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Chat log from R10 of 2016: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Chat log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R10 of 2016

desmondo: kolodjashnij out (ill)
boges11: Now I get a doughnut
King_Robbo: The flat trackers by how much?
Sloaneyyyy: a big F.U to Kolodjashnij… the one positive being he can’t lose any money I suppose – first one i’m rage trading
SilverLion: Willis worth looking at in SC this week if he holds his spot?
Pokerface: he might not hold his spot but he will hold the door
wadaramus: Hall band aid already!
SaintsMan: what happened to hall?
Torz: Gold pokerface.
circle52: Dumped on his shoulder early. Shoulder that he had hurt previously
ShavedApe: Hall Shoulder
SilverLion: So I’ve lost Goldstein, Hall and T. Adams? Deleting account now.
AngryRyno: damn it, is he off?
Stst1001: Hall bandaid already wtf
Jair: Nice Pokerface
Bazza2014: looked more like right ribs that he was holding
CrowEaters: Hall; soft
All Reds: solid 4 for Hall
AngryRyno: Goldy is a “certain starter” next week
SaintsMan: hall back on
Stst1001: Let me see that score tick up from 4 hally
circle52: Muppet for Hill did not pass
circle52: Why do not umpire pay deliberate when kicking into forward 50 but pay when out of defence
Stst1001: Cmon priddis start racking them up
9inch: Ablett 2 touches pfft
JanathF: keep going priddis
circle52: Hall back down the race
Willymack1: Hall you soft cock
RooBoyStu: Hall you flowring spud stay injured, better off with you out
Jukes82: Hall is done for the game imo
JButcher: Lonergan wtf are you doing???
DrSeuss: Hall Wright and Ablett – Another wtf week
PieBoy: cmon hally
SaintsMan: ablett not going that bad
9inch: Stay down there Hall.
ShavedApe: As far as I’m concerned Hall just needs to earn as close to Break Even as possible so I can trade without too much loss.
Pokerface: -1 sc?? what you talking bout willis?
AngryRyno: Ryan Davis ton on the way hahaha
ShavedApe: His shoulder looks to be made of glass at the moment.
JRedden: i can not believe i started sumner over davis…
wadaramus: Come on Priddis, get into gear.
SilverLion: On ya Davis
DanBlack: What has happened to Hall lads? Out for the game?
AngryRyno: Hall update please
Chelskiman: Hall out for the game would be fantastic for me. Would give me certain wins in all my leagues.
SaintsMan: who ever got rid of gaz is seriously a dud
Stst1001: Hall seems rather static
Bazza2014: my opp has Gaz on the bench, and he wont play.
SilverLion: Is Hall alive?
Stikman35: Ablett. Ha. Those who doubt shall receive the wrath of fantasy footy gods.
ShavedApe: Hall just back on now WING
PieBoy: onya hally
Stikman35: Pies cooked. Hence I’m here.
benzammit: Yeah you don’t trade out A+ players, guys got rid of Pendles too.
SaintsMan: keep going gaz u gun
benzammit: Good to see Hall trickling again.
AngryRyno: every point counts Aaron, do what you can
Chelskiman: Who traded out Pendles? lmao
9inch: 1 bump or hard tackle and hall is gone. Just take him off now.
SaintsMan: does hall go this week guys?
Fatbar5tad: Hall has to go I think.
crazyet23: capt. kennedy looking good so far….
Chelskiman: Keep going Gaz. A solid 95-100 would be a good score from you this week.
ajconodie: Inb4 Doggie supporters.
Chelskiman: Oh god, please don’t bring that Pies/Dogs debate here.
Bazza2014: @chels lol
SilverLion: $ sign for Davis?
Fatbar5tad: Lonergan you’re killing me. Back to spudding it up again.
Roksta: Robbie Gray or Ablett in next week?
Stikman35: No chelski. I won’t. Will Ablett deserve a C in future after this game?
JRedden: might trade hall to mont/reiwoldt
Stst1001: hall I need you to come through with a 75 for me can you do that buddy?
