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Chat log from R10 of 2016: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R10 of 2016

frenzy: could get ugly, this
kingcarey2: how?
CrowEaters: Need Betts to fire, 6 goa game coming
Wends: Ward or Shaw VC, that’s the question…
kingcarey2: Ive thrown the C on Shaw for a POD
Kekkington: I have a feeling Shaw will bait a lot of people tonight
m0nty: Hoping Crows turn up for this one and give our new orange overlords a contest.
CrowEaters: Shaw, kick the ball over his head, through the big white sticks, problem solved
Wends: The thought crossed my mind Kekkington but will still give him a go.
Wends: Ahh their mental powers already called a poster.
Kekkington: He’s a good VC option but I wouldn’t trust him as captain
CrowEaters: Oh & don’t forget 10 goal Tommy
Fatbar5tad: And I for one welcome our Orange overlords….
blashtroko: Is Heath really loose in defense? Have the crows not learnt?
poolboybob: lol at Mitch McGovern having the bin
Kekkington: Didn’t know it was garbage time already
Roksta: Got stevie j for first goal
Roksta: Screw you tex
TheMessiah: Got money on giants….. fuck
colin wood: I’m what has happened to Ward?
Wends: They’ll pick up Messiah, it’s early doors.
Roksta: This is why I don’t gamble much haha
TheMessiah: I hope so haha :-/
Kekkington: Where’s Wards flame symbol he is on fire
RooBoyStu: Come on Crows win for us (North) as if GWS win they’ll be only 1 win behind
dezlav: RooBoyStu, I think we’ll try and win it for oursleves 1st.
Roksta: Crows hard to beat at home
Kekkington: Need Hopper to make me some dosh
Torz: Seedsman has reverted back to normal form.
colin wood: That a boy ward now come on hopper
Chelskiman: Shaw isn’t playing his +1 role very well. =/
JRedden: stay down shaw!
Roksta: Ward will flame in no time
Wends: Kelly has been solid in RDT, only problem is I’m not sure when to move him on.
RooBoyStu: my best sc trade in this year was weeks ago with Stephen Coniglio when he was cheap.
poolboybob: Less than 50 percent game time for Hopper
Raspel31: Okay Scully inaccurate but 6 Sc-really ?
RooBoyStu: @Raspel31 you failed maths? 4 kicks at 25% = 1 effective kick
Krispin_35: Fire up ward and hopper
ajconodie: Lol @ all the fools who thought Heater would have as much space as last week.
dezlav: C’mon Eddie. Milera has got more SC points than
Raspel31: Thank you for the chastisement Roo boy-perhaps not as anal as you.
tbrowne: what did i say guys? Heater is not a good c choice. I’ll happily take my 167 from gawn :))))))
9inch: 24 sc for ward my ass
OnTheRocks: ffs Sauce, you have fallen a long way since almost making AA last year
OnTheRocks: Sauce to Nicnat after this weekend
cold pies: Sloane carrying pec tear
TheMessiah: sloane what?
cold pies: Info via ffc
hbui35493: Is it just me or is Heater not getting +3s for kick ins?
poolboybob: #LetHopperPlay
JockMcPie: mummy!!!
kangawalla: It’s not often we see Fantapants Cheney in the flame zone!
RooBoyStu: JockMcPie needs a feed lol
colin wood: Come on ward… Zzzz
JockMcPie: need ward to lift…
Chelskiman: He’s gotta kick it to himself, hbui.
9inch: Only get points if heater kicks it to himself
colin wood: Ward injured?
dezlav: If we can get some more goals and less points, we might actually win this.
TheMessiah: Anyone watching this game? Do the giants look like there a chance or not in Adelaide
RooBoyStu: @ Chat! colin wood Ward not in the Casualty Ward yet
RooBoyStu: @TheMessiah reckon crows have control but wouldn’t have a bet on it
Raspel31: As always TheMessiah-we look to you for answers.
