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Chat log from R15 of 2016: Gold Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for Gold Coast vs St Kilda, R15 of 2016

benty691: Ablett will be BOG by a mile in this game!
desmondo: IF he can break the Weller tag…
benty691: Ablett can break any tag from any player
Tigger5: is weller going to him?@desmondo thought Seb Ross might after his job on danger
Mallon13: had the c on ablett but changed to sloan
SaintsMan: i would go ablett mallon
Mallon13: that is what i am thinking now
SaintsMan: your choice
Mallon13: too late for me to change 🙁
Torz: Reiwoldt with the horrible muppet kick.
Mallon13: is that what the frog pic means?
RooBoyStu: last year Ablett only scored like 80 against the saints when Geary tagged him
Chelskiman: Picked the Saints in this one, only because GC have been terrible this year.
Tigger5: frog means clangers Mallon
Mallon13: thanks tigger
circle52: Saints do not look interested – need to switch on – Suns woeful kicking keeping them in it
Chelskiman: Lift, Saints! Need to keep my lead at the top of the footy tipping.
Yelse: concision again for mccartin??
Yelse: why is that deliberate? he was under pressure?
circle52: Finally getting a deliberate rushed behind – should have had a coiuple last night as well
Chelskiman: Muppet for Joey.
snake_p: mega muppett Montagna
DrSeuss: Is Gaj getting tagged or just not getting it?
RooBoyStu: I think Yelse is concussed lol concision ?!?
snake_p: hard to believe this team beat Geelong last week
Chelskiman: Saints making GC look like a top 2 team.
circle52: Just not getting it but involved in this passge
blashtroko: Seen Rischitelli running with him at a few stoppges
DrSeuss: Cheers Circle – Need a good C score from GAJ
blashtroko: Rischitelli running with steven*
circle52: and Gazz Goals for you
Yelse: ggggaaabblleettt
SaintsMan: another great away performance
snake_p: nice gaz
Chelskiman: Finally, Saints. I really don’t care about this match other than footy tipping tbh.
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Saints
DrSeuss: That was quick Gaz – now just need P Wright to step up!
Chelskiman: Go, Saints!
colin wood: Cmon on Joey get the pill son
RooBoyStu: Where’s Steven? Is he voting, gone missing.
snake_p: hall looking much better today…about time
Yelse: where montagna? is he been benched all this time?
Raspel31: Montagna hasn’t touched the ball since that almighty stuff up
tamoz: Do something Rosa!
J_Pinkman: Hall’s efficiency still crap though. never hits a target
Torz: Terrible quarter Steven, Monty and Armo! :/
snake_p: jesse 34 SC for Hall not too shabby
benty691: hall seems to be playing aound the ball this game, which he hasnt lately. so that was the reasoning for his bad scoring
eabelg: With Milny?
Stst1001: Go hall…
Chelskiman: Rosa done for the day with a hammy.
Sloaneyyyy: Steven and Joey both have the ability to score huge points in a short amount of time
PieBoy: onya hally
sfmmp23: Whats up with Joey?
circle52: McCartin still being assessed for concussion
Stuart88: Mc Cartin groggy simble
Chelskiman: Awful defending from the Saints.
Stuart88: Let go Captain Ablett
Harmes37: IS McCartin going to be another Justin Koschitzke??
poido123: Great to see Gablett in full flight again. Bets player in the comp when healthy
Chelskiman: Roo hasn’t got his kicking boots on today.
Harmes37: What boots does Roo have on ?
Chelskiman: Steven having a mare.
Mallon13: cmon steven!!!
Chelskiman: Ones that aren’t getting him goals.
circle52: Commom Steven shake Riska or at least get your own ball
Harmes37: H e said he’d never wear his “naked selfie” boots again :/
Chelskiman: McCartin done for the day.
circle52: McCarin gone for day did not pass concussion test
Stuart88: Patty done for the day
Torz: Stop getting run down Armitage ffs.
poido123: oh dear steven..
Yelse: Mccartin gonna have to retire soon at this rate. u blow at him and he concussed
circle52: What would be the score if the Suns kicked straight
sfmmp23: need joey to at least get 80
Mallon13: yay steven!!
poido123: these bye rounds have been brutal to me
PieBoy: onya hally
SaintsMan: we are so bad
poido123: underscoring premiums, unexpected outs. fck DT and SC
casey22: Expert comments: Brown/Lynch credible – Dermie; utter rubbish
SaintsMan: circle think about rieowldts two misses and also members. We are shite
circle52: Not wrong poido I have Ablett Tags and Steven in this game
poido123: haha Circle, same as my players in this game 🙂 I feel your pain
casey22: Bye rounds are killing dt/sc etc.
