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Chat log from R11 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Richmond

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Richmond, R11 of 2016

Yelse: trust when both my opponents don’t have Goldy he is out 🙁 was a start to the weekend
desmondo: Goldstein out…M. Daw in (as expected)
ademase: is goldstein in or out
Breezey: Goldy is out sports fans. Make adjustments ASAP
DZL7: Late out Goldy – Majak in
THESKUNK: Goldy is out
THESKUNK: goldy is out
crazyet23: goldy OUT
DMS774: Goldstein out!
danmaio: Goldy out
J.Worrall: Go Tiges!
frenzy: c’mon Lindsay, show’em how to duck properly
crazyet23: i think goly is out guys…… :b
urmumsaid: I swallow
wadaramus: Is Goldy playing?
RooBoyStu: with Goldy out vc on Waite!
kosduras: predictions for tonight gents?
circle52: Grimes very light out being replaced by Chaplin
circle52: Happened in final warm up
DMS774: Grimes out of the team now. Chaplin in
circle52: Should have read late out happened in final warm up.
blashtroko: Missed h/b on Wells
the worm: i won’t have it said that Lindsay Thomas is a ducking disgrace and a blight on our game, I won’t hear it
RedSwan: Wow no gold on the field this could be interesting
Gordo450: I predict Dusty will Spud up since I put the VC on him
the worm: On the contrary gordo, it will be junk time in about 10 minutes…he will go big
Kekkington: Traded in Dusty. Doesn’t look like Richmond are going to have much of the ball.
Heater: I predict Dusty will spud up because I traded him in…
Stuart88: Morries down looks bad
Gordo450: Dusty not on the ground for all of the reasons listed below
Radzinsky: Very nearly traded Dusty out but couldn’t on principle cause he’s still down on what I bought him for.
circle52: Stretcher for Morris so he is probably done for night
Yelse: morris might have down his ACL
Kekkington: Why would you trade him out!?
danmaio: Waite on 9 for 1 tackle
RedSwan: The flying neck tattoo will get his grove on and get a ton
cusch1: Morris jumping in the pope mobile
the worm: maybe dusty thought he was flying to new zealand and is still a bit confused
Radzinsky: Cause he’s a downhill skiing spud
Marcz: oh hooray dustin
Stuart88: Very quick with the icons 👌
Gordo450: Cusch – brilliant
Kekkington: He’s been in great form the last 3. You are a spud if you even think about trading him out.
Radzinsky: Buy low sell high, right? He wasn’t high enough yet so I kept him.
cusch1: The thing I love about watching footy is seeing these kids come from nowhere and take spots in best 22s
Kekkington: He’s going to finish in the top 6 forwards so why wouldn’t you keep him and upgrade a rookie?
Shaundog: Fuck off riewoldt!
Yelse: commmnnn rance please lift
Breezey: Get going Gibson for flowers sake
w4lk3r: Tigers not working hard enough
cusch1: Brad Scott will be out of a job if north keep going like this hahahah
Bazza2014: north by 70 at this rate
ryanbob: Don’t do this to me rance, goldy already hurt me enough
dipstick: @yelse hahahaha Rance is a penguin buddy!
Shaundog: Who the fuck is on riewoldt!
Breezey: I have 1 player in this game and he’s dead last .Can’t get near it.
kangawalla: Majak doing a sterling job in place of Goldmember so far. Not!!!!
THESKUNK: Daw is not AFL standard by any stretch
JockMcPie: how is boomer on 58 SC…holy moley
DirtyDawn: Evening all
cusch1: Harvey has been dominant tonight. Been everywhere
DrSeuss: Was Dusty off the ground for the last 10 minutes of that quarter? didn’t even see him.
kangawalla: Yeah Skunk, Majak & Allir x2 may be looking for VFL clubs next year.
wadaramus: Evenin’
dipstick: boomer is pumped full of SPARK… his secret conconction 😉 ALL of Norf use it… they have shots in the breaks
_wato: Rance does SFA and gets 16sc. I love it hahahaha
kangawalla: Evening DD!
the worm: is it really unusual for dusty to go missing for large chunks of the game?
