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Chat log from R16 of 2016: West Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs North Melbourne, R16 of 2016

RooBoyStu: Come on North, win this and we are equal 2nd seperated by only %
BestCoast: Here we go @RooboyStu buckle up
RooBoyStu: haha buckled up, fridge stocked lol
RooBoyStu: Swallow 200 games and Gibson 100 games
frenzy: good luck Ryan Clarke
BestCoast: Hope it’s a cracking game and the Umps, keep
BestCoast: The whistle away
JockMcPie: lol, north will get smashed. home ground bullies will dominate…
JockMcPie: but, still barracking for north.
RooBoyStu: I’ll remember that comment JockMcPie for after the game
BestCoast: @JockMcpie your team needs a gps to find Tullamarine
King_Robbo: Check out a west coast supporter sledging re travelling. Haha. Your team might as well not even make the flight bestcoas
BestCoast: King Robbo and the 54’s playing that broken record again and again and again
blashtroko: Wellingham has always been a germ
King_Robbo: Your team is as predictable as that song wet toast
ballbag: haha has NORF
sfmmp23: carn goldy, go 150 today
blashtroko: Stop saying norf, its embarrasing
heppelitis: goldy tapping his way to a ton
RooBoyStu: should have captained Goldy, he will go huge today, looks on
BestCoast: At Ethiad
ballbag: forget abt ya perm priddis and think pill!
JockMcPie: good start goldy and priddis
Bazza2014: Clarke looking ok’
Bazza2014: Wood’s kicking lets him down #hawksgame
Bazza2014: get the ball cunnington, ya spacker
Krispin_35: Lift your de priddis ur score is gonna get ruined soon
RooBoyStu: Lycett will go for that, he has a poor record
DZL7: looks like he will be having a holidday
Sloaneyyyy: donuts coming for Brown
BestCoast: Carn Eagles and Goldy
King_Robbo: Bye bye Lycett. Who do WC have next week? Captain ruck option
Jukes82: whats the most hitouts in a game? goldy going nuts
Fletch91: Think the record is Goldy with about 85ish
heppelitis: goldy 22 hitouts, goal and going at 100%..26 sc wtf
King_Robbo: Goldy has been ripped off in SC
Tigger5: hasn’t necessarily got any points from those hitouts @heppel
Tommo2909: 80 hit outs by Goldy last year
tbrowne: hopefully lycett gets 2 bc they play melb in 2 weeks #gawn
alekstah: @heppelitis: goldy also has 1FA, the goal came from a FF so no points for mark, hardly any HO to Adv
King_Robbo: And priddis 36 from one effective disposal.. Hmm..
Pokerface: have goldies hit outs been to advantage?
Pokerface: 4 tackles robbo.. and 5 contested possessions. yawn
heppelitis: yeah im not watching…scores probably right then…but could be soo much better
King_Robbo: I’ve seen at least 3 hi touts to advantage.. His score is questionable at best
ballbag: that’s it priddis! forget the perm for 2hrs and feast on the ball
Pokerface: so 3 out of 22. you realise he loses 1 every time a hit out is sharked?
Bazza2014: cunnington , your a spacker. lift your game muppett head
sfmmp23: Normally when other players have a shit DE they get a shit score. Priddis lucky even with the Tackles and CP’s.
myteamsuks: Priddis 1 effective from 8 and sc is 35
Bazza2014: that kick wasnt 15metres
Pokerface: nothing lucky about it. that’s how the scoring works.
King_Robbo: Pokerflog clearly doesn’t know shower about CD or SC though sfmmp
Pokerface: yeah because i don’t think its one big conspiracy i dont understand it.
sfmmp23: Pokerface, thats not how the scoring works, DE is what CD focus on the most.
Tiges08: Then how do you explain parkers poor score against melbourne in round 13
BestCoast: According to King Robbo the whole world are flogs speaks volumes
Pokerface: right, so they made these scores up then sfmmp?
