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Chat log from R12 of 2016: Brisbane vs Fremantle

Chat log for Brisbane vs Fremantle, R12 of 2016

J.Worrall: Go Zorkliff
the worm: Go MitchZorkliff Martin-Collins
crazyet23: do a hammy rocky !!!
All Reds: Zorkliff big outing
BenW: After the excitement of WB v PA, good to have a game like this to offset it.
Fatbar5tad: Barlow to Rocky. Make it happen Ross.
Kekkington: inb4 Rocky is injured again
september: Lions by 14 goals
Vinstar: Zorks as vc, do me proud
tbrowne: Come on rich don’t let me down son
desmondo: I reckon the Lions`ll win this…Freo only beat the Bombers reserves last week 😉
King_Robbo: Common Rocky
mason2016: rocky 44 touches 11 tacles 2 points
Yelse: barlow will tag rocky or zorko or rich
JButcher: Tucker Time!
Ben_Gogos: Rockliff just confirmed Robbo to Neale.
RooBoyStu: Freo easy
Thedude24: Please don’t tag rich. Give him a go at it for once!!!!
poido123: lets kill it rocky! 155 guess
Torz: Martin starting forward. Leppa still has no idea.
deanie: VC zorko
Torz: Looks like Barlow has gone to Rich.
Thedude24: Ughhh why do they always tag Rich?? Rocky had 48 touches last week
Yelse: why wouldn’t you tag rocky
Kekkington: I have Rich and Barlow -_-
Tigger5: personally i think when rich is on he does more damage than rocky
Umpirespet: Yeah Torz long day for us with rich think Barlow will towel him up
Roksta: Rocky hard to tag
blashtroko: rocky going for 20 tackles
Willymack1: Does everyone deliberately tag rich to piss supercoach players off
Thedude24: Go rich!!!
Torz: Rich is just the most damaging by foot.
september: Lions by 84
AngryRyno: Robbo don’t tag Neale pls
Torz: What a terrible start for us. Can’t get our hands on it.
meka100: No point tagging Rockliff, has little impact for the amount of possessions he gets
september: It’s raining Goals Here it comess
Kekkington: Barlow not doing a good job though
King_Robbo: You don’t tag rocky because rich can do that
bachi: put the c on neale..
js19: Sorry in advance. I broke Neale today. Made him C as well, so he may not touch it…
blashtroko: Rockliff is still brisbanes best player, just that Rich’s kicks are more damaging
the worm: do people deliberately choose players in SC that get tagged to power themselves off?
Kekkington: @september Salty because you got smashed by the Dockers last week?
AngryRyno: also C bombed Neale so you are double screwed
Umpirespet: No worm but rich was cheap for an 80 AV that’s why I got him will upgrade him after byes
the worm: come on rocky, 10 minutes in and not even close to 50 yet 🙁
Umpirespet: Where’s JAnsen?
Yelse: free players gonna touch the ball
ryanbob: How is that holding the man..he’s been copping the same thing the whole game
Sloaneyyyy: why hasn’t Ross Lyon lost his job yet… using Barlow to tag is such a waste
Thedude24: Rich playing forward. Good move I reckon with the tag
Warney: how did essendon vs melbourne game go kekkington?
Fatbar5tad: Jansen starts with a clangers
the worm: not sure that you can really refer to Essendon as Essendon this year
BoredSaint: lol it was 51-11 disposals before. Brisbane dominating. thats how bad freo are
RooBoyStu: Seen enough of this shower game, off to Etihad early for some pre game frothies, Go Roos!
Sloaneyyyy: I also wish they’d give Stef Martin a month off, so I have an excuse to trade him, instead of putting up with this
kangawalla: Good luck RooBoy
THESKUNK: WTF Barlow tagging again what a crock!
Gebs: get some zork on your fork!
Ben_Gogos: The difference with Barlow this week is that he’s having to play a fair bit of defence as Rich has gone forward.
