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Chat log from R13 of 2016: Essendon vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Sydney, R13 of 2016

Chelskiman: Dea out caps off the worst day of DT for me ever.
RooBoyStu: Come on Captain Coniglio
desmondo: 120-130 for Coniglio…reckon Ward will beat him with 140 😉
RooBoyStu: if Coniglio can score 135 against the Dogs 4 weeks ago he’ll get 180 today
carlton_99: Need 324 all together from Shaw, Shiel and Zaharakis tocrack 2000 in Supercoach from the 18 players. Cmon boyz
feralmong: I’ve only got 187 to hold off bird and zaha. Probably not enough.
Viscount: Start pouring the drinks carlton99
AFL Blues: I will score around 2168 points, lads. How do you like that!? 😀
Pokerface: im looking like scoring around 2169
Viscount: Nice one Pokerface
9inch: I need a miracle like shaw 200sc.
Goldie: Who’s Ashby in for?
RooBoyStu: VFL Size crowd by the look of it
desmondo: Ashby 4 dhea
Pokerface: VFL quality team by the look of it
Pokerface: come on hams. bring it home
heppelitis: bring home the bacon hams
RooBoyStu: @Pokerface is he a Bertocchi?
Breezey: They reckon Hams is a fantasy pig
Pokerface: is don is good
heppelitis: if he plays poor…and gets dragged is he pulled pork?
DirtyDawn: aftenoon all
dipstick: as long as hams doesn’t do his string
jaxx: that would be him crackling under pressure
vkiv: Need a big 150 SC from shaw today!
Pokerface: the coach will give him a right roasting then
Breezey: These jokes are bacon me crazy
TheBigCats: Coniglio poor game please! Need the win on SC and want you nice and cheap after your bye!
dipstick: no way. shaw will hardly even touch it today
9inch: Greene eggs and ham
Pokerface: sorry to boar you breezey
AngryRyno: I can’t see Dea listed, is Ashby in for Dea?
grossn: Need Shiel to outscore Shaw… eep
Breezey: So Hams is out hey
9inch: Ward doing well to get 12sc out of that
ScootD: get Tippa off the bench ffs!
Jukes82: Tipungwuti on the bench still?
reconfigrr: these jokes have more merrett then usual
Breezey: I thought Hams was injured. Grabbed him some oinkment
sfmmp23: whats up with tippa
JackRipper: @Angry. Click on white shirt next to Ashy name and it will tell you who he replaced mate
RooBoyStu: if Hams eats Roast Pork he’s a Cannibal
PieBoy: hop to it hopper
AngryRyno: can’t click on mobile 🙂
AFL Blues: Well, this is annoying… My opponent has Greene, while I have Tipungwuti…
sfmmp23: angry, dea is out
JockMcPie: tippa get off the bench ayy
JackRipper: Arr np. Yeah Ashby replaced Dea.
dipstick: will hams continue to carve it up please
Krispin_35: pull your head out ward and touch the ball
DirtyDawn: Will’s last kick pulled a little to his left. I think the commentator called it a ham shank
Gott2Win: I wonder who CD is gonna play favourites with this game…
sfmmp23: If shaw kicks it out and hits a target does it still count, not kicking to himself
dipstick: yep. it was to that fat side
Pokerface: gott2win in for another loss it seems
JackRipper: No it doesnt sfmmp23
mason2016: Hams reminds me of that pig that was running around the oval when plugger caught him!
heppelitis: look look everyone,,,,piggy on top
Salambo: So when Bird kicks it to Hams, who handballs off the Leuenberger. Otherwise known as the “Turkey Bacon Burger”.
AFL Blues: This has turned out to be an annoying game so far… Not only are the cheats winning, my players have all gone to hell..
poolboybob: Gonna be pretty pissed off if I lose because Fantazia scores 120
RooBoyStu: Plugger didn’t catch him it was a runner that caught him
PopStar: Wouldnt mind AMT getting a touch at some point…
Azphyks: Coniglio, Haynes, do you mind
ScootD: jamar reported
9inch: So has tippa been on ground yet?
circle52: Me either Popstar need him to beat brown
Cyberdyne: steamed hams
AFL Blues: Greene, come on… Get injured or something…
poolboybob: Hopper do something you bum
grossn: @Cyberdyne And you call them steamed hams despite the fact they’re clearly grilled?
