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Chat log from R15 of 2016: Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R15 of 2016

Gott2Win: Parker for the star today and Buddy to kick a bag
Sloaneyyyy: need Titch to have a massive one this arvo !
anthsill03: C on Hanners
desmondo: Yep Buddy to bag 8 😉
ssgroves: go Boyd
Gott2Win: Good to see JJ back in
mattmac24: history says if Swans win.. Labour wins.. I love the dogs but this is one I hope they lose
RooBoyStu: Bring on Monday, byes are over so Mad Monday for the end of byes lol
Torz: Any danger Titch?
Roksta: Mattmac couldn’t care less bout politics if dogs win this one
painkilla: anyone watching? has titch started on bench again?
korza: Tom needs to get his thumb out of his ass hole
Torz: He did, now he’s on and can’t find it.
RooBoyStu: Titch forgot to vote got on ground late
Willymack1: Lift Franklin
SaintsMan: yes buddy
para: See if it was worth holding JJ for 10 weeks… don’t judge me
Gott2Win: very slow start to the swans
OnTheRocks: I voted for the lolly-pop guy from the “Prepare To Stop” party. Was a lie as i didn’t have to stop
sfmmp23: Got the v on hanners.
mattmac24: Para, everyone in my main league did the same thing.. I didn’t because I never had him
Gott2Win: wow! poor poor decision
Gordo450: Can Boyd and JJ score well in the same side? Ive had Boyd from the start
Roksta: How was that not dropping the ball by rose
mattmac24: McVeigh had him over the shoulder.
PieBoy: onya boydy
para: Glad I’m not the only one mattmac
Roksta: Boyd will use jj so yeah
Stst1001: Go libber
Paul105: Rampe cape for saving the goal umpire
mattmac24: Anyone know why Campbell was omitted? he was doing very well with Roughead
Stst1001: Go Parker
frenzy: Bev wants to get Minson ready for trade
mattmac24: Also Parker and Hall finally doing something for my team..
desmondo: lmao who would want Minson??
OnTheRocks: ffs Titch, where’s the get up and go attitude of your big game a few weeks ago???
Gott2Win: Has to be more in the omission of Campbell. He and Roughead had beaten Gawn, Goldstein, Jacobs and were playing well
sfmmp23: Parker go huge today please
Raspel31: Can Parker, Hannas and Buddy save me fromthe shame of Gaz and Joey?
mattmac24: Exactly what I was thinking Gott2Win
OnTheRocks: the first time i have GaJ captain and he doesn’t even get over 100
Gott2Win: The indefinite suspension of Boyd might not last long if Redpath has more quarters like that
Gordo450: Think Frenzy is on the money re Minson
Roksta: Are the dogs the worst deliverers of the ball up forward
Gott2Win: No way a Top 8 coach is gonna drop a player to get a player ‘ready for trade’
Torz: Get Titch off the bench ffs.
sfmmp23: hanners firing up
myteamsuks: @roksta ahh no
Roksta: Stringer has hit beast mode
mattmac24: What a goal from the package!
korza: Never picking Titch whilst Longmire is coaching him
ballbag: horses hate for Fitch is so childish. come to blues son
myteamsuks: Jake stringer don’t get a big head, it’s happened before and you go missing
RooBoyStu: Libba lol
mattmac24: Also, Titch probably playing poorly due to his contract talks on hold.. that’s all that would be on his mind rn
Torz: Hopefully Titch moves clubs.
JDolling69: Is Macrae actually playing inside mid? Would surely have more ball
Gott2Win: soft free for that goal
_wato: I give up on Titch. And my SC team
mattmac24: Torz, I hope so too, Sydney never give him the chance to be the best he can.. would lobe to see him in the navy blue
JRedden: hanners already 40 this quarter.. massive
Noords04: Hanners beast mode
faisca7: hanners on 40 this qtr already. dafuq
sfmmp23: hanners going huge this qtr, keep it up. Have the V on you
ballbag: @matmac same here. and hopempies get daicos.. father son don’t exist in any other sport
RooBoyStu: Hall & Parker repaying the faith today.
frenzy: love how McVeigh shuts off
wadaramus: Come on Libba, this isn’t the week to put in a stinker.
grossn: Great to see Hanners and Parker both lighting it up for the first time in a while 🙂
Ozzy14: Parker for C after Ablett VC loophole didnt pan out
badjelly: hi folks. I noticed moneyball stats on last nights game. This a trial? Thumbs up from me
Torz: Been there for ages badjelly.
