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Chat log from R12 of 2016: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R12 of 2016

frenzy: Damn you Adams, that’s a Sunday trick
Yelse: why they omit marcus adam
King_Robbo: Fire up dogs!
J.Worrall: GoBont, GoDoggies!
Viscount: Very annoying M Adams, now I have to Ben Kennedy plays!
Kekkington: Ben Kennedy is a certainty to play
Viscount: Thanks for your reassurance Kekk
frenzy: What about Viney, Kekk
King_Robbo: Adams a huge loss.. I think port will roll us today
Kekkington: He trained and completed a full session so I would say 90% chance of playing
Kekkington: And Howe will probably be out as well.
AngryRyno: m0nty and Ben commentating! delightful!
Fatbar5tad: HTB there surely
m0nty: I pulled rank 🙂
iZander: anyone know how to show all the stats as well as scores on a 13 inch screen?
JockMcPie: DBJ great start
AngryRyno: The Dictator himself
armalitemk: @iZander zoom out in the browser window generally ctrl –
Fatbar5tad: Lovely goal Bont
Tigger5: should that of been a free kick for gray?
JockMcPie: Lachie Hunter – 50m penalty = -8 points, ouch
iZander: thanks arma, i should have been able to work that one out tbh 😉
armalitemk: @iZander haha all good mate
Roksta: Lewis Taylor is heaps better than Bont lol
Fatbar5tad: Dogs all over them
King_Robbo: Libba murdering it in close
Tigger5: always does robbo
circle52: Slow down Dahl and Gray do not want you getting your B/es
frenzy: Where Di dbj disappear to
kosduras: lift boyd!!!!
Torz: Loving how Hunter and Biggs keep giving it to each other. 🙂
Junktimer: Wines to be eligible for MID/RUC next year at this rate
Sloaneyyyy: lol how much are they paying Dixon for that one handball ?
Pokerface: 25%? come on ollie, hit a target
poolboybob: Get amongst it Boyd
poolboybob: Neade well on his way to a blue moon
tbrowne: kick a goal of something wingard you shit fuck
Kekkington: I don’t have Hunter but surely he should be on more SC
shrtlg: Neade killed it last week too
PieBoy: onya neadey
Kekkington: My bad he has 3 clangers
Sloaneyyyy: i have redpath, but i’m not getting excited… he does this every week, only to do nothing for the next 3 quarters
King_Robbo: All over them that qtr and they got two lucky goals.. Keep going lads
King_Robbo: Seriously m0nty give Wines the burger. Too big and slow for the modern day game
blashtroko: Dahlhaus reported out for game
wadaramus: Dahlhaus gone?
crazyet23: got dahlhouse in this week, then last minute changed to zorko……. pheew !!
Viscount: What Happened to Dahl?
desmondo: yep dalhaus done his knee
crazyet23: dahlhaus’
Str1k3_M95: what did he do and how many weeks?
frenzy: Fair bit of malice in that,just ask Bont
Viscount: thanks desmondo
Sloaneyyyy: copped some friendly fire from a teammate crashing into his knee
snake_p: campbell fell on his knee – possible medial sprain
frenzy: For a knee, Lol wtf, not watching
crazyet23: was friendly fire, hes walking on it…….
Viscount: Cheers Sloaney
desmondo: could be season over for dahl…
Str1k3_M95: 2 weeks or? I wanna give old m8 mate shite for it lol
Tigger5: when did dahl do his knee?
theoc: he’s walking on it so id say only a sprain, not a season injury
Sloaneyyyy: Dahlhaus definitely a red-cross icon, if not a tombstone
Yelse: Shocking year for injuries. Maybe the linited rotations has back fired
cusch1: What number is dougal Howard?
Sloaneyyyy: go doggies, need some big guns to step up now
desmondo: he was ‘hobbling’ not walking
luked98: lift pittard
Roksta: Frees 9-2 wonder if Adelaide will ask for a please explain
RooBoyStu: No Dollhouse No Bulldogs
Zeratul: Yelse – yes and no. A lot of shocking injuries have been trauma/impact injuries rather than soft tissue strains
FlowerTime: awesome just traded in dahl this week
the worm: Does nt seem to me like there have been more injuries than usual
zadolinnyj: you can walk on a bad knee injury after a bit of time. Not a reflection of how serious the damage is
tbrowne: Wingard get the football you absolute toss bag
Viscount: limited rotations didn’t cause friendly fire
Zeratul: With hall out, i had to play bailey williams on the field… hopefully he scores more from Dahls injury 😛
frenzy: C’mon DBJ, lift for flowers sake
Generalsor: C’mon Suckers!
whafc: cmon winggard ya flog
Jukes82: hunter geez you killing with these clangers boy
tbrowne: you can walk whilst having done your acl haha
zadolinnyj: talking medial
luked98: if its ligament damage he’d be able to walk, if it is bone damage he wouldnt be walking.
