Chat log from R16 of 2016: Carlton vs Adelaide

frenzy: outta the cot yet
frenzy: outta the cot yet
carlton_99: Go Blues!! Give it your all!
King_Robbo: Common blue baggers! The colliflogs did the doggies a huge favour yesterday with gws now for the blues turn!
Heizenberg: Hi guys
King_Robbo: Come on blue baggers! The colliflogs did the doggies a huge favour yesterday, now your turn!
grossn: Where were you yesterday Robbo? We missed you in the pies game
King_Robbo: Things to do – but defiantly enjoyed the score updates!
JockMcPie: Oh look, Robbo is back lol
JockMcPie: Good start Laird, need Docherty and Simpson to have good gams
Umpirespet: Carn the crows
Heizenberg: Yeah Carlton 99
zadolinnyj: Go you crows
King_Robbo: Love owning Laird. Just a great player to watch
JockMcPie: Glad I traded out Kerridge so far
Heizenberg: Hi zad
RooBoyStu: just got home, wtf Sloane?
Heizenberg: Damn that free was bull
JRedden: yeah kerridge had to go this week, went him to riewoldt in AF
zadolinnyj: Howdy heiz
Heizenberg: You watching?
frenzy: hope your not teasing me Smith
Umpirespet: No more injuries today please SC team is a mess already this w/e
zadolinnyj: Yeah mate
Heizenberg: Damn it blues 🙁
RooBoyStu: How stupid is it, in the Gold Coast they don’t do scans on Sunday, Gazza has to wait til Monday
Heizenberg: Same
zadolinnyj: Crazy roo
Heizenberg: Omg that is stupid as
RooBoyStu: yeah Stevo said it last night, should drive him to Brissy to get it scanned, flower the GC area
JockMcPie: Dennis the menace
King_Robbo: Was just thinking that frenzy. You can see him going 50 in the first half then have two touches after that.. Blacklisted
Heizenberg: Poor Gazza
King_Robbo: Dennis has balls coming back from that injury and playing so well
zadolinnyj: You would think with gc party times there would be a few Saturday night fractures
Heizenberg: U fun armfield
Heizenberg: Gun*
RooBoyStu: lol zadolinnyj agree
Torz: Armfield having the quarter of his life.
Fletch91: That a boy Laird!
Heizenberg: Omg again
nbartos: How is Simp ahead of Doc ? SC
Torz: Take the green vest off Kerridge.
zadolinnyj: Arm field surely owns by 0%
JockMcPie: Good start backmen Laird Simmo and Docherty, keep it up
RooBoyStu: Armfield has 100% of Carlton’s score, should have more sc pts for impact
Heizenberg: That’s where you play Dennis, Micky used to give him defensive roles quite a lot
CrowEaters: blue moon for Armfield
Breezey: Cape for Dennis
King_Robbo: Brodie Smith to repay the faith? Dreaming
Heizenberg: Exactly too boy
feralmong: went kerridge to zorko last week. just in time it seems.
Heizenberg: Roo boy sorry
nbartos: Atlas too give him all the symbols
grossn: Captain Carlton logo for Armfield
RooBoyStu: no worries Calrsberg oops Heizenberg lol
leethal: Seedsman obviously didnt come up?
colin wood: Kept Kerridge one week too long… Balls
leethal: Anyone know the story there
frenzy: give my right nacker to have armfield
leethal: same colin wood
King_Robbo: Good blues!
Heizenberg: Hahahah you smart Alex
mlakmlak: seedsman is back through the reserves
Heizenberg: Alec*
CrowEaters: @leethal seeds played good game in reserves be back soon
leethal: Right after Kerridge scored 130 odd points a few rounds back i had to decide who to trade out M Wright or Kerridge….
leethal: I kept Kerridge…. 🙁
RooBoyStu: amazing Adelaide play 3 games at the MCG and us (North) only 1
leethal: Thanks CrowEaters and mlakmlak
carlton_99: In what universe was that a free for jacobs, third goal from umpiring
chinkas: umpires are having a mare
Heizenberg: Crows flown their own umps down
Heizenberg: Exactly carton 99
leethal: Kerridge has a bounce!
