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Chat log from R13 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Geelong

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Geelong, R13 of 2016

kangawalla: Guthrie out, Gregson in. Source Geelong Cats Twitter page
Rebuild: 3rd vs 5th. Winner goes to the top of the ladder
pharace: Go Doggies – Redpath statement
Chelskiman: Somehow have Danger as a unique, so another 187 would be nice.
Maltburger: Would love a big game from Blicavs he’s grown under the radar with all these injuries. Not looking like such a bad start
Thedude24: Another 6 goals 15 behinds coming up for the cats
RooBoyStu: lol Chelskiman same haha
nikos: oii RooBoyStu Petracca still a ‘VFL player’?
dipstick: @rebuild yep. as if norf was ever going to stay there
sfmmp23: Got the vc on Danger hopefully another 229
ajconodie: Could we see Danger being the first player to go back to back 200’s?
BestCoast: Go cats Go Captain Dangerman
RooBoyStu: @nikos you should work in politics you only remember the bad comments
poido123: ffs dont do this again danger. i learnt the hard way last week
nikos: Just keeping you honest
sfmmp23: Come on Danger, bloody gun!
Yelse: what do you guys use for live SC
Tigger5: don’t you have danger?@poido
feralmong: Nikos Xenophon
bachi: took neales vc score dont tell me danger is gonna score another 200
Bazza2014: its good to be having a great weekend
ajconodie: Fanfooty @Yelse
sfmmp23: What a hit from the package
poido123: i do tigger, but decided to take rockys 130
circle52: Regretting taking the VC of Danger and going to Selwood at last minute.
dipstick: another 4 fifty would be schweet danger
circle52: Danger has not backed up scores 150+ that is why. Always a first time to chnage stats
RooBoyStu: No Dollhouse = No Dogs
bachi: there you go @circle52
Tigger5: yeah did that with shaws 200
Yelse: i got danger VC but actually hope he spuds it so opponents have C on him.
Bazza2014: dogs caught in the headlights
Smithy1: still regretting? hahah
Breezey: Where’s King Robbo. Waiting for the dogs to lift
Gordo450: Its Patrick Field, DANGER is his middle name!
tbrowne: Took Stef Martin’s 142 on his debut in my side over danger wow
pattymass: good win today gordo?
benzammit: Dangerman should be everyone’s either loop or captain the man is in some vein of form.
Fletch91: Lets go Libba, get a move on bud!
Gordo450: Nup we’re done for patty
Kekkington: Why wouldn’t you take the 142? Danger still might not get that score.
Krispin_35: How do u look at all the other stats on fanfooty mobile like tackles or cp
Torpedo10: I’m in the same boat Circle.
BestCoast: KingRobbo waiting for the package to be delivered the overrated spud
poido123: thought bulldogs would be up for this one. cost me my 3rd leg
BestCoast: Carn cats
DirtyDawn: Evening all
dipstick: the package is only an envelope. give him a few years
Umpirespet: Was good to see Port play the Port Adelaide way today gordo
Gotigres: Libba having a shocker
BestCoast: Package see his name in lights
ybshy: my boy ruggles flying!
Solat: nice to see another team missing goals
Gordo450: Get a team UmpiresPet – Wanker
poido123: 1 game can destroy your year. this might be the one
Maltburger: Boyd on track for a price drop.
circle52: Evening Dawn
Chelskiman: Nice, stay down Libba.
poido123: @maltburger, hes too consistent to drop that much
casey22: Jelwood, twice the player with Danger in side.
IHateChat: Lift Danger.
poido123: yep. fck off libba
casey22: Danger on brownlow pace again
desmondo: LOL@IHateChat…he`s on target for 160 and your not satisfied???
Maltburger: @poido 137 breakeven he’s not going to make that.
Generalsor: Danger for 135plz. No more.
casey22: Might regret Rocky cap & Danger vc choice in DT
Generalsor: Ruggles for a ton!
DirtyDawn: Dangerfield proving to be the lovechild Chuck Norris wishes he had
Generalsor: Hunter needs to lift seriously though
LuvIt74: if dogs dont get it out the center we will get smashed tonight
benzammit: Most player tumble in price at this point good time to have money and trades.
poido123: cmon hunter
Maltburger: Rance/Monty next week for me at this stage.
