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Chat log from R15 of 2016: Carlton vs Collingwood

Chat log for Carlton vs Collingwood, R15 of 2016

ballbag: big debut tonight SOJ!!
Carnster: don’t care who wins, just hope Silvagni has a good game
the worm: does anyone consider gibbs a premium?
kangawalla: @ ballbag. Is young Jack son of Jo (SOJ) or SOS (son of Steve)?
cusch1: I thought it was son of junior for some reason
kangawalla: @cusch. Could be that too. I don’t follow matters Carlton too closely. 🙂
cusch1: I just hope that one day there is an Ess v Carl grand final, and jake long can kick it over soj like Michael long did 93
kangawalla: @worm. I think Gibbs is a premo
CrowEaters: Not yet @ the worm
the worm: blues could use another full back of the century who could move forward and kick 7 or 8 goals whenever he feels like it
frenzy: nup, cant get libba out my team @ worm
Havacrack: Damnnnn, Jo Bailey
the worm: that Jo Bailey couldve been a model
RooBoyStu: to think the ferals in the crowd voted today
Thedude24: Muppet for CrowEaters
frenzy: monty in the showerhouse?
cusch1: I’m sure that most of those votes won’t count because they misunderstood the instructions
snake_p: they voted for better dental care RooBoy
frenzy: Jack Silva away!!
CrowEaters: @Thedude24 Gibbs not in top 50 players in comp
ballbag: @kang Son Of Jo
RooBoyStu: @cusch1 donkey votes go to the donkey Turnbull
zadolinnyj: Assume we all need big cox this week to do something
CrowEaters: Right on cue Gibbs throws the ball, vindication.
the worm: gibbs stat hisory has 2 clear chapters…ignor the one where malthouse was involved
sfmmp23: Carn the pies
LuvIt74: Evening all
tamoz: Lets go Pendles!
LuvIt74: How good was the Swans vs Dogs game.
cusch1: How good was the banter in the swans v doggies game
wadaramus: Both excellent!
Breezey: Which bit Cusch1. The Libba premium one or the Hanners/ Parker clearance Clanger one
CrowEaters: 9 mis of play Gibbs 0 possies now thats”Premium”
the worm: today is the day kruze puts his injuries behind him to confirm his premo status
cusch1: As said in my favourite Mexican taco commercial, why not both
frenzy: just threw me dinner up, lol
ballbag: @breezey plenty of banter for you to sink your tooth into in this game as well 😉
LuvIt74: @cush1 I wasn’t in the room while watching the Dogs vs Swans game. Why were there idiots?
Breezey: @luvit. There was a slight bit of confusion
cusch1: Here’s a recap, trade libba premium libba Parker hanners clearance Clanger muppet and a very stubborn dude
LuvIt74: I need pendles to go massive as he is my C
CrowEaters: Pendes 7 at 100% premium Gibbs 4 at 50% not
Breezey: Exactly Cusch1. That’s it in one
poido123: Jack is genuinely a player. forget his dad, the boy can play
LuvIt74: I will be keeping libba for a while longer if not the season.
the worm: you forgot if u take out player x’s big scores he’s only really avging 85
Grazz: wish he kicked it 🙁
cusch1: Please no luvit don’t start. My heart can’t go through it again
grossn: Pendles holy moly
Grazz: Pendles nice goal
frenzy: Dependlebury
lukefield9: Pendles you star
sfmmp23: Yes pendles!!
heppelitis: not too big pendles,, need your score to be part of your average
LuvIt74: carn pendles, why is Cloke in Pies top 22 they need to get rid of the spud.
LuvIt74: Nice start by dependles
Gott2Win: Haha hep!
Yelse: pies all year out the back cop goals constantly fark. stupid plan
Breezey: Cloke better than White
the worm: seriously, if you took out all of Pendlebury’s 150’s he isnt that great fantay wise
lukefield9: When’s the last time Pendles had 2 games under 100 in a row? Isn’t it before 2010?
heppelitis: couldnt help myself Gott2win lol
Tigger5: why is no one on pendlebury? doing what he wants
Gott2Win: Pendles could get his be. I was going to bring him in next week at the discounted price but might be full price
cusch1: Carlton banded together to give Malthouse the sack, let’s hope they can do the same and see Buckley off
jeddies22: Pendlessssssssssss
Gott2Win: Parkers score today didn’t count as it was too high
LuvIt74: These reviews are making our sport look absolutely disgraceful.
