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Chat log from R17 of 2016: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2016

King_Robbo: I think it’s better for the doggies if swans win.. So. Cheer cheer the red and the white!
Gott2Win: Parker or Kennedy for VC in SC?
JockMcPie: go the swans
Breezey: Parker vc for me
blashtroko: Parker going to S.Mitchell early
poido123: Aliir aliir looks to have a nice jump to mark style. He looks a player.
ballbag: so titch is gonna be at hawks next year it seems.
chinkas: pie night – delicious
Grazz: Nice Goal
bjones38: Should of done the VC on Naismith loophole
J.Worrall: Where’s Budster really playing?
Gott2Win: Give Parker the Star already!
blashtroko: High half forward Worral
cusch1: I hope that roughy comes back, but if he doesn’t, Sicily is ready made to take his spot. He is a jet
WEARECATS9: lets go swans
King_Robbo: Parker VC is looking nice
nbartos: parker 60% not good
Hawkey: Can someone give a brief explanation on the ball in the bag thing behind the goals?
boo!: cmom parker 200sc
WEARECATS9: parker my only player tonight
hinsch: keeps the balls warm
WEARECATS9: hawthorn always plays crap in first qtr
Hawkey: @hinsch that was what I was thinking, but i just wasn’t sure
Kenny27: keeps the balls warm lol
Breezey: Parker, Hanners,Buddy and Brand on the bench tonight. Need the swans to dominate
WEARECATS9: what is a good score for a defender in sc and af
Breezey: Hill has jumped out of the blocks tonight
Chelskiman: Traded in The Bont over Parker. Hopefully I made the right choice…
cusch1: 100/110 for forwards defenders and rucks 110/120 for mids
WEARECATS9: ty cush1
WEARECATS9: *cusch
hinsch: imagine trying to play with cold balls
nbartos: hope parker goes 125 and everyone will be deciding
Gott2Win: The true definition of a Ball Bag
nbartos: stick or twist
boo!: im gunna take parkers 200sc
jackbastas: Parker and Kennedy 400 combined?
nbartos: TMitch getting a nice SC reward for 7 handballs
nbartos: JPK only 45% on ground time!
RooBoyStu: The Peter Everitt Cup
SC_Dave: go Parker as VC
nbartos: nice McV
King_Robbo: Get involved Hanners you squib
JockMcPie: cmon hanners, need more then that
nbartos: Bluemoon Naismith
SC_Dave: i’ll settle for 160 +
ballbag: @Gott2 hey ease up with the insults buddy… that said i could go with a ball warmer myself tonight!
LuvIt74: Glad I went GAJ to Parker
King_Robbo: Parker looks back fit and firing. On track for a big night
poido123: got rid of parker when he was struggling..thought he was playing injured 🙁
OnTheRocks: good boy Hanners, stay in the basment
9inch: Should of taken Parker over Hanners last week and saved the coin. Grrr
heppelitis: golf clap golf clap, day got a birdie
RooBoyStu: that lady from the ad will be happy with ‘Parker’ *rolls eyes*
Chelskiman: I forgot about the British Open. Will have to watch it when this game is done.
cusch1: Where is Kieran Jack playing?
SwanSong3: May the force be with you Luke
Hadouken: @RooBoy crack up 🙂
SilverLion: McAvaney+Hawthorn+The Usual Hawthorn Umpiring = Rage inducing game of football
ballbag: thank god Puke Larker has vanished
Jukes82: get involved hanners
Yelse: whats wrong with hannebery 🙁
myteamsuks: Hodge in trouble for that tackle
Breezey: Hawthorn and Rioli and McAvaney@silverlion
RooBoyStu: tv Hodge
cusch1: Typical, hodge sling tackle is fine, Dempsey perfect tackle is illegsl
SilverLion: About 4 frees on Hannebery there the Umps missed.
PopStar: Finally Burgoyne is getting some of the ball!
Chelskiman: Nah, nothing in it.
poido123: hannebery has to be sick. he doesnt get that tired that early
Breezey: Have faith in Hanners. He’s like the postman. Always delivers
ballbag: i guess bruce has cracked one through mid on by now.
colin wood: Couple of Hannebery tackles missed or what???
myteamsuks: Sorry ppl picked up Hannebery for gaj
cusch1: Poido hanners had about 5 consecutive efforts then sprinted 80 odd meters to get to the next contest.
myteamsuks: That was a terrible HTB, #freekickhawthorn
mattmac24: Parker as VC and Buddy.. can’t complain
AngryRyno: people say Hanners is sick, the next man wouldn’t have made the contest on a good, let alone after sprints
AngryRyno: on a good day* i should say
cusch1: Kjack is always near the ball but never actually gets it. #passenger
poido123: Angry, i didnt see the running. in saying that, his scoring is low. so who knows
myteamsuks: Here we go Bruce is about to explode. Sick of channel 7 commentators
Lachie.BT: Bruce Jizzing everywhere again
Lachie.BT: same here @myteamsuks
JockMcPie: Mills look sore
myteamsuks: Sydney can’t get a HTB free , Hawks everytime
SilverLion: How about some consistency re: holding the ball. Smith clearly dragged it back in there..
cusch1: If the fans want it silverlion the afl won’t give it.