Gott2Win: The week I decide to pull the plug on the McDonald experiment he is on track for a ton!
Breezey: Quality 4 points from Gibson there. Try tackling someone if your not gunna get it.
desmondo: Daw might be shown the door next year 😉
wadaramus: Looks like my opponent brought in the Magic Door as cover…
swannies05: put vc on dusty last minute.. worst start he’s had for a while
McRooster: Remind me again of why this flog of a team,Richmond,which plays insipid,uninspiring footy,is rewarded with Friday night
kangawalla: Comedy gold from desmondo right there folks! 😉
Yelse: wells looks like a keeper. if rance lifts he will score well did nothing and is on 16
the worm: more like comedy plastic
circle52: Hey DD Missed you coming on
Bazza2014: 2 weeks rance sling tackle
Yelse: is rance in trouble for a sling tackle?
DirtyDawn: just back from an overseas odyssey Circle52. Cheers mate
cusch1: Wasn’t two actions and was perfect tackle for me
Neo Wanker: who in their right mind would pick any richmind duds in their sc team
circle52: Do not think it was a sling Yelse but they will look at it
circle52: Off OS in 5 weeks myself DD
Mileroo30: should be right, most of the momentum was through the hips. waite’s head actually hit the footy not the turf
wadaramus: Hit his head on the footy, no worries there methinks.
SaintsMan: the week i bring in martin. OF COURSEEE
Neo Wanker: rance is a dirty bastard scrub him out for the year
kangawalla: No charge Rance
wadaramus: Very astute adjudication Mileroo.
kangawalla: Dustbin is almost always a slow starter
the worm: @mileroo because no matter for how many decades they suck, their fans will still tune in to watch?
cusch1: Neo wanker living up to his name I see 😉
kangawalla: Seconded @cusch
Neo Wanker: how is gladstone small thomas going tonight?
Thedude24: Why does wells have a * next to his name
circle52: First goal scorer for Roos Thedude
kangawalla: @neo. zHe stuck his neck out & kicked a couple early
wadaramus: First goal dude.
3rdstriker: Vlaustin dazed
Neo Wanker: good amalgamation there kanga cusch – better still lets kick essondon and melbourne out of the afl and bring in tassie!
circle52: CD love Rance for SC look at his rstio atm.
THESKUNK: why did i trade wells doh!
Mileroo30: worm say whaaat?
Mileroo30: get the right username there or?
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
Neo Wanker: i think thats how 90% of afl footballers play 3rd – dazedplay
Bazza2014: if they could kick straight they’d be in this
Shaundog: @theskunk you weren’t the only one darn!
kangawalla: You’re a thinker hey Neo!
cusch1: Considering that combined, Essendon and Melb have more premierships than Adelaide years in the competition wanker
wadaramus: Carn Dusty get involved man.
kangawalla: Cunnington been to the Thomas ducks school
dipstick: who is tigers future? B Ellis? LOL the team is full of fucken 1st class hacks!
Shaundog: @dipstick Taylor hunt and vickery
dipstick: hey Neo… back to the matrix… you need to save Zion and not waste time here!!
blashtroko: Deledio Miles Cotchin Martin Riewoldt… not a bad core
the worm: thats a hrrible core
blashtroko: It isnt A+ but it certainly isnt terrible
Gott2Win: As bad as tigers have been, they are still in it!
blashtroko: and add the best defender in the AFL in rance
Bazza2014: thomas spacker
3rdstriker: rance saved a certain goal there
circle52: Selfish Thomas there cost a goal
Yelse: you forgot rance in the core
Shaundog: Eat a dik Thomas
Breezey: Kermit Thomas. Has to be a Kermit
kangawalla: Selfish Thomas. Options galore!
cusch1: Richmonds problem is their b graders haven’t stood up with the exception of sedwards
wadaramus: Thomas is a selfish ducker.
runners47: C’mon Ellis, pull your finger out
kangawalla: Gold Wada!
