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Chat log from R12 of 2016: Essendon vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Essendon vs Hawthorn, R12 of 2016

missmagic: no late late outs this week please
cusch1: God I am so scared for tonight. This will get ugly.
SaintsMan: worst game of the year
JRedden: need gibbo to go massive
cusch1: Worst game was Essendon v Carlton a few weeks back
circle52: Should be ugly but as we know games do not always go to plan
oc16: this is pittonet’s second game…he played his first in rnd 1
frenzy: once in a century upset on the cards, Lol
blashtroko: Langford tagging merrett
cusch1: The the air on top of the ladder is getting to your head frenzy. Wish I had your optimism
RooBoyStu: come on vc Gibbo
circle52: Goddard nice hit in first minute – broken nose!!
frenzy: Dizzy heights, Lol
SaintsMan: how is merit only on 11?
wadaramus: Godard nose splayed all over the place.
poido123: Good start zerrett
Yelse: why isn’t fox sports super coach working? have they changed the site?
cusch1: I’ve seems some gays straighter than bjs nose
cusch1: Gays* not greats
CrowEaters: want Merrett & Burgoyne to score heavy
kangawalla: Who the hell s M.Pittone? Sounds like he should be in the Tour de France!
kangawalla: *Pittonet
tbrowne: please no outages this week that’s all i ask of you supercoach
Stikman35: Gone Cooney as capt.
poido123: cmon lewis you slug
Stikman35: Not tea
RooBoyStu: Zaha going to pass last weeks 20 in qtr 1 lol
Carnster: boy o boy gibson
Stikman35: Not teally
bones351: C’mon Zaka you’ve nearly beaten last weeks score!
bones351: There it is!
Stikman35: What the
Yelse: merrett seriously slow down.someone tag him
CrowEaters: Did popy just kick the winning goal
Thedude24: Lol zaha
man0005: And poppy goes bang!
Bazza2014: James Kelly double Muppett
poido123: ha ha yelse. not a chance :p
DrSeuss: Couple of Hawks Decisions in the last couple of minutes
circle52: Umpires need to go back to OPSM wuth calling that a mark. Clealy Bombers first touch
frenzy: free kick hawthorn
danmaio: Do the umps know hawks are playing Essendon and don’t need any help
circle52: Buit it is Hawthorn though
cusch1: How do you call that a mark
danmaio: Poos both hands on shoulders too , for a fly
BallHog: C’mon Lewis don’t do a fantasia on me…
kangawalla: @cusch. It’s the Hawks! All the 40/60 decisions go their way.
Bazza2014: Gleeson not even vfl standard
poido123: lewis lets go!
Yelse: got rid of Dea for collins. now gonna regret this if he tones
casey22: Is Gibson playing?
cusch1: Neither is umpire number 19 bazza but Clarkson didn’t mind selecting him
blashtroko: “Pitonette”
danmaio: I rue the day I got you lewis
dipstick: hows j gibsons hair looking?
Bazza2014: 71% in hawks end, hawks backs may not have a lot of ball
DrSeuss: How many goals have Hawthorn kicked not from frees?
Matteas: Good trade Yelse don’t stress. Cash in bank. Dea in bench player at best anyway
Carnster: mcevoy on track for a solid 8….
circle52: Just 2 so far
JRedden: ffs gibson please do something
cusch1: 4 goals from turnovers
kangawalla: Bazza 2014, are you prepared to retract the “dirty dirty Bernie” (Vince) comment you made last week? Thrown out by MRP
circle52: Then the one from the dubious mark
Thedude24: Gibbo is going okay. 22
Yelse: how is gibson on 25 and birchal on 14 SC
stakerz: coz gibbo is a gun
Bazza2014: No Kanga, he is beyond retraction, and it was in reference to the knee in the body of Mitch whilst on the ground b4 that
tigerman28: zerrett 11 possies for 28SC? Flower!
circle52: Gibson has 2 contested possessions
THESKUNK: oh dear goddard
Bazza2014: i have respect for the dees, mum goes for them.
stakerz: i hate the hawks so much.
Fatbar5tad: Karma bus for Mitchell. Master of the cork and the “not enough force” backhander.
kangawalla: Thats ok. Wrong misdemenour in your eyes. Course,,Smitch is squeaky clean? 😉
poido123: gibbo SC 😛 does it effortlessly
Bazza2014: i recall the 87 prelim like yesterday, well most of it, i was quite quite drunk.
