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Chat log from R10 of 2016: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R10 of 2016

Lachie.BT: letss gooo pies!!
King_Robbo: C’mon dogs!!
Roksta: Go dogs
pies13: carn pies!
Bazza2014: cmon mcrae
Bazza2014: cmon madams and mcrae, bring me home baby!
Torz: Surely high on Hunter.
JButcher: Cmon Wallis
Chelskiman: Need Treloar and Boyd to stay down.
SilverLion: Cmon Captain Pendlebury!
Bazza2014: Go Mcrae!
Torz: Biggs has averaged about 50 since I got him in. :/
ajconodie: Great stuff Pendles you chiseled individual.
_wato: Penddddddddles
pies13: well done pendles go pies!!
Chelskiman: Slow dow, Treoar! My opponent has you captain.
Stikman35: Hearing you Torz
SilverLion: Would I be an idiot to do: Smith and Kerridge for R.Gray and Mathieson. Which would put Libba/Blicavs as m9?
ajconodie: That’s not like Stringer to go for glory.
JButcher: Kerridge has definitely done his time and Mathieson looks exciting @SilverLion
Chelskiman: Well Treloar is gonna smash Neale at this rate. Not what I need today.
benzammit: Dunk let finally warming my bench well done son of a gun
Krispin_35: All my dogs Dahl Boyd and libba being shit on by SuperCoach
Chelskiman: Anyone know Boyd’s BE?
LuvIt74: Greenwood doing a gr8 job on Bontempelli
Viscount: Hey sc where are you?
ajconodie: If someone has 2 emergencies and one of those emergencies isn’t playing, do they get the zero, or the other score?
LuvIt74: other score
King_Robbo: Gee we have butchered some opps going forward, should be a few goals in front
Bulky: Bullies handling big Cox well.
LuvIt74: its only when they play u get the lowest score of the two
dipstick: yep, big cox get beaten at the moment. lift. need a 70+
Breezey: Pipsqeuak Daniel comes into remonstrate
LuvIt74: @King should be but the Pies are doing quite well shutting us down as much as i hate to say it.
Bulky: Bullies sucking big Cox out of the forward line.
Bazza2014: dogs wasting it going fwd
blashtroko: any chance of a tackle pendles
LuvIt74: Dogs keep kicking it to the opposition ffs. They need to get composed. Same as last week
dipstick: is this the superman trilogy or what. massive scores
LuvIt74: The Bont has been completely shut down
LuvIt74: @dipstick great game by the blues m8. 5 straight now unreal
dipstick: blues more heart than a deck of cards of late with injuries during games
grossn: Blues lost last week
Roksta: Quack goes Adams
Chelskiman: Keep going Dollhouse!
LuvIt74: That was a definite free almost ripped his head off. However Something needs to be done about this ducking.
JButcher: Cmon Benny Reid, big effort from you
RooBoyStu: we flogged the blues last week @luvit74 no idea
SilverLion: Dammit Dalhaus, don’t want you to get your BE, am considering getting ya
LuvIt74: @Roksta missed it what did Adams do?
JRedden: why is treloar off? where is he
pies13: go pies!!
circle52: agree Luvit we are seeing more and more each week each with different umpiring inetepratations
deanie: Biggs is so useless when he gets the ball in his hands..
King_Robbo: Far out we are burning the ball
pies13: kick it moore
Vich: goin at 85%… Horrible stuff 🙂
pies13: doh!
King_Robbo: Bullshit free
LuvIt74: @PooBoy yes ya did, that was your only flogging in 10 games.
LuvIt74: Doggies don’t deserve to win this the way they are coughing it up
LuvIt74: What are the inside 50’s?
grossn: The bounce never favours collingwood
Chelskiman: Should have gone back and kicked it yourself, Dalhaus!
AngryRyno: what about the Saints Pies drawn Granny @grossn
LuvIt74: Glad I kept dunkley he is gonna make quite allot of cash. Put the $ on Dunkley M0nty his B/E is negative m8
Lachie.BT: howe looking good to get
Juzzo: Dollhouse got Dunkley in his sc team
SilverLion: T.Adams being robbed in SC
AngryRyno: c’mon Pendles keep going
deanie: disposal effiecieny does not equate to useless disposals Vich…
LuvIt74: Dogs must get allot cleaner to win this, they are just coughing it up.
benzammit: Yep Dunkley was a good lock away coming good now.
