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Chat log from R8 of 2016: Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Adelaide vs Geelong, R8 of 2016

jalapenoh: Who are people tipping for this one?
zadolinnyj: Smashed 3 dominos pizzas on Thursday Monty thanks to ur add.
frenzy: cats 4 me
dibbydobby: will see how this danger tag goes
Apachecats: Evening all ,anyone put the V or C on Danger.?
Apachecats: I’ve gone Adel Jala ,just because at home
Breezey: Is the camera going to spend all night on Danger or will we see other players at all
deekay: apache cats my opponent has danger C
mace485: crows will win this
Breezey: I’ve gone Geelong.
JockMcPie: any1 not put the C or V on danger?
cusch1: Guthrie has looked Ablett like tonight so far
zadolinnyj: Cows at home
urmumsaid: tex is back!
PieCannon: put my vc on goldy @jock
Apachecats: Go the Cows Zad
JockMcPie: would laugh if danger got concussed or something…
DrSeuss: Great start from Captain Selwood – Should never go Friday Captain….
tamoz: Get involved Ruggles, Bartel and B.Crouch!
Yelse: need both crouch brothers to lift god dam
AngryRyno: B Crouch just back on from the bench
Yelse: i think players spend to much time on the bench
AngryRyno: they have to due to limited rotations
zadolinnyj: Put the V on Blicavs for something different
benty691: got Selwood as VC!
jocka: prior?
frenzy: what are you flowering doing Jelwood
AngryRyno: Lonergan looks done for the night, could bite cats late in the game
feralmong: Shall we just call this the carnage round.
dipstick: crows one last 8 games in a row here. jelwood and danger will just chill tonight. no biggies
deekay: gutherie is being a beast
AngryRyno: Brad Crouch pressure has been good tonight
Bulky: Cats should be 6 goals up.
Stikman35: Dumb choice vc danger. I give up.
Breezey: Good start for my man Tom Lynch
Apachecats: Who have you got the C on Stikman?
Stikman35: Tossing between 3. Apache. Gold, …
Stikman35: Shaw. Or Mitchell if I put him in.
gdshifty: horrible game for fantasy scores so far.
dibbydobby: i love lookinat my opponents team. i think he/she has given up after these injuries lol!
Torz: Lift Seedsman
Bulky: Brad and Matt The Spudley Brothers.
J.Worrall: Hello Folks – system restore and back on the air!
J.Worrall: Danger SC going steady, shifty
AngryRyno: any chance of an effective touch Brad?
J.Worrall: Eddy baby!
JockMcPie: feels when Z Smith is highest SC..
Apachecats: Get a touch Blicavs
desmondo: Betts is a bloody free there
J.Worrall: feels?
zadolinnyj: Paddy being looked after with sc. not hitting targets
JockMcPie: The feeling = feels J.Worral 🙂
desmondo: Crows so lucky cats aren`t kicking straight LOL
Costanza: Tex in slo mo
gdshifty: cmon Jelwood and MCrouch ffs do something…
DrSeuss: Come on Selwood – look a little interested
Pull: keep clangering crouch fuck my life you’re shit
Breezey: Now Tex is a ducker
Stikman35: Blicavs just needs to stick another 25 tackles.
poolboybob: Both Crouches have horrible disposal
LuvIt74: Carn Motlop i need every point I can squeeze out this week. I have a rookie academy playing.
Ceema: Lonergan will get man of the match
tom_cohen: need danger to have an amazing game
LuvIt74: carn mottyloppy
Apachecats: Danger smashing the CP count
zadolinnyj: Seedsman needs a SANFL run
Yelse: geez why is brad crouch SC so low. don’t tackles count for a bit
zadolinnyj: Charlie mcleod
LuvIt74: I have danger as my VC on SC but how the hell is he on 45 sc
MIJG: Watching the game can’t see how danger on sc.