BoredSaint: hahaha of course i have collins on the field and tucker on the bench.. rip
poido123: missed tackle for blakely
Gebs: @ bored saint i think most of us do
bachi: well another week ruined by poor captain choice
Sloaneyyyy: get a move on Rocky… should be at about 60 by now
frenzy: a rookie mistake @ boredsaint, Lol
Kootafides: Neale captain FML
Raspel31: Thrilled I capped Neale for the first time-simply over the moon.
THESKUNK: neal did this a couple weeks ago and then went nuts
Mallon13: lets go rocky!! show me i havent made a 3rd mistake in trading you in
FREODUCK: neale captain yay
TheWarden : Rookie mistake frenzy? Who would know tucker would play well
Tigger5: have they released barlow?
mason2016: give martin an icicle
King_Robbo: Someone at CD traded in neale this week. . Lol
SaintsMan: hahah wtf frenzy
Maerzy: I agree with u TheWarden
tbrowne: Oh okay barlow out of no where
MrRioli15: agree warden
faisca7: i think frenzy was just being punny
Sloaneyyyy: come on Lions
crazyet23: bout time for a rocky hammy….
Mallon13: held and held martin in the hope he would return…he is going
Thedude24: Wow jansen. Just brought him in -.-
frenzy: a decent coach, HAHAHA. I was just joking @ the warden
Krispin_35: Get in the contest Zorks don’t disappoint me as vc
heppelitis: martin is the iceberg that sank the titanic
poido123: rocl;iff less time on ground? not a good sign
DrSeuss: Martin is killing me – not sure if I should blame him, Trent West or that genius coach Leppa!
Mallon13: rocky to fire next quarter
TheWarden : Just making sure frenzy a few spuds think they know when a player is going to dominate
Ben_Gogos: @DrSeuss the decision to play West has killed his output
frenzy: they’re the decent coaches
CrowEaters: Neale killing my team today
kangawalla: @the dude, if its any comfort, Jansen has a BE of -122. So already going up in value. No other positives to offer.
Tim Tam: err, maybe it’s only me, but Tucker is a half back flanker, Collins a lockdown defender?
Maerzy: I need Spurr to Heat up like he did in 2014 when he won
Torz: Rocky went down briefly. Heart in mouth stuff.
TheWarden : Haha @maerzy
Sloaneyyyy: ffs Stef… one handball in a quarter.. what’s happened buddy?
CrowEaters: Rocky went down but beat Clubber Lang in the rematch.
willywalks: might as well give stef the crab icon Ben… glad i traded him out 2 weeks ago, pity he cost me near 200k
JockMcPie: Jansen lol….
frenzy: stef martin is having a real jesse stringer type game
nbartos: Rocky muppet
Sloaneyyyy: who is Freo’s captain for this game?
Umpirespet: Jansen could be my worst ever scoring player in sc at this rate
nbartos: Twice
Maerzy: Zac Dawson
Ben_Gogos: @willywalks looking that way
TheWarden : Mundy @sloanyyy
Torz: Mundy is our regular captain Sloaney.
JockMcPie: get involved zorko
nbartos: Mundy is the capt Sloanney
heppelitis: may as well give me the crab icon too…for suffling sideways and too slow to move him on
SaintsMan: big mistake captaining zorko
ryanbob: Come on Neale, I’ve cursed him!
superpls10: nah get involved and get accurate zorko
kangawalla: Has Zorko gone into witness protection? Nowhere to be seen in Q2
superpls10: get accurate and more involved works
the worm: get involved zorko?…he has 9 touches in just over a quarter
faisca7: choosing to bring in neale over pendles this week may have been a bad decision..
BallHog: Martin, time to get a mountain flowering touch
JockMcPie: hes done nothing this quarter lol, thats what i mean…
BallHog: or a few kicks…
CrowEaters: Give Neale the spud & the Superman to Robinson
vamos77: zorko less prolific with Rockliff back in form
JRedden: zorkos fine, he scores 20 points in a minute
mattmac24: Just traded in Neale..
