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Chat log from R11 of 2016: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R11 of 2016

teachrtony: Carn the Crows
PieBoy: cmon lairdy
Torz: Reiwoldt hobbling in first 20 seconds.
iZander: he started on the bench pie boy 😛
Torz: Any danger of Laird getting some TOG?
Buzz67: AFL Fantasy site down???
dipstick: DT is back online
JDolling69: dipstick = liar
heppelitis: mines still down too
dipstick: montags on 21 on my DT
mattmac24: Matt Crouch actually playing well?
Viscount: its coming back
theoc: Is Riewoldt still on the field?
Torz: Good to have Lairdy back.
w4lk3r: Welcome bak Lairdy
gunners23: 17 touches in a quarter…where was this at the start of the season crouch?!
SilverLion: Great to have ya back Laird.
mattmac24: I think so @Gunners23
The_Joker: Jeez. I got rid of Crouch weeks ago
Torz: Need a better quarter from Armo.
MontyJnr: Wow Laird SC.. Why so low? 77% not bad
LuvIt74: the SC scores are incorrect
superpls10: montagna is killing me with that 0
ryanbob: surely laird sc is wrong, 13 sc is a joke
Yelse: omg i need laird to get 101 to win and they give him 13 with 7 possies :(((
SilverLion: lift Joey
Gordo450: Must take awhile to up date Im thinking Ryanbob…Just like the Saints premiership cupboard
ryanbob: are the sc scores right?
Thedude24: Don’t think port have too many more gordo
sfmmp23: I cant even get onto the supercoach website
Gordo450: Nah but it hasnt take us milleniums to win one Dude bro
ryanbob: b smith with 10 more sc than laird even with 44% de. wth..
The_Joker: Muppet the whole saints side
superpls10: laird pls
mattmac24: I think some of the SC scores are wrong
Oli_hawks: wtf laird 83% de what is this bs
Stuart88: Big F U crouch traded u this week out as u hadn’t been playing now u score well
ryanbob: i hope they are wrong because smith shouldnt be higher than laird with his shocking DE
AngryRyno: CD traded Laird and I’m pissed
Choppy: breaking my balls laird and joey
Torpedo10: If Hickey didn’t give away so many frees he’d be close to the Saints top SCer today
SilverLion: lift laird and joey…
Gordo450: Please do not vulture Betts…
JButcher: Betts you flog, a whole quarter of junktime and he’s done nothing
ryanbob: this is a joke, 16 disposals for laird at 81% de and only 27 points
Yelse: this is a joke…. laird and montagna getting screwed
Oli_hawks: agreed Yelse, Laird has had 16 touches wtf!!
dipstick: screw you montags
Bazza2014: woo hoo jacobs
shaker: Yelse look at CP bugger all
Windyhill: Haven’t seen game. Is lard involved with chipping around? If so backwards kicks don’t score anything
Willymack1: 18 at 83% for 35sc what a joke
mattmac24: Laird’s score has to be wrong.. I need 90+ from him
shaker: Yelse they have some muppets between them and bugger all tackles
colin wood: Laird 18 touches at 83% for 35 Sc… disgusting CD…
Torz: Good comeback Armitage.
colin wood: Laird
colin wood: Apparently Steven’s 16 touches at 60% with 2CP is much more efficient for a side down by 9 goals…
MrCHAN: What has laird done wrong?
shaker: Even I understand SC scoring more than you guys stop whinging
Grazz: Thinking the CD boys must have traded Laird. :-/
oscarman: Laird obviously in no teams at CD.
DazBurg: Laird obvisouley getting cheap uneventful touches
feralmong: sorry if stupid question. just got back. is SC busted a while?
MontyJnr: Can someone explain Laird’s score? How many frees against?
DazBurg: and i clearly have trouble typing…lol
Grazz: Lol Dazling. Have another beer mate my shout.
feralmong: ok just read elsewhere DC outage breaking scores.
Grazz: @feralmong most fantasy sites have had trouble today due to a Sydney server going down
poido123: of the other premium backs available, why would you have laird SC lol
frenzy: CD boys looking to pick up Laird cheap in a week or so
heppelitis: bombers fwd line putrid…and we got rid of jenkins
DazBurg: lol wish i had that excuse to use grazzy….sadly just terrible typing is all it is
poido123: laird SC? would think there are better SC premiums lol
j_rulz10: Jenkins captain this week woohoo!!