9inch: I can still loophole dunkley with Ablett. Should I?
Roksta: Yes 9 inch bank the points
benzammit: Doggies will get pumped hope Libba and Dunkley go well though
Roksta: 38 clangers in a half… Dogs so inefficient
benzammit: Ablett @ Subiaco open spaces it’s a gamble.
King_Robbo: I’m a dogs supporter and even I would say dunks was a poor pick. Was never going to get a lot of games
King_Robbo: Horrible first half dogs. Pies aren’t even that good
benzammit: Lol yeah ok Robbo
JRedden: the week i put you captain treloar.. come on wheres that 110
benzammit: Goes to show what you consider a poor pick.
CrowEaters: Cox for PM
wadaramus: Smith on field, Dunkley on the bench…grrrr
King_Robbo: We’ll a bloke not making cash for 8 weeks is a spud pick
King_Robbo: Anyone else hold Adams? He’s a gun
Kekkington: Going up against someone with a projected score 300 less than mine and they are probably going to win……kill me
Jair: Might keep Adams for a while longer KB
SilverLion: M. Adams looks like a keeper for me.
the worm: dont feel bad kek, the projections are a joke, their team is probably just better than urs
DrSeuss: Biggs experiment finishes this week…grrr
Kekkington: It isn’t I only have one rookie and a couple of mid pricers
King_Robbo: I think Adams and Tipa are keepers. Great scorers and dpp
HappyDEZ: KK late out for Gold Coast.
Kekkington: Just poor performance from my premiums Ward Blics Selwood Etc
Krispin_35: Lol I happen to have Dunkley on the bench I’ll take it
Torz: Biggs, why are you never the one getting the switch.
Yelse: is touchy back on or still in the rooms
Bazza2014: adams hammy
benzammit: Got Adams and Libba
Roksta: Cya Adams
SilverLion: T. Adams hammy. I give up.
benzammit: Adams gone ski there’s this weeks trade confirmed for me
SilverLion: JJ, Fyfe, Houli, Laird and now T. Adams. What a great run I’ve had with premiums this year.
benzammit: Oh wait Pies Adams
Yelse: pies can’t get a break injuries keep coming
benzammit: You need a lot of luck mate I hear ya cry that was me in 2014
9inch: CD hate sidebum
JRedden: dogs have more injuries than pies im pretty sure…
Lachie.BT: Adams Major key to our midfield
Roksta: Dogs in the same boat with injuries
LuvIt74: Dogs cannot do crap deep in attack. Very bizarre
frenzy: thank lord it aint Madam
SilverLion: @Lachie.BT He’s been playing HB the last month or so though.
Lachie.BT: will be a good win with 20 players
kosduras: your 35 out on a angle why not take the shot..
Lachie.BT: stringers gone this week
Roksta: We aren’t looking forward luvit just bombing it.
benzammit: With frenzy I just got him back.
J.Worrall: Dogs need Crameri!
Chelskiman: Let’s go, Dahlhaus. 95 by the break please.
grossn: Pies and dogs have same amount of injuries pre-game but pies are down by 2 now
Pokerface: dogs fans from last week dont think losing players during the match matters.
LuvIt74: So far Dunkley BOG for dogs.
JRedden: well does it? carlton won today with 2 down against geelong, they played fine even with 2 down
SilverLion: How serious is Adams’ hammy? 1 week? 1 month? The season?
Pokerface: ‘well does it’?’. lololol
RooBoyStu: If the skunks win with 20 men like the blues, head to casino and whack a few $ on number 20 in roulette
LuvIt74: @JRedden Still less rotations for them
grossn: 3 down now
benzammit: Got me C wrong Pendles is killing it again. F u Danger man
Yelse: fasolo out too now
Roksta: Fasolo gone too
JRedden: show me your proof of it affecting performance? teams with players down are winning? don’t be moronic
deanie: SilverLion you will probably need to wait to find out during the week
kosduras: fasolo off with a shoulder aswell
boges11: It depends on what time and what position the players are
LuvIt74: @Silverf it looked pretty serious im guessing at least 3 weeks.
deanie: Jredden not sure if you are being serious..