Gott2Win: Pendles is gonna be the same
CrowEaters: Pull ya finger out Treloar
the worm: Is Pendles the most untaggable player in the comp?….he is isnt he?
LuvIt74: This was the first season I didn’t start with pendles but brought him in round 7
heppelitis: news flash…pendles averages 75…..for his worst 3 games ever
LuvIt74: @worm GAJ by far
J_Pinkman: seroiusly how do you miss those unless it’s ur first game
Kekkington: It’s sort of similar to Gaz. There’s no point tagging him as you can easily nullify the next best player.
the worm: i’d say there have been more times when a tagger has kept gaz quiet than on pendles
LuvIt74: Need Phillips & Softy to fire up.
Kekkington: From memory Nat Fyfe and Danger are also hard to tag.
mattmac24: Are they even tagging Pendles..? Curnow went straight for Treloar, Pendles is going so well because he’s free
cusch1: Fyfe is often untaggable
SilverLion: Need Pendles 150+ and Simpson 100+ to win. Any chance?
the worm: ooh, forgot about fyfe,…but im pretty sure most teams dont bother tagging pendles as it is futile
faisca7: Crowley is the only tagger with a successful record over Gaz
mattmac24: Silver lion, definitely a chance there
PieBoy: onya pendy
nbartos: Treloar also picked up an inj by the look
Kekkington: Guys we forgot the big one. Daniel Rich!
cusch1: And David zaharakis
the worm: when the blues get gorringe and liam jones and armfield back they will be very dangerous
Kekkington: Actually Jordie McKenzie manage to tag Gaz a couple times. I have no clue how.
OnTheRocks: Need a spectator icon. “This player is so not active in this game that he might as well be a spectator”?
CrowEaters: Gibbs 7 @ 28% Pendles 12 @ 100% & a goal wich one is the premium ? @Thedude24
mattmac24: Cripps and Doc, big games please..
heppelitis: zakkas had 3 rubbish games this year and copped a heavy tag,,,does not cope
Kekkington: #PrayForArmfieldsTestes
meka100: Good one Treloar, all that hard work for +3 wasted
the worm: @crow that just means pedles is more premium than gibbs
heppelitis: thx for those 6 dt points lurch
CrowEaters: @theworm so Pendles “Elite” then
the worm: @crow, yeah for sure, in that top bracket with gaz,fyfe, libba etc
CrowEaters: @worm & Dangerfield
lukefield9: Gotta give credit to Smith, 11 touches at 100%
Tigger5: libba elite?
heppelitis: common cox..ton up with out touching the ball
Kekkington: Libba elite? Hahaha.
sfmmp23: Brodie playing well
the worm: and rockliff
mattmac24: Sloane is becoming one of the players worthy of being called elite
mattmac24: Libba is a brilliant player, not elite when it comes to SC but footy in general, he’s pretty much there
the worm: yeah i was gutted sloane got those massive scores before the byes, i so wanted him for the 2nd half of the season with t
zadolinnyj: Dawson close to elite
CrowEaters: music to my ears @mattmac
Breezey: Danger’s a little elite I’d say
DirtyDawn: Evening all
mattmac24: As did I.. he might be my last upgrade, move wells forward and finish my forward and get Sloane to finish everythig
Tigger5: don;t agree with that @matt, he’s not on the level of danger, pendles, fyfe etc
Kekkington: I don’t think Libba is ranked in the top 10 for any stats….
mattmac24: Croweaters, I have my money on Danger this year but sloane deserves a brownlow
frenzy: just remove his big scores and lower his average, worm
cusch1: Wells is definitely premium
cold pies: come on pendles
the worm: libba avged 107+ in his 3rd/4th seasons then did a knee, him and fyfe first picked for me next year
wadaramus: Evenin’
the worm: between wells, rosa and dempsey there is a healthy hamstring for a few weeks in there somewhere
CrowEaters: Sloane elite tackling
Yelse: peddles only just got on 2 mins ago. 6 mins on the pine
PieBoy: onya aishy
JButcher: I agree with @Mattmac Sloane is definitely elite and is definitely a contender for the Chaz
Kekkington: That’s irrelevant he was considered elite but he hasn’t been this year.
poido123: T Phillips SC?
