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Chat log from R10 of 2016: Essendon vs Richmond

Chat log for Essendon vs Richmond, R10 of 2016

frenzy: chances of dusty spudding tonite?
Chelskiman: No chance.
Chelskiman: Need Brown to spud it though.
LuvIt74: I love Ross Lyons.
Roksta: Everyone off the mark in sc lol
CrowEaters: Need huge game from Merrett
RooBoyStu: Bombers injure a few Tigers as we play them Friday Night.
Fatbar5tad: Nothing like wanting to face up to Richmonds fearsome best LOL
LuvIt74: Easiest money to be made when a team is tanking, that was just supurb.
Breezey: It’d be nice if Bird got amongst it tonight
Roksta: Edwards everywhere tonight
poolboybob: nice kick.
blashtroko: Who is Ross Lyons?
LuvIt74: That was a mark.
LuvIt74: Ross is the ATM
circle52: Was a mark to Fantasia
DZL7: how wasnt that a mark he had enough of the pil
dipstick: more like ross lyin’ saying he aint tanking
Fatbar5tad: Sure was LuvIt
Chelskiman: Yeah, even I’ll admit that was a mark.
Breezey: We go from Dermott to BT. Is that an upgrade or down grade
Chelskiman: It’s a sideways trade, Breezy.
LuvIt74: I almost fell off my chair, a Richmond supporter admitting the truth. I like that m8.
DZL7: rather hear BT than that flog Dermie
Fatbar5tad: Two turds floating in the same bowl Breezy
LuvIt74: I love BT, especially when the package gets the all.
Breezey: Dermott the worst. Might be just an upgrade
LuvIt74: gra8 ball use by the tigers
Stikman35: Turn the lights out.. There’s two S Edwards.
Fatbar5tad: Dusty dropped that cold
the worm: it has to be 7s hiring policy that ur a thug moron or scumbag to get a gig
Fatbar5tad: Wish Kel played this well for us last year.
dipstick: @theworm nah you have to be royalty. Dermiie Prince of Frankston, BT King of Flog
Bulky: I’m calling it now. Spud for Fantasia.
swannies05: how has brown kicked a goal but only on 1???
LuvIt74: How can Brown be 1 SC with a goal & 2 touches.
DZL7: reeally martin should of went back for a shot and not center it
RooBoyStu: another Essendon game another Brown score flowerup
poolboybob: Hit a target Merrett you dud
Breezey: I might be going off a bit early but the Dons might get beat by 100 +
the worm: yes he certainly should have
Chelskiman: Wouldn’t mind Dea getting a few cheap +6’s tbh.
Breezey: Happens every week Roostuboy. What’s wrong with his nameq
dipstick: it breaks my heart the way CD treat mbrown
the worm: dons lose by 100 or the tigers start sucking and lose….its a 50/50 call
hawkers123: cmon brown time to shine!!!!
DZL7: things are about to get real slippery
DZL7: a few decisions that should have gone the dons way that should have been paid very poor umpiring
iZander: give edwards the cape!!!
Jukes82: 2 capes
JockMcPie: keep it up tippa
Chelskiman: Need to be scoring those, Jack.
Stikman35: Two capes. Does that mean theire carrying the rest of the team.
Chelskiman: That’s better, Jack!
Roksta: Get that cape off delideo
Chelskiman: What the hell is Dea doing?
Fatbar5tad: Capeless
DMS774: Why are the umpires wearing yellow tonight…looks like richmond players
Rebuild: Dea is a massive tease. Feel bad for everyone who jumped on
Fatbar5tad: Yes Chelski need area to get a wriggle on
SaintsMan: merrett sc ridiculous
Fatbar5tad: Lol Dea
RooBoyStu: Tipungwuti is becoming a keeper in sc
poolboybob: Daniher is a crab
ryanbob: missed a tackle on tippa
kazbilos: wtf dea! killed it last week is he injured?
dezlav: Oh FFS. Ben kennedy on the ground and Parish on the bench. Bad week.
the worm: no kaz, this is his normal game, last week was the anomaly
Chelskiman: I think he slept with someone’s mum, because they just aren’t kicking it to him.
kazbilos: i got sucked in
PieBoy: oh dea
kazbilos: jack reiwold is a twat
TheMessiah: boom! Dea on fire
Chelskiman: I’ve either had monster scores or mares this weekend.
Raspel31: Sigh, I dumped Zahar to upgrade this week. I shall crawl back into my losing hole.
kazbilos: dea the next hird?
JockMcPie: tippa wat happened?