CrowEaters: muppet for the umpire
Heizenberg: Carlton*
zadolinnyj: How bout that on carlton_99. Both holding jumper
Heizenberg: That evens up the Jacob one
JockMcPie: Well done Silvagn, big career ahead.
RooBoyStu: Silvagni gets his first goal from a free kick
carlton_99: We havent had three goals from frees but
Arch: the irony of silvagni getting a free for holding. here come the cheats
CrowEaters: unpires now the leading goal scorer
King_Robbo: Good work kid. Defiantly a free
carlton_99: that evens up the jacobs one, theyve had another two
jesseboy: Despite Kerridge not doing so great today. If you can hold him, his last 4 games are favourable
RooBoyStu: Crows smashing carlton in contested footy
zadolinnyj: My point is from the angle of umpire both appeared correct. We’re the free occurs irrelevent
Juzzo: Umpies D
zadolinnyj: *where
RooBoyStu: 4 to Armfield lol
JockMcPie: Commentators having a spaz, Dennis Armfield having a field day
Torz: Give the menace the star already!
carlton_99: Good point @zado
RooBoyStu: SOS who? Dennis the Menace
chinkas: kerridge going to be dropped by a record amount of fantasy users next week
zadolinnyj: Crows stuffing around with it by hand. Get it in forward 50
King_Robbo: Dal Santo out for north. They’re tanking
zadolinnyj: Not tanking. Realise he’s shower
RooBoyStu: @King_Robbo we’ll win today mate
frenzy: he’s been ave anyway, no great loss
mattmac24: Finally cripps doing something.. doc, cripps, Laird and silvangi. Can’t complain
RooBoyStu: Ryan Clarke in, he’s a young gun, he’ll play well
shaker: Kerridge went this week one thing I got right
CrowEaters: doc going well but need Eddie to lift.
Heizenberg: Again armie
zadolinnyj: Will be good game. Wc play ok at home
Heizenberg: One more of those and I’m gonna need a cigarette haha
Heizenberg: Joke I don’t smoke haha
carlton_99: How is that ball
zadolinnyj: Terrible call
Heizenberg: This is such a good one to watch
chinkas: plowman needs time in the VFL
CrowEaters: Crows not looking good coming outa backline
zadolinnyj: Crouch getting better each game
King_Robbo: Nuh north are cooked. Wells out means you don’t have any class in the mids
Heizenberg: Carlton pressure red hot this quarter
shaker: All the talk of Gibbs and the brownlow have dried up
RooBoyStu: which Crouch?
wadaramus: AFL umpires have just completely lost the plot, who is instructing this rubbish?
carlton_99: Which free @wandarmus
zadolinnyj: Brad
ryanbob: come on kerridge put a bit of effort in
Heizenberg: Gibbs misses murphy
Tommo2909: Lift Laird
chinkas: blues errors are horrendous
wadaramus: Most of them! But HTB in particular.
JockMcPie: Matt Crouch kick/handball ratio is the reason he doesn’t score well in SC often
King_Robbo: Doc muppet moment
Roksta: Crows get a lot of goals over the back
carlton_99: umps have been crap all weekend
RooBoyStu: lucky carlton kicking straight should be 5 goals down
mlakmlak: Carlton trying hard but Crows seem to be cruising at the moment
CrowEaters: wy did I trade sauce for goldy ?
King_Robbo: Agree rooboy adel too classy
Breezey: Ultimate accolade. Put a tag on Dennis
Heizenberg: Damn blues 🙁
CrowEaters: Sloane is a good egg
Bazza2014: Dochers, sauce, Brouch and Lyons, cmon!