Gott2Win: Forgot just how good wells is. Could be the missing piece to help take them to the final
THESKUNK: lets not talk about Wells huh
Mileroo30: I agree skunk
Breezey: Thomas is one of the biggest turds in the AFL along with Ballantyne
Bazza2014: home town ump, some poor missed free kicks
cusch1: Couldn’t Richmond play like this last week against Essendon ffs
THESKUNK: bought in Lycett today over Tippett, fingers crossed
wadaramus: Dusty’s projected 127 is looking like putting a dent in my weekly total 🙁
Gott2Win: Umps have put the whistle away all night. I’d rather see it like this than paying 40 frees a game
SilverLion: Lift Goldy
SilverLion: Wadaramus, projected is irrelevant, wouldnt even bother looking at it.
wadaramus: Agree Breezey.
THESKUNK: why fly Goldie over ? was never gonna play
wadaramus: It fills me with expectation SilverLion!
Breezey: Trying to trick everybody. Them Roos are sneaky burgers taking Goldy and not giving him a run
cusch1: Tigers would have been studying godlys ruck habits, and flying him over means he is expected to play. Not flying means
sfmmp23: Need rance, martin to lift. Wells is going good
cusch1: Tiges would know and can analyse daws ruck work
3rdstriker: If Billy Brownless knew all week goldy wasnt playing, chances are the tiges did too
makemequac: Cmon Taylor hunt i have the C on u
cusch1: Everyone knows he was going to play but having him fly puts doubt in your head
cusch1: Wasnt*
frenzy: Ya can’t say Taylor hunt is a C
Gott2Win: Goldy not even staying at the game, back at the airport flying home already
makemequac: Hunt is a good choice for the C
RooBoyStu: Raise your glass to Neale Daniher great interview on ch7
sfmmp23: why is hunt your c
SaintsMan: you’re a jet wells
danmaio: Anyone colour blind would think its the Hawks playing
Gott2Win: Sure was rooboy. There is wells again skunk
DrSeuss: Norf – the new Hawthorn for Free Kicks?
cusch1: Karen kick Northorn
danmaio: Missed kick and handball for dustbin
wadaramus: HTB against Dusty just ridiculous.
Kekkington: Wells should have had 3
Bazza2014: raped by the umps as bad as they are tiges, but they are copping it like a balinese dryug trafficker
tbrowne: Just gonna have to say that this website just keeps getting better and better! onya monty
THESKUNK: thanks Gott more salt rubbed in the wound
Raspel31: Just home-thank god I traded Goldy for Martin. Joking. Go Norff.
Kekkington: Yeah the umpiring hasn’t been great but it honestly won’t make a difference.
Breezey: What price are we looking at for Wood.
3rdstriker: Dusty is tagging Cunnington, stupid even by the very low standard we judge Hardwick by
Bazza2014: my mate went to the game, had too leave too soft, is – with the wind chill factor
Breezey: The Flyng Dawmat
THESKUNK: fuck me even daws scoreing goals
Bazza2014: shudve read is minus
dipstick: Goldy will miss next week as well you’d think
Fatbar5tad: Tigers;
Fatbar5tad: Tigers fans poor bastards
Bazza2014: a goal every two minutes
Breezey: Tigers laughable at the moment
THESKUNK: any one tip the tigers?
Kekkington: I don’t think Goldy will miss another as he was a chance this week.