BoredSaint: This game singlehandedly saving me. Boyd, Parker, Hanners 🙂
Noords04: I’m loving this, Parker Hanners Buddy and Boyd!
Raspel31: Wish I hadOzzy-fizzed on Martin and Gablett.
Gott2Win: Buddy should of have 4 or 5 already
Raspel31: But 3 players in this-Hanners, Parker and Buddy-go lads.
SaintsMan: the week i bring in buddy 🙂
myteamsuks: Franklin has a damn right to be cocky stringer, not you
mattmac24: That was a brilliant passage of play from the swans
badjelly: thanks Tors…just Friday nights?
Willymack1: Same here saintsman he’s a bargain at 440k
Torz: All games
SaintsMan: oqth willy
SaintsMan: boyd, hunter,franklin and parker. Not too bad
poido123: get off franklin you damn vultures. i had him all year :/
JRedden: hanners cape
faisca7: i chose montagna saintsman. fml
faisca7: give hanners the cape
mattmac24: I forget that Buddy’s actual name is Lance..
SaintsMan: we played shocking. We don’t know what footy is when we play away
circle52: Not watching the game but is McVeigh being made more accountable now has only scored minimally in thios qtr
RooBoyStu: what’s better to watch tonight? the skunks vs blue baggers or the election coverage toss a coin i reckon
cusch1: I love how I changed captain from Franklin to dmartin at last minute
Raspel31: At half time my 3 Sydney players doing as well as my cap and v cap-groan.
Gott2Win: Not much uncontested ball from either side circle, players like JJ, Biggs and McVeigh having to work harder for possies
sfmmp23: hanners looking a very juicy loophole after this one
PieBoy: onya boydy
Gott2Win: smith could be a downgrade target in a fortnight
Noords04: Flowering stoked at nearly 300 supers from 4 players at half time ✊
HowI Rioli: Lib to Parker straight swap next week I reckon
desmondo: Well I changed my captain from Tichell to Buddy at the last mo 😉
anthsill03: slow down boyd
sfmmp23: yes parker
Breezey: Push in the back. Seriously
PieBoy: onya jonesy
SaintsMan: kick it buddy
Gott2Win: Big quarter for Libba already
PieBoy: onya libby
sfmmp23: carn libba
cusch1: Buddy does miss a lot
wadaramus: Go Libba!
Breezey: Parker and Hanners is heading towards 150+
JRedden: macrae lowest game time of any dog… why why
frenzy: go dogs, crowds quiet
sfmmp23: Libba on fire
Roksta: Whose trading libba?
cusch1: We seem to have the same conversation about libba every week
wadaramus: Not me Roksta, hadhim all year and don’t have any luxury trades left!
frenzy: get onya bike spike FFS
ballbag: how can you still have libba? waste of mid spot
Breezey: Umpiring Kermit there.
SilverLion: Cape for Libba
sfmmp23: Anyone else remember that one superstar year big will had. All Aus, what happened to him?
RooBoyStu: 39 sc to 79 ain’t no cape lmao
Thedude24: He still goes big very often ballbag. Im going to keep him as a pod in finals
cusch1: The thing that happens to us all sfmmp…age
mattmac24: Libba is a proven premium. Barely a waste of a mid spot especially since he’s still averaging 98
ballbag: 98? ams are full premo now. 5 of my def avge more than libba
Gott2Win: 98 average is not a premium. Is not a bad choice to still be in your side though
ballbag: * most teams
RooBoyStu: 98 for a Premo lol in what league?
sfmmp23: Carn parker, libba, hanners
damo110: Hey dude, Libba won’t be a POD this year
mattmac24: for a m8 position, Libba is good enough for me
Breezey: Don’t worry about Libba. How about the Bonts qtr
Gott2Win: This is an awesome game!
Gordo450: Go you doggies!
Thedude24: He might be in finals
JRedden: hunter is a jet
wadaramus: Libba not premium agreed, but still in 50% of SC teams,
mattmac24: I agree on the bont. Steps up when he’s needed the most!
wadaramus: Pretty good game of footy, Doggies playing well, can Sydney get up?