Roksta: Carlton would love jjk right now
boges11: Most teams would love JJK now
stuballs: C on Kennedy on debut oh sheet
Harmes37: as ythe doggies would love ward right now lol
the worm: Hall went to the dusty school of junkology, he will et his stats
colin wood: Rather pointless point Rocksta
Roksta: True boges
JButcher: Dusty School of junkology: famous alumni include junktime betts and dangerjunk
Stikman35: I’d like Gray. But that would shift blakely to bench.maybe Blicavs can poq
DanBlack: Jordan Lewis is a senior lecturer at the Dusty School of Junkology
snake_p: jimmy bartel is Dean of that uni
wadaramus: Love the junkology graduates 🙂
King_Robbo: Jimmy Bartel defiantly heads the junk lord kings
44snub: Where’s the go button for 3rd quarter
heppelitis: i got hall and 15 vs jjk…whos gonna win?….lol
Roksta: If jack Martin can knuckle down will become a great player
Stikman35: R. Davis. Reverse junk?
Chelskiman: Captain Bartel: The First Junker
eagles86: is ther somthing wrong with the scores
Stikman35: If I had an xtra 5 thou would have put kennydi in for whoever .. Flower.
King_Robbo: Malceski WAS a junk lord until he became an out and out potato
proudyy: King_Robbo you have as much of a clue about football as you do friends, 0 #virgin
Chelskiman: Go Gaz! 15 points in a second then! 😛
eagles86: think this site is a little bit behind
King_Robbo: Proudy sounds a little bitter lol
Viscount: heppelitis you made me laugh
Stikman35: How does cole look?
armalitemk: King_Robbo how many people do you have to alienate before you realise you are a small human??
grossn: oi admins you ban people for less than Robbo has done, what’s with the bias
Stikman35: Looking for a few downgrades before byes…
northernstar: Hall looks okay to me. Time to supeecoach mate!!!
armalitemk: King_Robbo has paid his fees it’s hard to ban someone that pays for your product is all I can say.
Stikman35: Gazza
ryanbob: What’s wrong with halls sc score? 71% isn’t that bad
LuvIt74: Hall is killing me
SaintsMan: that was a goal to gaz, ridiculous
SaintsMan: sc isn’t updating
Bazza2014: cloke could be a good pick up this week.
Pokerface: how many of those possessions are contested ryanbob?
heppelitis: thats it hall….50 more hit outs please
LuvIt74: Im watching the womans surfing this game is shocking.
Stikman35: Ooh cole
DZL7: surprised King_Robbo aint banned yet whats going on with that.. tthink i may just win my SC match
Stikman35: Luv you’re transiti
DanBlack: Hall got a jab during the break. Looks ready to go
King_Robbo: Why would I get banned? Just stating that ill enjoy a celebratory beer tonight
LuvIt74: @DZL7 King Idiot more like it. Never knew doggies supporters to sound so embarrassing until today.
armalitemk: /ignore add King_Robbo
King_Robbo: Good to see Gaz back!
Stikman35: Going to call my dogs turds k Robo. They are runny and smelly.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
RooBoyStu: what’s going on with the sc scores? all flowered not updating
boges11: Captained JJK in my matchday team. Happy days
grossn: @Robbo “respect other posters”
ryanbob: No idea how many cp on phone. Still, just cos it’s uncontested doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get points lol
Stikman35: Robbo. Doggies are cool. So is ablett.
LuvIt74: lol stikman
9inch: Damn needed hall off.
benty691: sc scores aren’t updating
colin wood: Um did they put a pause on Halls SC score? Guess CD have traded him out of their sides?
AngryRyno: are these SC scores right? Hurn 15 touches and a goal at 80% for 26 points? LOL
ryanbob: Damn theydon’t like hall today, didn’t even get a point for scoring a behind
Bazza2014: SC scores must be out of whack, lecras, sheppard, hall, Hurn wtf???