Bazza2014: wont mention 88
blashtroko: Karma in what way? He was rested.
hbui35493: Thanks Zaha, i knew you’d get back into form.
Thedude24: Might hate hawks. But gotta respect them. What a team
Bazza2014: ive been to many a tassie sponsors night, and there are two Smitches, good smitch and pr!ck smitch, trust me
casey22: My cap loop, zaka, might just work out!
Vinstar: If only I kept the c on zaka, much better
casey22: Read Zaha not zaka
whafc: bout time zaha
Kekkington: I’m pretty sure Birchall isn’t going at 100%
Bazza2014: zaha – zaka same difference, we get the gist
kangawalla: Yes Bazza, you have the high ground in most footy arguments, including those dark days like 87 & 88.
poido123: lewis looks in cruise mode. definately could go at the ball more. i expect a better second half of season
Bazza2014: i rooted so hard in your final vs Dons but , was never going to be.
Bazza2014: im hoping the dees get something soon, apart from a night premiership in the 80s
kangawalla: Thanks Baz, you seem like a decent bloke. Now at the risk of Monty saying “back on this game”, we better get back to it
DrSeuss: Gibson playing on talls tonight – not great for his scoring
cusch1: Kelly thinks he’s having another week off I think
Bazza2014: hawks making the numbers up in this 8, sheesh, shouldve been a 10 goal qtr, and should win by 100, but cant see it
Bazza2014: now or sept.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
Bazza2014: 6 mins to score. argghh
Kekkington: Hawks are hardly trying and they will still win by 100+
Bazza2014: in the back on smith?/
cusch1: More efforts like that jacko
kangawalla: Just saw a Hawks banner in the cheer squad saying “whaterver it takes”! As Bruce would say, “clevvvarrr”.
cusch1: Bazza dreaming buddy that was ootf and still no free against
Bazza2014: this’ll be 40 coring shots to 12
sticky12: Howdy…geez hawks hard done by with frees for…usually its 13 to 1 not 7!
Thedude24: Go gibson
9inch: Great week to play someone with Goddard
Bazza2014: line in the sand cusch 2004!
Bazza2014: free kick hawthorn
Stst1001: Zaha you tease
bones351: It’s not even about the frees paid to Hawthorn for me. It’s the frees not paid to the Bombers. Too much bias.
Bazza2014: hit the nose on the head 9inch
cusch1: I’m hoping that lloydy comes out of no where and does to you what he did to sewell mate no hard feelings though
Barniclez: chose stewart over josh smith… starting to stress
cusch1: Just don’t like hawthorn supporters and their egos
Bazza2014: that kid stewart is showing signs
Torz: Does that help Barniclez?
Kekkington: Or the fact that there are so many plastic fans
Barniclez: oh yes hahaha
Bazza2014: llyody weakest player to play??? quick quiz??
Tigger5: how safe is stewarts spot?
Bazza2014: dont hate the player, hate the game!
kangawalla: @Cusch. Bombers egos were very big in their halcyon days
Bazza2014: hodge back for goldy, mitch back, so not so, but you never know, he has the in and unders
frenzy: Bazza and the smoking keyboard
cobrakai00: Frawley is awful..
Bazza2014: yeah im making up for my suspension
Bazza2014: it is a quiet nite, everyone must be off. coupla pizzas few pure blondes, good night in
Raspel31: Ola all. Merrett-you are a star in the making.
Kekkington: I never understood why people rated Frawley. I guess he has been decent at the Hawks though
DrSeuss: Where has Zaha gone?
cusch1: We need more supporters of successful teams like frenzy, just isn’t a flog
Bazza2014: i have zerrett and gunston in my pick 9s
Bazza2014: Timmy O
danmaio: Sicily is going to be a Goddard, L.Thomas, players you love to hate
Bazza2014: ouch, harsh on the young player dan
kangawalla: Sicily copped a lot of flak from his own leadership group for over celebrating the goal after Bob Murphy did his knee.
Bazza2014: someone was bagging Timmy O out last week, he is going to be very good, very good.
cusch1: McEvoy nice hands in the back of gleeson
danmaio: Exactly Kanga
9inch: So who scheduled bommers for Friday night game. Ho hum
Raspel31: Could have lived without Mitchell and the Scottish Koori being rested from this one-but so flow the sands of time.
