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Chat log from R8 of 2016: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R8 of 2016

MIJG: VC Gaj is gonna go bang this week.
pitchster: only thing to will go bang is most likely his knee
Jackina: Anyone get Hopper this week?
mason2016: traded out gaz for parker and put him cap!
Harmes37: How many games has Hopper played?
AngryRyno: today is Hopper’s debut
Bursill: Need big games from Shaw, Ablett and Hall.
colin wood: Decided against goldys VC score and have gone with Ward…
Bursill: who’s the late out?
LuvIt74: Colin Smart move
Jackina: Peter Wright
AngryRyno: 2 Meter Peter Wright is out
shaker: This is looking ugly already
AngryRyno: hot start from Hopper
colin wood: Not liking it so far luvit… Might have jinxed him
Ben_Gogos: With this role, Shaw is relevant.
poolboybob: Could be 100 point belting, this one
dibbydobby: wright from carlton is out?
AngryRyno: Heath Shaw is always relevant 😉
Bursill: GWS first to the ball every time
Ben_Gogos: @AngryRyno fair point 😉
Jackina: No, dibbydobby wright from gold coast
Ben_Gogos: Gazza <3
Pull: yes gaz 150 to silence the haters
dibbydobby: damn.. ty though
AngryRyno: Hopper everywhere, not sure if I can read much into it against GC though
DrSeuss: What is Aaron Hall doing? Is he in the centre?
Bursill: both shaws at the top
Jukes82: macpherson looks a likely cash cow
AngryRyno: hall gets two effective touches, goes down
bernieV: aside from riewoldt, has there been a good tall No. 1 draft pick? Why do they keep picking them?
Ben_Gogos: @bernieV harsh on Patton, 2 ACLs would set anyone back a long way.
colin wood: Battle of the shaws here
Ben_Gogos: They grab the KPFs as they’re much harder to come by than an elite midfielder.
Drak: shaw is
bernieV: @Ben, fair call.. but all those guys take time and they get traded before they show anything
bernieV: true
Zeratul: 2 donuts and 2 penguins…. not often you see that at qtr time
LuvIt74: Hopper impressive thus far
tamoz: Piss of Longergan
Pokerface: how can you say Clive was not one of the greats!
LuvIt74: MacPherson more impressive at this point
bernieV: clive had more hype than any of them as well
Drak: Its just not Sams Day
Pokerface: bernie. please. the mascot even looked like him.
LuvIt74: If MacPherson scores 75 or more his B/E will be negative 120
Generalsor: Dad joke drak. Plz no
Jukes82: I had macpherson on my bench all season, he had good preseason form so i kept him
Generalsor: Passed on Coniglio for Zorko instead, hope it was the right call
Mardals_: As far as number 1 picks go there’s really only been 3 (Patton, Boyd & McCartin) since Riewoldt
Generalsor: welp, he seems to be chopping up…
bernieV: 2 of them cant get a game and patton is borderline
LuvIt74: @Jukes82 hope it didn’t cost u on other cash generating rookies
frenzy: the dees always forget about Jack Watts Lol
bernieV: could argue kreuzer as well..he’s “okay”
danmaio: The day I play someone who has a donut in Lobb, Lynch dishes this up for me
Mardals_: Was just pointing out the fact there had only been 3, the comment made it sound like one had been picked every year
bernieV: ahh yes..jack.
LuvIt74: GWS are going to be the Hawks of the 80’s
gdshifty: not enough effort from suns. Look at all their players without a tackle…
SaintsMan: keep going shiel
Breezey: Going to get ugly very quickly this game
LuvIt74: Ward & GAJ disappointing so far
Pokerface: this is the game shiel announces himself as a captaincy choice.
colin wood: at a boy ward. Hes moving now luvit
shaker: I know Gaz is in a crap team but he is just a shadow of the player he used to be
AngryRyno: very good Ward, keep heading up(ward)
DanBlack: Massive props to my opponent this week. Has Coniglio as captain
JockMcPie: lift ward cmon, need a big score
feralmong: Put the vc on heater just before the game.
colin wood: one of those games for Ward where he will drift in and off the field me thinks
danmaio: If anyone is watching this, wtf is T Lynch doing
ajconodie: Is that Stevie J or Stevie O positive?
colin wood: Ball hasnt been down there danmaio
AngryRyno: say it a few more times please dan, resulted in a goal
LuvIt74: I’d really like to see Ward & GAJ on 55 or more at HT
danmaio: Cheers
Breezey: @danmaio. Kicking a goal by the look of it
danmaio: Yeah, perfect timing
AngryRyno: the disappearance of Aaron Hall
JockMcPie: might be time to trade in hall?
the worm: isnt hall their leading possession getter?
