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Chat log from R17 of 2016: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, R17 of 2016

Chelskiman: What score do we think Hammelmann is going to get today?
desmondo: 46 for Hammelmann…
Bazza2014: less than himmelberg?
heppelitis: hope they play on eachother, nightmare for the commentators
Tigger5: heath shaw loose but also being tagged?
colmullet: shaw tagged and playing loose man? :p
Number 8: Himmelberg, Hammelmann… Green, Greene… William, Williams… this match is going to mess with me
shaker: Shaw tagged again
RooBoyStu: Come on Coniglio
heppelitis: oh well at least rich cant get tagged on the bench
Chelskiman: 46 for Hammelmann would be great. I need him to get 32 to win.
Hadouken: at this rate, hammelmann to get 20
BOMBRBLITZ: Where’s Heisenberg today?
proudyy: wtf zorko
sfmmp23: Shawry, zorks, ward 3 tons please. Whos tagging Shaw?
Viscount: Come on Zork!
northernstar: Did anyone else here start with Rich?
northernstar: Can you explain to me why I did???
heppelitis: good point bomberblitz…confusing
Viscount: Lift Shiel!
heppelitis: yes northernstar
northernstar: He could attend every Centre bounce and still score 80. In the never again pile!
DrSeuss: Scully tagging Zorko? Doing a great job ao far….
PieBoy: onya zorky
DrSeuss: What is Rocky doing so far? Other than nothing?
tbrowne: i fucking hate rich, said at the start i wouldn’t get him again and after that first round 100 i thought why not
casty46: lift rocky!
clee!: my friend nate has hammelman on field :’)
leorosman_: yes ward!!
casty46: what a spud @clee
Krispin_35: Ward Zorko Shaw my amazing Sunday of tons continues
clee!: Hammelman loves the donuts
Pokerface: perhaps i was wrong in taking kerridge’s score over mathison!
Pokerface: @casty in fairness with laird/bartel outs, alot of us had to field a dud d8
proudyy: toby greene on track for a solid 55
casty46: i wish derm was commentating this one
JButcher: Whoever is tagging Shaw is doing a shit job
DrSeuss: Seems like this will be your last round in my side Scully
Chelskiman: Hammelmann, please! 27 more points, come on!
northernstar: Stevie j with the grubby cheapshot
m0nty: casty: I don’t
hinsch: Rocky what are you doing take a break you only need 70SC point this week
Roksta: Is deem the worst commentator?
Roksta: Derm *
casty46: dont know why everuone doesnt like derm, i love the blokes insight
Roksta: Wow stef Martin 1 effective disposal of 7
clee!: Derm speaks right arm pump
CrowEaters: @proudyy if Greene not already a gun he not far off
m0nty: I like Derm too but he’s too close to the Giant players after being a coach there
sfmmp23: Derm is better than Bruce
Lodgy: Any chance of Big Stefan getting back out there guys?
casty46: bit of the same as lingy with the cats!
DanBlack: Greene needs 5 points to reach Poker’s estimates
ballbag: term talks footy and BT talks shit
ballbag: *derm
clee!: huddo best in the business
casty46: the beast has stopped 🙁
AngryRyno: everyone knows the true commentary GOAT is Basil
Pokerface: wasn’t me DanBlack – got me mixed with someone
willywalks: forgot i had to play reid after laird’s late out, doh…
AngryRyno: c’mon Stef ya turkey go upwards and hit a bloody target!
Viscount: C’mon Shiel, bresk the tag
DrSeuss: Shaw, Martin, Rocky and Scully – great last game of the weekend
clee!: hammelmans final score predictions?
Chelskiman: 32, hopefully.
heppelitis: hammelmann thinks it will be 132 to 68
Hadouken: is martin ok ? still playing?
sfmmp23: shaw and matho stopped, Keep going wardy and Zorks. Would like 3 tons + 80-90 odd from matho.
casty46: i feel for brissy, just have nothing going for them
Viscount: You know what you have to do. I’m talking to you. Lift
DanBlack: Whoops, sorry mate
colin wood: Need Ward to beat Rich by 74, slight chance here if he keeps going!
CrowEaters: no one felt sorry for them when they were winning flags
clee!: flower nate walton
Pokerface: no worries
JButcher: The Traffic Cones hahahaha
TheBigD: TheBigD is here
44snub: I usually get someone else to announce my entrance, no effect otherwise
cusch1: If Toby Greene gets 130+ I lose
mattmac24: traffic cones for all of Brisbane because this is just training for GWS?
Hadouken: dammit. im up by 2 points only. i have martin and he has greene. well, back to the ol’ drawing board
DanBlack: Reid for the $ sign and the icicle.