Bazza2014: yeah sis wasnt aware of the bob knee, but hey thems the things
Bazza2014: luey candy
Slashers: Is Dempsey cr@p because he had a grills first name?
cusch1: Sicily kicked the winning goal of corpse he’d be excited and not realise what happened. Lay off him, has a bright future
SaintsMan: gibson sc ridiculous and merret sc ridiculous
Thedude24: Why have this game played on friday night? Smh
Slashers: * girls
danmaio: Took Hawks 78.5 into blues 40 plus, v depleted saints. 22/1
Bazza2014: kudos Cusch
kangawalla: Just stating what his own leadership group did cusch.
cusch1: Leuy just ruined k. Stewart’s career hahahha
Bazza2014: good bet
tigerman28: Surely Hams gets an icon, m0nty?
Bazza2014: geez i just sighted gibbos SC
3rdstriker: Stewart has me intrigued but far from convinced as a downgrade next week
PieBoy: onya poppy
nbartos: Agree Saintsman wtf with Gibbo done squat for 60sc!
King_Robbo: Gibson hasn’t touched the ball in 10 minutes but has gone up 5 sc.. Hmm
Shaundog: Darn I put Collins on the field and put Dea on the bench
Bazza2014: Timmy O
kangawalla: Baz, any tip on the winning margin, given your exact margin was correct last Friday?
Bazza2014: Ouch The russian…..
poido123: robbo, why complain about a great SC player? not like its a fluke. Gibbo is a SC gun
Bazza2014: gibbo had two marks in the last 5 minutes
Matteas: Shaundog who else is on your pine
cobrakai00: shit umpiring.. Didn’t play on
Bazza2014: im a 23 man kanga, i go multiples, i took the 69 and 92 tonight
danmaio: Cmon Berger, big 2nd half
Bazza2014: i must say though i very rarely take multis with thawks, and rarely bet on them, apart from GFs
King_Robbo: 5 pts for not touching the ball. It’s ‘interesting’ that’s all
Bazza2014: does rioli get a spoli or a tackle on jamar for tat last play???
kangawalla: Good luck then Baz!
Shaundog: @matteas tipungwuti so I couldn’t use the loophole
Bazza2014: you missed them robbo, it was definitely two kicks and marks, “uncontested”
All Reds: Zach Merrett Josh Gibson doing stuff happy
Jolles: What is with these players that decide they can score OK after I drop them .. slow down Dea .. then I won’t feel so bad.
poido123: King Robbo, just get him in? why complain about him? i can understand if you are ragging a bum
cusch1: Rioli got away with murder
dipstick: anyone know the state of brucies reg grundys?
Bazza2014: bombers doing ok, but skills are short, very short, youd think hawks would have more disposals or at least a fair gap,
nbartos: He’s not ragging Gibbo he’s ragging champion data who have given Gibbo more than his fair share of SC points
danmaio: Agree Bazza, bombers just overdoing handballs,
PieBoy: have a crack breusty
Bazza2014: a 92-122 ratio has issues written all over it Dan
All Reds: Gibson plenty of pressure acts
Bazza2014: thats 1:32 -1 ratio handball to kick, that doesnt win games.
Matteas: Unlucky shaundog. I hate how sea is so up and down.
kangawalla: Bad news for Bomber fans. Bellchambers has committed til the end of 2018
Bazza2014: lol@kanga
Bazza2014: is Hams worth picking up, is he a stayer? and is he cheapies?
cusch1: In 2014 bell was incredible. Last year hit by injuries. Hope the year off he comes back injury free.
LuvIt74: Only got Rioli so going sweet
danmaio: Fantasy piglet Bazza, lol
kangawalla: Hope McKernan can do the right thing & commit too Cusch! 😉
feralmong: Don hams is good. Is don is good.
LuvIt74: @Bazza Hams?
oc16: i think we need to drop mcevoy next game. ceglar has been so much better this year
PieBoy: onya burgers
LuvIt74: Oh hams on Essendon shit, i didn’t even look at Essendons side…lol
Bazza2014: call of the night DAN
cusch1: The bad news for Essendon fans is that mckernan hasn’t joined the mass exodus
man0005: Essendon recruited Peter Bell?