SaintsMan: guys, is it time to maybe get rid of aaron hall?
MIJG: Gaj sc is pretty good. Nice second half and he will still get 120
JockMcPie: hall doesnt use it well which hurts his score
AngryRyno: Hall hasn’t had a touch for 20mins
the worm: oh, ur talking sc…pfft
shaker: Piss off Lonergran to late I traded you out last week
JockMcPie: no clearances, no marks, no tackles for hall…..3 clangers as well
circle52: Wish I had the gonads to go outside the square and put the c on Heath Shaw
Breezey: Cameron might kick 8-10 goals in this game
spudaroos: GC have turned to shit ever since May got suspended. Serves them fucking right.
gdshifty: gold coast are just putrid. Cant get a fantasy score if you dont possess the ball
LuvIt74: Granted that Hhall is having a shocker today however u r forgetting his scores of 129,124,134,114,90,76,95 the past 7
LuvIt74: To suggest trading out Hall coz of one crap game at $428k is absurd.
heppelitis: useless club…close the doors…failed experiment and waste of money,,,Giants exact opposite
Ben_Gogos: @LuvIt74 very well put mate, people suffer from short memories. Be glad with what he’s provided to this point!
tamoz: Hopper and MacPherson look like some good cash cow options
Jukes82: hooper needs to back it up in a 2nd game before you jump on him
JockMcPie: jumping on macpherson next week, getting rid of mr dud menadue
LuvIt74: MacPherson yes without doubt, however need to see Hopper again as he is a $200k rookie so be careful but looks good toda
zadolinnyj: Hall has good second halves after rocket rips him a new one
Bursill: just a #fatstat for you: The most disposals ever on debut is 32. Hopper is looming dangerously on that.
tamoz: Great stat
Rockafella: Who was it Bursill?
dipstick: traded out Hall 2 weeks ago for Zorko. WIN. Hall is done for the year. Never a keeper. Just had a great early draw.
jeddies22: bloody aaron hall cmon 100 in second half plz
JockMcPie: need ward and hall to lift, get me 200 between youse
AngryRyno: really pleased Jarrad Grant made it to the Suns, both parties suck
LuvIt74: @dipstick how many trades do you have left?
dibbydobby: ill hold u to that dipstick! I still dont have faith in Zorko.
Bursill: The most disposals was by Brad Dalziell for Brisbane in 1992
tamoz: That was a crap trade dipstick, Hall is definitely still a keeper
LuvIt74: No idea why GCS bothered with Grant, that guy needs to bulk up and I don’t think he can.
heppelitis: Dont forget hall finished last year on fire too….
Bursill: sorry, in 2008
Grumpman: young hooper looking good guys?
LuvIt74: Stupid trading out Hall 2 weeks ago, he hasn’t scored under 76 with scores of 129,124,134,114,90,76,95.
LuvIt74: @Grump yup very good but wait another week m8
DanBlack: He’s prone to a stupid comment
dipstick: @luvit well with 24 trades left and in the top 1000 i’ll keep my strategy going. thanks for your cheap advice but
Nuffman: can’t single Hall out. Look at the rest of the team…
Grumpman: i got him in already he has a big body mate !
heppelitis: LuvIt…any chance you got his last 5 from last year?
Rockafella: I had to keep Lonergan
JockMcPie: good hall, keep racking em up
dibbydobby: dipstick cheap attitude wow!
colin wood: lol at wards SC score..
Apachecats: Hall going like a rocket now
Ben_Gogos: Hahah love how quiet the masses have become on Hall!
Breezey: I didn’t know Patton still played football
JockMcPie: ward should be on more SC points, cant see where he would have lost them
LuvIt74: I tried posting Hall’s last 7 scores from 2015 but there not coming up. 89 was his lowest with three 127+ & 95 & 98
PieBoy: onya hally
wadaramus: Hall 20 possessions for 38sc? WTF?
colin wood: wards disposal eff went from 83 to 72 without even getting another possession?? lol
Breezey: Fair old injury list at the Gold Coast.