Krispin_35: ffs kys ward
sfmmp23: still cant believe that zorko and parker only got 100
Vinstar: Gws haven’t showed up, doing a Melbourne
AFL Blues: Nice mark from Daniher…
LuvIt74: glad i didn’t bring hopper in, way over priced for me
Fizzy343: wishining injury on someone, pretty pathetic
_wato: How did Shiel go backwards?
9inch: Ess caught the sleeping Giants
Salambo: Seriously Krispin_35, you’re suggesting a player Kill Themself? Grow up. You’re pathetic.
SaintsMan: 50m penatly wato
Tigger5: 50m penalty @wato
Gott2Win: Greene was on 54 at qt a few weeks ago, ended under 75
LuvIt74: Also glad I took AMT off 1 minute prior to game starting to take williams 69
Fizzy343: 2 flogs in this chat
SaintsMan: clanger shaw
PopStar: Lobb was a useless pick up… big regrets there
Krispin_35: @Salambo sure when i say it its a big deal but when others do its nothing. What u got against me
sfmmp23: shaw is having a shocker
poolboybob: Please tag Fantasia or at least defend him.
BaxterR: bahahaha shaw
LuvIt74: carn Ward & Shaw u flog
willywalks: good week to jump in and captain shaw…
JButcher: Cmon Shiel
Salambo: Krispin_35: When I see someone else suggest something like that, I call them out too. Anyone doing that is a muppet.
RooBoyStu: in all my time on fan footy I’ve never seen anyone type kys, a discdisgraceful raceful post
AFL Blues: My opponent has Greene: 43. I own Mcdonald-Tipungwuti: 11. Hopper: 5. Ward: 11. Merrett: 23. Nice quarter, boys. -.-
PieBoy: onya greeney
Azphyks: @Krispin Mate noone else has said that at any point, uncalled for
Gott2Win: Giants about to get a huge spray
Salambo: Krispin_35: But I don’t sit here every game reading comments. Just don’t do it – simple. It’s not on fella.
jeddies22: shaaw with the muppet surely
Krispin_35: whatever ill remember next time. jeeeez
sfmmp23: Need shaw, Hopper and Tippa to lift
dipstick: @salambo neck up you flog. you’re not a cop. its called banter
Krispin_35: thank you @dipstick
sfmmp23: banter isnt telling someone to kill themselves
benzammit: You off again Dipstick.?……
9inch: Well done Hams
Pokerface: saying that someone should kill themselves is not banter you flog
Gott2Win: He might be
AngryRyno: back on topic: Williams is a jet
heppelitis: z williams is a seriously good player
Roksta: Calling someone a flog isn’t much better
heppelitis: haha..ryno
Breezey: We had Hams jokes. nek Minit
AngryRyno: first time I’ve seen a doggies fan on chat since sat night
Pokerface: you kidding roksta?
AngryRyno: great minds hey @heppelitis
Salambo: If that’s your idea of banter then you’re both weak, pathetic online trolls, nothing more.
sfmmp23: want to pick up willaims but they still have their bye round
poido123: are you serious Shaw? Ffs
JockMcPie: Williams is in consideration for next year if he keeps at it
RooBoyStu: agree @AngryRyno anyone seen King Robbo?
m0nty: back on the footy please
poido123: Cmon shaw, pull your finger out!!!!
JockMcPie: lift shaw, ward and tippa. actually, lift giants. don’t lose to a vfl team
PopStar: was Jamar reported for bad language?
poido123: 2 weeks of bad captains has crucified me in SC. was top 300
pants42: is Ward even paying??? cmon!
sfmmp23: yes i think so popstar
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t consider bringing in Williams this late, he isn’t a top 10 defender
Azphyks: Haynes and Scully if you could start to dance that’d be great
sfmmp23: tippa just got his ankles broken
JockMcPie: rage traded hopper this week, great decision
Krispin_35: same here @jockmcpie
LuvIt74: Ward & Shaw my 2 premo’s left scoring allot worse then rookies, this is killing me
poido123: @Jock, I wish I did the same thing. In fact fck bad luck and fck captains
AngryRyno: ZWilliams 2K17
armalitemk: King_Robbo you joker where are you?? I’ve missed my weeky interaction with that joker!