TheBigD: traffic cones because the big D is about to tear it up
casty46: you know you are crap when you are winning by 8 goals and youre on 5 dt at half time as a forward…
Kenny27: take a seat BigD preferably on one of the traffic cones
TheBigD: turn it up kenny you plastic flower
ballbag: the bigd is like calling someone blue. he’s only little 😅
nbartos: Is this the team Collieobbles beat last week?
TheBigD: good one lads
casty46: cant wait to bring in reuben william this week
Torz: Shiel needs the permanent bandaid.
PopStar: GWS have so much space – come on brisbane, at least turn up…
gdshifty: rocky hurt himself in that tackle?
shaker: Think this might be Leppa’s last game as coach
Torz: Great start Zorko!
PieBoy: onya zorky
cusch1: Leppa please stay one more week and let my boys finish off your career
ballbag: shaw is a sc hack! he’s gotten so many pts kicking to himself over the years
TheBigD: zorko by far the lions best player on their list
blashtroko: beams
PopStar: Have a quiet one please Shaw!
willywalks: reid is alive, huzzah!
3rdstriker: Haha Cusch and shaker, I’ve thought that about 8 times this year, seems to be immune from sacking
colin wood: Looking at 2400 this week, don’t know how I even got close to that before today…
Pull: Holy fuck Martin are you blind or something? Could be on 70 if he had good DE
gdshifty: ffs jansen you useless cunt
AngryRyno: give Stef the butcher already, this is bloody crap
RooBoyStu: I still can’t believe how low Coniglio ownership is.
cusch1: Surely a loss next week outs the final nail in the coffin striker
TheBigD: down down the shower roos are going down
ballbag: currently on 2371 in RDT with shaw and zorks
Kenny27: good call Rooboy i was thinking that aswell the guy is a jet
3rdstriker: He’s gone already Cusch but at the end of the year, is be extremely surprised if they go early now
Gott2Win: Up by 39. I have rocky, shaw and shiel. He has cutler, Williams and zorko. I think I will lose!!
cusch1: Will Greene get to 114??
RooBoyStu: Got him in weeks ago for Libba never looked back
_wato: What is Shiel doing?
Chelskiman: I need Hammelmann to get 12 more
RooBoyStu: he was robbed sc wise last week
Chelskiman: I need Hammelmann to get 12 more DT points. What are my chances?
RooBoyStu: Shiel tagged by Robbo
Bazza2014: hope not
The39Steps: Why replace Leppa? Jesus ouldn’t a thing with this
AngryRyno: need Ward + Zorko to beat Rocky + Rich + 35 in SC
TheBigD: shiel have a crack
The39Steps: Why replace Leppa? Jesus Christ couldn’t win a game with this list.
Kenny27: this is going to be 100+ oh boy
Zeratul: dear teams. stop tagging shaw!
PopStar: Yeah I’m with 39Steps, no point sacking him now
ballbag: pretty sure in the bible Jesus cured a lepper with a miracle 😇
AngryRyno: Ward you GUN
boo!: ward +12.tasty
peteywest: Have my babies Ward
colin wood: Ward on track for a 150 game here. He should be upscaled quite well.
Kenny27: quack goes the ‘beast’
Viscount: C’mon Robo
peteywest: Ward kicked 3 goals this QT getting abolsutley no SC points. CD rigging it up again.
The39Steps: Zorko, Rocky, Hanley, Rich. Would anyone else get a game with a top four side?
GJayBee: put fifty on saints at under 39 to win paying two ninety. i’m happy.
Chelskiman: Stef if he’s the lone ruckman.
Kenny27: Beams and Martin probably
RooBoyStu: Brisbane could be the first merged club that folds
GJayBee: SC would be more accurate if they didn’t use virgins.
Kenny27: maybe if they change their name to Fitzroy Bears it might help
grossn: Trading Shiel this week
sfmmp23: Ward & Zorko doing very well. Hopefully Shaw doesnt get tagged every week. Looks like 3 scores under 100 in a row.
sfmmp23: Grossn into your side or out of your side?
RooBoyStu: William not even in Allir Allir’s shadow
Chelskiman: Jesus, Hammelmann. Was it really that hard to get 8 points a quarter for me?!
casty46: heater shaw
Kenny27: dont give up on him Chels, he finshes strong
pharace: Jesus, Chelskiman. He’s managed 6.6pts – so he’s down less than handpass. Buck up Chump
clee!: hipwood is lanky like nate walton
sfmmp23: Why the bloody hell do Fox Footy haved Harris Andrews miced up?