LuvIt74: Yeah im targeting Zorko
dipstick: any flog bigger than razor?
Maltburger: @luvit might go Kerridge to Zorko once he’s dropped more.
bachi: cmon libba
Breezey: @dipstick. No there is not . the biggest of all
casey22: Doggies playing nervous footy
BestCoast: Razor crowned flog of flogs
circle52: same Maltberger
circle52: Zorko after his bye though as I am in strife Rd 15
dipstick: I heard razor shaves his palms he’s that much of a king flog
LuvIt74: dogs need to settle something chronic
DirtyDawn: Agreed BestCoast. The only bloke who wears a cricket box as part of his normal wardrobe
Generalsor: Attaboy Hunter
LuvIt74: Dogs are struggling to find their targets and not getting it out the centre is killing us,
benzammit: Dahlhaus a huge loss dogs will get spanked by 70+
Chelskiman: Keep going, Boyd and Danger.
dipstick: shouldn’t Long Gin have a flog icon
casey22: Ruggles with Jelwwod move to get high contact free
LuvIt74: think u might be right zammit although i hope your wrong as a dogs supporter
BestCoast: Blicavs heard foot steps then
RooBoyStu: where are the muppets from last week that said they were happy with Libba as mid 8 lol
dipstick: *flag
SaintsMan: keep going danger
poido123: fcking idiot ump that isnt play on
dipstick: @luvit your team has been cruelled by injuries though
LuvIt74: Damn that was nice, danger running straight to hawkins
zadolinnyj: Should not have been advantage
casey22: Well cleaned up @dipstick
BoredSaint: danger is a god. Why did i doubt him as my capt. Took Neale instead (not bad I guess)
Zeratul: Slow down boyd… i wanna get you in after the byes
dipstick: has anyone ever got 2 200s in a row?
LuvIt74: Yeah earlier we were but now we have most of our players. Dogs are just under pressure
AngryRyno: nothing wrong with Lachie BS
feralmong: My dangerwood combo with c on danger looking good.
poido123: thanks a fcking lot for this rubbish dogs. thought you might put in a big one before your bye :/
Brad_J: geelong for premiers
Jaypa: Cones for all the Doggies defenders thanks m0nty
BoredSaint: yeah true Ryno 149 definitely had to take it
BestCoast: @LuvIt every dog has there day. Dogs have truck loads of upside left in then
Umpirespet: This is becoming disgusting
Tigger5: sucklings already beaten his last weeks score
casey22: 10 scoring shots each but cats so professional
benzammit: Dogs are doing we’ll covering some major link player in Murphy, Jo boy and Dal. Not helping doing a nth n kickin points
JButcher: Where’s King_Robbo? Is he hiding??
RooBoyStu: Dogs could easily miss the 8 Dollhouse is a massive loss
AngryRyno: did you need a ruck replacement for Nic Nat @BS or had Goldy/Gawn?
Chelskiman: Danger has stopped
circle52: Dunkley to Montagna looking good bit I hope he makes his 35 B/e
zadolinnyj: Some very quiet Bulldogs people. Downhill skiers????
LuvIt74: true mate but dogs one of the best sides in the comp getting the ball out the centre but tonight zippo
feralmong: Season never been so open. Bottom team won 3 in a row.
poido123: Rooting against Danger is never a good thing. Slow down gun
feralmong: Top team lost a few recently too.
Chelskiman: Since I said Danger slowed down he’s got two holding the balls in a row, lol.
Tim Tam: @Umpirespet, only we get that reference
benzammit: If that 1.9 was 7.3 totally different story.scorboard is pressuring them as well as cats
LuvIt74: carn Selwood if we are gonna get smashed I hope you score 200+
YBSHY: ruggles ton in to 4/1, started at 100/1
BestCoast: Dangerman another case of leather poisoning
AngryRyno: where are these odds from @YBSHY
poido123: oh my, dogs are getting pumped. two weeks not having danger captain is killer
LuvIt74: Was redpath kneed in the breadasket?
Tim Tam: Dogs are just flat track bullies, how many games at Etihad so far?