23rookie23: anyone with libba at M8 wont finish top 1k & thats fact. 98 ave is a liability
RooBoyStu: most of those 50% have burnt trades early and can’t upgrade him lol
mattmac24: Also if you still consider Parker as a premium, without his two huge 150+ scores, he’s averaging 98
the worm: assuming he continues to average 98 despite being 8th overall before doing his knee
Gott2Win: But he has had those scores…if you take out Libbas big scores he probably averages 85
ballbag: most of those 50% teams prob haven’t logged in after round 10
Jukes82: hunter with a 49pt SC quarter, Libber 51SC quarter
anthsill03: @mattmac24 silly analogy
wadaramus: Yeah, I am in that 50% RooBoyStu! Not too disappointed to still have min at M8 though.
RooBoyStu: you watch Libba 82sc at 3 qtr time, wont go above 110, got in Coniglio in for Libba a few weeks back and no regrets.
LuvIt74: I think Libba is worth holding as M8 for now at least not worth burning a trade unless you have a ton left.
Gott2Win: Libba has had 8 scores under 100.
SilverLion: @RoyBoyStu That sounds fair. 82 across three is an average of 27. 82 + 27 is 109. Makes sense to me.
the worm: lol, if you take out every players big scores tey are averaging 85
mattmac24: 6 of the top 10 total point teams still have Libba.. just saying..
wadaramus: Libba owners are easy targets! Find someone else to pick on!
anthsill03: @the worm, spot on
the worm: meybe when libba hurt his knee he forgot how to play football or tackle
wadaramus: Thanks mattmac24!
Gott2Win: He isn’t a bad pick, but your argument of him being a premium is not right
the worm: i assumed averaging over 100 makes you a premium
RooBoyStu: @SilverLion he was 39 at half time, he had a 43 pt qtr
Jukes82: exactly worm, it’s hilarious reading what these muppets say to validate a selection or trade
the worm: oops, i meant 110
cusch1: Libba should be the last trade you make imo. Can go big but isn’t reliable. Most teams would have bigger problems to fix
mattmac24: I did say he was a proven premium in other words, he has been a reliable premium in previous years…
JRedden: its a joke how many tackles theyve missed by macrae
Gott2Win: I used to go fishing, but now I just come on here…
JDolling69: @JRedden, his score is making me ill
mattmac24: even if he did make me miss out on the top weekly prize with a miserable 35 3 years back..
the worm: i couldnt tell if it was attempting to sabotage other teams or just plain trolling
JRedden: surely they add like 2 tackles at least at the end
sfmmp23: Come on parker, put them through
Breezey: Libba’s more a mid strength than a premium
Gott2Win: game over
Thedude24: Someone tell me why hannebry has more points than parker. Look at the stats. Makes no sense
RooBoyStu: just like Sidebum @breezey
Tigger5: parker has 5 clangers to hanners 2 @thedude
mattmac24: Hanners with more possessions, better efficiency and less clangers makes up the difference for Parker’s goals
NichoB: Hannas has 4 more touches and better efficiency, not that hard to figure out @rooboystu
cusch1: I’d take sidebum over libba though
Thedude24: 7 tackles each, parker more cp, similar efficiency, but parker 3 more goals. Should be ahead by a lot more
9inch: More goals buddy
sfmmp23: buddy is a hero
Fizzy343: the dude has no clue
wadaramus: Game over? Fat lady not singing yet!
Breezey: Probably right there rooboy.
RooBoyStu: what are you on about @NichoB not my question, have another one
Thedude24: Nvm. Parker ahead by 14 now. That makes more sense
wadaramus: It’s the Buddy show.
mattmac24: Parker lost 12 points on clangers with respect to Hanners.. a goal is worth a regular 8..
DZL7: swans are about to blow this game imo could see them winning by 4 goals
OnTheRocks: Buddy received 1 SC for that goal
Breezey: I will win my match up just on this game I reckon. Hanners, Parker, Buddy and Boyd. Loving this.
9inch: Thanks
mattmac24: so parker is pretty much getting 4 points from his goals over Hanners..
Gott2Win: takes longer for the sc stats to go up ontherocks
Fizzy343: dosent update that quick
Thedude24: But hanners has more clangers?
RooBoyStu: Come on Swans, don’t want Doggies leapfrogging us
Fizzy343: so many in this chat just have no clue
Tigger5: thedude, you have no clue
cusch1: Dude give up seriously
mattmac24: hanners has 2 clangers, Parker has 5..
Breezey: It would be funny if Libba ended on 98. His premo average.
shaker: Can the Doggies fight back ?