CrowEaters: need Priddis to ouy score Ablett bt 38
heppelitis: hall got more tape than a brashs store
Pokerface: they havent updated since half time ryno
LuvIt74: Its the FF site, SC scores are not updating. Relax all
crazyet23: SC scores havent adjusted since half time……
Jukes82: no SC isn’t working this 1/4 don’t have a panic attack
King_Robbo: I’m pretty sure if ‘respect other posters’ was enforced their would be a few magpie supporters banned
eagles86: sc scores are out
SaintsMan: luvit, u reckon gaz is on about 90 odd?
ryanbob: That makes sense lol
DZL7: Ablett, Nait and Priddis 100+ each please
frenzy: m0nty on auto pilot again
Stikman35: Need priddis to get on fanfooty and have a.cup of tea.
AngryRyno: CD is broke, not FF
T-Mac: What scores are people looking at?
Pokerface: so that means lonergan might be nearing his ton then??
colin wood: Robbo, give it a rest hey?
King_Robbo: Go hall! Repay the faith son
LuvIt74: Dunkley from the dogs is gonna make some good coin
Stikman35: Cmon ablett
DZL7: @T_Mac horrible week for me looing at 2,100 in SC
SaintsMan: what a quarter hall
armalitemk: m0nty has enough to do already without dealing with perpetuate children like his royal highness King_Robbo
DZL7: looking*
CrowEaters: Take Ablett off
Bazza2014: your a broken record on dunkley, luvit 5th time ive heard it
wadaramus: Cmon Priddis.
colin wood: heart symbol for Hall me thinks.
Stikman35: Oh. Priddis over hundred. Game over.
ShavedApe: Excellent Hall get some cheapies, you’re out this round.
Bazza2014: perpetuate???
heppelitis: wadaramus..seb who was ordinary this week….haha
9inch: Hall racking em up someone give him a knock ffs
the worm: best sc in my league is something like 2000 with jk gaz hall to go
Bazza2014: dont you mean petulant?
Bazza2014: #gohall
King_Robbo: Spell check or a lack of education?
armalitemk: @Bazza2014 from the phone brother 🙂 thanks suggestive text 🙂
Bazza2014: bit of both
JRedden: well if gaff wasnt out, i’d be on 2300 for AF
AngryRyno: here are some SC scores! Hall 39SC, Ryan Davis 71SC,
Bazza2014: its not as if you need to be a member of Mensa to be on FF site
King_Robbo: Hall for the heart- mighty effort!
Bazza2014: lol@ armalitemk
Kekkington: I’m assuming Halls score is incorrect?
Stikman35: I’m edumicated.
wadaramus: 91 isn’t too shabby Hepp!
ScootD: maybe he meant prepubescent
PieBoy: onya hally
AngryRyno: if you need a SC score, ask and I’ll go find it
Bazza2014: have all your teeth Stikman?
Mcswains: Ablett sc?
Viscount: thanks AngryRyno
SilverLion: Angry, quick update on GAJ if possible?
myteamsuks: You know SC SCORES haven’t updated when Nicnat has had 7 possessions and only on 58 sc
Team Flog: hurn nic nat kk scores please
wadaramus: Back to the old days, requesting SC scores! Ablett is on 100!
boges11: Bit rough giving Lecca the downhill skiier. This whole match has been downhill.
tbrowne: nic nat, gaj, hall, priddis thx angry
AngryRyno: I’ve tried to post Ablett’s SC multiple times now, it isn’t coming up
DZL7: SC score on Priddis Naitanui and GAJ please and thanks
Mcswains: You beauty!! Good stuff Gazza
SaintsMan: hall 40 sc everyone
SilverLion: Those people who traded Davis must be regretting it right now.
stuballs: Kennedy?
SaintsMan: priddis 74 sc, nic nat 83 sc
gunners23: priddis sc?
Viscount: Hi angry, Lycett please?
ScootD: SC score for Ablett is 100
Smithy1: My super coach live scores has stopped working after half time, can someone please tell me what Abllett, kennedy and nic
Jackwatt$: NicNat must be on more than 58SC. I’ve seen him fart at least 3 times this quarter!