AngryRyno: B Crouch 4 clangers keeping him low
The Swert: Danger kicks a clanger = +8sc, Crouch gets an ineffective clearance = -3sc
JockMcPie: 10 contested possessions helping danger out
zadolinnyj: Agree MIJG. Seen maybe 3 contested possessions and missed last 5 of 6 targets
J.Worrall: lottymoppy, lols
monkebuket: that rule not working on bews
Apachecats: BCrouch 16% accuracy ,worst on ground
Stikman35: Jenkins smashing it.
JockMcPie: supercoach admins got danger as captain? should be on 40 SC not 55!
monkebuket: bews got cash on the crows
feralmong: Danger starting to look like breaking out a nice score.
Stikman35: Flowered Blicavs off
AngryRyno: surely Brodie Smith 0% accuracy is worse than B Crouch 16%
Stikman35: 🙂 feral
deekay: danger just junking it up
LuvIt74: Danger must get points for looking at the ball on SC not that im complaining but it is BS
The Swert: Bcrouch 16% should be 32%, getting robbed by Champion to pay Danger
AngryRyno: Danger has 12CP he deserves his score
zadolinnyj: Ridiculous danger score and I have him. Missed another target and got the points
JockMcPie: if dangerfield went at 100% efficiency he would be on 90 SC
Stikman35: What does danger need in sc to take as captain over goldy or Gawn if I…
zadolinnyj: Watch the game. Is he competing with ants. Have hardly seen a cp from danger.
Apachecats: Smith 2disp 2 misses ,Crouch 6 dispossals 5 misses.
RooBoyStu: somebody give Bartel a razor at half time.
deekay: tbh this isn’t that great a game…
jalapenoh: Awesome half captain selwood
monkebuket: they be sneaky ants
LuvIt74: He is growing his beard for awareness on domestic violence towards waman.
The Swert: Let’s call that loose ball get another CP for Danger…
LuvIt74: and kids
mmachida: @RooBoyStu its for domestic violence awareness
westy501: rooboy he isnt cutting his hair all year to raise awareness for domestic violencew
deekay: rooboy is a good fisherman, you lads took bait.
LuvIt74: I hear a echo.
poolboybob: I commend Bartel for doing it, but he is too handsome to have a beard like that.
RooBoyStu: what about violence against men, never hear it, in awareness
RooBoyStu: need him to lift vc, be of 48 sc lift Bartel muppet
Dommy02: smith has gotta lift
dipstick: that’s ironic! middle east full of beards and highest DV in the world
jalapenoh: Guthrie will win a brownlow in the next 5 years, GUN
LuvIt74: Violence against men usually comes under the category as “Grow a pair” for whatever reason.
dipstick: sc talk was all about motlop. doing the job of late
monkebuket: not enough of it to need awareness rooboystupid thing to say?
RooBoyStu: @LuvIt74 I know a solid guy who was abused by his partner big time, it does vhappen
LuvIt74: I started with mottyloppy hope my POD doesn’t get noticed.
gdshifty: what a rubbish game for fantasy. When charlie cameron is double Duncan at HT…
LuvIt74: @RooBoy I know it does.
tbrowne: is the bar on the far right of the stats DE%?
the worm: motlops usually good for about 3 good games a year, might be time to move him on
desmondo: Walker should cop a couple of weeks for the push on Lonergan…big bloody coward act just because he couldn`t get there
westy501: matty l needs to grow a pair
the worm: if he was doing it for cancer awareness would you say “hey what about luekemia awareness”?
J.Worrall: I hear a echo.
poolboybob: lol if that Walker push is a suspension then AFL clubs won’t be able to field 22 players every week.