Thedude24: You guys are blaming parker’s clangers. But hanners has more of them yea okay.
sfmmp23: Parker has 14 more sc points that hanners dude, isnt that what you wanted?
myteamsuks: Dude so many variables . Move on
Fizzy343: hanners has 2 to parkers 5
DZL7: thedude parker has more clangers ….
mattmac24: Not sure if stupid or trolling..
Thedude24: For me it says hanners 5 CL and parker 4 CL
Tigger5: no he doesn’t @thedude, just give up. fyi those are clearances
Fizzy343: this kids brain dead
wadaramus: I think CL = clearance? Kermit = clanger?
shaker: Yeah who cares there is 1 point in it
stew42: @Thedude, They’re clearances, you muppet!
DZL7: thedude u see the muppet there you go, something you deserve next to your name aswell facepalm
mattmac24: CL = Center clearance
circle52: CL is clearances not Clangers the frog column is clangers
Thedude24: Lol i chose the wrong person to argue about. Seems like everyone here has Hanners and there’s no point arguing with the
BestCoast: Go Doggies
colin wood: Hannebery 2 Clangers and Parker has 5
mattmac24: more people have Parker.. you’re just wrong..
Fizzy343: mupppet for the dude pls
Breezey: Clanger dude
wadaramus: Thanks Dude, for taking the heat off Libba owners.
shaker: Give Parker the beast
frenzy: not me dude, too many clangers lol
Thedude24: Oh and my bad all. I thought CL were clangers. It makes sense now
Erich1036: @Thedude24 learn how to read the stat sheet before you embarrass yourself again in the future
mattmac24: Wadaramus.. yes indeed.. haha!
cusch1: The dude probably thinks libba is a premium and weitering parish and mills are all keepers
colin wood: If the Swans get up surely Buddy will scale up from that score.
wadaramus: He’s on97 mattmac24, looks like we’ll get our 98 avg!
JButcher: My first good Captain selection = 312
heppelitis: we better not count parkers score in his average…going to big tonight to count
Thedude24: Nope, i definitely do not. But i dont see the correlation between that and my error
sfmmp23: Need more hanners.
wadaramus: Well played to those who put the VC/C on Parker.
Gott2Win: hahaha gold hepp
mattmac24: Wadaramus.. yay…
DZL7: parker would be close to a cape wouldnt he what has he got this last qtr?
mattmac24: Also anyone that has kept Weitering, Mills and Parish should have stopped playing SC a while ago
BestCoast: Don’t flower my multi Doggies come on
magic007: less than 1min
magic007: goallllllllllllll
Gott2Win: JJ in his comeback game!!!
BestCoast: Uck yeah
colin wood: Buddy score has dropped from 122 to 117 and hes kicked the last 2 of the game… how does that work?
SaintsMan: great win doggies
wadaramus: Well played to the Bulldogs! Quick, get the fat lady on!
magic007: JJ wins it
cusch1: Lol I was that invested in this chat that I forgot there was a close game going on
ballbag: good win dogs!
frenzy: ask the dude
RooBoyStu: 3 cheers for Libba’s 94 hip hip, hip hip, hip hip
mattmac24: What a return from JJ!!!!
J.Worrall: JJ to get some inflation rigt here
SaintsMan: make that 114 saintsman
Shaundog: Woof woof!!!
shaker: Cmon m0nty beast for Parker
poido123: collin wood, the CD guys dont have him. franklins goals were impact goals too. should be on much more than that
RooBoyStu: Libba 82 at 3qtr time and finishes on 93 lol
DZL7: parker bog for me regardless of the loss
grossn: That’s what you get for inaccurate kicking
wadaramus: Hopefully scaled up to 98 RooBoy Stu!
sfmmp23: Should i take hanners sc score?
banners87: Watching the game, Parker best on for sure despite the result.
SilverLion: Star to Bont? Are you serious Monty?
Roksta: Welcome back jj go dogs
frenzy: is the Bont a premium
Stuart88: $$$ for rose
Gott2Win: Not if you take his big scores out Frenzy
Gott2Win: Star for Bont, Parker will get the 3 votes guranteed on Brownlow night
shaker: Don’t really think the Doggies will care about what Libba scored in fantasy
frenzy: lol gottawin
the worm: lol
LuvIt74: imagine JJ score
mattmac24: 16 points for the goal and only scaled up 2.. should’ve been a bit more I reckon

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