Heizenberg: Very attacking game blues will get their look in again at Some point
RooBoyStu: Casboult reported, he’ll go as similar to Zaha
mattmac24: Why do they call Jacobs, sauce?
Heizenberg: His hunger hair
Heizenberg: Ginger*
carlton_99: Cas didnt need to do it but he was being held in the contest and the bloody ump is oblivious
Heizenberg: Bloody predictive!!!!
frenzy: Lol mattmac
CrowEaters: @mattmac24 cos he has red hair
RooBoyStu: hair colour mattmac24
Heizenberg: Very lucky casboult
whafc: redhead @mattmac
Roksta: Was a graze at most Harriman is a pussy
Zeratul: Pity Cheney didnt punish stupid casbout more by slotting thatgoal
Sloaneyyyy: u cant tag me Curnow
mattmac24: Ah.. makes sense, haha, thanks
desmondo: Enjoy your week off next week Cas…
wadaramus: Blues accuracy and Crows costly misses, still game on with a half to go.
frenzy: look out Liam Jones’s coming back
desmondo: What`s goin on?…Squibbs hasn`t had his customary free kicks from the umps yet??
King_Robbo: Oh Liam Jones. They were the good old days..
TheHawk: happy for laird to keep smasking points. Needs to pay us back for that 4 week stint.
RooBoyStu: Lamb having a shanker
Umpirespet: Good to hear Libba is ok
PopStar: Happy to see Cripps getting some of the ball… He’s been quiet recently
CrowEaters: Lever a gun
carlton_99: They have been paying those deliberate all yr
King_Robbo: Laird having a day out
mattmac24: Agree popStar
zadolinnyj: Not deliberate
carlton_99: and a 50 to simmo for walker in the 10m zone as well
cold pies: come on smith!
CrowEaters: flat start by both teams
King_Robbo: Smith is producing his in game roller coasters as per usual
PieBoy: onya lairdy
zadolinnyj: You may have missed the dropping the ball in crows forward line as well Carlton_99. Should have been another goal free
carlton_99: This is bullshit push in the back on rowe
LuvIt74: Afternoon all
zadolinnyj: Crows playing very average
CrowEaters: muppet fo Armfield
LuvIt74: Come Carlton ffs
zadolinnyj: Luvit
Breezey: It is wet and slippery though now
CrowEaters: some ugly looking footy now
zadolinnyj: Carltons defensive pressure has been very good. Just can’t keep it up for full 1/4
cold pies: flower you brodie
CrowEaters: how strong is thomo
Bazza2014: Jenkins is the existensial Seagul.
King_Robbo: The conditions or game doesn’t suit Brodie now.. Has to be the softest player in the league
nikos: Luvit74 carlton wont win pal
zadolinnyj: Soooo lucky
Sloaneyyyy: u meant to say Jenkins reads the ball well in these conditions
bernieV: carn crows
carlton_99: Here come the umps
LuvIt74: Whats everyone scoring?
LuvIt74: I’m on 1554 with Simpson, Dochery, Laird, Merrett, Montagna, Steven, Goldy Priddis
CrowEaters: not sure what is worse the standard of vthe vgame, the unpires or the comentators
nikos: fine performance from Denuto – hats off to him
zadolinnyj: Atkins looks terrible today
RooBoyStu: bernieV still has a crow logo, should be demons mate lol
zadolinnyj: Around 2300 Luvit hopefully
JockMcPie: @Luvit almost same except montagna instead of steven lol
LuvIt74: @nikos I know m8, but there was only 22 points in it at that stage. I’m a dogs supporter so we drop to 4th
MerleDixon: I was regretting my Brodie Smith to Laird trade at halftime but not anymore brodie smith is doing his usual
sfmmp23: Just heard that Libba might play next week, Highly doubt it. Looked in serious trouble last night.