DirtyDawn: hope not dipstick
cusch1: If goldy misses more than 3 weeks he is gawn
Raspel31: I am prepared to sell Wells for those who don’t have him for a cool million. Call me now.
dipstick: @dirty you’d be filthy if he did
danmaio: As bad as Martin has been, I reckon they missed a few
DirtyDawn: Indeed I will dipstick. Im wearing a donut for Todd Seinfeld tonight…
_wato: Goldy miss next week? Got to be joking, they’re playing Geelong lol, 100% first bloke in
cusch1: Richmond just need a mother crash and bachar type player
dipstick: @dirty yeah that Todd Seinfeld blokes a joker tonight
wadaramus: Fair Dinkum Duty, you’ve been a ghost tonight, is there an icon for that m0nty?
kangawalla: Credit to Daw. He was on 3 @ 1/4 time
Yelse: rance disappointing tonight :(((((
danmaio: Martin off for a well earned rest
blashtroko: Wells star mont
danmaio: Yeah kanga, after all, is up against Hampson
eagles86: i picked daw in last min before lockout so im glad
3rdstriker: You can tell when Martin just doesn’t care, this is one of those nights
Bazza2014: y the star?
3rdstriker: griffiths red cross
Raspel31: About this time every year we all just sigh and say-Tiggers-pathetic.
CrowEaters: Hardwick gone ?
kangawalla: Pope-mobile on for a 2nd time
Thedude24: Finally… now dusty should start dropping in price. Really needed that
cusch1: Pope mobile is back
Yelse: nearly as many crosses as the pies last week
eagles86: hawdwick out on stretcher
eagles86: sry griffiths my bad
makemequac: How soft rolls ankle and needs the buggy
Yelse: France get to 75 by 3rd time
dipstick: b Ellis is pathetic. just won’t improve it seems
kangawalla: Ha! Even when they were loading him into the ambulance, Razor Ray gets in front of the camera shot, limbering up.
CrowEaters: Hardwick may want to borrow his helmet for press confrence
philthy83 : Did wells gain a point whilst the stretcher was out?
cusch1: Makemequac as someone who has missed three weeks through a rolled ankle at junior level, it’s definitely not soft
runners47: Bellis like Martin – switched off a while ago
Raspel31: And Germany 90 Yelse.
wadaramus: Still 6 minutes left in the third, this game is a drag.
SaintsMan: the week i brng in martin, can’t believe my luck
frenzy: Griff will be back on in a min
Fatbar5tad: Blame SaintsMan 🙂
Breezey: Jack just summed it up right there
JockMcPie: daniel wells i love u
dipstick: cotchin must be hanging for a cup of tea
Raspel31: Trouble is we all do Jock.
9inch: Wells I hate you.
CrowEaters: Marilyn Monroe murdered by her doctor, says SBS
Breezey: Dare I say it but Daw is going to ton up
JockMcPie: @Breezey it would be a minor miracle after the way he started
3rdstriker: Don’t know why Daw stays at the Roos to barely play, we’d take him in a heartbeat at the lions
Breezey: @ Croweaters. That’s the trifecta then. Jacki, Prince and now her. Big news
Raspel31: What-Monroe is dead Croweaters?
Gott2Win: Daw nearly with the Cape that quarter!
cusch1: That’s because Brisbane are playing with a tac cup level team. A vfl player would be a big step up
JockMcPie: 80% of teams would take daw in a heartbeat when he’s on
dipstick: hope hardwick takes Ellis out back for a Rick James bitch slap
Breezey: That’s Jacko, Prince and now her
wadaramus: David Bowie, Glenn Frey?
kangawalla: I retract my earlier criticism of Daw.Too judgmental, too early
Lachie.BT: DAM was going to loophole wells
Gott2Win: She’s been fucking dead since 62′
wadaramus: Lemmy Kilmister?
CrowEaters: Raspel31 so says SBS
3rdstriker: Nah we’d flog most of the TAC cup teams, we’re at least a solid NEAFL level team
kangawalla: Marilyn’s 90th today
dipstick: @kanga you knocking on daws?
cusch1: Gott2win you are legendary bout time someone says that
frenzy: Brandon still can’t get a kick against Roos
Bulky: Majak Goldstein!
Raspel31: Alberto di Nonno Fettucini also passed this week. But Monroe-sadness.
