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Chat log from R16 of 2016: Essendon vs St Kilda

Chat log for Essendon vs St Kilda, R16 of 2016

blashtroko: band aid maybe for voldt, not cross
Torz: Poked himself in the eye.
JRedden: is it bad?
J.Worrall: Let’s get a freak win, bombers!
Lodgy: Plz St Nick i need you!
Darius: Apologies, was meant to be a band-aid
Lodgy: Darius, can ou come over and untie my noose then? my GOSH! AHHA
JockMcPie: thanks joey and merrett, today has been great for SC
sfmmp23: Go Joey!
JRedden: come on riewoldt.. got you captain in DT lift
heppelitis: merrey. kelly. armatige,steven and monyagna…fuck yeah….and a long neck as well!
heppelitis: merret*
Torz: Armitage just lost half his points. 🙁
Lodgy: Plz heppelitis, you don’t need to correct all your mistakes. we get the idea
JockMcPie: finally montagna is going at a good DE
Lodgy: Not enough room in chat for ALL the corrections
heppelitis: thumbs up!
cusch1: hopefully mckenna can replicate his vfl form
sfmmp23: Dont stop Joey
Raspel31: Game of the minnows-but kind of fun.
the worm: a bird in the hams is worth tipungwuti
JockMcPie: Tippa a chance for his BE?
Raspel31: Racking up the SC points-go Joey and Zac.
cusch1: Next week, Francis will play and Hams will be dropped
King_Robbo: What are you smoking worm?
heppelitis: the worm…straight of essendon bigfooty lol
Umpirespet: Go Dea
9inch: Not watching is nroo deserving his DT SC ratio?
PieBoy: need tippa to beat montagna by 5
JRedden: get some marks riewoldt…
King_Robbo: Nroo has been good but surprised by the 50..
cusch1: We love you walla yes we do
PieBoy: onya tippy
sfmmp23: thanks joey, havent moved off 33 for ages!
AngryRyno: Ross reported, anything in it?
JockMcPie: keep going joey and zerrett
JockMcPie: nothing in the report according to commentators
the worm: @ hep, u mean someone already beat me to that line?
cusch1: superfooty says nothing in it ryno
SaintsMan: no angryryno, he taped him on his shoulder
DZL7: ross will get off nothing in it
sfmmp23: no way ryno
colin wood: Joey and zerret have stopped! Come on boys
AngryRyno: cheers all
Viscount: traded Tipuunwuti for McVeigh 🙁
AngryRyno: traded Walla for Dahl the week Dahl got injured lol
Viscount: Bad luck Angry
Oli_hawks: Joey is dead, has barely moved from qt
JRedden: finally riewoldt with some cheap marks.. more pls
JockMcPie: Need 140 for Zerrett, he’s on track
SaintsMan: come on boys, this is shocking
LuvIt74: Steven, Merrett & Montagna in this, going nice thus far. I’m on 2115 b4 scaling in WCE vs NM game. So should score 2400
LuvIt74: Had GAJ & Libba too which will hurt
StuL: Had GAJ (C) and Libba and a donut.
vamos77: not watching the game, why hickey sc so low?
Pokerface: please hams.
cusch1: what has happened since the hawks game? Forward pressure has been incredible ever since
awesomeguy: As a richmond supporter i would usually hate the bombers, but not today, GO BOMBERS!
heppelitis: aww your an awesomeguy
awesomeguy: Odds on Brownlow? Dusty or Danger?
the worm: man when those 2 are the best in the comp the league is in bad shape
StuL: Just a guess, because umps are officious types they won’t give votes to a guy with neck tatts.
cusch1: Another guy whos name starts with D; Darcy Parish 😉 hahahha
StuL: C’mon Joey!
awesomeguy: Why is the comp in bad shape? They are very good players
PieBoy: keep going wally
Pokerface: danger is a very good player, yes
the worm: someone has to win by default when all the great players get injured i suppose
StuL: Gaz would be shining 3 or 4 Brownlows if not for injuries. But alas you don’t always get what you should.
the worm: injuries ruined the chances of menadu, vickery, liam jones, cloke etc
StuL: Who traded out AMT this week? It’s OK I burnt him way too early.
mason2016: Not watching, is Riewoldt alright? He’s my captain and hopefully he’s still on ground at this stage!?!?
cusch1: Danger is like Steve Bradbury behind Gaj and Fyfe
the worm: a healthy gaj,fyfe, swan, pendles, hodge wouldve been nice this year
the worm: if martin wins i will take everyone out for chinese
feralmong: if montags finishes on 60 i draw. arrggh. Free against please.
mason2016: Is rielwolt still playing this game out?
hinsch: the worm if Martin wins you can take us all to China
AngryRyno: there’s a quarter to go @ferel, he should pass 60 easily
RooBoyStu: the worm’s form of chinese is buying everyone a cup of Suimin 2 min noodles lol
feralmong: spud me. just got in and thought it was 4th. lol.