Breezey: Ramce
Breezey: Rampe looks a quality defender
OnTheRocks: m0nty and Bruce would get along well?
Breezey: Bruce almost makes me dislike Cyril
Chelskiman: Parker has destroyed me in the last few weeks. I knew I should have got him in for Gaz. Bont better get 160 now.
poido123: i got rid of parker the week before he started his big scores again. ouch
nbartos: Parker 50% for 73 a joke
AngryRyno: Parker 13CPs ya spud
SaintsMan: 13 contested possesions nbartos
poido123: @bartos, a stack of contested possession in close though
nbartos: So what if they go to Hawks half the time
poido123: @Bartos, if you don’t understand the rules then don;t complain about it
scaryness: Sinclair for spud
AngryRyno: they’re called contested possessions, not contested disposals
King_Robbo: Nbartos Parker has been enormous mate. If you dont understand the SC scoring don’t complain
Breezey: Anyone else seen the Sportsbet post on Facebook. Bruce’s 5 most important Hawks players. Cyril,Cyril,Cyril,Cyril,Cyril
nbartos: The best coach ever said contested means squat anyway – he’s a spud too then
Breezey: That’s how the scoring works Bartos. Not how to win a game according to a coach.
King_Robbo: Agree breezy – if you don’t like it play DT where a player gets points even when he turns it over
nbartos: Fair enough fellas only pullin ya chains
nbartos: Been playin SC for a decade prob higher rank than most here
cusch1: Sydney holding on for dear life here
Pokerface: you sound like a hero nbartos
Breezey: I play both and I still don’t fully understand how SC works, so I just cop what my players get. Good or bad
Pokerface: tell us how hot ur gf is and how much money u earn too champ
JRedden: got hanners for loophole in DT, start lifting
Breezey: Slow learner hey
cusch1: And your Pokemon go level
SilverLion: Breust clearly didn’t pull Parker’s jumper during that marking contest. #nofreesagainsthawthorn
Carnster: Pokerface he probably has 7 cats
nbartos: No need to get personal poker
Pokerface: sorry nbartos, that was a bit harsh.
vbdl: keep going backwards parker
LeBron J: @nbartos whats your rank in SC
SilverLion: Gee that free kick count looks mighty even as usual…
nbartos: haha poker, around the 1000 Lebron, back on the game hey m0nty go Hawks
wadaramus: 11 to 3 SilverLion, Hawks being hard done by as usual…
jalapenoh: Lol @ silverlion… so many flavours and you choose salty?
Jukes82: how much shoul parker score before you give him the C over danger?
jalapenoh: Hawks dominating possesion, and had 16 more tackles. Of course the free kick count isnt going to be even… Retards
cusch1: So happy to see Turnbull get booed
Carnster: Why is Bruce on instead of Richo
Pokerface: hanners please
Pokerface: does turnbull know what he just clapped?
SilverLion: High when he charged with his head, seems fair.
SilverLion: Bruce would go to the moon to commentate on Hawthorn if he needed to.
3rdstriker: I tuned into this game at the 5 minute mark of the 2nd qtr and parker was on 59sc, been very quiet since obviously
Viscount: Yes Pokerface, we want Dan!
Jukes82: nice flop cereal you flog
cusch1: Striker when you stop watching he will light up again
J_Pinkman: yeah cause we so wanted Shorten as our PM @ cusch
King_Robbo: Hanners has been putrid
poido123: lift franklin
Yelse: trust all three of my opponents not to have hanners.
SilverLion: @jalapenoh Frees might not be, but the scoreboard is.
3rdstriker: I hope so Cusch, I’ll be back at ft
colin wood: Buddy and Hanners 🙁
wadaramus: 135 minimum from Parker I reckon Jukes.
Raspel31: Well, if this aint the grand final cut meoff at the knees and call me tripod.
SilverLion: Love that handball by Lewis. Had his arm pinned and still disposed of it legally. Teach me please
poido123: hannebery with the afterburners
Pokerface: you think that was deliberate from poppy silverlion?
Zeratul: Hope parker gets paid that tackle, should be +4 at the end of the qtr
nbartos: wow bloods
whafc: wake up parker
wadaramus: Definitely not Pokerace, umpiring department have got that one 100% wrong.