TheMessiah: Who did you upgrade too @raspal?
the worm: since when do guys averaging 100 need upgrading?
Raspel31: Neale my Messiah and finally lost Menadue thank god. No offence meant.
Raspel31: In a perfect world worm you want your mids over 105 a week and Zahar looked spent.You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.
frenzy: rest up now dusty, go missing
RooBoyStu: Good to see the spud Dea back to normal form
Gordo450: Might as well give Zaha the Ying Yang now, he cant play with a tag
Chelskiman: You can’t use a score review to see if it went out on the full, lmao.
colin wood: Agree worm.. Amateurs…
Breezey: That’s rubbish Goddard
JockMcPie: one out of cotchin, deledio, martin or rance – who would you pick?
Chelskiman: Rance. Mids come and go, but a quaity backman is rare.
DZL7: sorry rancce owners my b
9th Again: in a fantasy team or a real AFL team @JockMcPie ?
Raspel31: None sadly Jock-but Deledio if forced to choose.
JockMcPie: supercoach @9th
Chelskiman: *quality
Chelskiman: Oh, I thought you meant irl.
poolboybob: Man Merrett’s disposal hasn’t been great but it hasn’t been THIS bad.
feralmong: Bird has a busted beak.
Raspel31: Agreed poolboy but I got a big lecture when I said that.
Vinstar: Looks like vc on dusty failed
piro: anyone else have astbury captain?
Vpongas: How can AMT be only on 50odd with 100% on the target?
poolboybob: Everyone being screwed by ChampionData tonight
Vpongas: someone needs to mess up Rance’s hair so he has something to do.
colin wood: What’s Hartley done? Lol this round is just gone to crap…
DZL7: rance push for 85+ ya muppet
JRedden: might trade hartley anyway this week
DZL7: absoutely love the spirit the bomber players have
JRedden: merret 20 points in a minute, love it
DZL7: tigers doing a north when we played the dons
FlagDog: Zaka where are you…
DZL7: tippa gets way too excited at times good to see though
poolboybob: Vickery is such a flog
willywalks: muppet for edwards
DZL7: rance is killing me
DZL7: 3 throws in that 20 second play and none paid lol
LovetShuey: could merret kick it plz
LuvIt74: Is Tippa Aboriginal, I thought he was from Africa or another country. No wonder why he is such a gun.
Tigger5: love the unbiased commentary
9inch: Good thing about tippa is you can see where he is at all times
Breezey: Tips is from the Tiwi Islands
Gordo450: @luvit, Tiwi Islander Northern Territory!
LuvIt74: Hartley, Kennedy must go next week
poolboybob: Deledio star
FlagDog: WTF Zaka, what the hell happened?
Tigger5: that he is poolboy, that he is
DZL7: rance getting a few cheapies love it
the worm: i would give absolutely anything to see the bombers kick 6 in the next 5 minutes
DZL7: martin star for me
Ash777: someone swap merrett’s dt n sc score
RooBoyStu: ying yang Dea
Tigger5: if only dusty didnt have 7 clangers
JockMcPie: martin vs deledio to bring in SC, which one.
Gordo450: Always thought Cotchin was a bell-end, now he looks like one to
Chelskiman: Cotch is the worst set shot. Only just got that through.
iZander: he started getting tagged by hunt flagdog
Raspel31: Merret a gun but non existent Super coach. Still luvs ya Zac.
Crowls: how can ZM sc be s fng low
the worm: dustin martin will never be in a team of mine for as long as i live
DZL7: @crowls no idea should be atleast 100 …
feralmong: Gonna have to be better to beat rebound Roos next week.
Gordo450: @crowls DE of 59% and 5 Kermits, that’ll do it!
Crowls: what the customer service number at SC. I demand an explanation
DZL7: martin medal
the worm: @ crowls unfortunately they just randomly change the number every week with no explantion
DZL7: cant wait to head down to hobart in a few days
tbrowne: ahh those people who carry on about sc scores yet don’t know the scoring system #sticktodt
LuvIt74: how is Brown going to make cash?
Crowls: love sc cannot stand DT. This is my first year of DT and AF. I am SC man. Understand the system and scoring.

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