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Chat log from R16 of 2016: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R16 of 2016

J.Worrall: GoDees!
zadolinnyj: Pretty lonely here J.Worrall
Bazza2014: spud 4 pav
CrowEaters: is an echo
m0nty: no one here but us chickens
9inch: Stay way down there Gawn.
Bazza2014: goal to a spud
AngryRyno: looking for a Collins double-ton
tbrowne: go on collins get over 60
hinsch: what did trengrove do injured??
AngryRyno: Trengove just not picked, no injury
CrowEaters: looking for 80+ from Stretch
Rebuild: Hope Grimes has a good game. Fought so hard to get in the team today
RooBoyStu: Lift Petracca
the worm: lift petracca and put him down on the bench
Jackwatt$: Go Watts, boy oh boy! Do u guys used to remember when my name was the laughing stock of fanfooty? Not anymore 😉
Jackwatt$: In other news, did anyone see m0nty tweet about Eddie McGuire made it to mainstream?
Yelse: whats wrong with petracca how come he doesn’t get mid time
Fletch91: Keep going Maxy!
kangawalla: Do tell Jackwatt$
PT74: Is vince still playing?
AngryRyno: good work Tracca getting rolling
Jackwatt$: There was a story about the McGuire saga and it had random tweets from the public
9inch: Bloody hell Gawny going for the cape. 🙁
Jackwatt$: M0ntys tweet was in there! Maybe he is too humble to mention it
Jackwatt$: He said something like (don’t quote) this idiot doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.
kangawalla: Monty into Eddie’s black book. It’d be a thesaurus by now!
sfmmp23: Gawny loves playing interstate, wouldmt mind another 150 from Max!
DrSeuss: Is Vince still on the ground? Traded him in two weeks ago, so surely he can’t be rubbish again this week.
the worm: Watts has catapaulted from laughing stock to occasioanlly servicable on a dud team. the sky is the limit
sfmmp23: Collins and Tracca wouldnt be on field if it wasnt for wells and adams. Adams gone next week, hoping I could keep him.
kangawalla: @drSeuss. I brought Bernie in as well. Been a plonker the last 2 weeks
DrSeuss: @kanga – yeah I thought I should really invest in a top quality defender and then this is what I get!
kangawalla: Poor return on investment so far @ Dr Seuss
DrSeuss: Well he is back on so I will continue in hope for the rest of this game
TheBigCats: Regretting not chucking the C on Gawn like I planned…
JRedden: vince is fine, hes loves to get cheap touches
kangawalla: But wait! Bernie, 13 so far this Q!!!
Barniclez: had the V on gawn should have commited
hinsch: somebody help out collins please
the worm: i like collins, i think sussudio is an under-rated track
PT74: Is vince off the ground now?
DrSeuss: And there goes Vince – FMDT
kangawalla: @ worm. Agree on both. Sussudio not Phil’s best work but under-rated, yes
SilverLion: How about the wall for Petracca? Played very ordinary last couple of weeks.
kangawalla: Ok. What defender options are best to replace Bernie?
Umpirespet: Boyd kanga
JRedden: how long will vince be out for
Torz: Vince back on, his TOG just went up?
DrSeuss: Haven’t seen the injury – are they saying he will be out for weeks?
PT74: I’m looking at J. Kelley kanga
PT74: Bloody hope so Torz
Umpirespet: Bad day for injuries today
Torz: Yep, Vince is out there!
wadaramus: Petracca, Collins, gee whiz get into the game you hacks!
m0nty: Vince back on, apologies for wrong icon
kangawalla: @DrSeuss. Might have jumped a bit early. Vince back on!
frenzy: someone needs a little potatoe
SilverLion: And of course my opponent happens to have Tom McDonald -_-
Umpirespet: Where would the dockers be without Neale?
RooBoyStu: Petracca useless
THESKUNK: gawn has slowed
DrSeuss: Grimes is looking very decent
Fletch91: Grimes SC seems low to me, especially with that 93%DE
sfmmp23: wow, thanks Tracca and Collins…
wadaramus: Can big Maxy, need you to make up for the underperformers.
the worm: where are the dockers with Neale?
chris7399: DE% isn’t everything, distance covered is as important and grimes has just been going sideways
OnTheRocks: Beard Power
9inch: Like watching under 18s footy at the local oval
OnTheRocks: Witches Hat the entire Freo team?
sfmmp23: yeah i know what you mean chris, hate how sc is soooo harsh on DE
OnTheRocks: Pav edoesn’t deserve to go out like this 🙁
JRedden: lift vince …
sfmmp23: wait wrong person, Fletch sorry
CrowEaters: Pav should have come home 12 years ago
9inch: Take out some key players and freo went to water this year.
OnTheRocks: Would have loved seeing Pav in his prime in our Forward line
CrowEaters: but we had mcgregor @onthe rocks
AngryRyno: Dockers any chance? or just teasing
HappyDEZ: Neale atlas?
JButcher: When you have Watts, Grimes, Jones, tyson and Neale in your team 🙂
kangawalla: Please@ Ryno. No!!
GJayBee: Pav kicked three, he’s still adding to the legend.
Coutzy: @Ryno I’ve chucked a tenner on them to get up. It’d be a very Melbourne thing to do.
kangawalla: Given his slow start, I’d be happy with 80 from Tracca
OnTheRocks: lol, McGregor. Z.Dawson in forward clothing
Barniclez: hogan might get me the win!!
Raspel31: God-Freo no ruck-you could almost cap Gawn. Don’t disappear now Neale.
Pokerface: what do you mean almost? he was a common pick wasnt he?
Raspel31: I never cap a ruck Poker-Danger will do.
willywalks: when was the last time 10 dees tonned up? On track…
RooBoyStu: can’t wait to trade out Petracca
Pokerface: raspel yeah i took danger, but gawn was my go to if danger underperformed. one of my opps went gawn
Raspel31: Good call Poker.
Raspel31: And Gawn may yet overtake Danger.
RooBoyStu: What happened to Mundy? He’s from WA and didn’t cope with the heat?
Pokerface: may well do. i did back him to top the group in sc 🙂
sfmmp23: thanks tracca and collins, hopefully i wont have to play you to again!
frenzy: the Tmac of old is back
kangawalla: 8 Dee’s have toned up. 3 more in range. Go boys!
sfmmp23: two* Thankfully gawn stepped up.
kangawalla: Raise the bat Jayden Hunt!
tankin: what u doin playing those 2 anyways sfmmp23??
Raspel31: Tracca should only ever be on the bench at this stage.
kangawalla: Come on Kent. Ton up!
PT74: Vince not deserving of the heart
sfmmp23: tankin, Wells and Adams out, Adams leaving the side next week. Didnt want to change my plans cos i thought collins would
AngryRyno: Tracca gone backwards! what a turkey
sfmmp23: i thought collins could put up a decent score.
tankin: collins should be D8 at best
AngryRyno: a real back-tracca
Torz: Good junk Bernie. Not too bad given the injury.
BoredSaint: thank you neale.. made up for wards bad score
JRedden: and theres the cheapness of vince, always leaves it to the last minute
sfmmp23: gawn loves playing interstate
tankin: welcome to my team this week Neale 🙂
runt: Vince
Disco DB: Mundy.. lives in Perth, can’t handle heat. Mondy pls.

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