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Chat log from R13 of 2016: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, R13 of 2016

GJayBee: Please Port, please
pharace: Vintage or Tawny?
JButcher: Cmon Port big win for Chad!
OnTheRocks: Tawny. Belgian or German Beer?
J.Worrall: Para Port for me, pls.
poido123: Blakely and Collins to score well. Shoe in lol
J.Worrall: Belgian Dark Ale – the Belgians call it scotch beer!
Chelskiman: Another 90 odd from Tucker and Neale to match or beat Zorko’s score. Let’s go!
kangawalla: J.Worrall, you’re always good for an obscure stat. 🙂
pharace: XXXX for me Rocky, lol
kangawalla: Fact, I should have said.
J.Worrall: Superipor intellect is no match for Puny weapons!
Tigger5: cmon barlow, score well and let robbie get some points
poido123: why doesnt Lyons start blakely on the field?
Torz: He’s not in our first mid rotation Poido.
poido123: He’s probably your best in and under player. He’s really tough
tamoz: Yes, keep going Barlow and Wines!
poido123: apologies, barlow, then blakely Torz
Torz: Yeah, he’s good. Neale/Mundy/Barlow usually start inside though.
9th Again: Zac Dawson looks to be a good POD in the backline, thoughts on trading him in next week?
poido123: blakely sighting woooooahahhhh
Chelskiman: Why do all my players get tagged?
kangawalla: @9th again. Surely you’re taking the p15s?
RooBoyStu: how come Boak is 75% de with no disposals
poido123: blakely is a gun. so good with ball in hand too. fyfe and him working together with barlow in the middle. tough ball
AngryRyno: pretty sure that is 75% TOG
Torz: That’s time on ground RooBoy.
Tigger5: whatchu talking about stu?
Solat: becasue they are thebest mid in their team perhaps?
RooBoyStu: lol my bad
Torz: Zac with the flame is bad signs for us.
AngryRyno: Zac Dawson on FIRE
9th Again: Yes Dawson!!!!! You go girl !
kangawalla: Just looked up the Hawks v Roos game& saw the Muppet still there next to McMillan. 🙂
PieBoy: onys smithy
kangawalla: BOTH Zacs with the flame Torz. Looks ominous for you
nbartos: Surely Wingard needed to go back and kick over the mark?
Chelskiman: Not again, Neale. Please. 🙁
Tigger5: zac dawsons never seen the flame in his career before
Raspel31: Neale pretty heavily tagged again chelsk.
9th Again: Z Dawson, 3 votes
kangawalla: @Tigger. Dawsons highest score ever was 88 about 7 years ago. His flame will be extinguished soon
Chelskiman: I would love to see Dawson ton up.
Tigger5: hahaha i know, would be a gag if he cracked the ton @kangawalla
poido123: Blakely. Gun.
kangawalla: If Dawson ever tonned up, we would have to buy him a trophy or a commemorative plaque.
cadelcamac: Barlow killing it.
Chelskiman: Nice recovery, Neale!
kangawalla: Almost cape time for Barlow!!!
tamoz: Cape for Barlow
banta: wtf mayne! is mayne even out there?
sfmmp23: Need Collins and Robbie to get around the 100 mark
tamoz: Power off Trengove!
Torz: Neale starting to hulk.
Chelskiman: 3 more quarters like that, Neale. I’ll take a 156 any day of the week.
Raspel31: Good to see Torz-got Barlow and Neale
poido123: My biggest regrets was not starting with Neale and Hunter start of year. they WERE in my team but changed mind
Torz: Crozier has played half back for the last month, yet keeps getting the HFF/Wing icon..
Torz: Gee, wish I did Raspel!
myteamsuks: I didn’t realise we only had 18 scoring players I wasted a trade to fill team
OnTheRocks: Dollhouse to Barlow looking good
cadelcamac: As a Port supporter, shut down Barlow. As a SC fanatic, let him run wild.
dipstick: i had 19 starters so i traded in simpson for next week
banta: wingy has been average this year. not living up to the hype. must smash teams like the dockers
PieBoy: onya winesy
Pokerface: which wins out cadel – supporter or sc-er?
poolboybob: Get amongst it Tucker
AngryRyno: DBJ you suck
colmullet: wth DBJ, not the week to do this
poido123: go freo, blakely and collins 🙂
cadelcamac: hoping for a Power win and a 200+ Barlow score 😉
Chelskiman: Get back out there, Neale!
CrowEaters: need Nealt to score 250+
Stst1001: Wtf dbj
Barniclez: come on port keep the multi going
Yelse: Anyone watching it. Where is Bjones playing. Need him to get the pill
cadelcamac: lucky I have 20 players this week..DBJ you’re lucky.
nbartos: DBJ full back on Pav Yelse
JButcher: Back pocket @Yelse, our whole team can’t get the pill mate
Dommy02: what happened to trengrove??