Roksta: Gibson always has a better sc score… People always compare sc and dt
Bazza2014: yeah Hams luvit
Roksta: Very different scoring systems
LuvIt74: Why consider a spud on a potato farm such as Hams, when you can get Jenson from Brisbane next week
Bazza2014: i think the umpire was annoyed the, “throw, free kick hawthorn” very down demeanor
nbartos: should Ess get 1st draft pick & all their guns back?
PieBoy: onya bruesty
The39Steps: 13 h/o v 33 and you are leading by 58 points. Says it all about the worth of ruckmen.
Bazza2014: was a question luv it, ill take your addy and have a look next week
Bazza2014: Dea doing well
cusch1: 39steps can’t take anything out of that mate….it’s premiership contenders vs mid table vfl side
Roksta: Yes nbartos they have served their punishment
LuvIt74: Janson will be on the bubble next week also. Stewart from Hawks looks gr8 but shit JS
LuvIt74: @Bazza sorry m8 was just answering your question, Janson has a negative break even of -122
dipstick: yes ess should get 1st pick, except the academy selections will get them first like syd and GWS
Bazza2014: yeah, just checked it luvit, was more of, will he be fantasy relevant … but i here ya
3rdstriker: That Jansen break even is next week on the assumption he has another 98, I doubt he scores that high again
Matteas: I didn’t see Jansen play but he won’t score that high. Better than Trengove?
Bazza2014: ok retraction on Gleeson, not as bad as once viewed, but….
cusch1: Why shouldn’t Essendon get the number one pick…
Jolles: Slow down Dea .. I dropped you and my opponent kept you .. is there no justice.
danmaio: Come on leunberger, don’t stop now
The39Steps: Happy with Ess getting first pick. But if they had taken their medicine first up, think of where they would be now.
Bazza2014: they should
Matteas: Ess shouldn’t get no 1 pick. Got half a team coming back next year. Compared to others teams on bottom
Raspel31: And I tipped the Dons, groan.
LuvIt74: @3rdstriker granted however when u have a rookie that scores 98 in a crap side his JS is gr8 & that 98 stays in calculat
blashtroko: Because then there was a benefit to the thing the were found guilty of
Bazza2014: Lewy junking it big time
Torz: There could be some serious junk time in this game.
kangawalla: @Baz, I retracted on Daw last week when he reached 80. Gleeson is only on 20
Ozzy14: 3rdstriker, I watched Jansen throughout his VFL games, I was devo that we got rid of him.
LuvIt74: so even if Janson scores a 50 his Average is still at 74
poido123: thattaboy lewis! junkaway!
Bazza2014: i thought after last week it was D day for Dea,
dipstick: NRL sharks accepted ASADA offer, missed a few weeks and now top of table. hirs too stubborn
Bazza2014: yeah not about score Kanga, but ability
3rdstriker: im planning on getting him and as a lion supporter hope hes a gun but odds are he wont score that high consistently
Matteas: Janson had goal and high no of cont poss. Unlikely to be any $ long term. All I’m saying
cusch1: Dipstick we were cleared buddy.
Bazza2014: stop scoring HOWE
Jolles: @Bazza2014 .. He was pathetic the last two weeks.
Bazza2014: Gleeson back to VFL
m0nty: nominations for star please
cusch1: WADA never proved us of being guilty, just proved that there was a doubt that we weren’t innocent
Bazza2014: this passage of footy is shithouse
LuvIt74: Rioliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Ozzy14: merrett, standing up in a side of plebs
LuvIt74: only coz I have him…lol
circle52: Reckon Jansen and trengove may be the 2 most traded in players next week
oc16: monty – lewis or shiels
Bazza2014: my opp has Howe. i was giggling, not now
Jolles: Need a bit more from Merrett.
bonecrusha: O’Brien showing a bit for the boyzzzzz
LuvIt74: @cusch that sounds a little contradictory mmate
Bazza2014: wow the bombers are under pressure
thommoae: cusch, that’s the gold medal of one-eyed, bomber-tragic rationalizations. Well done.
blashtroko: Kept dea at the last min
cusch1: ASADA could not prove that we took illicit substances
superpls10: wheres the behinds from hawthorn, this is pathetic
Pokerface: they were comfortably satisfied of your guilt cusch. that’s a little different to proving doubt on innocence.
kangawalla: Wowwee! Dea overtakes Zerrett!