Pokerface: geez the bunker mentality of some dogs is bordering on hird-era bombers
Roksta: Think Fas will come back on
grossn: Crocker down too? No rotations now
Roksta: Dahlhaus runs so hard
Pokerface: doesn’t affect performance apparently grossn.
Roksta: Stop trolling pokerface move on pal
LuvIt74: @JRedden im a dogs supporter m8 but u sound bloody stupid when its common sense as there players get less rest
JRedden: so why did carlton win with 2 players down? did they play worse after they were 2 players down? can you think logically
Pokerface: apologies to the majority of doggies, i wasn’t referring to sensible ones. ie anyone but jredden
LuvIt74: Less rotations equates to less energy its very simple to be honest.
boges11: Basing your theory on 1 game , from today, is just stupid JRedden
RooBoyStu: JRedden don’t me laugh, luvit74 thinking logically
LuvIt74: @JRedden because they were the better team on the day u fool. Bloody hell.
JRedden: its not based on 1 game, gws beat us last week with 2 down as well..
Roksta: No advantage there they stopped
Bazza2014: jredden distemper??? no sense at all
deanie: Jredden on top of rotations for energy, think about team structure/matchups that get broken upon injury…
iZander: it makes intuitive sense that it would worsen teams but no1 has actually got proof it does?
Bazza2014: dogs are so poor, thry could steal this with one good burst
Chelskiman: Shouldn’t have been a mark, but I’ll gladly accept a +12 from Dahlhaus
deanie: Thanks for the freebie ump
DZL7: If your opponent is 2 men down and you lose than your clearly are shithouse logic really
Roksta: Dogs are up and about. Sorry redden but think injuries a big factor here
Roksta: Finally starting to hit targets
Yelse: @Jredden wats the stats for teams being three down?
King_Robbo: Clear mark after seeing the replay
grossn: If Dogs lose this game they’re an embarrassment. Sorry not sorry but that’s 2 weeks in a row they lose with more rotatio
Roksta: Greenwood let Bont off the leash that q
DZL7: 2 Less rotations take a toll, the team fatigue quicker they lose more structure this JRedden guy is clearly trolling
King_Robbo: So many teams have won with multiple players injured. Has no effect
Ninty: I think teams get up when they’re a couple down because they have players together on the ground for longer to gel.
LuvIt74: Its common bloody sense & im a dogs supporter but I hate it when others make up BS excuses. Your lack of empathy is Sad
King_Robbo: Haha grossn if you loose this game after we have been absolutely horrendous the pies are the embarrassment
HappyDEZ: Of course no injuries is preferable but down 1 or 2 is not necessarily a death knell.
grossn: Sure Ninty, but then they run kilometers and can’t come off for a break
Yelse: got a feeling pies will tire. end of that quarter they started to struggle
Bazza2014: fasolo soft
HappyDEZ: Some much heart & mental emotion goes into football that cannot be quantified on a graph.
DZL7: actually kingrobbo theyre 2/3 players down it will take a miracle for them to win that being said, if the dogs lose
DZL7: loose* then the dogs will be a massive embarrassment
Ninty: Obviously the game has changed a bit, but that’s the way Bomber liked his team in 2007. Had the least rotations.
Bazza2014: 6 of one and half a dozen of another, but if my team is full strength with rotations, i’d take that any day over a team
DZL7: the dogs should run the pies off their feet and atleast win by 3+ goals
Bazza2014: with no rotations or one
boges11: Depends on the players. Toovey they can cover. TAdams is a different story
JRedden: yeah i meant with 2 down it won’t have an affect, i think 3 is where it starts to have an effect
Ninty: heart and mental come into it too for sure. other team relax thinking they’ll overrun them
LuvIt74: I tell ya what I really like the way Campbell is rucking.
Roksta: It’s the injuries themselves that hurt… With the capped rotations this year means you can rest your players more often
Yelse: you guys see bucks nd adams trying to get fasolo to come on. guy cant lift his arm
boges11: Also depends on how smart the rotation people are. Players can get a “rest” going to other positions
Thedude24: It’s “lose” guys… “loose” means not tight. Stop with that spelling error lol.