RooBoyStu: Lift North!
Pokerface: no you are right. pick ablett and priddis cos CD love them then you can stop the weekly whinge
Pokerface: tiges08 i dont particularly care who got bad scores when. But over 80 stats are used. Feel free to look up parkers stats
alekstah: ok, Priddis has quite a few hardball and loseball gets, I think it’s like 4-5 points per one
Tiges08: if you compare priddis and his stats in the 1st qtr to those of parkers they are on par. parker barely scraped 100
myteamsuks: If CD didn’t average every game to 3300 points then it wouldn’t be an issue. nothing in rules about 1 point at start
RooBoyStu: if Priddis had better disposal eff he would be on 100, absolute bullshower by CD should be 25 only
ryanbob: How is priddis on 46? 18% de is the worst I’ve seen in a while
Pokerface: on all 80 stats tiges08?
Umpirespet: Sunday’s are double points like overtime
RooBoyStu: Yesterday Coniglio got 30 disposals and got ripped off by cd
DZL7: priddis score is a joke
Pokerface: lol umpirespet
Umpirespet: I have priiddis I’m happy
poido123: why do people complain about priddis when they can easily have him? why not learn the rules of SC?
myteamsuks: A ground ball contest possession is worth 4.5 points perhaps he had 10 of those
RooBoyStu: so do I Umpirespet but that score is a joke.
whafc: keep going Priddis, killing it mate lol
poido123: J. Kennedy is due for a big score.
BestCoast: Scrappy game
King_Robbo: Pokerflog is like virus scan on your computer
m0nty: Priddis’ SC score probably heavily influenced by pressure loading
mattmac24: Priddis getting all his points from tackles
King_Robbo: Doesn’t matter how many times you ignore the pop up it always rears its ugly head
Torz: The pressure he’s putting on his teammates by going at 18% Monty?
Pokerface: m0nty don’t use logic. its because CD favour him
King_Robbo: Lol torz
m0nty: it’s a weird one, that pressure loading, can produce big points for inside mids
Umpirespet: Why do people care SC and DT are just games
RooBoyStu: the thing is he also has 2FA
sfmmp23: The WC supporters at the game are pisssing me off. Keep quiet please.
ScootD: AFL is just a game too Umpirespet, whats your point?
RooBoyStu: Anderson goes BANG!
Umpirespet: Enjoy it Scoot rather than winge
BestCoast: Gee Boomer just keeps going total legend and icon of our game
RooBoyStu: you’ve never whinged on here Umpirespet? lol
mattmac24: Know what they’re doing, not everyone else..
poido123: Comon Kennedy, go back and kick that
Umpirespet: Nope just pi$$ed off dogs sups lol
Umpirespet: Nice mark crusty
Pokerface: 35 minute quarter. was there a major stoppage?
Lodgy: Yeo Yeo Yeo ur boat, gently down the slope!
RooBoyStu: Ziebell you idiot
RooBoyStu: high scoring qtr pokerface
blashtroko: no but about 50 ballups
BestCoast: Plenty of 50 metre penalties this weekend
Pokerface: just the goal count. ok thanks rooboystu
Tigger5: loving priddis score
Pokerface: and blashtroko
kangawalla: Hey guys, I’ve been at junior footy.Is therevanything wrong with Cunnington?
King_Robbo: North were in the game but those 50s will cost them. Can’t see them winning from here
the worm: 4 out of 13 games cunnington hasnt cracked 70, so it looks like he’s fine
kangawalla: Thanks Worm. Got him in my Ultimate footy team. Covering Rischitelli injury
King_Robbo: I think he’s just a potato kanga…
kangawalla: Agreed Robbo.
kangawalla: Bit I’ll take his miserly contribution.
CrowEaters: nneed combined 220 points from Priddis,Yeo & Goldy for the win
kangawalla: *but
JockMcPie: loving the tackles priddis
sfmmp23: umpires are shit, thomas shouldve got a free then they pay one against him.