DirtyDawn: 57-57 in the election. First to 76 wins
the worm: lol, it seems people will declare someone a gun after a few good games, but ignore when someone strings 2 seasons togeth
luke394: so happy i went Gaz C instead of pendles
cold pies: whats everyones proj score for pendles?
the worm: election, great, cant wait to see which mob of corrupt scumbags gets the nod to fleece us
mattmac24: The worm, that’s why I’m considering Libba as somewhat elite, his tackling has been incredible in past years
kangawalla: Gonna be a hung parliament DD
Kekkington: @the worm Shut up you paranoid hipster. I would like to see you do better.
wadaramus: Hopefully Pendles 150+!
the worm: i suppose lachie neale is a gun with half a good season out of 5?
cusch1: Well, that escalated quickly kekk
Yelse: peddles getting man handled. held, pushed hit but still getting it
Breezey: Phillips going real good
Tigger5: @mattmac, libba’s not elite hes good but quite a fair way off being elite
Ceema: Pendles as captain, 🙂
mattmac24: Lachie Neale is 23 and has the most disposals out of the comp..
frenzy: sidehole quiet one
9inch: Pendles is the best player ever. Poetry in slow motion.
the worm: half a good season does not an elite gun make
zadolinnyj: Probably not best player ever
Kekkington: Well yes Neale has been Elite THIS season
mattmac24: what’s the closest Pendles has been to obtaining a Charlie?
wadaramus: Agree 9inch, he’s fluency is magnificent.
the worm: @kek how am i paranoid?
poido123: Stop voting major parties people! have we not learnt anything? Go Blues
Kekkington: #1 in disposals and contested possesion and 5th in clearances.
DirtyDawn: 57-58. Someone been eating a sideways sausage somehow became news today
cusch1: 3 of the top 5 picks in 2005 draft playing tonight; Thomas Pendles, murphy
JRedden: simmo > doch at this point
mattmac24: Kekk and I really hope Fyfe coming back doesn’t slow him down next year..
J_Pinkman: carlton very skillful are they not. nevr seen so many miss kicks to nothing
Kekkington: @worm thinking that the government is corrupt.
kangawalla: @kekk. How is worm a hipster? 🙂
the worm: i seem to remember cotchin and jobe watson becoming super elite guns after half a good season
cold pies: why phillips being sc so low? need him to make 80
Kekkington: Of course there is always corruption but in a country like Australia it is very minor. Noe please lets stop talking poli
mattmac24: anyone else realise that Cripps is leading with the average clearances..? avg of 7.9 a game
Kekkington: Politics*
cold pies: why phillips sc so low?***
cusch1: Cotchin and Watson were elite,minutes slowed down due to carrying there teams for years on end.
poido123: @Cold Pies, its ridiculous. disposal has been above average too. no way it should be that low
Kekkington: Because he doesn’t want to conform and vote for the major parties because they are ‘corupt’
BOMBRBLITZ: OnYa Captain Dependles!
the worm: i wonder if being paranoid is worse than being deluded and naive
zadolinnyj: Why did Bill shorten eat the hotdog from the middle? Has he never eaten one before?
Kekkington: Well who else are you going to vote for? Those are the best options. There will never be an option that will satisfy eve
Kekkington: Everyone*
the worm: great logic, be satisfied with choosing from many bad options
Yelse: why T.phillips score so low?
wadaramus: Can Dependlebury go 200sc?
zadolinnyj: Need Richard Pryor to come back to life and start the bruesters millions none of the above campaign
bones351: Thought for sure Pendles would cop the Curnow tag so I put the big C on Sloane 🙁
MrRioli15: Cox and Phillips same score. Joke
Kekkington: They aren’t bad options but there never will be very good option purely based on voters
MrRioli15: I’ll be happy with 140 ish from pendles
Kekkington: There are numerous voters who have no consideration for the eeconomy and just want to vote for someone who will
the worm: surely a good option is any government that does its best for the people without robbing them and lining their own pocke
Kekkington: Give them the most benefits in the short term.
Gott2Win: Please do t get your break even Pendles…o
zadolinnyj: Cox taps to advantage and tackles
mattmac24: I didn’t even properly vote.. just went to get my name ticked off and submitted blank papers
Kekkington: Then vote for Labor done. Greens are way to left.
the worm: @kek just name me a gov that hasnt lied or reneged on election promises and i will concede the argument
Kekkington: I was pretty 50/50 for voting labor or liberal.