DZL7: thanks @SaintsMan
AngryRyno: Scott Lycett seventy-three SuperCoach
Pokerface: lecras and lonergan please? thanks guys
ScootD: considering I traded Davis to Rockliff, I’d say there’s certainly some regret there
gunners23: thx saintsman
Chelskiman: 115+ would be nice, Gaz!
AngryRyno: Lecca sixty-seven
Stikman35: I do silverlion… But I thew blakely in. Stupid error. Bit of a wasted trade.
Thedude24: Whats hall on in sc? Still says 15 for me although I just watched him have a massive quarter
AngryRyno: J Lonergan thirty-five
wadaramus: Frenchy 67. Lonergan 35.
AngryRyno: Hall forty SuperCoach
boges11: My regret is having Davis on the bench with Petracca on the field this week
Pokerface: thx ryno
gunners23: need priddis to get less than 20 in the last 1/4…this will be tough
Viscount: thanks angry
THESKUNK: hall on 40 sc
Pokerface: and wada
THESKUNK: ablett 100 sc
IHateChat: Turn?
IHateChat: Hurn?
LuvIt74: NicNat?
frenzy: Lol Turn
ryanbob: Lol how is Davis nearly 40 points better than hall with similar output
Viscount: tell me about it Boges and dunkley 86 on the bench
colin wood: davis 12 touches at 66% surely taking the piss?
Torz: Cue Heart for Hall.
wadaramus: Bunger Hurn struggling on 46sc.
myteamsuks: Yep I had Dunkley and Davis on bench and petracca and B Kennedy on field
colin wood: agree ryanbob, guess is CD have him on their grounds this weekend.
boges11: Viscount I put Ruggles on the field, so with KK late out I get a doughnut
wadaramus: HOORAY, SC scores are back, thanks m0nty!
redhotesh: hall lift
chris7399: someone should do a points per minute calculation for players. nicnat’s would be so high
wadaramus: Come on Gary, get to 125sc!
AngryRyno: there is a PPM on the SC site
crazyet23: comon kennedy, dont slow down now…………
DanBlack: How much are tuition fees for the rest of my team to go to Dusty’s School of Junkology?
LuvIt74: Hall’s SC is corrupt when comparing to Davis, despite Davis 5 tackles, coz hall’s possies r by foot
DZL7: worth getting JJK next week? always been a bit wary on tall fwds
the worm: @ dan, no money, you just pay with emotional damage
JButcher: I would play a $300 fee for Lynch, darling and lonergan to attend the school
frenzy: hahahaha m0nty
Pokerface: luvit – hall hasn’t been contested all day
ryanbob: Yeah halls sc is an absolute joke
vartic: always said if there’s any key forward worth having it’s jjk, got him as captain today
J.Worrall: Gogo Gary!
m0nty: dho!
Pokerface: and only one tackle
Gordo450: Permanent Vulture for LeCras…How about, Le Carcass?
Pokerface: early in the season when hall was good he was a tackle machine.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Malceski centres from the BP but Hill cuts it off at the hotspot and makes him pay with a goal.
frenzy: dho wtf Lol, Doh
ryanbob: Just because it’s uncontested doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be awarded points lol
snake_p: Monty I think you deserve a muppet for that muppet
heppelitis: like thats gonna happen snake!
wadaramus: GC competing fairly well, most were thinking massive destroyation, could still happen I suppose!
Pokerface: lol true ryanbob but he was getting double figure tackles early in the season.
wadaramus: Fair Dinkum Priddis, you are a premium, act like one!
snake_p: probably not hepp would be good to see “Monty” in green
cusch1: Can someone tell me why hurns supercoach is always so low compared to dt?
Chelskiman: Hall doing a Barlow here.
ryanbob: Ablett you beauty, hopefully that week off will help him till the byes
heppelitis: been a long weekend for poor old m0nty
Yelse: just logged on this game why is hall score so low SC
ShavedApe: Come on Nic Nat keep going
tamoz: Almost there Hall!