JRedden: why did i start jansen over mills
All Reds: big call trading in jansen after 1 game
nbartos: Rocky just stick to the game mate – get on with it
bachi: traded in neale and captained him surely they stop tagging him now
Raspel31: Nealeascap just aint getting any better sob
kosduras: gotta be said, robinson one of the best taggers this year. kept a few good players down and racked up possies
ryanbob: Curse you neale
Sloaneyyyy: bloody hell Lions… do something
Mallon13: lets go rocky!!!
thommoae: Rucks are all going great guns here
mattmac24: Getting Tucker’s score due to Adams being a late out though
the worm: you’d hate to have gotten burnt by zaha as C last week ans then jump onto Neale
Mallon13: hurts even more to trade dea to suckling this week 🙁
willywalks: thought i was clever trading in walters a few weeks back, ugh… he’s gone post bye rounds
CrowEaters: Need Neale to have 30 possetions in 2nd half
King_Robbo: Wow Brisbane are horrible
AngryRyno: surely the tag will drop off after HT
Sloaneyyyy: at least Rocky improved his TOG this quarter
CrowEaters: & 4 goals
Yelse: dea to collins killing me:(((
JockMcPie: its not really a “tag” as much as just a run-with role
DrSeuss: Come on Rocky – need you to make up for Stef Martin
Umpirespet: Yep robbing they are only time I think we will ever agree lol
frenzy: barlow goes ok at the caper @ kosduras
Viscount: Ok Collins, now is your chance. Lift!
THESKUNK: blimey people still have S martin!?
thommoae: I went Trengove to Tucker – not as painful as I thought it was going to be at this point.
Umpirespet: King Robbo*
Sloaneyyyy: @TheSkunk: Had too many other problems to get rid of, so yeah still got him
Krispin_35: Keep going zorko just get some more contested ball
nbartos: Freo kids killin it tank tank not working Ross
Sloaneyyyy: and if the stats are right, 1 in 5 AF teams still have him too
Umpirespet: Jansen on sc has a 700% improvement this qtr
THESKUNK: @sloany i took at big $$$ hit on j
THESKUNK: i dumped him but cost me $$$$$
JockMcPie: can we all will jansen to 50 this game…
Tigger5: come back to find barlow on 66 sc, nice
DrSeuss: Time for Leppa to look for a new job
Fatbar5tad: Natives getting the pitchforks and torches ready at the Gabba….
roshanetw: brisbane players are a bunch of coach killers, no one wants it apart from rocky, zorko, and hanley
Umpirespet: Crowd booing lions at 1/2 time
roshanetw: Dr Seuss, yea fair call, but I reckon the players aren’t pulling their weight either
Sloaneyyyy: Stef martin tripled his output this quarter… let’s hope this trend continues
BallHog: Martin – kick, mark, tackle, goal and repeat pls. Drift wood. Pft resting ruck! Wake up!
King_Robbo: Leppa is a spud of a coach. Who would want to play for him? He has the iq of a carrot
desmondo: OMG…how bad are the Lions?…looking forward to the Bombers playing them…we can win our 2nd game for the year 😉
Jukes82: you’re a muppet if you still have stef martin
BoredSaint: is neale injured or something?!
bachi: lions you are getting smashed anyway so let neale get the flowering ball
the worm: if brissy was just a boys club where mates get hired to coach you think we’d have seen loads of players leave by now
PieBoy: onya mayney
theuncle: Neil isn’t injured Robo is just to good for him
Jukes82: what ppl doing with the C. I might loophole danger, still have hanners and pendles tomorrow
Yelse: anyone know why marcus adam got dropped?