Pokerface: how many dogs players have tog of 90%? and how many pies? massive difference
Bazza2014: in geelongs case, they wre just sheissen hausen
DZL7: ngl hoping the pies win to put the dog supporters in their place.
deanie: LuvIt i agree, he looks good in the rock and takes a solid mark
LuvIt74: Dogs are just kicking the ball and hoping for the best
benzammit: Lol don’t loose it!
JRedden: dzl you are just salty north got destroyed friday
Bulky: Big Cox not having his usual penetration.
Thedude24: Unlucky collingwood. Injuries will cost you guys the game. You simply cannot win with a 1 man bench
LuvIt74: Carn Dunkley u little rippa, glad I kept him.
benzammit: Cox is limp tonight.
LuvIt74: @DZL7 I totally get how u feel with some of these B/S remarks by dogs supporters today.
9inch: Boyd sc is crap for 84de
Bazza2014: pies with minus 1 on the bench
Roksta: Moore hurt
LuvIt74: I’m actually embarrassed as a dogs supporter when idiots make up such stupid comments.
Chelskiman: God I hate Treloar.
benzammit: Stringers flop continues, is he playing injuried?
Yelse: moore is injured too now. just getting worse
JRedden: haha treloar my captain goals vs the dogs, dunno how i feel
iZander: Wood be robbed in SC imo had heaps of intercepts
Lachie.BT: now moore
Stikman35: 4 blokes gone niw
JButcher: Darcy Moore injured as well looks like zero bench
LuvIt74: If dogs dont get a run on and win by 3 or more if they win its a bloody poor effort
colin wood: Just bandaid our entire team…
DZL7: JRedden didnt know losing by 4 goals is getting destroyed. against the flag favourites at home i think thats reasonable.
Pokerface: turn fasolo’s band aid to a red cross. he’s shot to pieces.
grossn: Nah guys having less rotations doesnt matter guys comeon dont be silly guys
Ninty: Stringer must be sitting next to Toovey on the bench
Lachie.BT: no bench now
JRedden: dzl nah its just more the fact how highly you talked of the roos last week, you got put in your place
DZL7: @Luvit dont get me wrong i love the dogs, but the supporters that make stupid comments, eres hoping pies win tho!
HappyDEZ: Cmon Sidey
grossn: What a horrible way to end the weekend, dogs don’t deserve this win at all
colin wood: Exactly right gross I laughed when the commentators said that..
JanathF: doggies are overrated. not flag contenders yet
JRedden: when i said it, it was 2 injuries not 4, obviously its affecting them now, pies probably win this if not for that
LuvIt74: Swans flag favourites is absolute BS there is no legit flag favourite so far this year
Stikman35: Pies have done well. Shows they are capable. Just don’t play injured players.
DZL7: @LuvIt well going by the odds they are considered the flag favorites you should know that.
Fatbar5tad: Swans ARE legit. Two narrow losses in ten rounds. Beaten Roos and Hawks, GWS.
Ninty: has libba hit a target today wow
Yelse: looks like cloke will come in next week
swannies05: @luvIt74 they’re the ones who should be favourites 100%
Stikman35: Biggs is the story of this game. Flower off you hackkk.
JButcher: I think every top 8 team this season has been overrated
LuvIt74: Anyone in top 8 can win the flag its the widest I have seen since i can remember.
Tim Tam: Swans ARE flag favourites, you moron, LuvIt, some of the crap that come out from you make my blood boil…
Ninty: don’t know why people even think about flag favourites at this time of the year. I’ll have a look at august-september
Bazza2014: raise ya bait Macrae
CrowEaters: Ime for some Cox majic
SilverLion: Cmon Pendles, outscore Danger
Lachie.BT: and half of the bottom eight teams are under rated
JRedden: luvit im embarassed that you are a dogs supporter, ridiculous logic
CrowEaters: Not as overated as J Butcher
swannies05: Luvit yeah anyone can win it but the swans are the favourites to do so… seriously you make my head hurt
zadolinnyj: Have to agree with Luvit74
AngryRyno: +1 need Pendles over Danger
JButcher: I doubt any Port Supporter rates J Butcher tbh
Torz: De Goey has really wasted his good start. Typical of his season.