Roksta: Wasn’t our best performance lol
M0rgs: Are you kidding me GWS… This was a sure thing for my multis this week. God dam if you lose to the Bombers
armalitemk: @PopStar ye mate abusive language!
LuvIt74: GWS playing like the bulldogs last night, straight to there opponents ffs
JockMcPie: how is the entire essendon team outscoring ward in SC…
dipstick: @morgs chcuk more on. gws will destroy them in the last
sfmmp23: gws would love to have mummy and stevie out there atm
poido123: keep going shaw
LuvIt74: hope bobers win tho
LuvIt74: bombers
PopStar: Lobb finally gets a posession…
benzammit: They will pack up shop at halftime got tea stay 1 win behind Lions
JockMcPie: bye Tippa. Nice knowing you. Now unless you do something you’re out of my team asap
M0rgs: @dipstick what are the odds? 😛
ScootD: ffs tippa, I trade out wagner this week and held onto you!
LuvIt74: Tippa is out of my side regardless even if he scores 150
dipstick: haha i traded tippa for simmo is week.
LuvIt74: Tippa straight to Docherty & Adams to Simpson
grossn: Keep doing that Hoppy
poido123: what a disappointing game. tippa, shaw, zerrett, popper
PieBoy: onya hoppy
sfmmp23: few more of those please hopper
Rush: dipstick got to be feeling mighty smug after getting bashed for that trade earlier
JockMcPie: @dipstick …. but simmo isnt even playing? not the smartest move
LuvIt74: carn ward wth is going on
Nuffman: how can that be advantage when everyone had stopped?
benzammit: Yeah brilliant move Simmo ain’t
RooBoyStu: glad I got rid of Tippa last week, when he was dropped for a rest
AngryRyno: geez wanted to hold one of Adams and Walla, now both might need to go! :<
Fletch91: Greene, dont stop after Q1 again…
benzammit: Tippy out good but bring in an premo that’s playing.
LuvIt74: ward & shaw slowly starting to recall what the all look like.
BoredSaint: dipsticks move isnt bad if he has more than 18 playing already.. especially since tippa going to lose money
dipstick: @zammit cheers just cracked 2050 & still 3 trades next week😂
poido123: see ya tippa you flog. what a deadset disappointment on the bye week
poido123: this is a terrible scoring game in general
PopStar: my oppo has shaw so im happy to see him in the middle of the pack!
poido123: fck off dipstick you lucky flog
AngryRyno: expecting second half tons from Shaw and Ward. hopefully Walla gets 20…
sfmmp23: come off it tippa
benzammit: Yeah sure somehow with those astute trading I’m not buying it, 2050 ain’t that special seeing Danger 350
Gott2Win: tippa will still get to his be
Nuffman: how soft.. what a joke free and another gift goal.. who is this?? North?
benzammit: Good luck to ya just not a normal way of trading on bye rounds , we all have 3 lol
LuvIt74: @dipstick how many players are u counting, ya need to deduct your lowest scoring players if u have over 18 m8
poido123: so useless teams that had danger captain, still got good scores.
sfmmp23: more of that Tippa!!!
benzammit: Losing all sting this match
gunners23: well done zaccy boy!
poido123: im so pissed. the last 2 weeks I have missed on Danger captain in SC. took the risk on shaw now this
dipstick: 19 players then minus jgibbos weak 49
BoredSaint: dammit merrett you were on 100% efficiency until that grub kick
Gott2Win: Ever heard of loop hole poido
Str1k3_M95: didnt someone here said he was proud of his Hopper Rage Trade?
benzammit: It don’t take a brain surgeon to know tippy had served and time to go
Str1k3_M95: lol #getrekt
LuvIt74: @dipstick who do u have playing in this game?
Raspel31: poido-disaster. Did that with Neale last week but stuck with Danger this time.
LuvIt74: Ward seriously mate this is deplorable.