PT74: Heart for hall
Pokerface: gun for gaz.
frenzy: wish I had a long weekend
Roksta: There has been some massive discrepancies with CD this week
ryanbob: Not too sure yelse, it’s very frustrating
frenzy: atlas GAJ
Hoot: Had higher hope for Priddis but 100 will do
JockMcPie: need priddis to outscore nicnat…damn
cusch1: Needed hurn to beat gaj by 15. If only i played dudteam then id have a half chance
Choppy: good gazza
Tommo2909: I agree with the atlas
boges11: Cmon Eagles. Foot on the throat
the worm: about 13% of people traded gaz out last week across all comps
Yelse: and wtf is with R davis score? 12 possies 90 SC geezzzzzz
Pokerface: yes atlas
Team Flog: Needed JK and NicNat to beat Hurn by 135 🙂
boges11: I traded GAj to Sidebum. Similar scores w/o the headache of wondering if he will play each week
Chelskiman: Lol @ people trading Gaz out.
bigbaddasa: and that is why you stick with guns and dont wastes trades, go GAJ
frenzy: atlas gun same thing
Team Flog: to beat Robbo in SC
colin wood: Davis Sc is a complete joke… making a mockery of the SC scoring system…
LuvIt74: @bigbaddasa that is a stupid trade mate
Willymack1: If davis is on 87 hall should be 95
proudyy: nic nat and hall 19 more points between you please!
LuvIt74: @bigbaddasa Sorry that was meant foboges11
a1trader: need 489 from Kennedy (C) and Gaz and Redden
Mcswains: don’t cry colin wood lol i like it 🙂
bigbaddasa: what stupid trade?
ShavedApe: Nic Nat spending last qtr time on the pine again
bigbaddasa: lol….all good
boges11: Not when he’s in and out of the side LuvIt74. At the end of the year Sidey will have more points
Bazza2014: good trade i reckon , GAJ is a week by week prop, he’s 32 and crumbling, id rather sidebum as well
LuvIt74: It is a total load of BS regardless of contested or not in this case Re: Davis SC score compared to Hall’s
Stikman35: Well done hall
DanBlack: Proud of you, Hall
Roksta: Glad I kept Davis
PieBoy: onya hally
LuvIt74: @boges11 he got out of the side due to concussion mate. Its a stupid sideways trade
frenzy: wet toast seagulls on the flat track
colin wood: go to bed McSwains
boges11: Concussion and shoulder and niggles and….
myteamsuks: Ablett average sc 114 now. Wouldn’t call that crumbling
the worm: sidebottom has only missed 9 of the last 30
heppelitis: bye bye stef m
Bazza2014: lot of negativity tonight, was it because of the pies sapping loss due to injuries or they lost at the G?/
LuvIt74: @boges11 GAJ only missed last week m8
SilverLion: Atlas for GAJ.
Mcswains: lmao not far away old mate!!
boges11: myteamsuks I am talking about AF
Choppy: cant be trading GAJ out, sideways trades get you nowhere
LuvIt74: @Bazza im a doggies fan m8 and the dogs played the worst footy in a long time, if pies didn’t have injuries we would of
Stikman35: Ge’ez Baz. I loved the pies effort. E xterior negativity to pies.
LuvIt74: got smashed by the pies
LuvIt74: Hall’s score needs to be scalled big time
SilverLion: Doing my first sideways trade of the year this week: T.Adams for R.Gray. Get the feeling thats a winner, no?
Stikman35: Adams Injured
boges11: I don’t like sideways trades but with all the carnage the other week it had to be done. Happy with Sidey and think my te
LuvIt74: @Silver thats not a sideways trade considering Adams will be out for weeks
heppelitis: is stef m…to anyone a sideways trade worth doing?
boges11: …team is more solid for it
LuvIt74: @heppelitis only if u went to goldy this week as his price dropped $150k but other then that don’t do it. how serious is

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