JockMcPie: gws are not playing well, if adelaide had kicked straight it would be a 5 goal game
TheMessiah: Thanks @rooboy… Fuck im hoping the giants can come back. so badly
TheMessiah: Hahaha
LuvIt74: Ward very quiet
PieBoy: onya hoppy
JockMcPie: need a big half from ward now.
hbui35493: nice half by shaw
proudyy: lets go ward cmon
LuvIt74: Ward isn’t being very rewarding. Stop being shellfish mate.
cold pies: Can confirm there is a troller under cold pies send out url links including t-45/BOS145 programs. Beware ff n followers
cold pies: Got me band last time. Some hack via ff
cold pies: Please fix this monty
RooBoyStu: must be Joffa @cold pies
Wends: Hopefully orange overlords aren’t morphing into jaffas
TheMessiah: fuck you gws…. i hate you 🙁
JockMcPie: get in the game ward!
Gordo450: Captain Shaw killing me
RooBoyStu: if people sook about Thomas, watch that free to Betts bullshower
OnTheRocks: all these +1s are nice Jacobs but do a little bit more?? be more like Goldy
JockMcPie: hopper done his shoulder. oh no
Tigger5: crap
colin wood: That’s the end of me for this weekend… What a terrible game for my side
RooBoyStu: glad i held off from Hopper and got Mathieson as cheaper
JockMcPie: hopper looks ok, might be back
iZander: how did hopper get hurt in the 4th quarter? 😛
colin wood: Come on Callan..
Tigger5: hopper looks like he might come back on
Munza: Hopper is fine, back on soon
Breezey: A couple of Mark,kick,goal from Lynch would be nice about now
benzammit: Howard instead of Hopper and Mathison for me.
JockMcPie: the entire GWS team needs to lift. shaw, ward, greene, scully, all of them.
Tigger5: hopper back on
benzammit: Howard got injured so hindsight is a beautiful thing.
Krispin_35: Ward u useless piece of shit
JockMcPie: betts…
DZL7: sheils, scully, ward, Coniglio who to bring in next week in SC?
proudyy: for fuck sake ward and greene
JockMcPie: whoever’s cheapest DZL7
JockMcPie: actually disgusting by GWS midfield tonight.
vamos77: It was actually Hombsch not Howard that was injured
Breezey: Go Coniglio DZL7. More consistent than the others
FlagDog: I play someone without Shaw for the first time, and he gives me this, POTATO
Gordo450: That was Hombsch BenZammit, FF got it wrong!
DZL7: @breezey thanks
Kekkington: My projected score was 2360 and I will be lucky to get 2150+
Wends: Disturbing how many calves will need slaughter from my team next week, being a vego and all.
JockMcPie: @Kekkington i feel your pain. this game is killing me
SaintsMan: shiel you beauty
LuvIt74: @Wends perfect excuse to start devouring meat next week & enjoy all that REAL vitamin B12. lol
LuvIt74: Ward, Shaw & Rance are killing me, tonight is a disaster.
9inch: Junk shaw lets go 100
Gordo450: Betts took the ball out of bounds when he kicked that and he knows it
poolboybob: Patfull witches hat
Wends: @luvit, I’ll stick to my ‘I can’t believe it’s not bacon!’ thanks 🙂
Wends: Palmer needed a muppet for that atrocious last play BTW
9th Again: how long left?
DZL7: come on shaw get a few cheap kicks and marks
Fatbar5tad: Longest review error. NRL stuff
Fatbar5tad: Ever
dipstick: @wends LOL fake bacon/chicken is facon and ficken… what about fake duck?
LovetShuey: fuck you heater with he C
tbrowne: Yes Brodie i fucking love you now
Wends: 3 minutes @9th
Wends: That would be dake, @dipstick, dake.
Tigger5: another score review….
Chelskiman: Crows have it now.
Breezey: Tunnelling from Eddie. Should’ve been a free to GWS
Chelskiman: Terrible landing by Kennedy. He’s out cold
Yelse: how is jenkins on 1ooSC
Rebuild: The game that wouldn’t end
9inch: Smith outscores shaw its a bad week. Yes my op has smith not shaw ffs.
dipstick: first 40 min qtr for the year
9th Again: I’ve got Smith and Shaw, his score kinda evens out Shaw’s mediocre one
Wends: That was frightening. I had a friend who became quadraplegic & those things scare the crap out of me.
Gordo450: @Yelse Spot on
Krispin_35: Bloody shit game I had ward hopper and Shaw all scored bugger all
LuvIt74: Thats socking Wends, can he move his arms at all?
mlakmlak: Tunnelling !? You’re off your head Breezey
jeddies22: haven’t got a captaincy right all year, shaw c’mon mate that was horrific

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