BoredSaint: nah i kid zerrett. playing very well 🙂
poido123: @Gottawin I had rockycliff VC who got 130. saw danger got 170 and risked shaw
LuvIt74: If the Bombers keep up this pressure they will win for sure
Raspel31: poido-Shaw suddenly cracked 50 and gone fron 20%eff to 64. Noyt all lost.
Gott2Win: Ah should of been happy with 130!! greedy!
Eagling: You’ve got to take 130 as C. It’s the percentage play.
benzammit: Listening from Ireland Fantasia on fire
LuvIt74: @poido123 you didn’t go with rockys 130 as your VC and put the C on Shaw?
Gott2Win: Kelly definitely on the radar after his bye
spudaroos: @poido123 Awful decision, not taking a 130 from a Vice is just amateur.
the worm: should have
Str1k3_M95: VC neale, Kept C on Danger
LuvIt74: If so serves your right eing greedy is bloody stupid. Id take 130 every week
sfmmp23: hopper and shaw have stepped up, now its your turn tippa!
colin wood: What the hell Ward? You’ve cost me big time this weekend! Cheers!
Nuffman: Fantasia should be 5.2 at least
BoredSaint: good boy zerrett and shaw. happy with hopper at HT. LIFT WARD!
Viscount: Now your talking sfmmp23
LuvIt74: Ward may as well sit on the bench and give more time to someone else
Kekkington: I have SHaw as captain and I was getting a bit worried
sfmmp23: Toby Greene had 46 at quarter time in sc
Gott2Win: Shaw will still probably get to 130 anyway poido
Fatbar5tad: LOL. Need 60 from Ward and might not get there
PieBoy: onya shawy
feralmong: oohh my 176 to hold off bird and zaha is so close.
RooBoyStu: where’s the bloke that said Shaw will hardly score today lmao
9inch: Thank god Shaw.
northernstar: Reid looking good. Afl ready.
benzammit: Shaw Greene and Zakka – 29 replacement score i need to beat 2070 1850 now?
RavMan: Gotta give it to the bombers they havent stopped trying this year….that hurt saying!
sfmmp23: does anyone know how the banned bomber players will be priced next year when they come back?
sfmmp23: im thinking they will be priced the same they were before they were banned
Willymack1: The week i bring Ward in and he serves this up
awesomeguy: ummm…. why is essendon winning?
Gebs: no mumford no giants
heppelitis: see hams mark before…..pigs can fly
RooBoyStu: every time I go to do a shower my players score, should stay on the loo the whole game to score big lol
benzammit: Got me confused and I follow them.
bernieV: GWS were paying 1.01
M0rgs: The Giants have turned into GC
RooBoyStu: Shiel’s shoulder clearly giving him problems
Pokerface: come on essendon – this will take out 3/4 of my last man standing comp
Pokerface: shiel needs the bandaid
Kekkington: You guys are talking as if Essendon have already won? Surely the Giants will steamroll them.
dipstick: @rooboy so is your anus the amount you seem to be on the toilet
Torz: Terrible umpiring that. Clear duck by Zaka.
9inch: Keep going Heaf
sfmmp23: greene is back after taking a snooze in the 2nd quarter
Breezey: Giants will finish all ver them. Too talented I’m afraid
LuvIt74: Cannot get over Wards shocking effort, or lack of effort.
vkiv: Lets go Shaw! 120+ please.
sfmmp23: I wanted to see mummy steamroll a few of them
LuvIt74: they might very well end up beating Essendon however I wouldn’t call there game structure tonight as talented.
AngryRyno: icicle on Ward, this is woeful
Carnster: swear if lose
LuvIt74: BS free what was that free for, sling tackle?
Nuffman: what an absolute joke! he threw that ball out!
9inch: Surprised Ward is even on 35sc
LuvIt74: Ward could most likely be my lowest scoring player.
Nuffman: he “held on too late”, how did he dispose of it though?
cobrakai00: Umpire was bored wanted to get his face on tv
Breezey: Class will tell in the end
LuvIt74: what utter BS these umps seriously have impact on games. Hawks are at least 8 points better off due to umps decisions.