LuvIt74: Bazza I think the ham has gone off, his scoring is going backwards.
PieBoy: onya browny
Jolles: I hate all you Dea lovers .. lol.
cusch1: in normal court it is that you have to proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. WADA never proved that we were guilty…
Bazza2014: can we get off the drugs, ive had it for 3 years now, move on please.
3rdstriker: ASADA could not, WADA proved it to the degree of “comfortable satisfaction”
cusch1: Beyond reasonable doubt
Bazza2014: luvit ive had 6 beers and a mint twirl mate, dont make me larf
Matteas: Guilty
m0nty: agree with Bazza, on the game please
Pokerface: in normal court wada could have supenad dank. you cant have beyond reasonable doubt if you cant compel testimony
whafc: ying yang for Zaha
cusch1: Which is wrong because in the court of law it has to be beyond reasonable doubt
LuvIt74: @cusch1 well its quite evident Essenden couldn’t prove u didn’t take illicit drugs otherwise it wouldn’t have gone on 3
Bazza2014: get off the drugs, can we please think of the CHILDREN!
Shaundog: Collins better score as much as Dea
Pokerface: sorry m0nty, didn’t realise this game was still on. how did essendon get a friday night match after last year’s shambles
Raspel31: This was banned years ago-can we leave it alone. Back to football.
LuvIt74: lol @ mint twirl eww
Ozzy14: Rioli might get the three m0nty, with the foals and decent stats
Matteas: Flower shaundog. I hope for sake man
Thedude24: Howe does he have 76 dt and 43 sc?
LuvIt74: beer & mint twirl would make me puke
Bazza2014: get amongst it Luvit $1 in woolworths
3rdstriker: Gibson spoil of the year!
poido123: i hope lewis is ok :/
kangawalla: Where have all those Lewis doubters gone?
wadaramus: Zzzzzzzz, Friday Night Footy, i’m watching NRL and listening to the footy.
LuvIt74: This will be a 150+ blow out
Jolles: Thanks Zerrett .. thought you’d gone to sleep.
dipstick: @m0nty goddard needs a heart. . . . . and a nose
grossn: Dea @ 88% but still down 15pts. Champion Data is an entity no one will ever understands
grossn: Understand*
Bazza2014: training drill now
LuvIt74: @poido123 its only his eye m8, he has 2 of them, worst case senario they pull it out and do a eyectomy.
Pokerface: dipstick are you talking about the symbol, or just metaphorically.
Bazza2014: lewy lewy, oh yeah. lewy lewy
danmaio: Get to 85 berger
casey22: Barlow back on Zaha?
dipstick: @luvit its called a peeperectomy
Pokerface: i found the berger owner.
LuvIt74: This looks like the Ozkick playing against the under 8 year olds
dipstick: @poker both
3rdstriker: Was Barlow moved back onto Zaharakis at qtr time?
zadolinnyj: Eyectomy? Luv it, LuvIt74
Bazza2014: hawks poor that qtr
LuvIt74: @pokerface doubt dipstick knows what “metaphorically” means…lol
Torz: Good going Lewis!
Bazza2014: OMG brown
poido123: Eyectomy? dont let the door hit you on the way out lovit74 😛
MrGmax: Onya, Brown.
Tigger5: zerret and dea getting robbed by CD
Bazza2014: Is there an Ophthalmologist in the house??
Pokerface: lol luvit
danmaio: Hams might be over ooked
The39Steps: Time to open a bottle of Aldi red.
wadaramus: Zerrett DT Gun!
poido123: gimme some of that hot sawwwsaa Lewisss!!!
Bazza2014: cyril only 13 DT that qtr
wadaramus: Doc, where are you?
LuvIt74: sorry im just a Proctologist
Bazza2014: zaha on the gorund that qtr?
dipstick: @luvit funny, seeings you said eyectomy. its called an Enucleation
Bazza2014: thought you may have moonlighted Luvit, but procto sounds like ti for sure
LuvIt74: @dipstic its called sarcasm m8
Bazza2014: shiels robber for SC, now doing a job on zaha
LuvIt74: @dipstick do u need a pencil sharpener?
cusch1: The bird is the word
dipstick: cmon gibbo, big SC please @luvit nahhh i gotta biro
Bazza2014: Ess won contested by 14 in the third, thats why we cant win the flag.
LuvIt74: carn ReolEYE move it
Bazza2014: That mint Twirl really kicking in now….