StuL: Not watching but a bandaid says Roo is playing. This is why i over look him. Seems to fall apart as soon as u pick him
AngryRyno: give Steven the gun already!
JockMcPie: Parish Muppet..
the worm: 2 minute noodles with a fork, no chopsticks
wadaramus: C’mon Zerrett, get going again!
Torz: Get off the bench Armo.
boo!: nice 40sc qtr hickey
whafc: was forced to hold onto tipungwuti, got to be happy with that
frenzy: hope he’s got another left in him @ boo
HappyDEZ: Was that Joey wearing a trackie jacket on 3 qtr time there?
AFL Blues: Just need McDonal-Tipungwuti to beat Montagna’s points to win the game. Well… That, and I’ve also got 45 poimts toscas
carlton_99: Need 202 from merrett and montagna to hit 2300 in supercoach. any chance?
boo!: frenzy i need him to get 24sc 4th qtr
whafc: bout as much chance as collingwood and carlton playing finals this year @carlton99
JockMcPie: i sort of needed 140 from Merrett to win all my leagues, but under 120 I only win 9/10
TheHawk: Would like a big last qtr from Montagna! C’mon mate!
frenzy: i want a tad more for the unlikely win
AFL Blues: That’s a bit much, whafc.
Hadouken: ai ai ai, still 47 behind with zerrett, joey and dea. do i comeback and win ?
HappyDEZ: Not sure if Joey is done for the day.
cusch1: Gwilt you better hope Hurley doesnt come back because that will be your career done
mlakmlak: What happened to montagna ?
tbrowne: keep going steven need 126 for the win
carlton_99: @whafc why do u sya that they are about 150 so far
HappyDEZ: I think Joey might be out there. Just strange that he was wearing a trackie jacket at 3 qtr time huddle.
RooBoyStu: where’s Joey? having a beer with Milne on the wing?
Viscount: Joey goes missing…..
Zeratul: Cmon Steven, lets reach that B/E
cusch1: Come on boys. It would be cruel to drop off now
Yelse: need 203 from montaga and tipi not looking good ??
Buzz67: Just saw Joey handball – he’s not dead!!
AFL Blues: Oh, yeeah!
RooBoyStu: saints played the bombers less than 2 months ago and Steven scored just short of 150, should’ve c him
AngryRyno: Montags to kick the sealer
AFL Blues: Show me that big, green W, Supercoach.
faisca7: Need Hams and Gresham to beat Zerrett by 99.
Hadouken: come on dea and joey, sheesh
Roksta: Awesome grab
AngryRyno: dreaming @faisca7
Viscount: two chances faisca
ballbag: hams is smoked and should be carved from your team
tbrowne: C on steven 🙂
Lachie.BT: Need 133 from steven to be gibert gardiner
boo!: nice catch
Roksta: Umps trying to get saints over the line
StuL: Go zerret. What a gun
Roksta: Cmon bombers
faisca7: You’re nuts ballbag. Go hang somewhere else
RooBoyStu: any update on Savage Fox Footy muppets?
AngryRyno: it’s a joke you spud
boo!: yeah hams is shredded
cusch1: time left?
Hadouken: is dea still alive ?
faisca7: How ironic AngryRyno
Fletch91: Steven for star
RooBoyStu: Just like Lamb from the blues, Lamb had a shanker
JockMcPie: love how tippa got his breakeven
AngryRyno: how’s your Gresh and Hams combo going? gonna beat Zerrett by 90?
Yelse: 20 more tippi and montatgna pleasee
MrRioli15: Hurry. Up Put tippa behind ball
JockMcPie: cmon joey, get to 95 and scaled to 100
Hadouken: abblet to steven i think lol
faisca7: Steven is a beast.
Hadouken: or even ablett*
MrRioli15: Wosfold. We are tired. Put tippa. Hb
sfmmp23: Tippa going to make cash this week
Torz: Really should’ve captained Steven, he’s going huge!
JockMcPie: neale or steven as final mid?
RooBoyStu: Steven!
AFL Blues: Tippa lost the ton? 0_0
MrRioli15: Shit. Coaching
Tigger5: neales probably more consistent jock
Roksta: Wouldn’t get too excitedabout Steven they are playing bombers
boo!: thanks hickey for making me to 2400sc
cusch1: fml
RooBoyStu: Savage done for day i say
mlakmlak: Gazza to sloane for me
Roksta: Umpires last q gave saints the win
JockMcPie: only a minute left
Lachie.BT: When you captain J.Steven last week scores 52 then you take it off him
anthsill03: if you take out stevens 160 score from today he will only be averaging 85
heppelitis: cry
SaintsMan: no roksta
ballbag: c Steven got me 2390 so far DT. had rocky c in AF
blashtroko: nice maths anthsill…
RooBoyStu: Roksta bit like the dogs last night
SaintsMan: members saved us
anthsill03: well i’m just repeating somebodies comment from last weekend.
frenzy: hickey must had three hitout to advant for that SC BS score
Doug606b: As a bombers fan i want them to play well but also no point having a terrible season and not getting first draft pick
JockMcPie: need 136 from Zerrett…dammit
MrRioli15: Joke

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