
RooBoyStu: Allir Allir looking at a blue moon
heppelitis: Hall out…Naismith on the field equals happy times
Gott2Win: Bit harsh to give a blue moon to someone in there 5th game!
Gott2Win: 4th game even!
RooBoyStu: if he cracks the ton its not given his average
sfmmp23: silvagni your standing in for hall, please do something.
feralmong: got the vc on parker. hoping for happy days.
Yelse: doherty lifttttt
northernstar: Um with ya heppelitis. Upgraded hall > Naismith. Fun times
Gott2Win: He has played 3 games, can’t bag someone as a key defender for not scoring the high scores in his first 3 games
nbartos: JPK’s story?
9inch: Can someone mind Gibbs please.
heppelitis: upgrade lol
nbartos: hasnt moved in SC since qtr time?
Gott2Win: Umps Loving the 50m penalties today
tbrowne: gave away a 50 nbartos
cadelcamac: Surely Parker scales a little higher in SC…
nbartos: cheers tbrowne
Ben_Gogos: Hahaha Heeney has been playing wing this whole Q. Jude missed that one!
nbartos: Buddy scale up too cadel?
sfmmp23: Towers must be near getting dropped
Gott2Win: Score for VC to take it this week? 130 for me
sfmmp23: hanners letting himself down with his poor DE
Ben_Gogos: Aliir has been terrific today btw. Super impressed.
King_Robbo: hanners is a bloody hack
RooBoyStu: Weitering brick wall if he hasn’t had it already
Fizzy343: hanners having a bad game makes him a hack
9inch: Had the choice of hanners or parker weeks back. I went the expensive spud
Gott2Win: He has hacked the ball today Fizzy. Has not hit a target with his last 4 uncontested possies
LuvIt74: hanners 14 possessions before half time hardly a hack. ffs
King_Robbo: hes always been a hack kick. today is no different
LuvIt74: Wish i selected Naismith
Fizzy343: dosent make him a hack
sfmmp23: 9inch, spud, hannerberry is far from a spud.
Fizzy343: idiots in this chat
Fizzy343: i see why everyone always refers to u as king floggo
willywalks: chose to bring sam mitchell in over buddy #captainhindsight
Jukes82: come on hanners, you butcher the ball almost every game :/
Breezey: Couldn’t agree more Fizzy
PieBoy: onya dochy
King_Robbo: thought youd be in bali already breezey you bogan junk
9inch: Avg of 95 since I got him. Premo>spud.
tbrowne: Love love love JPK what a man #vc
AngryRyno: inb4 dogs lose to saints
AngryRyno: TMitch 1:6 K to HB ratio that’s crup
Fizzy343: jpk not even looking ike a big VC
RooBoyStu: Hanners lucky to be on 46, should be less IMO
BestCoast: Hanna ave 112 in SC and he is a ha
King_Robbo: agree rooboy. very lucky to be on 46. im not saying hanners is a hack. but he is a hack kick
BestCoast: Hack you should have two you couldn’t be that silly playing with one
Fizzy343: everyone has bad games
Nuffman: Tell ya who’s lucky.. north to win last night
sfmmp23: He isnt even playing that bad, just has a shit de. Its very windy in sydney dont expect every kick to hit a target.
Vich: pretty sure your words were hanners is a hack.. Sort yaself out you lemon
BestCoast: Hanna = Gun
Ben_Gogos: Hanners is about as elite as they come. Not that I’m writing anything out of the ordinary.
Gott2Win: Hanners is a great player but today has missed simple targets when he has been under no pressure.
King_Robbo: this game shows why the bont is a far superior player to hanners
9inch: You guys take thing way too serious lol. Its called banter.
Fizzy343: love when people make themselves look stupid then say haha banter
Fizzy343: chill guys
sfmmp23: Bont not up there yet, but will be.
JButcher: Allir you da real MVP
BestCoast: The Lindsay Thimas award goes to the Hanna hecklers
BestCoast: Thomas*
PieBoy: what i thought he was second best
BestCoast: @RooBoy kangas paying $11 to make the eight should jump on them
King_Robbo: this is a good game. would love to see carlton get up
9inch: Give em all the spud they are getting beaten by Carton.