PopStar: finally lobb is doing something with his height
AngryRyno: teams just troll the bombers
3rdstriker: Giants looking very fragile without Mumford
LuvIt74: Class? They aren’t very classy tonight, its been nothing but a comedy of errors. They should have smashed them by 60+ p
AngryRyno: spray for DT cap Zerrett please lads?
CrowEaters: Carnster: umpires may report you if you do.
Carnster: have the bombers kicked a goal this quarter
_wato: Merrett bruz, 2 points this quarter. Move!!!!
sfmmp23: Hopefully after this week wards be is high so he can be a cheaky upgrade
heppelitis: lift zerret
LuvIt74: WOW Ward scored im in shock
Carnster: hahahah croweaters
AngryRyno: cheers Wato
Bulky: Click on Matthew Kennedy’s link and he’s 46 years of age. Surely has to be the greatest debut by a 46 year old.
LuvIt74: Wards /e is 93 so it will be 170 odd next week so he will drop for u mate. Gr8 buy in round 16
sfmmp23: surely mills gets the nab rising star nomination this week, cant believe he hasnt got one yet
Gott2Win: Another 20 from you please Hopper
AngryRyno: good find Bulky
LuvIt74: lmfao @bulky 1970 kennedy
Rockafella: he debuted in 1990
Breezey: Come n Scull dog
Bulky: He’s obviously had some work done on his bonce. He only looks 18.
PopStar: He’s aged really well for 46
Gott2Win: Come on bombers big effort in the last
Torz: Hams disappeared that quarter.
CrowEaters: first game after 26 years in reserves great reward
PieBoy: onya hoppy
heppelitis: zach got moving for you ryno
Yelse: damn if tips didn’t start on bench he be killing it. i think starting on pine stuffs up form.
RooBoyStu: Hams eats crackling on the bench for energy
jaxx: not his debut though. First played in 1990. Almost been playing as long as Boomer.
Carnster: surely we get up from here
AngryRyno: cheers lads was all you
grossn: Did Shiels move that qtr?
penguins00: says he’s 46 if you google him too. it’s the old matthew kennedy but with a pic of the new kid
Krispin_35: Cmon cape quarter from u now ward
GJayBee: how
GJayBee: how’s it looking heppil???????? figers crossed for ya
Willymack1: Another 30 thanks ward
sfmmp23: big finish from tippa, shaw and hopper pls
heppelitis: 2070…need ward to lift or he wont count…zerrte heater zakka doing well
9inch: You watch Ward junk it.
Fletch91: I got Zerrett, Heater, Williams, Greene and Tippa. Looking good for me!
Jackwatt$: Watching the game today fellas Fantasia is the best player on the ground, hopefully he is okay.
heppelitis: i will be between 2100/2150
Roksta: Cmon ward salvage a score here. No junk when scores are close
PopStar: Whitfield having an absolute mare
YBSHY: 2070…must be SC right? thatd be boss in fantasy
GJayBee: mean score for 18 blokes
heppelitis: sc
JButcher: Com Shiel limp to 80 please
Yelse: i think the bye round should just give the average of the players you haven got playing in your team
PieBoy: onya hoppy
Nuffman: Think umps needs to start seeing a new optometrist
JButcher: The fact that less than 1% of people own Cooney is astonishing
Pokerface: having a bad round are you Yelse.
LuvIt74: I was having dinner & spat my food out when I yelled Re; AMT had his head ripped off not paid & a goal resulted from it.
Carnster: how was that not high on hams
Roksta: I have him in draft butcher he’s been good
Nuffman: gee bomber players must be turtles….
JockMcPie: ward – never again will I choose you in my Supercoach team. Ever.
_wato: Zerrett & Shiel, few more please lads 🙁
Tigger5: lets go amt
LuvIt74: I didn’t mean for my food to spray it just happened coz i was furious.
LuvIt74: Tippa is gone for a week
Tigger5: whitfield just got murdered
Tigger5: nothing in that @luvit, just a fair bump
JRedden: come on reid and amt pump it to 70
LuvIt74: if not for his bump now, then his tackle in the first quarter for certain.
bachi: bloody burnman ward
sfmmp23: gw should surely run away with this any minute now
JButcher: Same here Roksta, great pickup off free agency
Bulky: The 46 year old dude again!!