BallHog: fair call @jukes would have loved that luxury trade this week
THESKUNK: loving barlows score
Shaundog: So happy I put Collins on the field and benched Dea good one idiot
Jukes82: adams has a fractured finger
theuncle: Barlow has a good score but not doin that great on Rich, Compared to Robo on Neil
Jukes82: oops my bad thats wrong, forget what i said about adams :/
Umpirespet: @Shaundog I have Jansen and Collins so don’t feel so bad
frenzy: have you taken a peep at the scoreboard Uncle
JockMcPie: robinson just about most underrated player in the AFL, its just that he plays for brisbane
Umpirespet: Lol the recruit is back and MAlthouse is the coach
anthsill03: no way he is over rated, does not have football brain…and i’m not just saying that because i support the blues
Purplewiz: Mayne can’t kick…rubbish
cusch1: Can’t wait to see the winner be delisted after one season again umpspet
Umpirespet: Would anyone draft them with Malthouse coaching them? Why won’t Malthouse just retire
JRedden: zorko going insane already 20 this quarter
blashtroko: Is that jordna lewis wearing number 8 in maroon?
bachi: neale kick 5 please
cusch1: They get a spot on ports list so are they really winners here?
Tigger5: zorko getting robbed in sc
Grazz: Tagging should be outlawed haha sob sob.
Viscount: Calling Mr S. Collins. Appreciate your efforts re: S. Martin. Can you find the pill for yourself?
LuvIt74: freo will lose this
Emmaw: Neale really!!!
crazyet23: yep, let get it collins
Emmaw: Adams was sick btw
All Reds: just a bug emma?
tbrowne: I love how my only 2 players plying are barlow and rich and they’re both playing on eachother whilst scoring bulk points
blashtroko: The lions bottom 16-17 are what make them a poor side
Emmaw: Yep think so
jfitty: Give Keays the wall.. Barely seen him
chris7399: Not really. They have no one in the Top 50 disposal list. Their bottom 5 is average but the Top 5 is mediocre too
CrowEaters: Neale has sunk th Bismark
cadelcamac: anyone else have the VC on Rocky and spewing with his SC scaling?
Emmaw: Had VC on Neale and spewing about everything
JockMcPie: all of brisbanes scaling is shocking coz of their DE
Yelse: tucker and barlow keep going
heppelitis: west and martin fighting eachother for best brissy ruck..check their scores
SaintsMan: zorko sc ridiculous !!!!
ryanbob: Zorko getting a bit robbed?
nbartos: Great call Luvit
bachi: neale won’t even get to 50
Shaundog: Who should I trade in out of montagna, buddy or Tippett?
DrSeuss: Anyone else notice the momentum go back to Freo when West went back into the ruck…..Leppa?
kangawalla: Montagna @ shaundog
Emmaw: maybe 51 bachi
Thedude24: Finally rich has a good game whilst copping a tag
Emmaw: buddy for sure.. is due for some big ones
JockMcPie: joey will drop in price, get him once he hits form
AngryRyno: Neale will ton from here boys
Emmaw: need neale to do a selwood
Paul105: Here comes neale.. push on mate!!
Sloaneyyyy: rocky impressive at only 75% game time
mattmac24: 60+ point quarter from Neale please..
Shaundog: Ok I guess buddy it is then
T-Mac: Blakely 44 from 22 disposals is annoying me
JockMcPie: cmon dorko get 40+ SC this quarter, barlow is having a great game
CrowEaters: mattmac24 I need 80+ form Neale in the last
mattmac24: CrowEasters, I just want him to hit 100
cadelcamac: that’s a good point sloaneyyyy…hadn’t considered that! Doing well considering
heppelitis: Buddy is more fun and frustrating to watch for sure
Emmaw: Buddy game superstar
nbartos: Rocky again turnover goal Freo x 3
Yelse: tucker has stopped. hardly moved since mid 2nd quarter
thommoae: Tucker and Blakely plenty of Pine time.
ryanbob: How is zorko only 65?
CrowEaters: mattmac24 100 will do
Tigger5: beats me @ryanbob
Emmaw: because they losing by 12 goals!!