Roksta: Poido clearly has no idea
eagles86: is somthing wrong with sc scores
Grazz: Cheers Hep, we owe you one mate.
poido123: boyd, rance, gibson, shaw, docherty ftw
Roksta: Jenkins looking for a big contract somewhere by the looks
poido123: @roksta, sitting 157 mate.
heppelitis: Eddie Betts would be ok Grazz…thanks
shaker: No Eagles86 only Lairds
Tigger5: laird>rance and gibson in SC
Torpedo10: Grazz mate, could we grab McGov in return? Looks a jet.
SilverLion: lift laird and joey ffs
Grazz: Haha, can’t give up Eddie mate we love him to much. You’ll be right next year mate.
Grazz: Liking what McGovern has done this year Torp also. Comes from some good stock.
Torpedo10: Hickey frozen in time, 🙁 Probebly regret the trade in now, should’ve downgraded to Gorringe.
frenzy: LeMontagna going backwards, great!!
heppelitis: nice comeback armitage
frenzy: peddle harder m0nty
the spud: mate, could we grab mate we need him mate.
JRedden: montagna gonna be so cheap love it
heppelitis: Poor McCartin…showing good signs tonight…shame
colmullet: glad i traded Kerridge to Montanga this week in DT…
eagles86: on mmy end it says all sc scores are 0
cusch1: Essendon love giving up forwards. First jpod few years ago, then Jenkins and red path all on our vfl list
poido123: whos watching the game? montags look disinterested?
Yelse: where is montagna playing?
_wato: Laird +12dt, equals +6sc? If Shaw has his stats, he’d be on 90 right now
Breezey: Can’t tell Poido123. Haven’t seen him for ages
JButcher: any news when dt will be back?
heppelitis: And Barlow Cusch…biting us on the bum still
poido123: not good breezey. probably gone in for early showers that soft spud
PieBoy: cmon lairdy
sfmmp23: sc scores are 0 again
cusch1: Vfl team is full of talent but we draft the likes of kavanagh instead
Torz: Gees, my premo forwards have struggled this week. Hall, Dusty and now Monty.
the worm: man i wish my team was so stong that kerridge was the worst guy i had to upgrade
Breezey: Jenkins has apparently had massive offer from Brisbane.
SilverLion: get in the game montagna
vartic: I traded Kerridge… wanted to upgrade a player, decided Hewett had more money to make than Kerridge…
sfmmp23: good stuff from joey hopefully the be reaches 200 so he will be cheap for the bye rounds
heppelitis: Eddie Bomber Betts!
Breezey: I’d love a flurry of points from Tom Lynch in the last qtr.
colin wood: Montagna hasn’t been any good since i traded that guy in…
poido123: Hall gone this week. started the year so promising too. montagna still hasn’t moved grr
dipstick: montags 12pts in 1 hour? is he on the field?
mattmac24: Don’t care that
jaxx: only needed Joey to get within 50 of Steven for the win. Just about blown it all by 3QT
Thedude24: Glad Laird messed up. I should win now
mattmac24: Don’t care that Laird only has 2 contested possessions, 23 touches, 5 marks and running at 87% DE is worth more then 52.
poido123: @Breezey, typical Brisbane move. take whatever they can get and overpay
cusch1: I’d hate to have zaha and montags
Breezey: Who would’ve thought D.Talia could rack up this type of score two weeks in a row
poido123: Put montags in the middle. time for some junk
wadaramus: 1.67% very happy JJ owners!
Thedude24: Kerridge has shown enough to keep a spot in our teams I reckon
wadaramus: Carn Sloaney, take that 83 to 110.
Torz: Montagna touched it! But no possession…
LuvIt74: Cmon laird lift
heppelitis: my dt and sc working again
9inch: McGovern only 15sc behind laird with 5 touches lol
blashtroko: monty in the guts
luked98: can someone explain the difference in sc scores between Smith and Laird
Yelse: laird 26 posi at 88 percent for 57 SC is ridiculous
mattmac24: Laird score has to be wrong…
luked98: Lairds had 6 more touch and is going at 88% whilst Smith is going at 55%, what a joke
LuvIt74: I’m on 2197 with Laird on 60 & playing
dipstick: @torz you mean possession but no disposal
poido123: mattmac. cheap, non impact possessions will not score well in SC. amateur hour
frenzy: cheap laird, yum
poido123: looking at about 2250. wonder what par would be this round
Mileroo30: gee was behind by nearly 100 with sloane and laird vs steven and joey, getting real close
LuvIt74: Shocking scores the past few weeks
Jair: Montagna and Laird makes for a bad game for me
awesomeguy: Keep goin rory!!!
the worm: @luked smith has more kicks marks and tackles
JockMcPie: whats the record for SC scaling…Laird due for like 30 extra points…
awesomeguy: look at rory go!
mattmac24: regardless of how important he has been
Sloaneyyyy: I solely blame Zaharakis for any league losses incurred during this weekend.
frenzy: stay cheap Lairdy
Stikman35: Need 120 between montagna and laird.
dipstick: every single crows player outscoring montags. sheesh
mattmac24: his stats are easily worth more then that score
faisca7: whats the record for most Rorys’ in one team?