DZL7: if it waas a wce player that got held onto like he did with lindsay itd be a free shocking…
sfmmp23: Umps winning West Coast the game
Lodgy: C’mon Umps! Let them play!
aussie59: lol….these umps are allowed to blatantly discriminate
RooBoyStu: @sfmmp23 same as prelim last year
PotLoser: the umps made me drop from top spot lol
BestCoast: Sfmmp23 pathetic call yes the umps have kicked 7 today
9inch: Lycett doing more than his SC would indicate.
shaker: West Coast are winning in every stat except HO and free kicks
King_Robbo: Do north make the finals? They have a tough run coming up and they’re looking cooked.
RooBoyStu: Farren Ray still not back on
PotLoser: north supporters got sucked in by the easy draw at the start
RooBoyStu: our next 3 matches will be all wins King_Robbo
DZL7: ray is done for the day
JockMcPie: Farren Ray should have a cross, don’t think he’s gonna be back?
RooBoyStu: Ray tightness in Hammy
Umpirespet: Who do u play Rooboy?
RooBoyStu: @PotLoser it was only easy after Round 10 when people knew Freo were shower and GC hadn’t improved
DZL7: north play port pies and saints all at ES
aussie59: whoa ho…this is getting ugly for north, but priddy, goldy and montgna should get me over 350…lol
RooBoyStu: everyone said we had a tough draw pre round 1.
RooBoyStu: Port Coll and Stk all at Etihad @Umpirespet
mlakmlak: Better hope they are rooboy because their last 3 are losses
BestCoast: Bulldogs, hawks, swans, and GWS to end Rooyboy
King_Robbo: Hmm not so sure rooboy i can defuantly see you loosing against all three.. You have a lot of players terribly out of fo
9inch: Goals ffs Kennedy. Youd be killing it
RooBoyStu: @Ray tightness in Hammy anything can happen we’ve seen that this week with results
Bazza2014: #blowout #floodgates #flattrackover?
cusch1: Collingwood proved yesteday that they arent easy beats, just depends who shows up on the day
RooBoyStu: should read @mlakmlak
RooBoyStu: week to week this comp this year is so even nobody can predict results
Lodgy: Roos will be okay. get dalsanto waite and wells into this side looks alot better imo
colin wood: Lol RooBoy I don’t think the Pies are easy beats.. Especially in the form ou guys are in…
PieBoy: onya hurny
RooBoyStu: Here we come, not over yet!
sfmmp23: Pies in great form, Port can beat roos. North in bad form those two teams could knock over North
King_Robbo: I think they’ll beat the pies. They’re still average. St kilda have taken som scalps this year
DZL7: wood in pain
RooBoyStu: Wood in big trouble
Jukes82: c’mon Goldy beat JJK pls.
Fizzy343: watching north plummet down the ladder what a joy
King_Robbo: You’ll most likely win against port but you never know. If you loose next week it’ll be very interesting
RooBoyStu: @king_robbo you mean lose
sfmmp23: goldy on a low score for50 hitouts plus a goal?
Bazza2014: agreed fizzy
Bazza2014: King robbo is very Loose!
King_Robbo: Auto correct doesn’t seem to think so rooboy lol
RooBoyStu: The biggest loss for us has been Higgins, bring him Wells and Waite back and we’ll go bang!
DZL7: highly doubt its auto correct lol
JockMcPie: RooBoy still remember what I said?
RooBoyStu: @Jock still one qtr left
DZL7: well youd expect wells and waite to return next week
m0nty: every time you go bang in this game you give away 50m and a goal
kramykram: Big game from Freckled when they need him
King_Robbo: Higgins meh agree with wells though he’s a jet
PotLoser: so is it depth or the umpires
RooBoyStu: DZL7 yep and Nicky Dal
RooBoyStu: so true m0nty
RooBoyStu: @King_Robbo Higgins has been the biggest loss for us, when he was playing last year and early this year he won us games
BestCoast: Priddis tons up dat a boy
JockMcPie: Priddis for tackling record?
