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Chat log from R14 of 2016: Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs North Melbourne, R14 of 2016

TheBigCats: test
TheBigCats: test
frenzy: tested
frenzy: I’m back, thanks for lifting the ban m0nty
CrowEaters: one two, test, one two
J.Worrall: thre four, tess tickles, 3, 4
poido123: brutal week for outs in our fantasy teams. week 12 wow
frenzy: sundays extended benches might hurt yet
SimCity: hi all, first timer here
poido123: yep frenzy, this game requires a lot of luck. been sitting top 300 in both comps until this disaster happens. go goldy!
heppelitis: fantastic goal
blashtroko: “Left footer… STILL a left footer”
myteamsuks: Had Goldby for vc, forgot I had laird as c from last week, doh
heppelitis: point of the year
Breezey: Well that was a great goal for a moment there.
ballbag: chech, check.. can you hear ther check??
J.Worrall: Welcome aboard Sin City!
Chelskiman: Crows are gonna flog em’.
SimCity: cheers
CrowEaters: Smart play Tex
Breezey: There won’t be a better point than that
Thedude24: Goldy looks set for a day out. Shouldve vced him. But hes looked underdone in recent weeks
SimCity: whacked the vc on Sloaney for something different in SC
Kekkington: poido what is your team name?
TheBigCats: Come on Goldy, make up for Wells.
Straffo: Eddie Mcguire should be sacked immediately
poido123: beach balls in AFL fantasy and leica tsunami in SC @ kekkington
Raspel31: To my shame dropped Wells-injured ,then bye and run home not good. Hate to lose a winner.
stakerz: dont want to jinx it… but brought goldy in this week. got the vc on him too , good start
JockMcPie: lol norf are gonna fade now, tough draw, they won’t even finish top 4…
DrSeuss: Chose Laird over Lynch for my trade this week – turning out great so far.
Raspel31: Agreed Straffo-total pig.
SimCity: Taking a league loss this week…given up winning the SC comp
J.Worrall: Eddie Mcguire should be sacked retrospect
Chelskiman: Lift, Laird!
Breezey: Caro is the prime example of the pot calling the black.
Breezey: The kettle
Fletch91: Crap. Forgot to take the C off Laird! Hope he has the game of his life!
boo!: cmon Swallow Brown Wood
Breezey: Loving my boys starts thus far. Gibson and Lynch
ballbag: if Caro was a good sport she would have said “youre on Eddie” and cost him 50K. the ice woulda warmed her up too!!
tamoz: Cmon B.Crouch and Laird!
Yelse: i think she should have told edie shove it up yours and pay up 50 next year when i go down the slide
Raspel31: Gawn Norff I fear.
SimCity: Gotta luv the score review tech
myteamsuks: They got no idea
Breezey: Almost another superb behind.
Chelskiman: Lmao, this is worse than cricket’s DRS, and that’s saying something.
DZL7: for me it looked touched, they got no idea at all
Breezey: @Chelski. dRS is atrocious. Lucky we haven’t gone to Snicko
myteamsuks: It was never a review the umpires lost complete control
feralmong: That was a weird shot from lynch.
Ash777: OPSM needs to sponsor the review box too
sfmmp23: Wells, Hopper and zork out, great. May have 16 this week. I knew this was my worst week but not this bad
Chelskiman: Laird has been slow to get rid of it tonight. Could have easily had 3 or 4 more handballs.
LuvIt74: North are crap house
DZL7: im going to have six or seven 0’s this week in SC fml
sfmmp23: wouldnt mind a 200 odd from pendles or danger this week
Raspel31: Me next week sfmmp-we always gonna lose one bye game.
Yelse: brad crouch has shocking disposal
sfmmp23: need a large one from Goldy
Breezey: This Dumont is in everything
Raspel31: Slightly happy with Mckenzie as a perennial couch warmer.
DZL7: no wells with outside run is hurting us bad
Chelskiman: Jacobs has killed me this quarter.
Straffo: Tanking next week
SimCity: outside run and foot skills
ballbag: @DZL come on… youre a top 8 team at best. you aint NOWHERE near a top 4 team. Leicester city are better than you guys
PieBoy: onya lairdy
DZL7: When did i say were a top 4 side? get ya head sorted lol
blashtroko: That isn’t really helping your point ballbag, since Leister won the premier league this year…
Tim Tam: Gees, Crows need to kick more accurately, could have killed them off in that quarter….
PieBoy: yeah blue ballbags
Straffo: Who is this Wagner lad?
Chelskiman: I think he meant if Leicester turned up for a game of AFL they would be better than the Roos.
Raspel31: Don’t stoke ballbags fire-loves to stir.
heppelitis: piss off cd taking 4 off wagner…only way hes gonna ton up is 25 tackles
cusch1: How many trades does everyone have left?
DirtyDawn: Evening all
SimCity: North waiting for Harvey to put the cape on again, not a LT successful tactic
Raspel31: Evening Dirty.
Chelskiman: I have 11 left, but I’ll be making one tomorrow.
