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Chat log from R8 of 2016: Hawthorn vs Fremantle

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Fremantle, R8 of 2016

tbrowne: t a n k
SilverLion: By far the least fantasy relevant game of the round.
JockMcPie: thanks ross lyon for dumping barlow, i couldnt care less about this game.
Torz: Hopefully Lewis works out to be a good replacement for Barlow. Promising start.
Sloaneyyyy: what’s wrong with Neale
Torz: He’s just hand balling Sloaney
JockMcPie: oi mitchell learn to kick ye?
OnTheRocks: so this is what happens when Daspud doesn’t play?
Pokerface: what happened to the will langford of 2014
SilverLion: Hope freo can keep this up, would love to see them get up
poolboybob: Hang your heads in shame, Hawthorn
PureSwag: Ik, I hate the Hawks.
MIJG: Didn’t see Mitchell lose any points
Mardals_: Thanks Mitchell! >:|
nbartos: Great work rate Freo kids
SaintsMan: you bring in the kids and this is what happens. Exact same for carlton
AngryRyno: bad news is, Barlow might not get a recall
dipstick: @angry perth media has been saying for weeks barlow needs a month back in the 2’s
AngryRyno: Barlow very good the two weeks before last
OnTheRocks: So no Fyfe, Barlow, Pav or Dawspud
dipstick: @onrocks dawson being rested. bloke has been on fire last 4 weeks. racked up at least 4 touches a game. he’ll be back
JackoB11: Carn the hawks
dipstick: whats the deal with smitch this year. has he given up? doesnt look like he gives a fuck anymore
SilverLion: This Neale fellow sure can play.
OnTheRocks: @dipstick Dawspud is Lyon’s favourite
nbartos: Free kick Hawks on again
iZander: is Hill alright?
dipstick: maybe lyon thinks dawson is a good, hard, solid backman and likes that
nbartos: Nah hill hurt
JRedden: gibson finally doing the things i brought him in for
poolboybob: Mundy might be handy in fantasy next year as a defender
Torz: Or round 12.
Jackina: Walters playing some really great footy at the moment
Lodgy: Someone said Hawks hang head in shame…?
nbartos: Jaggy pricks
AngryRyno: no appearance from you when hawks were struggling Lodgy?
dibbydobby: amazing this freo turn around this year!
cusch1: What’s happened to hill?
Lodgy: well i like to let their football do the talkin
roshanetw: birchall back on yet?
Pull: is Bitchall back on the field?
poolboybob: Suban potato
Torz: Langdon racks up 30 in the WAFL, but can’t get near it for Freo.
nbartos: This is no thrashing
the worm: when the hawks were struggling? do u mean last decade or last century?
jeasy: this match definitely makes the future for freo look brighter
AngryRyno: need Neale above Gibbo in SC
LuvIt74: @Angry not really m8, the Hawks are slowly sinking
nbartos: Neales clearly BOG
LuvIt74: Actually that was meant for jeasy not Angry
Pokerface: hawks sinking? when was the last time anyone other than hawthorn won the thing?

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