Tigger5: If essendon had the ability to hit a target inside 50 they might be giving the hawks a run
colin wood: Jordan Lewis 30 touches = easy money!
cusch1: Clarkson is going to put a hole in the wall soon
Torz: Lewis is going 140+ tonight
Pokerface: i believe the kids these days call them glory holes cusch
Bazza2014: hawks are murdering the ball. if it wasnt essdon, it would be awful for the poos and wees
poido123: how did jamar get a game? what a lumbering stiff
kangawalla: Baz, if someone said 4 years ago that you’d win 3 flags you’d take it. AFL is a socialist comp. Time to share the flags.
zadolinnyj: Lol poker
cusch1: Daniher looks soo much better when there is another tall up forward
Bazza2014: im happy to share but only with STK, MELB or the DOGS, no one else
zadolinnyj: Poppy great there
wadaramus: Jamar hack.
kangawalla: He’d look even better without that Dirty Sanchez moustache cusch!
JRedden: gibson junking it up, keep going
kangawalla: Thats good sharing Baz
cusch1: But then we can’t use the hashtag #modaniher kanga 🙁
Bazza2014: did you see Kommers dirty snachez in the crowd, wowsers
LuvIt74: carn riolEYE
raffa: How the hell is gibbo still on 95 sc
Bazza2014: sanchez* not snatchez!
Raspel31: Hawks looking pretty rocky against real competition methinks.
LuvIt74: The bombers done quite well considering, i thought this was going to blow out to 20+ goal lead
Bazza2014: my Dad is saints, my mum is Dees, and i was a bulldogs player for 12 years in my juniors, claremont in tas
Thedude24: You better get a ton zakarakis
blashtroko: How many teams have beaten ESS by 100 Raspel?
danmaio: Gull lewis
3rdstriker: True Raspel but at the very least whoever plays them in September is going to be pretty nervous
thommoae: To think I traded Howe ages ago because he couldn’t break 40 …
Tigger5: you’re actually kidding me, how is that a free
makemequac: Dempsey what a fucking spud
Bazza2014: too bad i had no talent, wont he under 16s by 30 goals, with minton connell, hudson and Andy Lovell, 2 gls from the pock
danmaio: Free kick for that, ffs
wadaramus: …free kick Hawthorn…pathetic.
nbartos: Free kick Hawks
LuvIt74: I was asked who will win the brownlow, I just replied if u back any hawk player, your destined to win. Hawthorn 3 Votes.
zadolinnyj: And the Oscar goes to gunston
poido123: that was dumb zerreett. better not get supsension for that
tigerman28: I’m having trouble watching footy anymore. That free is a joke.
Bazza2014: woo hoo i had gunston for best picture!
LuvIt74: thata boy rioleye
cusch1: Poido he’ll get weeks too. Shocking
nbartos: Gibson star LOL joke
Bazza2014: no stars tonight MONTY, maybe Gibbo if any.
cusch1: Where’s Goddard heart?
danmaio: Ffs Lewis, start junking up
Pokerface: we’ve been asking that for years cusch.
Bazza2014: wheres Goddards Nose?
DrSeuss: Heart for Lewis? For a lil poke in the eye?
zadolinnyj: Have not seen goddards heart since stkilda
Bazza2014: Heart for Lewis for everyone bagging him out in the first qtr
All Reds: but who IS superman?
Bazza2014: zado@spot on
BallHog: Junk it up Lewis!
Tigger5: how is that dumb poido? I’ve seen flys hit harder than that.
tigerman28: They’ll be paying frees for shaking hands too aggressively.
poido123: lol DrSeuss, goddard is the one who should get it. broken nose is nothing lol
The39Steps: You almost have to get Gunston in nowadays. Yet only 5-6% have him.
casey22: This is not a good look for our game, AFL be ashamed
kangawalla: Star-Bazza, Atlas-Cusch, Gun-Luvit
nbartos: Not 1 tackle Gibson. Any hard stuff?
cusch1: Gleeson has been great tonight under a lot of pressure
Bazza2014: i have had gunny all year
Bazza2014: I must apologise for my loquaciousness, it was Cadburys fault
Tigger5: would love to see more footy be played like 2004 hawthorn v essendon. Where games actually have a bit of feeling in them
All Reds: oi brisbane lions get poppy as an inside midfielder
Jackwatt$: I think the Hawks should win it from here
Grazz: Cheers Zaha after last week we needed a ton this week
Bazza2014: Tigger Vando was glassed in USA today, protecting a chick
King_Robbo: How the AFL let essendon get a Friday night game this year… Embarrassing
kangawalla: Explosion in an adjectives factory Baz!
cusch1: Lol Hawks percentage is still the lowest in the top 8
wadaramus: Goalsquare defending is deplorable.