9inch: Thoughtvabout that too mattmac but then I saw the hemp party.
mattmac24: I don’t know anything about politics so I’m just leaving it up to the people that actually know what they’re doing
wadaramus: Go Nick Xenophon.
scrappers: how is cripps sc so low?
Kekkington: As stated previously there is minor corruption. But most of the policies that they lied about are usually somewhat petty
SilverLion: Currently 396 points down in SC. Opp. has Cox, I have Pendles (C) and Simmo. Can I win?
the worm: if you understand liars and thieves you understand politics
kangawalla: In other news, “runt” offered to eat a raw spud if GAJ didn’t reach 110. He got 87.
mattmac24: Only parties I was gonna vote for were Labour and the sex party due to the gay marriage stuff
the worm: @kek, like the petty gst we have
SilverLion: m0nty, how about the donut for Cox. He didn’t touch it in the first half.
Kekkington: Are you implying that gst has no use?
Scootin on: I don’t care who wins, as long as my dole stays the same ay
Yelse: unless rucking i think cox shouldn’t move from within 30m
ballbag: only an idiot would votefor greens. that want to bring in 500,000 Muslims instead of the 12500 agreed to
the worm: no im implying howard lied to the people about it to get elected
wadaramus: When is runt going to eat the raw spud?
dibbydobby: m0nty please get rid of the rascism. Ballbag pathetic
J_Pinkman: LIKE! @Ballbag comment
ballbag: maric didn’t get a touch for 3qtrs
Kekkington: Because people are stubborn and don’t see the benefit so a white lie is necessary
the worm: hawke-child poverty, howard gst, abbot medicare, gillard carbon tax….all lies look it up
heppelitis: channel 9 losing millions of viewers…all logging onto fanfooty for in depth election discussion
Kekkington: As long as skilled migrants come in I don’t mind
kangawalla: @worm. Howard took GST to the election. Didn’t try to hide it.
Kekkington: Haha on ya Hepp
RooBoyStu: Labor smashed in on Sportsbet in the last 35 mins $7 into $3.50, did get as short as $3
the worm: we should be greeting boat people at the beach when they arrive with a beer to say well done for getting this far
Thedude24: Ballbag enough with your racist bs
9inch: One nation. Its Paulines time 🙂
SilverLion: Politics. Two words actually. Poli (or Poly) – Many. Tics – Blood sucking parasites.
Kekkington: He did lie about it
Scootin on: Paulin
ballbag: what race is Islam?
wadaramus: Loving the HT conversation peoples, more than just footy, keep it premium!
kangawalla: @RooBoy. Shorten “shortens”!! 🙂
Kekkington: The obvious vote is cyclist/science party
heppelitis: heppelitis in his best m0nty voice…back on this game please
the worm: in 1995 howard said “never ever”gst, he got in in 96, then got the gst in while in office
Kekkington: Your not going to win an election by saying I’m going to make everyone pay more tax. Are you?
J_Pinkman: Ballbag not racist, just politically incorrect. And I support his comments. just look at Europe
dibbydobby: Islam is a Religion, not a race. *c
dibbydobby: Islam is a Religion, not a race… Monty please
LuvIt74: Howard was the best PM we had, now back to the game.
Kekkington: Game started again stop talking politics now
the worm: @hepp, deal, half time is over, back on the game 🙂
DirtyDawn: Bring it home Malcolm. 66-60
Kekkington: You’re*
m0nty: back on the game please
ballbag: 200 would save my week pendles
frenzy: Lol hepp, ur on fire tonite
the worm: if you think lying to get elected is fine then we really wont find any common ground
cusch1: This must be a shocking game if politics is more in testing than it
the worm: YAY monty you saved us
Scootin on: theres some yummy mummy’s battling it out in the seat of doepell….rrrwwoooaarrr
cusch1: Interesting*
RooBoyStu: glad i have 2 tvs one with fox footy the other on 7two for election.
kangawalla: @worm. Howard said never ever in 95. Won 96 then proposed GST b4 99 election, which he won
LuvIt74: Bloody hell Docherty, Phillips & Cox are killing me.
the worm: thats correct kanga, both our facts are correct
the worm: i dont know about SC, but in DT this was such a weird and tough week for C options
Kekkington: So much for focusing on the game
frenzy: is pendles getting splinters again
the worm: gibbs, treloar, gaz, and jack steven, tom mitchell all bomber horribly
ballbag: @rooboy surely the result is decided and the footy is better? yes?