Gott2Win: In other news, JFK has been assassinated
Gebs: @kangwalla glad to hear you retract it so many people bagging him out early 18th afl game
the worm: did he end up getting off that rape charge?
CrowEaters: Not a bad lookn lady for 90 kangawalla
Breezey: Marilyn’s been knock knock knockin on heavens Daw for quite awhile
dipstick: doctors the biggest drug pushers on the planet
cusch1: Richmonds finals hopes are also dead
Torz: Brandon Ellis a mare if I’ve ever seen one.
RooBoyStu: Book your September Holidays Tiger muppets
danmaio: Time to put the boots on martin
CrowEaters: 40,000 components in a giant mining earthmover
Gott2Win: Ellis nearly having as big a mare as croweaters
Breezey: @Torz. Your not wrong
wadaramus: Get some fucking junk Dusty.
3rdstriker: way too stretcher happy tonight
eagles86: sam write is bieng brought out on stretcher
cusch1: Roos can book October holidays as they still won’t make the grand final Rooboy hahahaha
kangawalla: Nice use of segue’s everyone!
dipstick: @wada he can’t. his little crime buddy got locked up this week
CrowEaters: the buckt big enough to hold a Hummer
makemequac: Can’t wait for north to play the top teams.
kangawalla: But not big enough to hold Sandi @ croweaters
sfmmp23: North and Hawks have had the easiest draws
LovetShuey: So True @makemequac
wadaramus: Who’s that dipstick?
proudyy: fuck i hope scott thompson gets brent stacker’d one day
RooBoyStu: @makemequac if every other team beat the teams they should they would be higher too. We have capitalised
THESKUNK: no goal line camera? pathetic
Breezey: Not Tassie Skunk
dipstick: no old man boomer pumped full of SPARK no norf
sfmmp23: @rooboystu they got smashed against the swans, shows what type of side they will be.
Bazza2014: not every ground has goal line
circle52: Has Cunnington returned after 3/4 time?
JockMcPie: norf supporters will come out of their caves this week claiming premiership favourites…
cusch1: C. Ellis has impressed me tonight, despite not having a lot of it
Shaundog: Where were you last Friday night @rooboystu? We missed you
THESKUNK: 21st century
makemequac: North will be found out soon enough
RooBoyStu: lol we beat Carl by 11 goals, how did Geelong go against Carlton?
3rdstriker: @circle – yes
Raspel31: Well, I backed Richmond-to lose this. No back bone as a team.
circle52: He has just kicked the goal
Breezey: He just kicked that goal Circle
kangawalla: Geez, Tigers entire night has been a mare!
cusch1: Roo boy you best Melbourne by a goal, who lost to Essendon. That’s a two way street mate
RooBoyStu: @JockMcPie closer than skunks
makemequac: They will be lucky to win a game over the next few weeks
RooBoyStu: 10-1 view is great from the top, jealous guys? lol
JockMcPie: woah @RooBoy thought u quit FF after the loss…
RooBoyStu: bring on the pussy cats
makemequac: I can’t wait rooboystu you are going to look a fool
cusch1: We can all just hope that north pull a Fremantle
JRedden: freo finished on top last year, they proved it means nothing
dipstick: @rooboy LOL get the Kleenex ready for Sept. same as always!
Lachie.BT: L next week for you @rooboy
RooBoyStu: @makemequac make sure you’re on next week, after the result i wont be on during game as going
casey22: On this performance Tigers should finish last this season
3rdstriker: and start next year 0-10 with an incredibly old list and 5 year rebuild cusch?
sfmmp23: @rooboystu do you verse the good teams or the bad teams in September? Remind us
RooBoyStu: @dipstick 1999 lol
grossn: Why are people getting salty about North? They’re literally the filler team of the competition
shaker: seven years under this coach and they still can’t hit a target
cusch1: Fingers crossed striker
penguins00: got to love when you have wells in your draft league and your opponent has Ellis 🙂
eagles86: @rooboy ur next 4 games are againts hawks,geelong,eagles,adelaide so have fun with that m8
JRedden: @grossn they got smashed by sydney, sydney is the benchmark atm
RooBoyStu: @sfmmp23b so there are 10 bad teams we have beaten crows and dogs
THESKUNK: oh ffs wells
heppelitis: got the vc on ziebell,,going to be touch or go
Breezey: I’d rather be supporting a team that’s won 10 out of 11 games
kangawalla: You don’t verse any teams, you play them.
sfmmp23: @rooboystu you beat Adelaide in round 1, they are a different team now, and you beat a very undermanned Bulldogs.