Brad_J: everyone get down to the boro cave tomorrow
YBSHY: @AngryRyno just in my head 😀
feralmong: Yep luvit. Mash potatoes.
BestCoast: missing persons alert for KingRobbo
Umpirespet: Lol Tim Tam …dogs will get better the sunburn from being in the sun last w/e affecting them
BestCoast: @LuvIt knee to the king tuts
RooBoyStu: King Robbo sitting on the wing with his hanky over his eyes
LuvIt74: lol @ Bestcoast thats what happens to idiots that go off for no reason
Thedude24: They beat port last week at AO with dahl going out early
Umpirespet: Knee to the package
wadaramus: Danger 64% DE yet still smashing SC?
Kekkington: When you have Gawn VC and Ward Captain ;(
Barniclez: go ruggles
LuvIt74: Well glad it was only Redpaths Blue vein that was injured and nothing serious. lol
Shaundog: @timtam not all games at etihad are bulldogs home games for us, there are other teams that share etihad
LuvIt74: got danger as VC and Ward as C but I already put the C on Martin at quarter time
tamoz: Power off Danger!
Kekkington: @Luvit That does not make any sense.
Tim Tam: Wow… and Port’s such a good team! Dogs are (disgustingly) over-rated, we’ll see what happens at Simonds in Round 19
dipstick: @luvit the old plums would be like mangoes with a blow like that. lucky he wasn’t wearing them as earrings
RooBoyStu: AFL need to open an investigation into Geelong, how did they lose to the skunks and blues?
poido123: thinking the same thing Wada. 64% accuracy is not good. He should be closer to 70 SC
desmondo: Hawkins, most overrated ‘power’ forward in the league, useless plodder once the ball hits the deck 🙁
cadelcamac: how Danger scales up so highly @ 63% DE is beyond me.
chris7399: don’t mind the dogs but imagine if they were an interstate team. wce get so much heat for being flat track bullies
dipstick: @rooboy LOL after norf accuse umps of cheating then issue a retraction today!
Tigger5: have any of you watched the game that are complaining about dangers score?
LuvIt74: @kekkington what doesn’t make sense?
DZL7: dogs are just no good tbh
Kekkington: You said you had you has Danger VC and Ward as captain but you already had Martin as Captain?
YBSHY: if dogs come back and win this they are top of the ladder..
Tigger5: so he could vc dangers score @kekkington
RooBoyStu: @kekk heard of loophole? Martin from Tigers I’m guessing
benzammit: Ward ain’t played so he was happy with Dangers score and put c on dusty simple
LuvIt74: @kekkington i have the VC on danger & C on Ward however after Quarter time I took the C off Ward & put it on Martin.
Kekkington: Wow I really should have re-read what I said because it was illiterate
sfmmp23: Hope Danger goes 200+ again ive got the vc on him
LuvIt74: So i get Dangers score as Captain seeing martin has the ye this wee
wadaramus: Danger playing very well Tigger, but DE usually is a major factor in SC scoring.
Kekkington: I thought you were talking about Stefan haha
Kekkington: Okay that makes sense then.
LuvIt74: Surely Danger should score 150+
benzammit: With cats looking comfortable in front I hope Scott don’t rest Dangers hamstrings
Tigger5: yeah i think its because hes hit up a few targets inside 50, and hes had a big impact @wadaramus
poido123: surely an adjustment on Danger’s SC. 93 at HT with 64 % accuracy :/
benzammit: Yeah CP more so and influence when the games in the balance.
sfmmp23: Tom Ruggles better bench cover than Sam Collins!
LuvIt74: no probs kekkington text can often be misinterpreted.
dipstick: danger with 5 goal assists. stop whinging
RooBoyStu: have a look at Dangers contested possessions 11 equal highest on ground hence the sc score
sfmmp23: I cant believe people are complaining about dangers score wtf bloody ridiculous
RooBoyStu: have a look at Dangers contested possessions 11 equal highest on ground hence good sc score
RooBoyStu: bloody screen refreshed hence double post sorry.