Jackwatt$: Was it an Essendon supporter that glassed Vando?.
zadolinnyj: We forgive you Bazza for your garrulous
Bazza2014: thanks Cusch, we know this 🙂
The39Steps: The only thing worse on a Friday night would be Fitzroy v Footscray.
poido123: if Jamar can get a game, my fat drunken ass could too. my gosh hes bad..
Torz: Where was Lewis’ tackle and handball?
Bazza2014: touche zado.
cusch1: Jobe Watson never was a good barista jackwatts
nbartos: Why does Fri night matter Robbo?
Tigger5: @Bazza least he has a bit of courage, can’t be said about half the AFL players today, duck and try to milk frees
zadolinnyj: Jamar went to the zoolander school for kids who don’t kick good, but want to kick good. Cloke also attended
stakerz: was really hopeing gibbo would junk it up… got the vc on him
nbartos: Gibbos all junk whole game Staker
All Reds: damn i gotta learn to loophole
Jackwatt$: Hey go easy on Jamar, there was no VicKick where he was growing up in Siberia
grossn: Gibson’s stats are almost identitcal to Dea’s… Why is there such a SC discreptancy?
SaintsMan: how gibson gets the star amazes me
nbartos: Soon as he goes 1 on 1 he looks crap
willywalks: despite the quality of game/officiating, having zerrett, dea and lewis isn’t a bad friday night
stakerz: hahaha true nbartos, but you know what i mean
Bazza2014: close to scoring shots, said 40-12
frenzy: my god Fanta come from the clouds
m0nty: Gibson a lot of intercept marks
LuvIt74: Dea has a 121 break even why cash?
AngryRyno: Gibbo scores from Spoils @grossn
MrGmax: Gib falls over the DT line.
zadolinnyj: Serious sc rounding on its way
Bazza2014: @jackwatts not sure why your so maligned mate, #gold
poido123: lewis AF, gibbo and zerrett DT good nighta!
Tigger5: Dea had quite a lot as well m0nty
Tigger5: Gibson just had better DE
tigerman28: Gun for zerrett is a bit of a joke. His kicks rarely hit a target ang his influence on the game was minimal.
Jackwatt$: Ok thanks for the clarification m0nty
SaintsMan: gunston by far m0nty
9inch: Have a cry. Gibsons sc is spot on
King_Robbo: To be honest gibson got some curious sc points. But it seems about right now
poido123: ooops. lewis and zerrett AF and Zerrett gibbo SC
nbartos: Intercept is different m0nty to marking a kick in hope
blashtroko: 74 in AF luvit
damo110: cloke and casboult got expelled from zoolander school for kicking.
MrGmax: Had Lewis, Gib, Brown, with Fant on the bench. Traded Zak out this week. Bitter-sweet.
Jackwatt$: M0nty must be loving this! By far his worst 2 teams are Ess & Gee. You can tell by reading the headline when they lose
King_Robbo: Oops I meant *curious points early in the game…
Jolles: Dea is no cash cow.
bjones38: Where is the BIN for Gunston???
heppelitis: Zerrets not a gun in Tigerman’s eyes…but Cotch is…lMFAO
lukefield9: Gibson stuffed up 1 handless from 25 touches. Can’t really argue with 117
All Reds: 10 CP and % 74% de is alright 6 tackles too, five clangers under serious pressure
Bazza2014: SC scores atrociuos , due to so many freaking turnovers
Bazza2014: gibbo gave away one free i can recall to Joe.
grossn: When I was comparing Dea and Gibson I meant that Dea’s score was too low. Gibbo’s is fine
Shaundog: Gee I hope Jesse lonergan is a late out
poido123: would anyone risk getting in sam mitchell after byes?
Bazza2014: Night all
zadolinnyj: I will poido123
All Reds: I find turnovers are important but
bachi: lots of scaling to come?
stakerz: not alot

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