BestCoast: Crow boys back your team tonight, hope they don’t disappoint my multi
RooBoyStu: North $1.15 to make the 8, who’s offering $11 muppet
BestCoast: Just revving you up
King_Robbo: kruezer muppet – that was silly
King_Robbo: ok.. so we have established that hanners is a better kick on the right.. haha
Gott2Win: He definitely should stick to his right foot
RooBoyStu: don’t know how Hanners is close to Parker in sc pts
BestCoast: @9inch you watching you team trying to win the spud cup today
Gott2Win: Cripps playing well…last week everyone was bagging him for not being good!
tbrowne: JPK keep going son!!
colin wood: Come on Kerridge..
sfmmp23: ive got silvagni on field…
Breezey: Luuuke
Gott2Win: Start of a 70 point run for you Parker!
King_Robbo: parker is a jet
Gott2Win: Naismith hasn’t done much this quarter
DrSeuss: Come on Kerridge – one last week before I trade you out!!
zadolinnyj: Big one please parker
BestCoast: Spuuuuuudddy
RooBoyStu: Kerridge shoulder
sfmmp23: kerridge to dahl, when dahl is back for me
jaypeee: kerridge looks worse for wear
King_Robbo: buddy for the seagull. 3 goals from the goal square
Gott2Win: Doesn’t show how hard he works up the field and then back down again to get those goals
sfmmp23: richards back in the neafl after that one
9inch: Hanners please your killing me.
sfmmp23: silvagni put it through mate.
Torz: Do something Titch. Anything.
BestCoast: Kreuzer is the biggest lemon ever absolute over rated spud
colin wood: Kerridge back on
sfmmp23: Heeney huge qtr. What did he have at H/T?
BestCoast: Carn Blues
Gott2Win: Need Kennedy to outscore Cripps
King_Robbo: not sure sfmmp around 10 dt..
Gott2Win: Cripps is a beast
Crabcake: Heeney was on 3SC at H/T. Crazy quarter
Jukes82: hanners has been shit since the by rounds
King_Robbo: yeah hanners has been an absolute potato recently
JButcher: Fuck this is gonna be a big drop in cash for kerridge
shaker: Cmon Bud bring it home
zadolinnyj: Is kerridge back out there?
AngryRyno: Kerridge TOG going up must be on
LuvIt74: Just prior to HT Hannebery was on 48 I just get back and hes scored 14 points since.
colin wood: Kerridge is out there but avoiding the footy..,
sfmmp23: go parker
JButcher: Kerridge hasn’t scored since HT though…
LuvIt74: Gr8 game by blues to keep it this close for 3 quarters
King_Robbo: good parker. very very good
Breezey: Kerridge is there
zadolinnyj: He just used injured shoulder too bump so must be ok
mason2016: Do i consider trading tom mitch? IF so who to? around same price mark would be great!
9inch: My main opp has gibbs cripps and parker. I have hanners
sfmmp23: dt or sc mason?
Ben_Gogos: @mason2016 I wouldn’t trade, he’s just as likely to go 150 next week. He’s as capable as they come, just a rollercoaster
rooboypete: Kerridge be 85 after last week’s century AF
RooBoyStu: Parker 2 goals 20% of swans goals, has to get more sc
mason2016: Dt
rooboypete: $sign for Silvagni??
Gott2Win: Mitchell to busy counting his $$ from his Hawks contract to put in a good effort
oc16: what is mitchell doing?
Torz: Terrible performance Mitchell.
DrSeuss: Why did I trade Peter Wright instead of Kerridge…
King_Robbo: docherty has to be the best kick in the comp. rarely misses a target
9inch: Hanners gonna be under 500k
colin wood: Come on Kerridge scrap us a 60
LuvIt74: Swans seem to be struggling at home of late. They used to be unbeatable at home.
JRedden: hanners always has bad last quarters.. just doesnt run anymore
LuvIt74: Blues had there chances
AngryRyno: kick the winner Silvagni/Kerridge
zadolinnyj: Opponent has hangers captain and has bc in later game. Bad mistake
zadolinnyj: G I hate auto correct
RooBoyStu: if that ois high contact the game has gone soft
RooBoyStu: *is
Gebs: Yeha that wasn’t good (bias) 😛
HawkTalker: Had wright and kerridge. Traded wright out this morning. Took the wrong one
9inch: Buddy kick the sealer
RooBoyStu: bin mills
ajconodie: Far out Buddy. Was on track for 4 tons.
LuvIt74: If blues kicked straight it would have been a diffrent story
King_Robbo: potato for hanners
RooBoyStu: Swans 24 scoring sots blues 18 lol
RooBoyStu: shots*
DrSeuss: Did the same thing HawkTalker – always happens!!
shaker: Note to self …. don’t make Buddy VC again
AngryRyno: Robbo should be banned for defamation, he’s got no clue
mason2016: Who around the same price as Tom Mitch Dt? Need to trade him!!!!!
Gott2Win: Nice argument Luvit haha

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