TheBigCats: Typical, bring in Docherty and Phillips and this is what I get. Not to mention giving Gazza the C
mattmac24: The worm, it has been
cusch1: Throw in dusty Martin worm
the worm: @cusch i was only considering the sane captaincy options 🙂
heppelitis: thye worm…and also zeros from the bye round. ouch
the worm: half the guys in my league loopholed merrett or priddis and the rest of the guys appear to have gotten shafted
J_Pinkman: how much are AFL footballers paid…….well do your job idiot Casboult
ballbag: seriously need a useless icon for casboult,
cusch1: Yeah I’ll cop that
heppelitis: meanwhile big cox got a possie
J_Pinkman: cop that casboult
the worm: “i have the contracts of cloke,vickery and casboult up for auction, do i hear a million?..a million anyone?”
kangawalla: Freudian slip there Hepp?
wadaramus: Come on Phillips!
heppelitis: lol
mattmac24: doc please.. but Simpson you’re justifying yourself to take the last defense position in my team!
ballbag: casboult ain’t even worth 5 dollars a kilo. spud. the guy has no future in the fwd line
kangawalla: @worm. A millions “pesos” maybe
Scootin on: Casboult would be elected prime minister of the fat and slow party…Cloke would be deputy
the worm: gibbs doing a great tagging job to keep greenwood under 20 possessions
cusch1: Gibbs is an elite tagger
the worm: Despite the attention as with any true gun mid gibbs will still get his 100
poido123: collingwood getting all the calls
poido123: that is a joke
cusch1: How has Pendles not won a Brownlow yet
frenzy: don’t win enough games cusch
poido123: where tf is tom phillips? get him back on you flog of a coach
blashtroko: because he hasnt been the best player in a single season yet. Just been good for a long time
RooBoyStu: @ Chat! cusch1 could name hundreds who should have in the last 40 years who haven’t.
Breezey: When Collingwood did win enough games Swanny took them off him
wadaramus: Inaweek with only 18 playing, Kerridge and Phillips, you’re killing me!
ballbag: Carey, kouta
mattmac24: Exactly what Breezey said
wadaramus: Pendles 132sc with a quarter to go, captain magnificent!
cusch1: we should sign a petition for woewoedin to give his Brownlow to Pendles
the worm: you need to be a superstar like cooney or cotchin or woewodin to win a brownlow
SilverLion: Down arrow for Docherty
Scootin on: Scott Chisholm, Laurie bellotti
ballbag: ohh the brownlow. . . the umpires award. . . golf clap
desmondo: 2 terrible teams LOL
Stst1001: Phillips and cox lift boys.
Kekkington: Who was the least deserving of a Brownlow Woewodin or Cooney?
JButcher: Plz Reid and Maynard outscore Gibbs
Yelse: 3 votes judd
the worm: even stynes won a brownlow and he was just some kind of foreigner
PopStar: Cripps has been such a let down recently… Lift mate!
snake_p: brian wilson kekk
Breezey: Def Woewodin i’d say
zadolinnyj: They ear to their brownlows.
Kekkington: Woewodin has probably been the worst player after a Brownlow win.
Breezey: Dippa won a Brownlow for being the best and FAIREST
ballbag: those were the good old days breezey
DirtyDawn: Did Duperuzel win a Brownlow?
Kekkington: Didn’t Robert Harvey beat poll less votes but won due to suspension?
zadolinnyj: Earnt*
frenzy: need to remember who does the votes
the worm: wow, i cant beleive i didnt get assassinated for the stynes comment
Breezey: Darcy Moore’s dad won 2 Brownlows
J_Pinkman: Bruce Duperouzel did not but whata gun:)
RooBoyStu: what a shower game this is, had more beers than goals kicked.
Kekkington: Why would you?
ballbag: at least 170 then pendles
cusch1: Worm who’s Stynes?
the worm: when dippa played if you didnt hospitalize too many blokes behind play you were eligible for the brownlow
poido123: that just tops everything off ciaran byrne knee fck off you fcking cunt game
Scootin on: i believe Wayne wiedemann was runner up to duperouzel dawn
Kekkington: Poor kid.
DirtyDawn: I get the feeling you have made that up Scootin on.
Gotigres: What is the symbol for the ruckmen?
nbartos: Poor bastardio
ballbag: hmm mmm sounds like it @dirty. upside the head time?