LuvIt74: its pretty sad when your top two scorers are defenders
sfmmp23: libba and adams need to lift
benzammit: Just a lack of understanding about sc scoring
wadaramus: Look at Selwoods numbers, almost identical, in fact more possessions yet only 77sc.
poido123: @Rooboy, that counts, but again, nothing is penalised from the accuracy
Chelskiman: Dammit, I took Rocky’s 130 VC score over Danger.
wadaramus: Selwood, more possessions, more goals, more clearances?
LuvIt74: danger 4 to 1 tackle m8
dipstick: @m0nty can you organise the screen refresh to centralise on the scores?
LuvIt74: 1 clanger Danger & 2 to selwood theres the difference
benzammit: Long kicks short kick, tackles inside 50’s score assists lots of variables that’s why
Chelskiman: Slow down, Libba.
LuvIt74: carn doggies at least try redeem yourself sons.
dipstick: @luvit what are you? the Dogfather
Chelskiman: That was perfect. Danger with the double give and go straight to Boyd. Racked up the points there!
3rdstriker: will be surprising if danger doesnt get the double ton again tonight
LuvIt74: Never realised how fast danger really was until this season
3rdstriker: luvit, he won the gf sprint several times I think
sfmmp23: Chelskiman he ran about 80 metres to get three possesions whilst 1 one of those were contested deserves the points
Chelskiman: I’ve barely seen Bartel tonight yet he’s on 72. Love it.
wadaramus: Big score difference for one clanger LuvIt!!
sfmmp23: Danger won the Grand Final sprint a couple times
Chelskiman: He did deserve them, sfm, but I meant I racked them up as I have both Danger and Boyd in DT, lol.
casey22: m0nty, crap kick & not disappointing at all!
LuvIt74: Wadaramus my post prior stated Danger had 4 tackles to Selwoods 1
Maltburger: Gotta correct myself from earlier Boyd’s BE is actually 105.
DMS774: Bartel loving the dogs kicking points, 8 kickouts from defense
sfmmp23: oh, thats brilliant Cleski haha
Breezey: If 3 Dogs players can get the icicle how about Kersten
Maltburger: Whatever happened to the people saying Bartel too risky getting managed. Don’t think he’s missed a game yet?
RooBoyStu: kickouts don’t score lmao
dipstick: ruggles back out to 60/1 to ton
3rdstriker: except he kicks it to himself every time rooboy
Chelskiman: They do if he kicks it to himself.
Tigger5: pretty sure they do if you play on
sfmmp23: Yeah I think Kersten deserves an icicle
LuvIt74: carn mottyloppy ton up and at least make my night somewhat more enjoyable
Chelskiman: @Malt, I’ve had him since day one. He’s had a couple of low games, but other than that I have no regrets.
zadolinnyj: They score if you kick it to urself then kick out
dipstick: hahaha they haveben counting rooboy
wadaramus: 4 tackles to 3 now mate, he’s still 20sc in front.
mason2016: How do i get the full team scoreboard? like it shows tackles, free kicks for/ag etc?
bachi: never thought taking 150 as vc would be a bad thing hahaha
dipstick: @mason Ctrl – on pc
tamoz: Power off Dangerfield!
DMS774: RooBoyStu knows all the rules lmao
dipstick: @wada 6 score involvement for danger mate
mason2016: how do i do it? just click ctrl
Chelskiman: Come on, Boydy, don’t stop now. Need a 110+ from you.
dipstick: cntrl @ – or cntrl and your mouse wheel
wadaramus: Where’s the score involvements column dipstick?!
poido123: here come the dogs
RooBoyStu: Geelong Choking
Umpirespet: Danger only 120 SC atm gone soft
dipstick: danger has given me a full mcaveney rioli trouser front destroyation
Breezey: Great bin work Jimmy
wadaramus: I know Danger is playing well, it just looks that he gets well looked after.
Maltburger: You need to widen your browser window. On mobile I don’t think you can get it.
sfmmp23: need liba, adams and ruggles to get a decent score, i will defo take danger score as vc!
mason2016: I’m on laptop (mac) @dipstick
Chelskiman: Dogs not laying down.
wadaramus: He’s in my team it’s just that my opposition has the VC on him.
Chelskiman: Nope, out of bounds.
mason2016: got it thanks mate!
poido123: Dogs look like they are having a fair dinkum dip now
dipstick: @mason hold down cntrl and press the minus key man!
spudaroos: Jong has been very hardworking, definitely deserves a spot in the team.