J.Worrall: What kinda rocket? Retro?
heppelitis: thx luvit..pretty consistently good
Terlob: Anyone who traded out Hall is delusional
LuvIt74: Wards Average on his last 7 games last season was a massive 113
Pull: agree with Terlob on this one. surely you would have had bigger fish to fry
Apachecats: 2 stage rocket ,one for this 1/4 ,one for next 1/4
AngryRyno: CD bit harsh on two of my blokes, Ward and Hall
JockMcPie: i’ll take 90 from hall at this stage, he just isnt putting pressure on the opposition and can’t get the hard ball
AngryRyno: God I’d love 90 from Hall. he’s only got 41 in 3 quarters!
spudaroos: @AngryRyno Ward usually gets love from CD. Hall is just a useless seagull so no surprises there.
Ben_Gogos: Jeez Saad can’t cop a break, clearly coming back too early.
tamoz: Power off Lonergan!
LuvIt74: I’ll love 75 from hall considering although with 20 disposals its bloody low, clearly very few contested
colin wood: come on Callan lift now thanks atleast ton up from here although 130 would be super…
Breezey: It clearly shows if they give Lynch a crack at a mark he’ll get it done most times
Ben_Gogos: Lynch is certainly taking the most of his opportunities
LuvIt74: Collin lol
Pull: ablett lifting
pharace: LMAO at Hall being called a seagul.
colin wood: shh luvit… I’m praying as we speak haha
Apachecats: Shawanother SC ton.Raise the bat!
danmaio: Hall gulled up big last week after a slow start
spudaroos: Hall loves the outside ball, his run can be really good at times but his kicking has been awful as of late.
dipstick: the games over Hall. you can get some possies now son
Harmes37: Hopper 11 CP wowee!
Apachecats: Yes Harmes, Hopper on the watchlist
pharace: Game looked over in the 1st qtr tbh
colin wood: ward … zzzzzzz
danmaio: Shiel always stops when he is on track for a big ton
Breezey: Do the Suns realise that the blokes in orange are the opposition. They keep kicking it to them
LuvIt74: So 9 more possies needed from Hopper to get the most disposals for a dabut player. Achievable but unlikely.
Salambo: Didn’t Barlow have 33 possessions on debut?
Ben_Gogos: Is that Barlow with the disposal record @LuvIt74
JockMcPie: need a big quarter from ward and hall
SilverLion: 23 possies at 69% for only 52 SC, bit harsh I would’ve thought…
Breezey: Was it Dalziel when he was at the Lions
SilverLion: @Ben Brad Dalziell.
Rockafella: how many at this game
LuvIt74: Think it was Barlow but don’t quote me.
snake_p: dalzeill I think Ben
danmaio: Cmon Lynch, kick 3 for the qtr
the worm: Luvit74 said “think it was Barlow”
heppelitis: saome genius said cameron would kick 8….noice prediction
gdshifty: where was this 6 weeks ago lonergan??
spudaroos: Coniglio blossoming into a premium mid, could be a pick for next season.
the worm: must work for the mob that gives the Predictor Totals
AngryRyno: some genius, me, said Lynch would kick more than Cameron… oops
LuvIt74: yes Barlow 33 possessions in debut in AFL
Rockafella: I would’nt be taken the wee out of anyone with that spelling heppelitis
zadolinnyj: Was Dalziel.
the worm: how did 20% of people get sucked into lonergan at the start of the year?
heppelitis: haha angry
colin wood: come on callan this is getting stupid now..
heppelitis: wasnt takin piss..he might get there
Rockafella: I did Worm
zadolinnyj: He was very good in pre season worm. Not for me though
the worm: @rockafella You mean wouldn’t, not would’nt
spudaroos: @heppelitis Same people who got sucked into Sheridan is my guess.
Pokerface: come on lonergan.
MIJG: So VC not working who to Capt? Sidebum Pendles or The Zork?
the worm: i didnt think lonergan showed enough last year to warrant selection
Breezey: Deadset the Suns would be better playing one short than have Jarred Grant out there
danmaio: For fucks sake Lynch, even Lobb will out score you
heppelitis: haha @worm…in my defence i have fat fingers…its dark…and im half blind
the worm: i didnt think people payed serious attention to pre-season form
colin wood: last time i ever put the C on you Callan. Super disapointing…
The39Steps: I thought Hardwick, Buckley or Lyons would be the first to go. Perhaps Eade a better bet?