LuvIt74: @Jock i have montagna also
CrowEaters: luvit i wont score 2000
nikos: @luvit nice.. Rumour is that Bob Murphy is progressing well ahead of schedule
nikos: oii RooBoyStu Petracca still a ‘VFL player’?
Bazza2014: Any chance the crows go to second, how much do they need to win by?
JockMcPie: Oh didnt see that, sorry. Aiming for 2300 with some big performances
bernieV: signed up when bernie was a he’s making me look like an a-hole
RooBoyStu: nikos after last night he might be playing vfl
King_Robbo: Sfmmp heard the same. Word is he’s actually pulled up well but they’re waiting for scans
zadolinnyj: Around 125 Bazza so no chance
Bazza2014: cheers Z
zadolinnyj: Sloane been a quiet accumulated today
nikos: Ah well… at least Melbourne won’t be irrelevant for the next decade like North
Bazza2014: 7 goal last qtr will take them close 😉
m0nty: nominations for star please
Bazza2014: sloane star handsdown
Umpirespet: Sloane
bernieV: talia, laird, sloane
JockMcPie: Laird for star, Talia for Rock
tbrowne: laird
heppelitis: my son has 13 touches at 100% eff in the 2nd qtr..i nominate him for star lol
RooBoyStu: dees only been irrelevant since the 2000 grand final, not that long is it
Zeratul: Probably gotta go with Sloane, inside midfield, contested ball and metres gained with clearances
jeddies22: laird for star, sloane for magnet
LuvIt74: Libba has been cleared of any internal damage. Most likely a hard knock to the kidney which is nasty, but nothing wrong
nikos: denuto
heppelitis: hi all
King_Robbo: Loving that GWS and cats were knocked off this week! Asking the blues to do the same seems too much of an ask
zadolinnyj: Laird
Sloaneyyyy: vrows gonna win by 50+ now
sfmmp23: Need simmo to score above if not very similiar to Docherty
JockMcPie: Brodie Smith for the ying-yang?
LuvIt74: If Libba doesn’t play next week he almost certainly will in round 18
mattmac24: Laird star, sloane for magnet and Talia for the rock
jeddies22: honestly got no idea who’s the real favourite for the flag, anyone’s year
Sloaneyyyy: Talia = rock
King_Robbo: Star – Laird Sloane has been good but has butchered it as usual. Talia rock
nikos: @RooBoyStu Petraccas better then norths whole list
JockMcPie: #banter
King_Robbo: @ jeddies I think Hawks cats dogs sydney are the only teams that can win it this yr
CrowEaters: Lever a gun
Umpirespet: Dogs lol you have no hope history tells us that
Zeratul: Tals def needs the rock. and if Jacobs finishes well, those 2 goals are a cherry on his score!
m0nty: new icon
CrowEaters: @ kingrobbo you don’t rate the Crows ?
zadolinnyj: Still bitter about 97,98 @King_Robbo? Crows have to be a chance
jeddies22: @King_Robbo I agree only other one for me would be crows
nikos: @Umpirespet grow up ya
TheHawk: Dogs for premiership chance 😀 haha
Tommo2909: What icon?
Bazza2014: new icon of the day, “the barry crocker” who had the worst game!
zadolinnyj: Home ground advantage will play big part
grossn: I think we’re all ruling Bombers out for premiership a bit too quickly here fellas
the worm: why do people think the cats are that good
King_Robbo: History means nothing. Eg Red Sox waited 84 yrs to win a world title they have won 3 in 12 yrs
Pokerface: did you seriously just include dogs in the main chances? lol, that’s funny robbo
the worm: they missed finals last year, replaced stevie j with dangerfield and suddenly they are contenders? really?
Umpirespet: Ouch Nikos only talking facts m8
RooBoyStu: Bombers will see as much September action as the skunks @grossn none
nikos: @grossn ho ho classic groosn – that one brought the house down
Umpirespet: Well ur not far behind Robbo lol
TheHawk: Who’s the favourite then, Sydney/Hawks?