Bazza2014: i can see why Reid retired.
casty46: because they want to hear the crap the brisbane players say
frenzy: McStay dead on the pine, m0nty
wadaramus: Loiks like a sub par score from Shaw today, hopefully Rocky can supplement.
Kenny27: Cause they couldnt mic Rockliff up, he was seen on the mobile at 3qtr to the manager I’m a Brisbane Lions player get me
Fury: He’s McStaying off the ground?
Kenny27: outta here
JButcher: Big junktime from Rocky and Zorks plz
Breezey: Where is Rich’s career at. I think they should punt him
sfmmp23: GWS playing shwary up forward, hopefully he snags a few.
Kenny27: they just signed him for 5 years didnt they? lol
GJayBee: spring cleaned, winning sc, won cash, girlfriend dropped in. have a longneck. love life.
gdshifty: Reid for the $$ symbol?
Torz: At least Shaw is up forward near the ball now.
AngryRyno: junk it up Shaward
wadaramus: Kick a bag Heater!
Kenny27: Here comes Hammelmann, Chels has just cracked the champange
Torz: Stef has been pretty awesome given that heavy knock earlier.
boo!: we all celbrating hammelman getting to 32
ballbag: gbeejay you have a long neck. Gladstone small has no neck. seems fair?
sfmmp23: Heater you fool, get back up forward and dont give away frees.
JockMcPie: Brisbane’s SC is actually horrible
Chelskiman: Now don’t give away any frees!
AngryRyno: Stef going bananas last few minutes, shame he has nothing to show for it in SC. DE% shouldn’t effect tackles
Munza: Stefs SC is trash
GJayBee: Not only fair it get’s better, was an ex and she left pretty quick. bless her. Need robbo to lift !!!!
colin wood: Ward sitting on the pine… Might cost me 2400 now
Kenny27: kick the goal Hanley you spud
pharace: give away a 50m Hammelmann 🙂
AngryRyno: Hanley’s mob are 12 goals down lol
sfmmp23: Come on Zorko, Shaw ward. Big last 8 minutes.
ballbag: @colin I just cracked 2400 in RDT first time this year. on 2423
heppelitis: good luck to you gjaybee…cask wine and a nagging missus here
JockMcPie: i need 50 more from shaw, ward and zorko to reach 2400
Kenny27: Hammelmann holding off the ball free kick?
willywalks: going to score close to 2250 and losing over 600 spots on dt, crazy round…
sfmmp23: Mathieson will be a star when he is older.
LuvIt74: im on 2400 now
Chelskiman: This last 4 minutes is gonna be hell.
LuvIt74: Rich is doing Jack & costing me big time
LuvIt74: Shaw, Ward, Zorko, Rich
Viscount: C’mon Robo junk it up
Zeratul: Needed 400 from Rocky, MArtin, Jansen and shaw… gonna fall short by 50odd
sfmmp23: Good day today. Yeo, Simmo, Joey, Gawny, Zorks, Ward and shaw.
stoo: 2446 and counting
cadelcamac: Feel as if Zorko should possibly have a higher SC scaled score
GJayBee: heppelitis, i spend most nights alone and eat out. it’s a trade off. bless em all.
Chelskiman: Yes, another kick! That is handy if he gives away a late free.
LeBron J: Reid 15% eff lol
cusch1: I score 2500 and still lose. fk you Toby Greene for onlyplaying well when my opponent has you
JButcher: Chelski we are with you all the way mate
heppelitis: haha fair point
Mileroo30: have a mate on 2460 rn
LuvIt74: @sfmmp same here but i got docherty not Yeo
b-rudda: stoked i traded ablett to zorko…winning me my dt league
Chelskiman: Hammelmann is my new hero. Put in a superman 15 point quarter to get me over the line by 4 points!
LuvIt74: 2430 atm so not great but ok i guess
JockMcPie: 26 points of scaling from Ward, Zorko and Shaw to reach 2400….gonna be close
nbartos: Bit rich binning Shiel
ballbag: yes got 2410 in AF also. first time this year
colin wood: Ward should scale upto 145-150
heppelitis: lets hope they dont take a tackle off him chelsk
frenzy: Laird better be back, can’t have Rich on field
cusch1: with that shot after the siren, i lose.
Bazza2014: i feel in my opponent, brother, finished top and i finished 4th, and rolled him in elite, he had mummy and greene, i won
MULLETMAN: Shiel great last half even after injury
JockMcPie: just remember that brisbane play essendon, so rich might actually score well
Chelskiman: That would be heartbreaking, hep.
RooBoyStu: Bring on Friday when we smash the skunks
frenzy: will be loopholed

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