SilverLion: @pokerface dunno what else he was doing, kicked it off the ground angled towards the line.
Chelskiman: Rohan x-factor.
poido123: great game. Lets go sydney. This game could decide the top spot end of year
Wends: What a game so far! evening all, evening tripod.
wadaramus: Angled towards the line, he was parallel to the boundary SilverLion?!
King_Robbo: @ raspel – there are 4-5 teams that can be in the granny this yr
Chelskiman: Picked Sydney by 11 points. Pity this wasn’t the last quarter.
CrowEaters: Burgoyne going well
Willymack1: Wheres the commentators praising hawthorn now?
Breezey: Bruce not giving BT much of a go. Can’t get a word in
Pokerface: i know wada, i was just curious on silverlion’s interpretation
cusch1: Who’d have thought that that Sydney would have won in the Jetta Sinclair trade
tbrowne: Made the josh kennedy trade this week, JPK and JJK in. Working a treat so far
colin wood: #freekickhawthorn
nbartos: Agree Cush sucked in WCE
Pokerface: oh hanners 🙁
ryanbob: god thats such a stupid rule
Raspel31: Well they said Mitchell couln’t handle small grounds-they werewrong, sadly. Go Swans.
Yelse: this protected zone has to go. can see it costing teams in the final.
ScootD: Free kick hawthorn
SilverLion: Clearly, wada. That last 50 was there btw, its just that they pick an choose when to pay it. #consistentumpiring
King_Robbo: #freekickhawthorn
poido123: Hannebery tackle missed?
Breezey: Although they’ve been calling those deliberate all year, just belting it forward and it goes out. Not deliberate really.
danmaio: Ahhh, every wce supporter cusch
colin wood: 50 was against Jack thank god
AngryRyno: the 50 was against Jack not Hanners
RooBoyStu: Parker gone quiet after qtr time
wadaramus: Suer is ryanbob, a bit like most of the stupid “AFL” rule interpretations.
RooBoyStu: Free Kick Horfawn
sfmmp23: Hanners in for his lowest score this year, smitch and Parker go big last qtr
Pokerface: has mitch pulled out his sledge on jack yet
jalapenoh: Got Gunston as VC in AF…. What should I take?
SaintsMan: yes sammy boy
nbartos: Parker got 8 pts in that qtr with 7 poss
wadaramus: Why can’t the AFL just umpire the game like the rest of Australia?
phelps: unfortunately tackle only count if leads to a turnover or ball-up.
Wends: Gibson quite tasty this evening. My backlines turning a corner hopefully.
ryanbob: yeah parker got a bit ripped that qtr
blashtroko: That isn’t true phelps
wadaramus: CD must be making their corrections nbartos?
zadolinnyj: SMitch VC. Please have 50 this 1/4
SilverLion: Also, do u guys genuinely think poppy intended to kick it off the ground parallel 2 the line straight 2 a sydney player?
SilverLion: Coz there was not a single hawks player ahead of him
Pokerface: silver – yep. he had the pace to outrun them. he wanted to keep it in.
danmaio: Surprising that free kicks are only 4:1 Hawks way
LeBron J: Cant wait till they bring out Womens league Supercoach
wadaramus: But he’s still allowed to kick it down the line without fear of deliberate SilverLion, surely?
RooBoyStu: @LeBron J hope so and hope m0nty covers it.
Breezey: I’ll be getting in Daisy Pearce if they do LeBron
SilverLion: @Pokerface, why not pick it up and take them on?
RooBoyStu: I can see some of the names for the teams in womens sc lol
RooBoyStu: *sc team names
Pokerface: i’ll get in Daisy Thomas.
Wends: Hanners having a slight mare.
SilverLion: @wada of course they can, but not if theres no-one there…
King_Robbo: 4;1 is a low ratio. Surprised Hawks supporters aren’t complaining
Pokerface: he would have had to slow down to do that silver
LeBron J: Most teams would suck as guys would pick based on looks
J_Pinkman: having such a crap year in SC. Franklin and Hannas my ins this week and the woes continue
ballbag: any chance the umps will allow hawks to lose this?
SilverLion: Not an in the back there to Rohan, ay bois?
myteamsuks: Wow a free to sydney
King_Robbo: Maybe Brisbane can win a game in the women’s league..
SilverLion: 2 frees since qtr time for sydney…my god…
ryanbob: whooo parker
Breezey: I’ll be looking for a big strong ruck woman @LeBron
Chelskiman: I was about to say “At least Parker has slowed down”.
zadolinnyj: Rohan tripped on his own feet so no free
RooBoyStu: I reckon they should add the women in normal sc, lets say each team can pick 5 women. Might sort out a few.
wadaramus: @SL, in any other league, in any other grade, it’s a throw in, but not in the AFL, stupid AFL rule changers.