Stikman35: Up scale laird?
jaxx: when was joey’s last disposal? early in 2Q?
wadaramus: Carn Hickey, at least get half of what Goldy would have scored.
Stikman35: Oh
frenzy: nice sideways Dea to Laird, lol
dipstick: @jax he was on 21 at qtr time
bachi: where is smith?
Torpedo10: Brodie has frozen along with Hickey, looks like I’ll have to set for 2300ish.
JockMcPie: push to 80 Laird…and montagna, please just do something
Viscount: Stickman will be close for you
ryanbob: laird still getting ripped off i see
JockMcPie: better laird…crack the ton if u keep doing that lol
dipstick: must agree. laird 30 touches @85% is getting roped off
Carnster: What a way to end the day, sloane and laird
Sloaneyyyy: is it worth it getting Rockliff in? or is he just going to get injured again
JockMcPie: do not get rockliff. repeat. do not get rockliff
dipstick: AF site down 6 hrs useless flogs!
Mileroo30: yeah totally don’t get rocky. I want him allll to myself
Bazza2014: crystal ball questions @sloaneyyyy
shaker: Seedsman put up with his shower all year and I trade him out this week
tamoz: Come on Steven 13 more points
Sloaneyyyy: why does Seedsman always do this when I have him on the bench…
PureSwag: collingwood suck. repeat. collingwood suck
Grazz: Montags just doesn’t seem to care, can’t be bothered doing anything.
faisca7: Dunno why i still have Gresham but hopefully he starts making me money!
Thedude24: come on steven, give us a 100 in a dirty day
Yelse: montagna touch the ball this quarter?
JockMcPie: ok @PureSwag, thanks for that……
frenzy: stink it up Lairdy
Grazz: He scores
jaxx: omg joey. first +points in an hour haha
superpls10: when you get worse than hall you know you’re bad… thanks montagna
frenzy: Laird sleeping again
dipstick: montage just standing and smoking like a lil girl for 90 mins
Sloaneyyyy: a lot of frees for crows today vs not many for the saints…
cusch1: How bad are Goddard and mccartin injuries
jaxx: Laird on ice. Out for game.
dipstick: *sooking
JRedden: nah im getting rocky in, not risking missing out on his massive scores
tamoz: Well done Steven!
Stst1001: Let’s finish w a sneaky goal Lyons
PureSwag: JRedden I’d wait for more of a price drop
mattmac24: still around 150 points to be allocated
dipstick: LOL wasting trades on rocky. hilarious!!
Grazz: Onya Steven
JockMcPie: dont get rocky in, its just painful. he will get injured again. wait until next year…
mattmac24: @PureSwag.. I guess ou didn’t see his 204? he’s going to rise in price for several weeks!
frenzy: cheap Laird for D6, love it!!
mattmac24: But getting Rocky in is a waste of a trade.. He’s just going to get injured again
wadaramus: How does Henderson have 80% accuracy!
heppelitis: cheers all
Torpedo10: Laird and Smithy are both underscored IMO while the only thing keeping me sane over Hickey is Montags.
PureSwag: @mattmac24 his breakevens is 280
bachi: whats everyone scores looking like this week?
Thedude24: It’s the home crowd coming into play sloaney. Happens everywhere in aus
JRedden: i meant rocky for DT (AF) he’s going up to around 500k this week
dipstick: @mattmac you’re hilarious mate. how many games has rocky missed? LOL
PureSwag: I had my worst week all year i got 2150
Torpedo10: I’ve just finished up on 2330 prescaled @ bachi, seems under par TBH.
MontyJnr: Laird is the worst error I’ve seen from Champion Data
mattmac24: Rocky’s SC breakeven is 120.. straight from the SC page. also he’s missed 5 games with injury
RooBoyStu: @PureSwag bullshower Rocky’s breakeven before this week was 120, he scored 204
Vinstar: Scored 2190 with zaka 20 as c… Hmmm
frenzy: welcome to my team, Lairdy

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