9inch: What time is this game start in WA free to air?
poolboybob: Man what has happened to Boak this year? Production is way down.
Chelskiman: Tucker, you spud. Have you on the bench last week and when I need you this week you produce this.
qcumbers: game on a 2 hour delay for free to air perthies, 4:30 😮
9inch: Cheers qc. That blows and is a disgrace.
OnTheRocks: p[iss off Grey
AngryRyno: Collins and Tucker and DBJ this stinks
Viscount: Come on dbj, I don’t want you as my 20th man
nbartos: Freos new brigade struggling despite winning
bachi: flower sake wingard
_wato: DBJ Howard move
Viscount: thats it dbj on a roll
banta: mayne tackle missed
_wato: DBJ on a roll? Hahahha moves to 12sc, amazing
banta: soft as wingard you downhill skiier
OnTheRocks: at this rate DBJ will catch Dawson
vkiv: Omg Dawson, -1 for the qtr.
tamoz: Lift Wines!
banta: wines been very quiet too. all ports mids have been poor.
vkiv: Yeah, dawson -1 for the qtr.
blashtroko: thanks banta
poido123: you can’t shepard the player with your butt? why was that a free?
Viscount: glad you enjoyed that wato
vkiv: Neale, keep going son
OnTheRocks: Neale hulking
myteamsuks: Did Neale just have 4 possies in a minute or something
Stst1001: Go Neale go you good thing…
bachi: neale repaying those who captained him last week lol
poolboybob: Whack a dollar sign on Tucker
AngryRyno: nice Tucker! keep going son!
Roksta: Goodbye dbj
Fletch91: Collins and Byrne-Jones need to step it up a bit please
poolboybob: 15 seems generous for DBJ
Chelskiman: Damn, Neale got moving. Last I saw he was on 58, but I was doing other stuff. Came back to this, nice!
cadelcamac: DBJ on a well rounded 6 DT points at half time. At this rate he might just eclipse 13. stay tuned.
PieBoy: onya bjonesy
OnTheRocks: DBJ turned into Docherty a few weeks back
AngryRyno: DBJ was going this week and he’s certainly gone now
dipstick: damn DBJ gonna lose 20K
Maltburger: I traded DBJ to Austin 🙂
Chelskiman: That was a terrible kick, haha. Lucky to get the goal.
tiltraise: no $ icon for Austin?
AngryRyno: DBJ will outscore Austin you watch
wadaramus: Carn DBJ, be more seagull, get more chips!
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off wingray. Killing me.
StuL: And ppl didn’t like Barlow!
Chelskiman: Go away, Port. Picked Freo in the tipping.
StuL: The entire Port team stinking in SC
Pokerface: i used to have sam gray. what dark days they were
Viscount: that’s it wada keep encouraging dbj
Grazz: If thats not a mark im Batman
Chelskiman: Keep pushing, Neale. Get to 115 at 3/4 time.
Harmes37: Is that you Lego Batman!?
Chelskiman: Hi, Batman.
Grazz: G’day Chelski
Viscount: is Batman here
poolboybob: How is DBJ even on 24 considering that he has 3 frees against and 3 other clangers?
Torz: Pumpkin on Taberner is harsh. He’s playing alright, if not getting the same number of goals as last week.
Chelskiman: Say g’day to your parents for me. Oh, wait…
Grazz: Nice
9inch: Walters needs to step up to win this.
Chelskiman: Fuck off that went through.
myteamsuks: Neale quiet qtr
Chelskiman: That clearly hit the thumb.
Stst1001: Lift Neale
poido123: wow a lucky 5 minutes here for port. ridiculous
nick2397: Byrne-Jones dishing up a serve of excrement
Torz: Clearly touched. :/
Chelskiman: Lmao, cracking goal by Barlow.
poido123: barlows score could be scary :/
Grazz: Onya Micky boy
sfmmp23: Collins and gray are killing my score, 4 played 4 tons now Collins and gray bring out this shit
Tigger5: how i love you barlow
Grazz: Neale tons up
Torz: Barlow having the game of his life.
Grazz: and again Micky
Chelskiman: Michael Barlow, 3 votes.
OnTheRocks: Barlow must’ve brought his own Sherrin to this game
poido123: barlow is going nuts argghghhh
Jukes82: Go big Barlow!
OnTheRocks: Barlow – 6 Votes
_wato: Byrne jones upto 25sc, flower yeah
poolboybob: Barlow cape again
thommoae: Perhaps Hinckley should have Gray tag Barlow …
chris7399: On a 10 game losing streak and you drop one of your best players, and don’t put him back after two 40+ poss matches…..
chris7399: This is why Lyon will never win a flag. No idea about development. Two rising star nominations in 5 years lol
Grazz: Howard looks gooones
tbrowne: Far out Wingard kick it straight would you
sfmmp23: Barlow could be on track for 200 at this rate
poido123: blakely just cant get hands on the ball
kangawalla: If Pav gets 4 or 5 & the Dockers win, is it time for the Purple Cape?