Fatbar5tad: Wingard, hello?
the worm: why do people trade flogs and toss bags into their teams?
Sloaneyyyy: Libba is a disgrace this year
Roksta: A lot of doctors in here
Viscount: DBJ now is your chance to lift!
zadolinnyj: correct luked98
Sloaneyyyy: Keep tackling Wines, it’s the only way you’re getting points
luked98: Not a doctor, but i’ve had experience
zadolinnyj: as have I. You can almost fool yourself into thinking u r ok
64frogs: meniscus 3 weeks
Mallon13: cmon suckling
zadolinnyj: why did they only offer young a one year extension? more importantly why did he sign?
frenzy: Cos they already got their dud recruit Dixon
Kekkington: At least Gray is making up for Dahlhaus’ injury.
Umpirespet: The package should be renamed the satchel absolutely soft
theoc: did wingard go home?
JButcher: @zadolinnyj because they don’t want the same situation as you have with jenkins
Vinstar: How bad did the Dahl injury look?
Generalsor: Geez brought Suckling in this week. Underwhelming
sfmmp23: went with gray over wingard, very happy.
Kekkington: Jake Stringer the most overrated player of this season?
Kekkington: And last
Kekkington: Last year*
PieBoy: onya boydy
King_Robbo: Lol at anyone saying stringer is overrated. Do yourself a favor and look at the first half v eagles last week
jfitty: No ice in Dahl’s knee, possibly only a strain? Week off then the bye maybe
RooBoyStu: glad I got rid of Libba, not a mid 8 bootlace
desmondo: Vinstar…I reckon it`s 4-6 weeks…or the season
whafc: yep king robbo hang your hat on 1 good qtr a month
spudaroos: Remember when Stringer was compared with Ablett Sr, hahaha, Stringer has been worse than Cloke as of late.
urmumsaid: i bet all of your mids average higher than libba too…
sfmmp23: I wont be trading Libba out any time soon, he is a gun.
King_Robbo: Whafc maybe focus on your spud of a team playing one good qtr in a month lol
LuvIt74: How serious is Dahlhaus injury is off for the 2nd half?
spudaroos: Haha the Stinger fanboys are mad, maybe be mad that he is a bang average player being lifted by his much better teamates
cusch1: Libba was a premium player prior to his acl his injury and will return to that. Will be the last player I trade if I do
King_Robbo: He was walking on it LuvIt so couldn’t be too serious. Tried to run it off
King_Robbo: Name one better forward at the lions spudaroos
desmondo: I`ve seen players walk off ,then miss the season…he was ‘hobbling’ so in obvious discomfort
Kootafides: Lift Wingard and Hartlett!
LuvIt74: hopefully just a medial
LuvIt74: Libba was definetley worth keeping as a M8
King_Robbo: Yeah generally it’s either a strain or medial but no acl thank goodness! Injury curse continues unfortunately
G0_Bombers: Got Bontempelli as captain! He’s having an ok game.
JButcher: @King_Robbo I hear Dayne Zorko’s pretty good!
LuvIt74: @desmondo most likely a medial, if it was his ACL he wold not have bared a ounce of weight on it.
the worm: I think he is trying to say Hunter is elite because he is better than the bad forwards in the AFL
the worm: *stringer
King_Robbo: Zorko – Midfielder – next… Lewis Taylor? Walker? Josh Green? Lol please
Kekkington: Need the Dogs to get up for my multi
Sloaneyyyy: Winge-gard and Hartlett well on their ways to a Mare icon
Kekkington: I don’t think Libba is reliable enough at m8
cusch1: Zorko is as much of a forward as Jackson Trengove is a ruckman
Kekkington: My mid is currently Danger, Selwood, Hanners, Parker, Pendles, Gaz, Ward and Gray
Kekkington: Got rid of Lib for Martin 2 weeks ago
the worm: not dustin martin surely?
vamos77: for most decent coaches libba was only a cheaper option until the bye, he has done his job very well
Kekkington: Yep I picked up the dusty trail and chucked him up forward
Sloaneyyyy: 13-4 free kick count
bachi: wow kekkington that midfield is unbelievable!
redwallis: I luv decent coaches
the worm: vamos speaks on behalf of most decent coaches
Roksta: Umps havnt been bad to be fair sloaney
Kekkington: Cheers
the worm: or maybe just himself
redwallis: decent coaches are eets
redwallis: Go Doges!
frenzy: bust out some icicles m0nt
redwallis: Who else here just vaping on the couch
Kekkington: Any news on Nic Nat if he will be playing?