LuvIt74: did pickens last kick go out on the full?
poido123: I agree Spud. Very solid player the dogs need
dipstick: def rookies all shockers just before upgrade time
BestCoast: Dogs will get up by two points
sfmmp23: hoping no one in my team scores lower than collins 59, then that will be ruled out of my score
LuvIt74: went to drain the main vein and bloody missed what happened think i might sit the 4th quarter in the office
sfmmp23: luvit no he grabbed it when it was out of bounds
OnTheRocks: Wall for Junkley
sfmmp23: if kersten isnt injured wack an icicle on the spud
tom_cohen: will toby greene have a good game against the bombers?
Kekkington: Hopefully Blicavs can stop being a scrub and go back to scoring 100+
LuvIt74: cheers sfmmp
Breezey: Apparently Kersten has a knee issue
Zeratul: Junk it up captain kersten!
DirtyDawn: He’s got the crab mate
Umpirespet: Tom supposed to be a torrential downpour in Sydney 2moro so who knows
wadaramus: Just the week we need all the rookies to hit the wall.
LuvIt74: dnkley hit 39 ffs i dont want u losing me cash
dipstick: damn. danger better not be done for the night!!!
3rdstriker: @wada, at least it makes it easier to say goodbye
RooBoyStu: Danger sore
Kekkington: Danger hurt 🙂
casey22: Is Kersten playing?
Chelskiman: Don’t go backwards, Boyd!
3rdstriker: danger bandaid
poido123: danger looks like hes done for the night
circle52: Danger Off – looked sore
Breezey: Take a seat Danger and stay there
3rdstriker: looks like a hip corkie?
LuvIt74: danger off and will probably be rested u would think
sfmmp23: I dont think he i done for the night
SaintsMan: what happened to danger?
MrGmax: He’s in trouble.
brodysear: looks like just a corkie, will come back on
RooBoyStu: don’t worry the CD muppets will scale him up to 200 even if he’s done
MrGmax: Actually, he’s fine!
LuvIt74: he is limping
feralmong: Danger up and ready
wadaramus: Roger that 3rdstriker, DBJ…goodbye!
chris7399: Bench Danger means more touches for Selwood!
Kekkington: He probably could play but you wouldn’t expect them to risk hurting himself more.
sfmmp23: he isnt in trouble, just copped a hit, will most likely be back on in around 5 mins
Kekkington: If he is injured but it doesn’t seem to bad
3rdstriker: danger back on
Chelskiman: Danger back on.
sfmmp23: danger back on
Tigger5: back on
LuvIt74: either a sore hip or corky he was limping on the side lines
circle52: Danger back on
dipstick: get in their little labia. a sc ton is possible son
wadaramus: Is Danger back on yet?
Breezey: Is Danger back on. Hahaha
Rebuild: Not sure if Danger is back on
3rdstriker: i think hes ok
Tigger5: danger!
feralmong: Danger goal
LuvIt74: lol a ton from libba not tonight m8
sfmmp23: what a goal from DANGER!!!
MrGmax: Danger’s back on.
poido123: ffs danger. serioulsy does my head in
Chelskiman: And he’s got a goal, lol. Yep, done for the night. 😛
dipstick: hehehe danger ain’t done 😅
casey22: Wow, does it all
LuvIt74: hes back alright bang goal
Kekkington: Danger I don’t have you captain please STAHP.
OnTheRocks: piss off Bartel too
BestCoast: Danger Danger Will Robinson, cats will be more menacing with Scott Selwood in
wadaramus: Errrrrr…he’s back on!
Zeratul: More like patrick soccerfield. soft AF
Maltburger: Libba to Selwood methinks
Chelskiman: Ok, Boyd, you’ve had your rest now junk it up. Still need that 110+ from you.
BallHog: Ah yes he is! Danger Danger!
OnTheRocks: Sam Mitchell to Danger or Tippa to Bartel?
Chelskiman: Fuck off, Libba!
poido123: danger slow down grrrr
Kekkington: @OnTheRocks You might as well stop playing if you don’t have Danger
Umpirespet: The package package is in trouble
LuvIt74: get danger are u kidding
Rilian: Yin Yang for Menzel?