Yelse: i think bye rounds shouldn’t count in SC or DT or give averages of players sitting out
frenzy: even Joyce is out scoring Steven, Lol
Pokerface: averages is the dumbest solution there is.
myteamsuks: Bit harsh as the dumbest solution.
bernieV: bye rounds are the same for everyone so whats the problem?
Noords04: Any danger of navigating through the bye rounds?
Pokerface: sorry. wrong word. worst solution in my opinion. dt/sc is about unpredictability
Pokerface: ill just go trade in the highest averaging bye player knowing that will beat my opp
the worm: the current system is fine, just balance your team right. Allocating imaginary scores is a bit odd as a solution
poido123: no excuse for tags and stevens scores. simply not working hard enough
Pokerface: its not like you don’t know you have to plan
aussie59: gotta go for one bye round for all teams i reckon
Pokerface: and making the call for it constantly over the last 3 weeks finally got to me..
Sloaneyyyy: saints beat geelong… can’t beat Gold coast… what the hell
LuvIt74: glad i stuck with Hall
anthsill03: saints have 0 and 8 interstate record
LuvIt74: total disaster bringing in Steven 2 weeks ago though even Montagna slow start
the worm: lol pokerface, yeah he has been flogging that dead horse for a few weeks hasnt he 😀
Harmes37: 1 week off for all. play womens GF or Ted Witten game on the Sat night instead
Noords04: The bye rounds sort the men and women out from the boys and girls, makes fantasy footy more interesting too.
circle52: Feel your pain Luvit I broufght Steven in after Saints bue as well Fail so far
aussie59: yep way to @Harmes37,
Jukes82: Lol ppl still have Hall? he’s dropped 111k in 6 weeks, glad I traded him out before then
aussie59: not worried about ff Noords, its the fixturing in the byes thats unfair
frenzy: AFL already said will never happen because of tv rights @ Harmes
Noords04: Valid Aussie, they should at least fixture the byes evenly so teams have equal day breaks.
aussie59: c’mon Gazz!!!! i need a big half
Noords04: Yes Aussie, and Hall, lift Tommy Lee you showerhead!
Yelse: why don’t they do 2 weekends of byes? one week 10 team one week 8
aussie59: put the VC on priddis, was gonna loop hole but forgot…so Gaz is Capt
mattmac24: I’ve kept hall because I’ve never had the chance to drop him.. I juries come first..
spudaroos: Good idea to back players who you consider premos/have show premo quality. Form is temporary.
Noords04: Happy to see at least 6 games each bye week, especially Thurs night
aussie59: whoa ho,,,great goal hall
aussie59: yeh, i like thu to sun footy
Yelse: montagna needs to lift asap
JRedden: steven has been pathetic today…
aussie59: gablett and montagna r gonna cost me the game this w/e
Stuart88: U wanna cash in Gazza would love a big one from u
RooBoyStu: somebody give Steven an election sausage for energy
anthsill03: so glad i traded KK 12 kicks for 49 points?
djtranny: Ablett you hack, score more!
poido123: Gazza went quiet 🙁
Nuffman: is GAJ on the field??
Raspel31: No Gablett this term at all wtf.
SaintsMan: this is shower, thank god we don’t have an away game for the rest of the year
aussie59: Handball ablett!!!goal assist!!!lol
para: Craptain Ablett
poido123: just watching there, looks like his tagger is basically holding him off the ball. refs need to watch that
aussie59: aarrrrgghhhh..missed
sfmmp23: Keep going joey
NichoB: Gaz is floating around, just cant get the pill
frenzy: Lol @ refs
sfmmp23: Cant wait to watch jj out there later today, he is an absolute gun.
colin wood: Gaz… Unreal captaincy curse through the the byes continue
circle52: attrocious gosl kicking from both sides
Mallon13: lucky i changed the c from ablett to sloan!
Jukes82: loophole gaj fail, who outta Hannes and Pendles should I captain??
djtranny: At least Aaron Hall is finally doing something
Chelskiman: I’m gonna go Pendles.
poido123: how the hell is that gainst ablett? he was being held again
RooBoyStu: last year Ablett only scored 80 v GC, was never a choice this week.
circle52: Pendles avearges 141 v Blues in last 5
blashtroko: Ablett didnt play GC last year
RooBoyStu: *vs Saints
ballbag: damn. Gaaaaaaabbbb-leeeettttt wont even ton up!