Mileroo30: trying not to fall asleep redwallis
urmumsaid: nic nat and goldy not looking likely
Mileroo30: this match starts at 4:30 on tv, nothing else on
Stst1001: Dbj wtf
AngryRyno: both Nic Nat and Goldy likely to play
RooBoyStu: @Mileroo30 get Fox, watching it live
anthsill03: on ya libba
Pokerface: we should all listen to these decent coaches.
bachi: libba!!
Mileroo30: Usually I’d livestream but too laggy today
King_Robbo: Oh Libya you gun
redwallis: There’s no ch 7 game on tV today in VIC 🙁 Except for the Collingwood Clokes on TV rn
Jogr: how long dahl out for?
redwallis: The vipbox stream is good though
redwallis: Out: Dahl In: Butter Chicken
Mileroo30: pretty bad coverage. sports have gone out the window recently
dipstick: LOL. vaping glycerine? hahahaha vaping chinese products hilarious 🙂
Mileroo30: almost don’t wanna watch anyway, trengove on the bench and all
Sloaneyyyy: see what I said about redpath… was on 42 at Q-time, has barely moved since
frenzy: honeychurch is stiff not to get a regular gig
Roksta: Stringer X factor
kosduras: libba killing it this quarter
tbrowne: has wingard moved this qtr?
Pokerface: is ollie actually rucking, or are they 3rd man up hit outs?
King_Robbo: Jakey!
OnTheRocks: Stop hacking it hunter
frenzy: you must be one of them decent coaches Sloaneyyy
Pokerface: lol frenzy.
whafc: bout time wingard
Fatbar5tad: Wingard!
chris7399: pumpkin for wingard. gave us two good weeks now back to spudding it up
redwallis: Vaping e liquid made in new zealand, organic and palm oil free. Not from some dodgy chinese warehouse
tbrowne: Yes wingard!!!
Roksta: Jakey looking dangerous
SaintsMan: bs supercoahc on wingard
Kootafides: Chad!!
ryanbob: What happened to Dahl? Got him in last week and this happens!
Yelse: comeon Dbj pleaseeeeeeeeeeee liftttt
chris7399: Did Wingard just jump 30 points in 10mins????
Yelse: you got to be joking winged jumps 40 with 2 goals
dipstick: either way vaping is ridiculous. best smoking cigs or hookahs IMO
dipstick: damn dahl.. collapsed knee dont sound to good
kosduras: @ryan got collected by cambell, hit his knee. was walking around so shouldnt be to bad
SaintsMan: yelse, just ridiculous
tbrowne: first time CD has rigged it in my favour #loveyouwingard
Torz: Not a great quarter by Robbie Gray.
DrSeuss: Traded Wines out this week – should have known this would happen!
cusch1: Yes dougal get me some points lost from Adams. And tippa. And hall. And the rest of my outs
poido123: cmon hunter. big last quarter
redwallis: @dipstick was the only successful quit method for me. Life saving device which will see smoking phased out
dipstick: cmon boydy and libba… tons would be nice
All Reds: u vape bro?
Umpirespet: Same @Dr Seuss
poido123: ridiculous umpiring favouring port
AngryRyno: why are people talking about vaping when the footy is so close?
kosduras: lol course impey best on agains the pies and back to a mare this week…
Roksta: Jakey!!! Shutting up the haters
redwallis: Thats exactly what a non vaper would say
King_Robbo: Stringer!!!!!
All Reds: show the way Ryno
redwallis: Stringer squibbed it
anthsill03: package has the ball on a string
Shaundog: Stringer!!
Roksta: Stringer again
King_Robbo: Wonder where all the stringer haters are now? Lol
JRedden: you cant stop stringer, hes just a gun
Roksta: Haha redwallis eat that
frenzy: I hate Jesse Stringer, Lol
Umpirespet: Seagul for stringer
Kekkington: Just because he is overrated doesn’t make me a hater
poido123: jumped on his head?? refs are favoring port
redwallis: Haha, I love Stringer. Youngdad of the year
cusch1: Dunkley starts like a house on fire in the first, then shits himself in the following 3
tbrowne: haha wingard goes missing again wow
redwallis: Port are showering their trousers
Roksta: Wingard squibbed it
redwallis: Lol refs
poido123: fck off you stupid fcking refs!!! fcking joke
AngryRyno: DBJ ya spud
Roksta: Umps getting worse
the worm: i thought refs were in soccer and basketball
poido123: i want dogs to win, but this is pretty one sided reffing. it is realllllyyy bad
King_Robbo: #freekickport
snake_p: #freekickportagain
Umpirespet: #bulldogs1premwonders
redwallis: Honey to the bee that’s you for me
iZander: tell me pittard isnt the best halfback in the competition….