Chelskiman: Dawson been quiet since 1/4 time. Lift!
Grazz: Nice transition there
Tommo2909: Barlow, WOW! Wish I had the VC on him
Grazz: Get your on material commentators
pharace: Ordinary players look good tagging great players don’t they Barlow?! Where the ball is!
sfmmp23: Gray needs to lift
Yelse: And you think bloody lyon dropped barlow. Fail
RooBoyStu: Freo have a very good draw in the run home
Chelskiman: Port kicking themselves out of it.
Torz: Robbie Gray has hardly touched it today. 🙁
Grazz: misses again
Thedude24: Did barlow give away a 50? Why is he back on 134?
Chelskiman: Nice, Neale. Need 40 points from you this 1/4 though.
Tigger5: pharace terrible call
sfmmp23: Why is Barlow loosing so many points
sfmmp23: Need a Selwood quarter from gray rn
barlow4pm: barlow just dropped 9 points for no reason wtf?
THESKUNK: pharce you are talking RUBBISH
Chelskiman: Howard with a suspected ACL.
circle52: pharce may have a point look at what Robbo is doing with Brisbane keeping star quiet whilst getting their own ball
sfmmp23: Port in more ruck trouble with Dougal out for most likely the year
Yelse: Why barlow going backwardd
9inch: Champion data just remembered they traded out barlow weeks ago
Tigger5: barlow is a pretty damn good player
JackRipper: He was on 140 then had a +2 and has moved to 130. Ridiculous CD !!!
sfmmp23: Wanted Neale to play a shocker so I could pick him up cheaper
spudaroos: Barlows a gun ball winner and hard worker, seems like he is a good 2 way tagger as well.
9inch: Capt Jelwood or Shaw?
Chelskiman: Neale always seems to start quarters slowly.
OnTheRocks: purple cape for Barlow for his effort in the full game
sfmmp23: Come on gray, having a deadset shocker
Thedude24: Barlow was on 140, then went to 130 without giving away and frees or 50s. How does that happen?
Maltburger: Had Gray in mind for Rd 15 but he’s not giving me much confidence.
Maltburger: Not sure anyone else around his SC price is worth a look either 🙁
AngryRyno: Tucker 0 points since half time
runners47: If Dawson makes 50 in DT give him the blue moon – almost never happens
Costanza: Stucker
poido123: give it the old heave ho!
THESKUNK: wheres wines??
Chelskiman: Back in the cellar.
Maltburger: Haha Barlow is about same price maybe worth bringing him back now that he’s settled in the team?
Yelse: How much game time tucker?
JButcher: We are not finals worthy
sfmmp23: Sam Collins had a decent score of 100 other than that he has scored 64,39 and looks like another low one coming
OnTheRocks: Nathan who?
9inch: Barlow back to his 3qt SC score after 12mins of play lol
wadaramus: DBJ outscoring Austin, someone called this earlier!
AngryRyno: bingo! one for me
Grazz: Nice grab
sfmmp23: This would be embarrassing for port
feralmong: nice work pittard. drag in the ton.
Chelskiman: Lift, Neale. Only 10 points this quarter.
poido123: keep going blakely!!
AngryRyno: port suck, no finals for them
JackRipper: Yep 9inch… And he has had 4 positive possessions since and no negatives. Go figure ?
Jukes82: Barlow get that one fiddy sc ton
bachi: need neale to get to 150 from here
9inch: Robbie you turd
AngryRyno: junk goal for Tucker, Collins or DBJ please
blashtroko: Blakely is probably one of the best 8 game player I have ever seen
dipstick: thanks for fack all DBJ ya spud
Torpedo10: Pittard just lost 9 points for the
poido123: barlow is cooked lol
Torpedo10: After Mayne took that specky.
AngryRyno: plenty of points to be given out!
RooBoyStu: Freo to make the 8
sfmmp23: Bloody hell robby
Chelskiman: Terrible quarter, Neale. I needed a big finish from you. 🙁
Rebuild: Will Fyfe be back for finals?
wadaramus: Time to trade DBJ! Thanks for the cash and the points but your’e gone!
sfmmp23: Chelski why complain when he has 130 and 38 disposals
poido123: not a bad score blakely. ill take that
Chelskiman: Because opponent had Zorko and I needed him to match it. I’ll take 128 any day though, I just wanted a 30 or 40 point
Chelskiman: quarter
Tigger5: Barlow repaying the faith
jeddies22: Geez Barlow played alright
T-Mac: Nah no Fyfe for the year
sfmmp23: Oh your talking dt I get you know
sfmmp23: Now*
Fatbar5tad: Barlow beats Wingray by himself. Just brilliant.
sfmmp23: Robbin and Collins were shite

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