Heater: Oh dear!
deanie: Sidebottom gone missing
Chelskiman: Doggies finally running over the top of them.
Breezey: De Goey does this every week
Bazza2014: go dogs, must be flag favs now, beating pies (sic)
Roksta: Game over
Yelse: only reason dogs win this game is the pies injuries FULL STOP
Stikman35: Stikman is packing up and going home.
Breezey: Anyone ever seen 4 Red Crosses in one team
King_Robbo: Dogs just too good
Lachie.BT: corret yelse
Stikman35: No. It’s the package. Gun.
DZL7: Unlucky collingwood if only you didnt get any injuries game would be alot different than it is right now
Bazza2014: @breezy during Nam mate, during Nam
Stikman35: Too good. Bullflower
ajconodie: Probably the right result when its 22 v 17 1/2
King_Robbo: This is the worst we have ever played under beverage and will still win against collywobbles lmao
benzammit: Pendles slowed up so C was right.
Roksta: True Collingwood unlucky with injuries but dogs have played terrible and will still get 4 points
Stikman35: Yes ajc.
grossn: Stop trolling Robbo, dogs played terribly because of pressure from their opposition
ausgooner: Aww poor diddums, keep crying. You’re not the first team to suffer injuries.
proudyy: “king” robbo you are a complete joke
Stikman35: Why can’t they play Biggs everywhere.
Breezey: Spot on Grossn
Bazza2014: Dogs 4 points its in the book. Full Stop
King_Robbo: Unlucky with injuries but Carlton were able to win today.. makes no difference
AngryRyno: certainly not a pies supporter, but the lack of rotations has been the differenece
mick403: this chat is embarrassing. why is everybody on this website so bitter?
SilverLion: give the entire collingwood team that played the last quarter the heart symbol. Fought on well.
Stikman35: Yes injuries is footy. Stiff is part of the game.
mick403: this chat is embarrassing. why is everybody on this website so bitter? Dogs fans being antagonistic for no reason
Bazza2014: pass the pocorn, this is gonna be a scrap
King_Robbo: Scoreboard. Best team wins
RooBoyStu: Sidebum done nothing this qtr, must be having a pie and a beer with Cloke on the wing.
Roksta: Fasolo has no ticker is one reason
Torz: Saved yourself a bit here Biggs. Good junk.
Pokerface: robbo and yet all we hear from you lot is how many injuries you have?
grossn: Someone ban robbo please
mick403: i’m a dogs fan. but jesus the Dogs fans on here are being antagonistic
Fatbar5tad: @mick SuperCoach 🙂
Yelse: Robbo pies haven been able to keep running. your goals came only after the injuries hit.
Stuart88: Give all the dogs the vulture
Chelskiman: Macrae going off late.
mick403: i’m a dogs fan. but jesus the Dogs fans on here are irritating
Stikman35: Mick. It’s expected. Proud of my pies. Wish Biggs was better.
Roksta: Dogs too good in the end
Breezey: Team with 4 more players wins. It’s obvious really
ajconodie: Is there a “crunch the AC joint so we gain an unfair advantage” icon?
LuvIt74: King u fool, they had no rotations your a disgrace as a Doggies supporter
Bazza2014: well done mcrae, you did it b4 injuries and after, lol
JButcher: except for Wallis @stuart he is a flog
Roksta: Started playing properly
LuvIt74: @mick totally concur
9inch: Sidebum done nothing last half.
Jaypa: Can someone tell me about the 4 collingwood injuries, I know Adam’s is a hammy
Pokerface: i think its the 50 year wait between flags. breeds jealousy
ajconodie: Tooves concussion, Fasolo and Moore AC joints.
Stikman35: Bob and rob rose absolut book I’ve read.
King_Robbo: Enjoy your September holidays maggie supporters
DZL7: someone give King_Robbo the pumpkin
LuvIt74: I just cannot stand Eddie so I love that dogs won but we should have got flogged
ryanbob: Treloar hard done by on sc
Stikman35: 86- 57 rotations
PieBoy: king floggo
Stikman35: King is personality challenged
Pokerface: king knobbo

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