SimCity: hiya Dirty
SimCity: a dozen i think
Chelskiman: Laird not been involved at all.
wadaramus: Evening DD, carn the Crows!
blashtroko: Lairds been of for 5 mins chelski
DrSeuss: Come on Laird – I got you in this week
swannies05: 8 trades left, been destroyed by injuries this year
sfmmp23: is this wagners second game?
AngryRyno: Laird low TOG early, don’t panic
AngryRyno: yes, #2 this week for Wagner of the Corey variety
poido123: stay down laird lol
Raspel31: Same swannies-but no trades next week. Sacraficed long time ago. But pretty happy with team.
wadaramus: Come on Laid, bust it up man!
wadaramus: Not Brendan Laid, Rory Laird.
wadaramus: No, Brendan Lade.
SimCity: Me to Swannies, injuries and bye rounds such a minefield
blashtroko: quit while youre behind wadaramus
Kenny27: No, you need to get laid
Torz: Terrible call. Thomas just dropped it.
danmaio: Lindsey milks another one
Chelskiman: That was not holding the man. Now Laird is going backwards.
cusch1: I’ve only got 11 playing this week after Zorko out
Torz: Everyone brought in Laird this week and broke him.
AngryRyno: 11 lmao
DirtyDawn: Mullet’s are back in style
wadaramus: Seriously cusch, only 11?
Raspel31: Gotta love it-1 player in this game and normally on the bench-go Mckenzie.
SimCity: well 12 was heading for a loss anyway, you would think
Chelskiman: I’m already getting flogged in my match up, and that’s my Goldy and Laird vs Jacobs and Sloane.
danmaio: Lol, what was that
cusch1: Sorry 12 after Zorko out
SimCity: wonder how many write off a team in the 1st quarter
casey22: Not a ggod week to bring in Laird it seems?!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Mackay catches Ziebell HTB on the HBF but his backwards kick misses the target, Thomas gathers and goals from 15m
casey22: What’s Zork’s issue, by the way?
danmaio: McKay muppet
cusch1: Listed as personal on afl website casey
colin wood: Why oh why do my prems suck in the bye rounds happens every year…
SimCity: personal reasons thats all
ryanbob: Minus 6 for laird for that fa? Bit excessive
Breezey: Happens every week on here SimcCity
Breezey: Zorko has a family issue
AngryRyno: yes, very harsh given it should not have been a free at all
SimCity: question without notice: why did the roos get Nahas
blashtroko: Hahaha Laird is getting even more angry than me when he isnt getting given the ball
casey22: Ugly thought! – Jacobs on top of Goldy
heppelitis: mason wood gun in the making
Stst1001: Laird Lyons finish this half strongly boys
Breezey: Not only Mason Wood but Dumont getting a heap of clearances
Fletch91: Thats it Laird, keep going!
Kekkington: I look away for a few minutes and Laird gets 19 points
wadaramus: Goalkicking costing the Crows the lead.
circle52: Think Zorkos baby due this weekend and that the personal reasons.
frenzy: Getting woody
JockMcPie: good ruck battle tonight
heppelitis: have sex in march zorks…how inconsiderate
poido123: ridiculous. professional footy over baby
oc16: goldy seems to be carrying an injury, not looking his best
Breezey: Zork went the Pork at the wrong time of the year
heppelitis: lol Breezey
desmondo: Nahas prolly the worst footballer in the comp.
heppelitis: at least have your baby in the bye round for Brissy
wadaramus: Zork got some Pork on his Fork at a most inopportune time.
Breezey: I could give you half a dozen worse than Nahas
danmaio: Surely Daw would of been better than Nahas, considering Goldy is obviously injured
Breezey: Daw out because it had been pouring rain and expecting more later in the game
poido123: Everyone has Laird except me 🙂 thankyou mass injuries!
danmaio: Yeah, and Nahas is a proven wet weather performer
Breezey: Obviously Mackay getsto keep the Kermit all through the half time break
MrRioli15: Hope baby Zorko gets DPP status next year.
danmaio: Double penetration
Breezey: Mrs.Zorko has DPP
Straffo: Scott Thompson should retire IMO
danmaio: One fuck up from dal santo and you get this
donfever: lift laird
THESKUNK: hooper, lee, wells, zorko oh great just what i need!
the worm: surely daw would have been better than nahas
DrSeuss: Great week to bring in Laird…
Torz: Don’t worry, Laird’s coming good.
danmaio: Selfish boomer
cusch1: Brad Scotts attitude is better than nahas
casey22: Laird comes to life
colin wood: Atta boy laird
Breezey: Great goal from ducker
Zeratul: God i hope the rcrows run this one out. hate seeing lindsay win
3rdstriker: Is Laird just sitting the first 10 minutes of each qtr on the bench?
Stst1001: Wake up Lyons hit the scoreboard buddy
colin wood: Laird -2 for a tackle lol….