Pokerface: i think we’ll be ok lebron. Most of us got Heath Shaw in our mens teams.
jalapenoh: @Silverlion Rohan fell like a fucking soccer player mate… They showed the replay about 6 times…
Breezey: Men’s or woman’s team Robbo
SilverLion: @King_Robbo and maybe a premiership for the dogs, ay?
heppelitis: aron baynes fair dinkum looks like an acorn with legs
BestCoast: Brisbane 3 flags Bullflogs 1
nbartos: Nice goal Parker bit lucky
King_Robbo: I think the men may have a chance.. Would be a close call
theuncle: Any club is as only as good as their 3 premierships
SilverLion: Finally a HTB for sydney. Took until the last qtr to get one.
Wends: Ballbag with the magic words
Chelskiman: Jones looks done for the night.
ryanbob: that has to be deliberate if the poppy one was. no hawk player in sight
poido123: Injuries suck. zac jones looks bad
SilverLion: We have 11 @uncle. Sydney counts south melb’s. Brisbane can count fitzroy’s.
tommy10: Get in the game Hanners. Not even making a good effort
runt: What?
RooBoyStu: ton up Gibbo ya mug
poido123: they are red hot on that 50 metres. that was shizer
colin wood: When in doubt pay a free to hawthorn.
ryanbob: parker should be easily 100+ by now surely with 17cp and a critical goal
nbartos: SMitch is ageless
BestCoast: @RooBoy glad you are up and about and OK after your flogging last week
zadolinnyj: Great goal
Chelskiman: Hodge got schooled then.
ballbag: afl rules are the most ridiculous in world sport
poido123: papley should never of been dropped. he adds something to the forward line
J_Pinkman: a coupla 50 metrs just to keep them in it hey. yeah I know they were there.
LuvIt74: Hanners letting me down big time
LuvIt74: carn hanners kick the winning goal
nbartos: Good call
AngryRyno: Hanners for the winner please
ryanbob: parker only 4 sc for 2 clearances and a score assist? what is going on lol
RooBoyStu: Parker just tapped that straight to a hawk player
vbdl: dammit hanners
J_Pinkman: that would have helped Hanners
Chelskiman: This is going down to the last second.
hinsch: clicked on the Freo/Cats game tomorrow Ablett is out wtf
myteamsuks: Bad mistake by Hannebery
nbartos: I had a word to CD about Parker lol
King_Robbo: Parker will be upscaled big time. Relax
RooBoyStu: even if hawks lose Burgoyne will get 3 votes tonight
Yelse: tanners oing backwards
blashtroko: Shaun Burgoyne is the clutchest player since 2000
Raspel31: Regardless of SC points-quite a cracking game what eh? Go Swans.
heppelitis: hill runs 60 metres with 1 bounce…ok
Lachie.BT: When you have Burgoyne,Gibbo, Gunston and Parker
AngryRyno: unless you barrack for Hawks, surely everyone cheering Swans?
cusch1: Of all players it just had ti be Rioli fml
Chelskiman: He’s flushed that.
ryanbob: getting real bored of hawthorn now
myteamsuks: Sick of Hawks doing this. At least it wasn’t a free
Lachie.BT: Bruce Back at it again with the jizzy white pants
J_Pinkman: just a lazy pressure goal by Cyril
Lachie.BT: yeah gp swannies
LuvIt74: rioli on 77 SC prior to goal
Wends: eeew @Lachie, TMI!
Chelskiman: fuck
ryanbob: well that was holding the man, frees win it again for hawks
SilverLion: Thanks umps. Chalk up another one to the maggots in green.
J_Pinkman: gee they’re good Hawks
Chelskiman: That’s three games Sydney have lost inside the last 90 seconds.
heppelitis: aussie matt jones leading open
nbartos: Burgs star
myteamsuks: Swans actually threw that away. They had so many shots at goal in last
Lachie.BT: Sorry @Wends Sorry that your swannies couldnt get over the line either 🙁
poido123: that was some terrible reffing once again. Do hawks ever have less free kicks than the other team?
LuvIt74: Rioli only 97 sc should be allot more. I traded him out the week he had off prior to BYE damn it
PieBoy: onya jonesy
King_Robbo: Swans just not good enough.. They choke in the tight games
poido123: anyone keeping parker VC?
myteamsuks: Rioli shouldn’t be any more luvit
Zeratul: I’m usually the first to bag hawks and umpire nichols. Actually one of the best umpired matches all year…
Wends: Heh heh, still gave me a chuckle @ Lachie. Not the result tho….
Bazza2014: woo hoo what a game!
Bazza2014: woo hoo what a win!
Wends: Did Gibson go off for pie n chips in Q4??
whafc: what a game…hopefully grand final preview

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