RooBoyStu: Last year Prelim we lost by 25pts, Swallow said this week we’d get revenge, give swallow the muppet
ballbag: Norf couldn’t beat a blind man with no arms. barely top 8
9inch: 2 or 3 last qtr goals thanks twinkle toes
BestCoast: Percentage
9inch: I agree ballbag. False hopes for fans.
LuvIt74: North are shit
BestCoast: Someone said donuts for BROWN since then he has had a blinder
RooBoyStu: There’s one player I never want to see wear a North jumper again and that’s Aaron Mullet, not up to AFL standard
LuvIt74: @Roo one missing player such as bandaid Higgins isn’t the reason your team is ordinary.
m0nty: nominations for star please
Umpirespet: Brown from norf
RooBoyStu: Kennedy has won it for them
DZL7: shuey for me
zadolinnyj: Priddis on tackles
BestCoast: Star for Brown tried all day
Carnster: priddis
RooBoyStu: only one player should be allowed a beer on the plane and that’s Goldy
heppelitis: priddis star..112 from 56% eff…amazing
King_Robbo: If you’re relying on Shaun higgins to be a decent team there is your issue..
BestCoast: Brown
kangawalla: Shaggy Priddis star IMO
ShavedApe: Heart for Brown
RooBoyStu: there’s still time
BestCoast: Sniper King Robbo just the antagonist
Lodgy: between Priddis and Kennedy for star. Priddis killed Q2 and 3
leorosman_: Lindsay thomas star
smirskii: shuey for star
JockMcPie: Priddis star
Bazza2014: swallow gone
DZL7: swallow prob wont come back on afteer that
9inch: Ok I’ll settle for one lat goal JJ
King_Robbo: Prides star. His SC is ridiculous but has been best afield
DZL7: ill take that back
Bazza2014: swallow back
RooBoyStu: Swallow ok, coming back on
carlton_99: Thomas is actually a joke. shouldn’t get a game for North.
Bazza2014: thomas is a blight on the game
BestCoast: Lindsay Thomas is the biggest spud to have played the game
AngryRyno: Nahas > Thomas
JockMcPie: haters gonna say its racist, but lindsay thomas does so much wrong on the field…
Bazza2014: thomas and zac dawson, sheesh dopey as bat guana
sfmmp23: good boy yeo
shaneyboy: North have been pretenders all year
RooBoyStu: next week in Wells Nahas & Waite Out Thomas, Mullett & Wood
Bazza2014: another free kick against dufus nutz
9inch: How much game time left?
Jukes82: never thought i could hate a player more than milne
JockMcPie: 2:30 left 9inch
Bazza2014: 136 secs
DZL7: 2mins left
Carnster: What about ray rooboy
Umpirespet: According to Norfs age profile Thomas has another 5good years yet
AngryRyno: 2:10 on the clock
9inch: Thanks
aussie59: 2mins
ballbag: 6.5 inches in so only 2.5 to go
kangawalla: 51 in 2nd half from Spuddington. Better
the worm: @jukes i could help you with a list of scumbags if ur ever stuck for one, the league is full of them
RooBoyStu: ray for daw
ballbag: eagles are definetly flat track bullies! proved today
9inch: No last qtr goals Jjk. Sad
JockMcPie: soz RooBoy, was barracking for you guys but…remember what I said 😛
Bazza2014: got my 7 leg multi up- was fubarred with west coke up by 46, got it under 39.5 and now happy.
ShavedApe: re: Flat Track Bullies, maybe it just shows travelling from one side of the counrty to the other is difficult. Only the
AFL Blues: Ben Brown scaled the most Supercoach points, but, in DreamTeam, he scaled closs to Dumont’s DreamTeam tally… Wow……
Bazza2014: i have spuddington as well, as im in an elite league there are no other real options, and he played and scored off my be

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