BestCoast: Packages flog hand is sore
Maltburger: You don’t have Danger by now ctrl alt delete your team lol. But Tippa to Bart.
wadaramus: Come on Libba!
LuvIt74: ya should of got selwood in this week if u wanted him no point getting him now
sfmmp23: Danger will hit 700k before his bye you would think
Maltburger: Go for POD no Danger. SMitch will come good would be a silly trade.
BallHog: Danger doesn’t have an off switch..
RooBoyStu: Package sore hand, been handling the package too much lmao
LuvIt74: Wait until bye is over
dipstick: yeah too late for jelwood. get ga
dipstick: *j
3rdstriker: caddy in trouble
Kekkington: @Maltburger Oh yeah don’t get the highest scoring player just go for a POD sounds good if you want to get smashed.
Mcswains: i haven’t had Danger all year and yeah i cry myself to sleep lol
Umpirespet: Danger is the new GAJ
RooBoyStu: the only people that wouldn’t have Danger are powered off Crow fans
Mcswains: still averaging 2200 in SC until the stupid bye rounds 🙁
dipstick: @mcswains pull yourself together for gods sake man
Umpirespet: I’m powered off but have to have him Roo
OnTheRocks: I’m only a semi-pissed off Crows fan
poido123: cmon coach rest danger
Mcswains: lol i try but i still have nightmares of his 458 last week haha
BestCoast: KingRobbo eating sour grapes
sfmmp23: need libba and danger to get a few junk points
myteamsuks: Sc scores have stopped?
LuvIt74: Cats go on top until tomorrow if swans beat melbourne by 40+ then swans go on top so north drop to 3rd regardless
poido123: fck off danger!!!
Chelskiman: Nearly there, Boyd!
wadaramus: Apathetic Crows supporter.
Umpirespet: Not will drop even more after next Thursday luvit
BoredSaint: everytime i have danger as capt he stinks it up with an 80, and when i take it off him he gets 150+, 200
dipstick: norf are shit. won’t even finish top 4
LuvIt74: well done mottyloppy bout bloody time
Umpirespet: Norf*
RooBoyStu: @LuvIt74 still equal top on points mate
Fletch91: Ruggles couldve had a big scores if accuracy and gametime was improved.
poido123: what the fck is danger doing on the fielkd!!! and junking it fck this fck ing shit
myteamsuks: North and dogs, 2 teams about to get a dose of reality
Pokerface: wheres king knobbo
RooBoyStu: we’ll smash crows next week, crows after bye wont be ready, we’ll throw everything at them before our bye
LuvIt74: @boardsaint danger has only scored with a 77 & 86 on two occasions
dipstick: another danger score involvement😈
LuvIt74: cats deserve to win by 10 goals the way we played was deplorable
Mcswains: Selwood went home at 3qtr time
BoredSaint: @LuvIt74 and on both occasions he was my captain..
Umpirespet: Lol we will see Roo
sfmmp23: Dogs have left melbourne twice in this season thus far, what a joke!
THESKUNK: danger is a freak
Kekkington: @RooBoyStu You North Melbourne fans make me laugh.
feralmong: Just give danger the Brownlow now.
DZL7: dogs just making up the numbers just no good
OnTheRocks: Selwood has Danger to do all the hard lifting now
poido123: ridiculous. danger should of been sitting on the bench last 5 minutes and scores another 20. fck this
Brad_J: gg
wadaramus: What is with Jimmys beard?!
Breezey: King Robbo will turn up tomorrow and start bagging other teams. I’ll bet my proverbials on it
Kekkington: North fans are seriously the biggest sh!t posters on this page.
feralmong: Hehe poido now scaling lmfao.
Umpirespet: Bartel belongs in the power forward line
sfmmp23: onya pat
Bazza2014: percentage smashed
dipstick: make sure you don’t bet your last tooth on it. . . just in case
Mcswains: terrible tagging Macrae lol
Kekkington: How many points are needed to be allocated? Is it supposed to total to 3300?
Pokerface: @wada its to raise awareness about domestic violence actually. im glad you asked
Tigger5: yes kekkington
DMS774: 56 kekkington
DMS774: correction actually 99
Kekkington: Thanks

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