Yelse: is leppa actually coaching or just standing there
heppelitis: easy answer @ryanbob….he is my capt for this week
thommoae: Leppa’s dual ruck system has been a dud for weeks now.
myteamsuks: Both Barlow and Zorko 87 % de. Yet 30 points sc diff. Doesn’t matter if they are winning or losing
DrSeuss: That is Leppa coaching Yelse. As a Lions fan he must be close to gone
CrowEaters: Yelse Leppa should suit up and head down to full back, couldn’t do any worse than the crew that have their
Emmaw: keays looking like a captain loophole
tbrowne: Yeah but barlow 11 CP and zorko 5
Yelse: @drseuss i heard that leppa will be there till end of next year. your president confirmed that
tbrowne: I hate how all you crybabies sook about the scoring in sc? Learn the scoring system noobs it’s not like CD rig the game.
Tigger5: mathieson should probably get a look in next week
myteamsuks: Keays is playing , how can he be captain loophole
myteamsuks: @tbrowne thats the explanation I needed
heppelitis: Stiff Martin resurrecting himself to a sc of 65
colin wood: Where the hell is Hanley??
Emmaw: in games to come myteamsucks
Tigger5: think he insinuating he’s going to be dropped @myteamsuks
frenzy: ton up barlow FFS
tbrowne: All you guys have got to do is go through all the stats haha, sorry for getting mad but its getting annoying
cusch1: Brisbane getting booed right now. This is ugly for qld football. Very ugly
cadelcamac: Rocky having a huge last quarter!!
Emmaw: Think we all get it @tbrowne
DrSeuss: @yelse hopefully that means he is gone!!
the worm: @tbrowne but who decided whether something is contested or not?
myteamsuks: It’s fine I just didn’t think he had to do with whether the team was winning or losing. And I don’t look at CD stats
casey22: My favourite mad footballer, Mitch!
colin wood: Hanley for 30 touches.. Gone.. 21 at the 5 minute of the 3rd and the awesome coach puts him up forward..
THESKUNK: rocky go my son
ryanbob: Neale didn’t that kick in even though it was playing on?
frenzy: mother Tucker, speaking of which, whats for dinner
JockMcPie: zorko needs to junk it up, score two goals or something
Fatbar5tad: Collins. Of course I have Dea on the bench.
tbrowne: @the worm I think they’re pretty easy going with that stat mate
PieBoy: onya robi
Thedude24: Leppa gonna be under serious pressure now. Destroyed at their homeground against 3rd last.
Sloaneyyyy: I just didn’t believe that the dockers could win 2 in a row…
JRedden: rocky captain in DT amazing
tbrowne: I think Zorko’s scoring will stay at that 85 -100 marl now that rocky is back
bones351: He’s getting them a better draft pick though dude
poido123: risk pays off. thankyou rocky 🙂
colin wood: Come on Hanley!! 2 more touches for $683 return!!!
frenzy: Barlow MIA
Emmaw: Risk not over….
tbrowne: 1 more colin
cadelcamac: what was the bet colin wood?
casey22: Rocky, best pig going around
cusch1: #freekickfremantle umps were the difference today with such lopsided fk count
poido123: you would think rockys supercoach would scale up a bit
cadelcamac: I hope it does a bit more.
colin wood: 3 leg multi. Jordan Lewis, Hanley both for 30 touches and Tigers to win tomoz
tbrowne: Wow colin nice bet mate haha
Emmaw: @cusch1 dont think free kicks would make that kind of difference
poido123: i like yor chances collinwood
ryanbob: Got Dahl in last week and neale this week, not a great start for both…
cusch1: Emmaw you must be new here
the worm: shame the tiges will let u down
frenzy: pls post this weeks ryanbob
Emmaw: Nope
colin wood: Pisser!! Where was that 30th touch?? Lol
kangawalla: colinwood, if the Tiges let you down you can drive the tip truck with the chicken manure into the Punt rd driveway
cadelcamac: geez cutting it fine colin. Might pay handsome dividends though!
ryanbob: Frenzy I’m making danger c so steer clear!
cadelcamac: haha I will be too..even more reason to steer clear!
cadelcamac: Rockliff = 34 disposals (14 kicks, 20 handballs), 8 marks, 9 tackles, 8 contested possessions @ 100 SC points

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