FlagDog: Get going Laird.
blashtroko: and thats why supercoach is ridiculous
JockMcPie: great quarter so far laird and goldstein, hopefully both can ton up
brizburn: Bloody tarrant is gonna cost me
Kekkington: Why do you even have Tarrant?
Norks: Anyone else chuck the VC on Goldy? What would you accept?
AngryRyno: Laird a big tick this qtr, 20 points added with 10 mins to play
brizburn: Thought id take a gamble. not paying off
Breezey: @brisburn. Surely you didn’t bring in Tarrant over last weeks one decent score. Or have you always had him
Yelse: who you think barlow will tag tommy? peddles treloar or siddey
SaintsMan: 115 norks, if you have danger put the C on him, he is lethal at the etihad
brizburn: Had him for 4 weeks now
Seiya: Only key defender worth having is Rance
Stst1001: Nice Lyons I saw that little jump up keep going…
blashtroko: Josh Gibson…
Zeratul: go away thomas you hack
cusch1: And josh Gibson seiya
AngryRyno: goldy on track for 120 i’d take that during byes
danmaio: 2nd gamer WAgner was too scared to handball back to Nahas before
FREODUCK: missing 4 points from goldy a HO and K
cusch1: Too smart to not handball back to nahas you mean danmaio?
Chelskiman: Keep pushing, Laird. A 95 would be nice.
Seiya: Gibson plays running half back alot of the time though, Hawks main key defender is probs Stratton
danmaio: Same same
THESKUNK: go sloaney
WizMan: The member for Goldstein……keep going son.
3rdstriker: Come on Laird, need you to keep up with McGovern (can’t believe I’m saying that)
FREODUCK: come on little lairdy
wadaramus: Carn Laird and Sloane.
FREODUCK: there we go
blashtroko: thankyou lairdsly
JockMcPie: onya laird
Chelskiman: Slow down, Sloane!
PieBoy: onya lairdy
AngryRyno: how long is the muppet on Mackay gonna hang around for?
frenzy: Permanent icon
FlagDog: If Goldy gets to 120 DT he keeps the VC, any chance you reckon? Not holding my breathe
danmaio: Strictly through my pocket, cmon roos
Fizzy343: Deserves the muppet for the whole game
Gott2Win: Come on crows…hit the bloody goals this quarter
Migz: maybe a dumb question, why does the chat rules mini window thing cover the news legend.
FlagDog: Bugger that would have helped Goldy!
cobrakai00: Henderson > Tarrant
AngryRyno: lol Hendo
FlagDog: Come on Lairdy you root vegetable.
King_Robbo: North – overrated
colin wood: Laird just on the ground now.. Bloody hell this bench crap
AngryRyno: where are u now Justin Lairdo
Nuffman: Can’t wait to hear Scott praise the umps this week!
THESKUNK: sloanes going mental
blashtroko: What? It just means he won’t go back on again. Its fine
Chelskiman: Slaone is smashing me at the moment.
Chelskiman: I knew he would. I play the one person in my league who has him this week. Typical
Vinstar: Must say I’m hall I put Sloane in for ward this week
AngryRyno: wtf why trade Ward
Vinstar: Happy**
danmaio: Roos are going to have some pretty lean years coming up
Ash777: wagner will be dropped next game
Chelskiman: At least get to 80, Laird.
Scootin on: dawn?
blashtroko: Maybe but Wagners been okay. A lot of times he’s had nothing to kick to
ballbag: crows should be 10 goals up. norf gonna have tough 10 weeks
Fizzy343: Wagner has been terrible
DirtyDawn: Scootin on me old mate, where you been????
Zeratul: YEHHH, suck on that lindsay thomas and brad scott
Scootin on: do you think north can win dawn?
ballbag: Lindsay Thomas the heart and soul of north
J.Worrall: Lever having an enormous night!
MerleDixon: to be fair north have quite a lot of injuries, brad scott makes bad team lineup choices and they are laying 3 man bench
DirtyDawn: only if they stat scoring imeejatly
Scootin on: rogie
Lachie.BT: Quiet Night from B.Smith
DZL7: always going to be tough with injuries
casey22: Stand by for Scott news conference!
Scootin on: 2 north players have been disappointing for me tonight…swallow wood
MerleDixon: smith disappointing for me to
the worm: Scott will probably offer 50 grand to drown the biased umpires
the worm: reaching on that dirty joke attempt scootin….
lukefield9: How has wood been disappointing? That’s good for a young player
Tim Tam: lol yeah typical, lose, blame it on injuries… why not umpires as well and weather?
cusch1: Wood has been very impressive wtf
Breezey: Swallow Brown Wood
Breezey: Clearly some people don’t get the joke Scootin
DirtyDawn: Hahaha Breezey
OnTheRocks: Wood Nahas
lukefield9: Just a question guys. How do you make your logo your favourite team?
lukefield9: @breezey that’s because it wasn’t overly clever nor funny. Easy to miss
Gott2Win: Sloane would be polling extremely well in the brownlow so far
Zeratul: Bad umpiring. they missed a few frees on thomas

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