Thedude24: Homeground team always gets umps favouring them. Like bulldogs v crows. It always happens
MerleDixon: cmon port!
Tim Tam: lol, have a taste of your own medicine, dogs #disgusting
All Reds: pittard=docherty
redwallis: Heath Shaw is the best HB
DrSeuss: Biggs & Hunter stopped….
King_Robbo: Surely I am mistaken did I just see we got a free?
All Reds: docherty-pittard-shaw – all in my SC
iZander: take out all Shaws possesions from play ins and cheap marks and hes not that good, still very good but not best @redwall
Umpirespet: Yeah King u did he ducked his head!!!
cusch1: Suck it up robbo none of the decisions have been poor… All have been there
the worm: How can anyone hate the dogs, it’s not as if they are the kangaroos or anything…
thommoae: Heater more of a running FB?
Sloaneyyyy: Honeychurch the forgotten Doggies mid
Roksta: Every time dogs get away umpire gives port a free
poido123: Cusch has no idea..
Shaundog: What time is the pies vs dees teams finalised?
ryanbob: What’s up with dbj score? 83% de isn’t bad. Given away frees?
Pokerface: the worm because their fans on here are obnoxious
thommoae: Heater is one of the highest stat intercept marks in 2016; cheap? pfft
Umpirespet: Ebert u star
Roksta: Bontempelli!!!
Kekkington: Already finalised. Viney and Ben Ken in for Garlett and Harmes
poido123: goooo doggggs!
faisca7: what are tackles worth in SC?
JButcher: Our defenders are so shit against leads
scaryness: Stringer for X factor
poido123: your a fcking joke ump
Shaundog: @kekkington thanks mate
AngryRyno: Bont best on
Roksta: Caleb Daniel decision making elite
All Reds: keep pushing pitta and libba
mattmac24: This is why I’m keeping Libba as my M8
JButcher: The difference between us and the dogs is that when the dogs win the free kicks they make the most of it
Kekkington: Can’t win even with the umpires on there side
the worm: apparently decent coaches dont think libba is good enough
kangawalla: @ poido. Removing one letter from a serious swear word doesn’t legitimise it.
Jukes82: how long left?
PieBoy: onya bjonesy
King_Robbo: Piss off port
ryanbob: Dbj a bit ripped off
faisca7: libba 13 clearances cot daym
the worm: kids will go to any lengths to type their swear words
Shaundog: Woof fucking woof!!!
King_Robbo: Whoa eee
LuvIt74: Woof Woof Woof
Roksta: Stringer X factor
JButcher: Robbo you are a terribly sore loser and a fuckwit of a winner
frenzy: howd the decent coaches go
superpls10: whats with the swear word hate lol
LuvIt74: well done doggies gr8 game
cusch1: Take Dunkley 60 or gamble on josh smith from Coll?
King_Robbo: Where are the haters huh? Great win!!!
LuvIt74: Go smith
Kekkington: “serious swear word” you sound like such a fgt. Who cares.
Fatbar5tad: Same same. I’d go Smith.
jfitty: Pittard cherries?
Fatbar5tad: Didn’t know Doggies had haters. Good win.
MerleDixon: @Jbutcher amen
LuvIt74: @King serious m8 I have been a dogs supporter for 30+ years ease up m8 it doesn’t look good
mattmac24: Libba and Boyd did well but I really hope Dahl is back soon
desmondo: Good win by the dogs after losing Dahl…and battling against umpires 😉
Hoot: Gamble crusch
kangawalla: Kids online Kekk. Enough said.
armalitemk: @LuvIt74 🙂 congratulations on your grace mate please pass some to the King of the flowerpot men 🙂
LuvIt74: @Fatbar5 unfortunately when there are dogs supporters that bring up silly remarks u always will get haters
poido123: suck port. had refs on your side and still lost
King_Robbo: Fair enough LuvIt just sick of these keyboard heroes having cheap shots at Jakey etc. Amazing that they are quiet now…
HawkAussie: Did Marcus Adam get dropped in the last minute
JButcher: Someone had to say it @MerleDixon

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