Breezey: Hall flying now
Rockafella: I have been trying to get rid of him since the start but cant
JockMcPie: give hall another seagull
Ben_Gogos: @danmaio not Lynch’s fault mate, the ball has gone in his area about 5 times.
Apachecats: Ward thats the last time you get VC( for a while anyway)
Tales: Damn Hall stopping scoring me points should of traded you
Rockafella: @ worm payed?? really
Salambo: Silver lining – Gold Coast have only kicked 1 behind!
Yelse: Why is hall’s SC so low??
J.Worrall: Hall flying what? A kite?
DanBlack: Hall is killing it in the 2nd half. Might have to trade him out. Makes sense
Breezey: I hope the bloke who had issues last week chatting to GAJ doesn’t go to away games
the worm: @Dan, look he was quiet for 20 mins of the 2nd quarter, Hall is done, trade him out
Breezey: I’m on DT and he’s going to ton up. That’s all I care about
Ben_Gogos: Ward is on track for a 90, not a shocker lol.
The39Steps: lol @breezey.
Salambo: Not so silver lining – Jeremy Cameron has the same number of scoring shots as the Gold Coast.
Jukes82: Hall bin
zadolinnyj: Is a shocker if you have the v on him Ben
MIJG: Yeah Gaj in line for another fan rant
Apachecats: Compare Hall’s stats to Sheils and go figure the SC points.???
Breezey: The fan rant is actually all over Fantasy scores.
Grumpman: keep going hooper finish it of son.
benzammit: Hopper looks good
Ben_Gogos: @zadolinnyj no it isn’t, you made that decision not Callan mate 😉
MIJG: Haha most likely breezey
benzammit: Why is everyone bashing Hall? A lot worse about, how’s barlow travelling?
gdshifty: heater sleeping in the 4th
MIJG: Anyway the giant’s are lokking good!
a1trader: Kelly is a gun
Breezey: Looking like another 100 point margin
pharace: Agree Benz, it’s funny the critz
Apachecats: Heater has put on 19 sc in 20 mins
Breezey: Me and Kelly are going to get acquainted next week.
Apachecats: Hardly sleeping gdshifty
Salambo: @benzammit: Barlow? He’s flying mate! 39 touches… in the WAFL.
SangaT: Ablett really playing like a 90 SC player?
feralmong: Thank u heater I’ll take that.
Apachecats: If any ones sleeping its CWard
MIJG: How does ablett simply stop scoring? Was on track sort of.
benzammit: Hope you score well off him playing I’d hardly call that flying.
AngryRyno: Hall rising quickly, Ward taking a back seat with so many other gun performances
dibbydobby: Hall ftw!
Generalsor: Think Zorko will beat Coniglio. Good call General
Pull: hopper needs 5 more to break the record
shaker: I don’t think Gaz really cares any more
ryanbob: hall laid a tackle!
Salambo: @benzammit: My tongue was firmly in my cheek there tee hee.
tamoz: Hopper leading contested possessions!
benzammit: I’d rather a player playing afl and getting 30 touches, thanks for the heads up on Barlow .Hopper has been Gr8
SangaT: Just don’t really understand the differential with Ablett and Hall on sc…
Ben_Gogos: Huge effort @tamoz
AngryRyno: Hall and Ward should finish with around 80 and 90 respectively, not bad with Shaw going large
MIJG: So captain Zorko Pendles or sidebottom?
Harmes37: Hoper also has rd 15 bye hmmm
AngryRyno: Zac Williams folks take a bow
Breezey: @MIJG Go Sidebottom. Gets plenty against Brisbane
AngryRyno: CD better let the kid ton
kangawalla: Bye bye Eski, you has been!
Bursill: Hopper up to 30, how long left?
colin wood: Pathetic ward….
AngryRyno: bloody hell please let Shaw outscore Cameron
Breezey: Trouble for GAJ
gdshifty: ablett down and out
SangaT: Ablett down
Torz: GAJ is fine
SilverLion: Looks like a mild concussion only, he’ll be fine.
kangawalla: Hall was 28 at half time. Huge 2nd half!
ryanbob: 79 sc for 32 poss is pretty harsh
benzammit: 31 touches on debut great job,Shaw keeps on and Cameron has arrived AFL Giants looking good.
AngryRyno: 300 extra points to be given out, lovely

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