TheHawk: Everyon had dropped silly games this year
Zeratul: Jacobs earling that Cherry!!
Umpirespet: Yup Thehawk I think so
nikos: @Umpirespet listen m8 adelaide are and they cant get better
LuvIt74: @The hawk fav for what the flag?
Pokerface: why do new icons never get added to the icon description list. The rook still isnt there either
JockMcPie: great tackle Silvagni
nikos: @Umpirespet ya cant polish a tu.rd
jeddies22: @the worm thats why i think its so hard to know who’s gonna win, anyone playing their very best in the 8 could win it on
King_Robbo: Don’t rate the crows. Their game style has been found out by the top teams
the worm: comments from the super coach
Sloaneyyyy: moron nikos, has no idea
TheHawk: 7 wins on the trot is real @nikos pull your head in
grossn: Pies gonna belt the crows next week 😉
Breezey: The Crows are one of the top teams
the worm: anyone in the top 2 can win i’d say
bernieV: how do you figure that king? crows beat eagles, swans, gws and should have beaten the hawks
LuvIt74: @TheHawk Anyone in the top 8 realistically have a decent chance at the flag although I don’t give North & WCE much hope
frenzy: Oh Smith, knew it was too good to be true, thanks for nothing
sfmmp23: Any idea how much petracca will drop after this week. BE was 86 scored 52?
Torz: Keep going Kedge.
Zeratul: Robbo sounds more like a vendetta then an honest opinion
LuvIt74: #Hawksfreekick
jeddies22: hawthorn are overrated
Pokerface: without nic nat wce are zero chance
bernieV: the crows are solid, but i dont think they will win the flag. Hawks looking very good again
JockMcPie: ying yang for B. Smith please, disgraceful second half after a hot start
Umpirespet: Nikos wow personal attacks now
the worm: yea hhawks are overrated, instead of 5 goals better than everyone maybe only 3 or 4
mattmac24: Sydney and adelaide grand final imo. I’m a geelong/bulldogs supporter
LuvIt74: Hawks have won 2 maybe 3 games that were won due to the Umpires poor decisions.
King_Robbo: Agree LuvIt north and west coast are the two that are making up the numbers
jeddies22: umpires are hawks best friends
CrowEaters: Sh** teams always 3rd on ladder this late in the season
bernieV: dogs are looking pretty good as well i think
the worm: especially since th umps gave them all those flags too
Pokerface: luvit that doesnt make them overrated. finals are a different game. and noone has better finals experience.
sfmmp23: hawks wont win it this year. Swans, Gws, Cats and Crows would be able to knock them over.
TheHawk: I actually agree with the umpire debate. We get some of the softest free kicks in the league.
JockMcPie: most even top 8 ive seen for ages, could have a winner from outside the top 4
The39Steps: Has Crouch (m) got feet?
LuvIt74: I put money on Hawks/Dogs GF
sfmmp23: Dogs could probs beat them to
mattmac24: I’m loving the dogs this year but I don’t think they’re mature enough for a grand final
CrowEaters: even season any of top 8 could win the big one
jeddies22: @jockMcPie, exactly so open this year
Carnster: What is the icon on henderson
TheHawk: its probably about time someone else won as well 😉
LuvIt74: poker i never stated that the hawks were over rated at all, I mearly stated the truth.
the worm: how is 3 flags in a row and top of the ladder overrated?
jeddies22: dogs need to use more experience
LuvIt74: WCE cant win in Victoria, North are crap against top sides so I give them no chance.
Pokerface: luvit overrated was your exact word, thats why i wrote what i did
mattmac24: Croweaters, apart from North and wce.. north really aren’t that good and wce can’t play away from home
zadolinnyj: Anyone could win this year. Full stop. On the day you must be 100% on.
Umpirespet: Dogs scrape past Richmond and they are grand finalists?