RooBoyStu: we will win at least 3 of the next 4
LovetShuey: nort melbourne are shit, cant beat any actual contenders.
THESKUNK: wells please kill me
3rdstriker: credit to the roos, they have beaten all the teams they should as they always give 100% and turn up
dipstick: @breezey yeh but pies fans have a brain the size of an acorn
kangawalla: @Rooboy. Privately, we’re all jealous that WE are not 10-1 🙂
JRedden: get amongst the junk martin ffs
3rdstriker: they just dont have a higher gear to be a top 4 teams or genuine premiership contender
cusch1: Ziebell gun
Breezey: Coming from someone called Dipstick
dipstick: norfs best – wait, NDS, Harvey, father xmas
RooBoyStu: no coach, no number 1 ruckman of comp = no worries and 10-1 Go Roos, enjoy your teams jealous people
3rdstriker: give wells another star
frenzy: You gun Wellsy
Breezey: What about Wells,Swallow and Ziebell
Roksta: Give dal santo blue moon
cusch1: Carltons best involves Marc murphys helmet, kreuzers knee and Rebecca judd
3rdstriker: tigers dont have a coach either rooboy
dipstick: no capital d in dipstick @breezey
THESKUNK: give wells fuck all
Fletch91: Will enjoy my team RooBoy. Going by last week, we have no problem knocking you off your pedestal 🙂
sfmmp23: @rooboystu you beat Richmond, dont be to happy
Raspel31: Hmm-waht a great v cap Wells on the loop. Of course no one did but wow.
blashtroko: Best I have ever seen from wells
Breezey: I’m used to good grammar
Roksta: Can’t believe Carlton traded Megan gale
J_Pinkman: hope not too many people jumped off Wells last week, oh heck, maybe I do:)
blashtroko: Dustbin for dusty
cusch1: Rance has saved tigs from a 100 point loss tonight
Torpedo10: Chucked it on Rance. Personally not too gutted. Pendles should do the job on Sunday.
dipstick: @raspel yeh. but pendles will go 160+
Breezey: Happy with Gibson now after a 2 point 1st quarter
Number 8: Norf: the most irrelevant club in the game with the easiest draw in history… will hit the wall as usual in September
colin wood: I reckon Rance deserves a heart that guy gives his all
Torz: Not bad Corey Ellis.
sfmmp23: should i put the c on hanners or pendles?
Breezey: Thomas walks like he has a carrot up his backside
Roksta: Grigg in draft has been awesome. Can’t get him in sc though
Roksta: Hanners sfmmp23
wadaramus: Penners.
Torpedo10: Anyone else notice the forums are down?
Raspel31: Hanners for me sfmm-but wet up there.
Stuart88: Dam was thinking VC loop on well thought no way he would score this week
frenzy: Hearts2hearts
cusch1: Didn’t someone say that Roos will win by 70?
frenzy: We’re in their heads now, rattled
Lachie.BT: pendles
Lachie.BT: nah i would do hanners tbh
whafc: awesome wellsy
kangawalla: Hey! What happened to the megared meatlovers pizza icon?
RogerGee: vc’d wells as only loohole was thru M King (Melb)
Roksta: Well done north 🙂
McRooster: Oh yeah, it’s personal. Even virtual sports thinks Vickery is a spud #titsonabull
RogerGee: Wow, vc’d Wells as only loophole was thru M King (Melb), sweet

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