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Chat log from R8 of 2016: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R8 of 2016

SilverLion: Hopefully M. Brown isn’t bugged on 1 SC for half the game as usual…
Snarfy: I hope that Browny kicks a bag today
King_Robbo: Can godly go 200+
PureSwag: SliverLion thats a glitch. LOL
tbrowne: Goldy will only get about 85 today imo
Pokerface: Brown hits 2!
King_Robbo: Zerrett my upgrade next week.. Stay down
gdshifty: fantasia hurt
PureSwag: Brown 10! What a Gun
King_Robbo: I’m going by that captain goldy for 200+ smashing it already
gdshifty: was tippa a late out? Havent seen him once on screen
JockMcPie: tippa was on bench for the first 12 minutes
Generalsor: Is Fantasia hurt bad?
JockMcPie: Tippa! slips and loses all those points!
gdshifty: @generalsor not really up and going again
JockMcPie: fantasia is fine
Grazz: Is Jacobs tagging anyone
Generalsor: k, cheers GD
cusch1: Umpires pulling frees out of nowhere for north atm
Harmes37: Apparently… NM has NEVER beaten Ess by more than 10 goals..
cusch1: #fatstat Essendon have had a Daniher, Watson or fletcher play in every game for the last 42 years
Apachecats: Zaharakaratis getting tagged out otf this.
ryanbob: Why is goldy sc so low? 100% efficiency
Pokerface: that is a fat stat
Sloaneyyyy: other game has started now too
frenzy: keep going wood and McKenzie
rotated: playing grima in a private league.. he has himself captain haha
cusch1: Apache that is the biggest butcher of zahas name I’ve ever seen hahahah
DrSeuss: Zaha, Dea, Hartley and Fantasia – good times…
MIJG: Zeibell running at 37DE and same score as Goldy at 100DE lol
JockMcPie: but ziebel has had double the possessions…
tbrowne: learn how scoring works my god..
GJayBee: CD guys are over Goldy
cusch1: How the fuck did that go through
JRedden: merret looks back to his best, loving it
poolboybob: Do something Zaha
cusch1: North Melbourne need one more miracle to become a saint after those last two goals hahaha
DrSeuss: Can’t use your body in a marking contest now? These free kicks are BS
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Mullet, join the party you flog, you’re filling in for Houli
jalapenoh: Fantasia was the worst fkn pickup.
Apachecats: Bit like Koutafeedamedies by old Jack Dyer @cusch1
poolboybob: F off Jacobs, what do you need to tag for? It’s Essendon for fuck’s sakes
SilverLion: Looking forward to picking up Goldstein at 550k in a week or two.
cusch1: Looking forward to Heppell st 300k roundn1 next year
JockMcPie: Dea on track for a big score
BestCoast: Will the real Zaha please stand up. Super spud would never entertain that lemon. Bubble has burst
AngryRyno: Heppell won’t be 300k next year
BestCoast: Made mistake Jelwood VC need Goldy to murder it go you good thing
circle52: Jacobs has lowered the colours of better players than Zaha –
cusch1: Didn’t call Selwood a super spud after one poor performance last night best coast?
gdshifty: Jredden you jinxed Zmerrett ffs….
vartic: I feel like there’ll be an exception made for the returning players next year
vartic: otherwise every single team will have hooker, heppell, hurley, monfries etc
dipstick: LOL bjacobs. the tagging loser footballer who aint got skill to hunt the ball
GJayBee: Jacobs is being a bit selfish it’s obviously lots of fan coaches need Zaha
BestCoast: Didn’t call Jelwood a spud ?? @cusch1
Pull: keep going hartley son get a bit of the pill
Jackina: Traded out Parish this week, hahaha… ha…. ha….
SilverLion: @vartic, just like every single team had Tippa, M.Brown, Dea etc. this year? The discount makes sense IMO.
JockMcPie: it wont be a heavy discount, but there should be some lowered price
AngryRyno: it’s like Gaz, he wasn’t the price he should have been this year. The prices will be manually adjusted.
Nuffman: is dropping the ball while being tackled still constitute a free or what?
vartic: there’ll be adjustments, sure, but no way they put all these premo players at 300k
Ben_Gogos: Agreed, don’t think Hep gets much of a discount if any.
cusch1: We’re the rape allegations against daw dropped or are they still going?
poolboybob: Starting to think Essendon will not win the premiership this year.
JockMcPie: watson will be cheap if he plays on
GJayBee: 10% maybe for essendon guns
BestCoast: Heppel should be discounted one of the worst disposal uses in the business
Pull: best coast that has absolutely no relevance
Jackina: That doesn’t affect DT average…
dipstick: heppel will hardly be a comparible price to others considering missing 12 months football hardness
Terlob: He was found not guilty cusch
AngryRyno: very good last few minutes of that quarter from Goldy, added about 18 points
Apachecats: Only in the backline Nuffman
BestCoast: Einstein @pull
JockMcPie: any1 got gibson??? should get near 200 DT the way he’s playing
JanathF: comon zaharakis
DrSeuss: 77 So far from my 4 players in this game
poolboybob: The only people who have Gibson are people who clicked the auto-select button before the season started.
frenzy: Good Wood
BestCoast: Sounds like you need to pull a cat out of the hat @DrSeuss
Apachecats: Zaha ,Walla and Brown
frenzy: Green eggs and ham
Apachecats: 61 SC between them
J_Pinkman: Jacobs keeps sabotaging my SC.