Jukes82: who cares what happened last year.
poido123: Rooboy, the game isnt over yet
Stuart88: Ffs Saint Nick kick straight C Gazza lift in the last and do something joey
circle52: Ablett Averaged 130 against Saints including the 80 though so stats can be broken
Thedude24: Why can’t these spuds play away from melbourne?
Yelse: Montagna on 19 dispo 84% only 47?
frenzy: capt. hall, lol
RooBoyStu: @jukes82 sometimes it’s vital as some players struggle against certain teams
mattmac24: Only captain options this week were Dusty, Gablett and Gawn.. went for VC and C on dusty and Ablett..
ballbag: gablett played GC did he rooboy?
Gott2Win: Hall been massive today
colmullet: only 1 contested Yelse
JockMcPie: when I die I want montagna and ablett to lower me to my grave so they can let me down one last time…
Thedude24: Glad I didn’t pick a C from this game. Docherty or Gawn for C guys?
Grazz: Haha
RooBoyStu: @mattmac24 or Priddis v Ess
Gott2Win: The Doc vs the pies will be big I reckon
Thedude24: Lmao jock
mattmac24: 120 from Hall please..
Breezey: That’s it, bring GAJ and honour him with the C and this is the thanks I get
Chelskiman: The only way I would be happy with Steven’s 39 is if this was quarter time.
Zeratul: Steven better superman this last qtr -__-
Gott2Win: Opp has Malceski…and he pulls this out!
blashtroko: Don’t worry Zeratul – Steven is only good when nobody else is trying
Ozzy14: Hey lads, do you think Parker is a good C option after Ableet failed for my loophole. I have Gawn too.
colin wood: Come on Gary kick 3 in the last 🙂
frenzy: 800 sc points to come
shaker: I think Parker is good for VC I going to trade him now
Breezey: I’ve never seen Gaz less involved than this. Coinciding with my C on him
Chelskiman: Parker could be good. He could also be terrible. You never really know with him.
Yelse: montagna score bs
colin wood: Agree Breezy
Ozzy14: GC will be happy they coasted to a good win without Gaz influencing the game that much
ryanbob: And to think this is the team that beat us last week..
shaker: Shower SC scores for the Saints
Gordo450: @Yelse Ive got Montagna too mate he never scores as well as others due to low contested possies
Chelskiman: Ryan, that’s the only reason I picked them. They looked great against the Cats and GC suck.
colin wood: Ablett (c) & Montagna… only shining light is Hall here for me.
RooBoyStu: yep heaps of scaling coming up for Saints
23rookie23: LOL @ Gordo Monty has most pozzies for Saints you noob. nice call hahaha
Thedude24: St kilda have been terrible interstate and competitive in vic all year
mattmac24: @23rookie23.. He said low contested possessions. you noob.
RooBoyStu: bin all saints junk time rubbish
bernieV: yeah 23rookie..retard
poido123: to think that ablett had 35 odd at quarter time…
JRedden: ye davis is pathetic, hes done this week for me
faisca7: muppet for 23rookie. flog
ryanbob: Happy with gresham and hall, ablett you have let everyone down!
Raspel31: Gaz just doesn’t look remotely hungry.
RooBoyStu: Sam Newman’s F.A.R.K Academy needs to visit GC and Saints
shaker: Yes Gresham will be handy bench cover
colin wood: Just 2 tackles for Gaz today.. that’s not like him
Roksta: Saints so inconsistent
poido123: ablett could possibly be carrying the flu. that would explain him not training all week and being flat for the game
RooBoyStu: Ablett been up forward a lot today
Thedude24: I reckon we’ll beat the doggies roksta
spudaroos: These concussions must be worrying for Paddy.
JRedden: joyce almost outscoring steven…
Sloaneyyyy: FU Kolo, traded you out after insisting for weeks you were going to be good
RooBoyStu: Steven ying yang? 23 at half time and 46 now?!?
colin wood: time left?
RooBoyStu: Hall clap clap clap
J_Pinkman: every week i get the captain wrong
Breezey: Over
Thedude24: Lol jack does not deserve a ying yang tbh
SaintsMan: far out
poido123: thats official. round 15 put a big ass fork in both SC and DT
Gott2Win: Malceski has his best game for the Suns the only time I play someone with him I their side
stakerz: 8 players over 100 for gc, more after scaling. ablett not one of them. ffs
cadelcamac: My relationship with Gaz is unhealthy. He calls me to commitment, then spits on me I’m torn.
frenzy: 2m peter killed my week, who has him other than my Op

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