Yelse: worst round in my SC history i think
Fatbar5tad: Ward lazy fuck been jogging all day. Shitruck.
heppelitis: lift zakka
Jukesy: @sfmmp23 people have been saying that every 2 minutes since 1/4 time…
JockMcPie: Is it worth sideways trading Ward for someone with better consistency….ffs
DOOM123: Just in: hams eating bacon on bench
jaxx: Tippa already had 50 this half. Keep him?
9inch: Cmon shaw 125 pls
Fatbar5tad: Game over now Essendon get the frees..
Fatbar5tad: Game over now Essendon get the frees..
JRedden: give tippa the ying yang, amazing comeback
sfmmp23: Jock, no way dont get rid of ward
DOOM123: Rumour is 9inch has a 3 inch
LuvIt74: Great that AMT wont lose cash
Gott2Win: Keep going fellas…brave effort here
Buzz67: McDonTip will get his b/e
mlakmlak: Tippa always starts slow and comes home strong
AngryRyno: rumour is Zerrett kicks 3 to put Bombers in front before Ward kicks the 50SC point matchwinner
JockMcPie: tippa stays…..for now
Raspel31: My 3 players all tonned up-good round.
DOOM123: Buzz67 you have a rude pill
sfmmp23: very happy with hoppe, tippa and shaw considering their 1st quarter performances
AngryRyno: Shaw going bananas late
Fatbar5tad: Ward, Gibson, Wingard, Gray. Fuck off.
LuvIt74: Lol@Ryno wishful thinking m8 but hope your dream comes true thats for bloody sure
Fatbar5tad: Great goal Greene!
JockMcPie: ward for some late goals? please
DOOM123: Toby Greene looks like a squashed potato.
Fletch91: Williams no touches this qtr. Cmon buddy
LuvIt74: @Jock Tippa is a MUST trade next week,
_wato: Zerrett 110 slick, get on ya bike
sfmmp23: shaw is an absolute gun
Tigger5: happy with hopper
AngryRyno: hopper ya gun up goes the JS
DOOM123: Jack peacock you are turd. Get off Fanfooty
sfmmp23: need some more junk from hopper and shawy
Fatbar5tad: Ward gets past Jensen. What a gun!
Fatbar5tad: Now AMT gets his free
PieBoy: onya tippy
sfmmp23: whitfield is having a shocker
Willymack1: Theres not many defenders that average near 30 posies Shaw is an absolute gun
Breezey: Like I said. Class told in the end
Fatbar5tad: Bell ringing flogs!
DOOM123: Fatbar5tad, shut your gob mate. You know nothing about football. Useless.
sfmmp23: great comeback from tippa
Fatbar5tad: Fancy that. A Hawker plays the man.
9inch: Lol no one taking bait.
AngryRyno: Walla should get 80 after sclaing
DOOM123: Tippa would have a massive one
PopStar: Lobb, Hopper and tippa end up being okay…
PieBoy: onya hoppy
jaxx: zerrett gets his ton with three seconds to go
heppelitis: fingers crossed for some cash!
AngryRyno: thanks for the DT ton Zerrett
poolboybob: Another handy game from Tippa, will be sad to trade him out.
JockMcPie: I’m proud of Ward’s junktime efforts, thanks buddy. same with AMT
bachi: what did you finish on heppalitis ?
meka100: Fuck you Brown cost me 2000
PieBoy: onya browny
heppelitis: 2124 plus scaling
meka100: Sorry Brown actually got to 2000
mason2016: wheres dempseys ying and yang symbol?
bachi: I am looking around the same mark @heppelitis
heppelitis: nice
bachi: gibson and ward quite fustrating scores from them
Eagling: @heppelitis, @bachi: Great scores.
Smithy1: quilt blue moon?
Jukesy: X-Factor for Matt Nicholls? Pretty much won GWS the game
McRooster: The finger is not a thumb whilst the thumb remains a finger – Goddard still has his finger in the dyke
RooBoyStu: i see 10 ying yangs a week missed
bachi: cheers @eagling
Str1k3_M95: so old m8 who said he rage traded Hopper seems to have dissappeared

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