Breezey: It’s good to see the sack back. What do ya reckon Ballbag
the worm: @cusch he was kind of a bigger slower version of Tuohy
urmumsaid: Is Byrne finished for the night? Season?
frenzy: spud masher, go tiges
sfmmp23: Tom Phillips hasn’t moved since Q1
Kekkington: @Gotigres It isthe chess piece the ‘rook’ a play on words with ruck
ballbag: season you’d think. poor kid 😢
Gotigres: thanks frenzy
wadaramus: Phillips you hack.
cusch1: I know who he is worm don’t worry about that. Just following with your previous comment
nbartos: So late Thomas
Kekkington: You actually believed him haha
Gotigres: thanks Kekkington
Kekkington: No Problem
RooBoyStu: Phillips shower score but made $, no $ sign?
frenzy: c’mon pendles big finishpls
poido123: can anyone confirm where tom phillips is? is he in the sheds?
cusch1: What’s hallened to Byrne? Not watching
Drummo: Carnster?
Tigger5: knee injury @cusch
ballbag: is pendles in the sheds? nothing this qtr
Drummo: Carnster
poido123: Byrne will be out for the season i reckon
nbartos: Pendles HB unbel
Carnster: gotta love BT on a saturday night
Yelse: phillips got majorly robbed
snake_p: alien abduction poido
Drummo: BT is a legend of the game
poido123: thanks snake. thought it was something more serious than that.
Carnster: idol worthy drummo??
ballbag: BT is a knuckle head
kangawalla: Muppets to Carnster & Drummo
Drummo: When I grow up I want to be BT
Carnster: surely not ballbag
Fatbar5tad: Well said bb
cusch1: Kerridge having a shocker as well
snake_p: he’ll come back as zac dawson poido
Breezey: Young Jack says WTF Bryce
ballbag: silvagni has the goal yips already. not good son
J_Pinkman: oh dear, footballers that can’t kick a football
nbartos: First game forgive
Drummo: I think they’re dissing BT, you know your witnessing commentary royalty
MerleDixon: goodbye kerridge
Carnster: BT is way better then basil
SaintsMan: BT is a legend
Carnster: yeah saintsman
Drummo: I’m not even watching the game but I’m sure BT is doing a cracker of a job
nbartos: Where’s Rex Hunt these days?
Carnster: as always drummo
kangawalla: They’re taking the p15s those rascally rascals Drummo & Carnster. 🙂
jaxx: Phillips completely disappeared
biggerz: BT is a bellend
Drummo: Did you guys know that BT is actually my Dad
ballbag: BT appeals to the lowest common denominator
heppelitis: 99% oif people are stupid…luckily i am in the other 3%
Drummo: Oi ballbag
cusch1: And just like in gtav, t. Phillips disappears frequently
Carnster: Boy o Boy wowee Drummo drops one of the biggest benders i have ever seen
Drummo: I’m not a Collingwood fan
RooBoyStu: so boring this game, both teams going nowhere
Drummo: You guys must be on the cusch1 if your
kangawalla: It’s great to have the BT fans on FF. All 3 of them.
blashtroko: Silvagni ain’t 190cm…
Drummo: Stupid enough to think BT is a bad commentator
nbartos: Crap game agree Roo
Kekkington: BT is better than Richo at least
Carnster: BT always comes up with the goods
ballbag: those sports scientist sure have improved afl goal kicking. more pathetic each year
J_Pinkman: when carlton learn how to kick they might actually be alright, or not.
kangawalla: Less worse than Richo, rather than better. 🙂
Drummo: Boy o boy that’s a big call, they’re going bananas at the kangawalla household
Breezey: Sing it loud Piemen
Carnster: I think the 3 votes should go to BT tonight
Tigger5: don’t think sports scientists focus on goal kicking
Drummo: Totally agree there is just no replacement of BT
frenzy: Bucks lives another week
kangawalla: Flogbags, their pair of you. ;/
ballbag: what do they focus on?
SilverLion: Need 12 points of scaling from Pendles and Simmo to win. COME ON CD
GJayBee: BT love is real love
Kekkington: Unpopular opinion but I don’t mind Dermott Breretos commentary
Drummo: Anyways g2g carnster, love you BT
Kekkington: Brereton*
Carnster: good chat drummo, tell your lovely father BT that i say hello
the worm: sav rocca says nfl kickers practice kicking 5 times as much as afl players
Rush: sports scientists
Rush: Sports scientists all focus on stats.
BOMBRBLITZ: OnYa Captain Dependles!

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