Pokerface: unless i confused you for someone else – if thats the case i apologise
m0nty: it’s a spanner head, denoting a utility
King_Robbo: Agree really experience but we have the Bont and package. They could be the difference come finals
jeddies22: @theworm they are overrated this year not others
Carnster: Thanks Monty
Gott2Win: Sloane and Bont big Brownlow chances this yesr
StuL: Just about anyone can beat anyone on their day excluding bombers
the worm: i still dont get how being on top of the ladder makes them overrated
heppelitis: hendersons a spanner
King_Robbo: * agree re lack of exp for dogs
mattmac24: Robbo, they’re brilliant together, they can can both play the way they did for the 4th last night
mattmac24: Then dogs in for a good chance
jeddies22: umpires are hawks best friends i’ll say it again
Pokerface: the package is the difference. please robbo, you are descending to new depths.
ballbag: @m0nty do your little icons pre date Minecraft?
LuvIt74: @Pokerface no probs, I stated that Hawks got given 2 games by umpires maybe 3 but the Saints & Dogs loss was shocking.
Bazza2014: Hawks cant win.
mattmac24: The worm, because they have been gifted a few games. Sydney should be on top, not the Hawks
the worm: I’d like to hear someone give me a concrete reason not to put a grand on hawks and on sydney for the flag
jeddies22: @Stul and the lions
Umpirespet: Plus dogs will get sunburnt away from Etihad in sept.
zadolinnyj: This could be the most insignificant 30 possession game from gibbs
bernieV: top 4 spot key this this.
the worm: if the umps like them and gift them games thats all the more reason to expect them to win
LuvIt74: If dogs hit there targets they can beat anyone in the comp like 4 other sides. Dogs yesterday were shocking for 3 QT
King_Robbo: Poker face.. Didn’t watch last nights game?
JockMcPie: Jenkins for vulture
Pokerface: if you want to use the word overrated lets talk about this so-called package who turns up for a quarter.
zadolinnyj: Silly to think Hawks can’t do it. They are clear top and have the finals experience
LuvIt74: @The worm just put the grand on the Hawks, umps will help you mate. lol
mattmac24: I don’t expect then to win it as I don’t think the umps can help them out against Sydney or adelaide
King_Robbo: Re away from etihad dogs have a 80% ‘outside’ this year better than any other team.. Go figure
CrowEaters: jockmcpie jenkins works hard to make position
Pokerface: one game robbo.. armfield kicked 4 today, maybe he is the difference
mattmac24: Don’t think people realise that stringer is only 22.. he’s good and only going to get better.
Pokerface: m0nty you need a gameday poll on which team’s supporters are the most obnoxious
the worm: hawks at $4:50, swans at $5…i will take both and still double up
King_Robbo: Pokerflog 4 goals that won the game, not in a loosing team. Come back with better please
Pokerface: its still just 1 game. thats not a trend line robbo. its a dot.
CrowEaters: @Pokerface that an easy one Pies
bernieV: swans lost to richmond…thats a risky 1k bet
Umpirespet: Good win Crows
zadolinnyj: Package been average this year for all the hype
Pokerface: siciliy kicked 5 earlier in the year to win the game. that make him the difference knobbo?
JockMcPie: Nice game by my players, hopefully a bit of scaling get 3 tons.
the worm: hawks lose to richmond alot too
King_Robbo: Agree mattmac in all honesty I see him becoming a better mid than forward. Danger-esk
Bazza2014: Hawks cant win it this year, but im hoping to knock the swans or cats out.
mlakmlak: If Adelaide can get into that top 2 spot they will play in the GF. Won’t lose at home.
LuvIt74: Dogs have played great this season Away, beat Swans, Port, Pies @ G & Melb @ G so they play fine away really.
LuvIt74: Great game crows
ScootD: bahaha, comparing Stringer to Dangerfield… nice one Robbo

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