SilverLion: Oh my god, Essendon got a goal
cusch1: Good goal goddard
AngryRyno: who’s this Majak Daw? kid goes alright. Gawn to Daw this week
gdshifty: concussion rule here
SilverLion: Pumpkin for M. Brown.
cusch1: Such a promising start to they year
cusch1: From wood, disappointing to see him hurt like this
dipstick: has zaha given up or just sooking?
goldy4pm: good young player, hopefully he’s right
gdshifty: gonna be a 35+ min quarter
colin wood: dipstick hes copping a tag and a flogging from Jacobs
AngryRyno: Wood was looking good, carrying on from another good game last week
pants42: sooking.does not want to be there at all! Feel like axing him after his effort today
Apachecats: Both I think @dipstick
dipstick: pfft tagging… a stupid autralian sporting trait.
feralmong: Sucks having to play brown and tipu this week.
CarltonGuy: Zaha’s doing a “Goddard”and having a cry I think…
DanBlack: Zaka getting involved now. At least making a small recovery for my team
SilverLion: Someone said it before, but to reiteratie, Jacobs has taken bigger scalps than Zaha. Keep Steven to under 70 last week
SilverLion: *kept
feralmong: Zerrett on the other hand is making up for it.
AngryRyno: Zaha has been carrying the Bombers, give him a break, done a lot better this qtr than first half
CarltonGuy: true that
cusch1: Free kick against Kelly for not using his hands in the first half, Thompson uses his hands no free kick?
MIJG: Good stuff Goldy. 110 before 3qtr time.
Sloaneyyyy: how come Kommer can’t get a game in this hack side ???
cusch1: Because kommer is a hack
Ben_Gogos: Horrible turnover by Gibson coming out of D50, earns the first muppet of the day.
AngryRyno: can confirm: Kommer is a hack
cusch1: How Jackson Merrett hasn’t gotten a game after three weeks of 30 touches and two goals astounds me
Apachecats: Brown just got his first points of the 1/4
Ben_Gogos: @cusch1 maybe because he has rarely been able to transfer that form to AFL level.
DanBlack: Good call ryno
feralmong: Roos left the door wide open that qtr.
cusch1: Still better than polkinghorne and Crowley and ambrose
Jackina: Is Brown just struggling from lack of inside 50s?
SwaggyP: Do i take goldy at the C or keep it on C.Ward?
Rebuild: Put Brown on the field this week. Sorry guys.
wadaramus: Had Ruggles 57, decided M.Brown should at least match it, looking like a dodgy call.
AngryRyno: take Goldy, should get a nice scale
Apachecats: To early to call swaggy
colin wood: I’m giving it til the 20 min mark of the last Q Swaggy. Doing exact same with Ward!
cusch1: How is parish only on 63? Been essendons best bar zerrett
Apachecats: Was wondering who the jinx was Rebuild
frenzy: Nanas playing like a tiger again
cusch1: Nah as has never been good, even for north frenzy
colin wood: I’m expecting some scaling for Goldy his played better then that 87 thus far.
jeasy: can someone file a missing persons report for Ziebell?
cusch1: Jeasy that’s my fault, traded him in and he has gotten 70s since
poolboybob: Missing persons report for a player with 18 touches in 3 quarters?
Generalsor: I love Zmerrett. This week.
Ben_Gogos: Polkinghorne has been going well since Q1
gdshifty: almost traded in Ziebell. Glad i didnt do it this week
jeasy: fair cop poolboybob, but I wouldn’t mind a few more points for his effort.
poolboybob: Good to see Matt Dea back scoring well after I traded him out with a high BE
Generalsor: C’mon Pitchingwoody, scrape to 65
OnTheRocks: if Goldy drops a few more $ i’d be tempted to upgrade jacobs to him
Ben_Gogos: Huge effort by Dea there to take down Harvey!
gdshifty: Daw taking some of Goldys ruck contests at stoppages
cusch1: It was baguley not dea ben
SaintsMan: how is merit on 104?
AngryRyno: not sure who to, not sure how, but Brown must go this week
23rookie23: Because he is a hang off the pack seagul spud
poolboybob: lol Merrett the “seagull” with more contested possesions than anyone else on the ground.
frenzy: Wake the flower up Norfolk
Generalsor: Don’t question a guy with 23rookie23’s cred. He prolly knows his stuff
cusch1: Should be a bull icon for most contested possessions
Jackina: Merrett is good quality footballer, if you watch his games he’s got really good composure
SaintsMan: hes not a seagull at all, complete opposite actually
LovesIt: Goldstein cries every night over Gawn
frenzy: Flower off predictive
Smithy1: He is a gun, good ol merret
Generalsor: That other thing.
SwaggyP: I think I have to keep Ward at the C
Generalsor: Attaboy Walla!
dibbydobby: how many people got screwed by brown this week! -_-
Jackina: Goldy loves to sleep in the 4th
cusch1: Walla makes everything look so much better no matter how terrible the play is
wadaramus: +1 dibby
MIJG: Concidering ess didn’t score a first half goal they are pretty close.
poolboybob: Pretty poor second half from the Roos
cusch1: Another 5 minutes and Essendon win
Magicsmell: If there was another q to go bombers would win
Breezey: And if my Aunty had balls she’d be my uncle
Ben_Gogos: That was perhaps the worst miss of the season from Daw lol.
frenzy: It’s hard to get yourself up to play against garbage
gdshifty: good boy Merrett
dibbydobby: Good to know Breezey
frenzy: Hearts2hearts
Jackina: hahahaha frenzy a little salty
Nuffman: #standingovation
cusch1: Feminists will be after you for that breezey hahahah
Pull: so much scaling left
circle52: Tossed up loopholing Ruggles and Brown and did not bad move

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