J.Worrall: “hey what about luekemia awareness”?
the worm: *smackhead
Stikman35: Matt c. Glad he is now petracca
RooBoyStu: last 2 weeks crows blamed umps for losing, if lose this week blame dog food as copied Serena
desmondo: have a good look at it poolboy, it was unnecessary and extreme, he did n`t have to do it but chose to.
stuballs: @luvit74 That easy hey? Manning up, like taking it for so long you retaliate and then it becomes violence against Women?
dipstick: @stik glad mills is now petracca 🙂
RooBoyStu: If the Crouch brothers are on Adelaide’s list next year they have no idea. SANFL players at best, not AFL standard.
stuballs: It’s real mate and not being soft here, but it definitely deserves recognition. Up the puss
AngryRyno: B Crouch has runs on the board at AFL level, he won’t be delisted
LuvIt74: @stuballs what are u on about?
Apachecats: Beaudy the footy has started again
zadolinnyj: B crouch has had two years of injury but is a gun. M crouch is young. Both will be amazing
dashurg: @stuball Everyone is aware about DV, but the campaigns are sexist so I don’t care women being beaten.
zadolinnyj: Also b crouch tagging Selwood and M crouch has had danger a lot
stuballs: Yeah they are predominantly sexist, I agree. Jimmy is advocating DV in general and it’s been a subject to somet to home
OnTheRocks: this might be the last time i choose a Friday game VC. They all go shit
monkebuket: good logic dashurg
AngryRyno: stuballs is ranting… to no one?
stuballs: Close to home* @dash very poor statement mate. Let’s all agree it’s appealing in all forms and enjoy the footy.
the worm: let’s criticise a great compaign for not encompassing enough people to your liking…
LuvIt74: @stballs Rooboy stated give Bartel a razor, all I stated was that he is growing the beard to raise awareness on DV.
willywalks: duncan alive out there, not watching the game
stuballs: Appalling*** @angryryno – pretty clear im posting in response mate. Enjoy the footy. Up the puss
poolboybob: Jenkins and Seedsman magnifying glass or icicle.
LuvIt74: its now time for the mottyloppy show
Grazz: touched
zadolinnyj: Seedsman spud
Stikman35: Jenkins.. Worth every $ for a new contract
Ash777: winning the free count but losing what blasphemy!
zadolinnyj: Not touched
stuballs: @luvit74 – Apologies. Don’t remember your comment and can’t scroll. Is a good campaign by a champ and deserves respect
LuvIt74: Jacobs has done jack since the new ruck points system.
danmaio: Fuck you seedsman
m0nty: back on the footy please
LuvIt74: Motlop a absolute champ
danmaio: Get your first kick Seedsman and turn it over, you spud
Yelse: why would you use ur 2 mids to tag. who gonna get the ball
Breezey: I wish some of my layers would get back on the footy
poolboybob: Uh oh, Adelaide 15 frees to 7 for Geelong. Cats should spend all next week whining about it.
gdshifty: mcrouch you are a useless POS
zadolinnyj: To teach them yelse. They can still get the ball but they must also be accountable
colin wood: Come on rugglicious pump out a 70!
willywalks: zombie for henderson, might have to look at him this week if i dont get flowered by injuries again
LuvIt74: They should use a footy game as a spec savers advertisement.
jalapenoh: Dunacn, Ruggles, Captain Selwood, Mcgovern, :9 FMDT
3rdstriker: gdshifty you could have just said crouch, applies equally to both
feralmong: Oo Selwood went to rooms but back to bench now.
Stuart88: Any chance of scoring M Crouch u muppet
AngryRyno: Henderson will kill your season, don’t pick him
Grazz: Thats shower Crouch
DrSeuss: Why did I pick a Friday night captain….
dipstick: fuck. the crouches are shit!
poolboybob: The Crouches should change their last names to Clanger
Yelse: danger spent 8 mins on the bench
Roksta: 18 to 7 frees
Torz: You finally get near the ball Seedsman and give away a free. :/
Grazz: Well done Charlie
tbrowne: brodie smith and brad crouch mu god..
AngryRyno: C Cameron very impressive
deekay: poor dt night so far
poolboybob: Biggest reason that the frees were a talking point last week was because that idiot BT wouldn’t shut up about them.
Grazz: Sweet
the worm: i think fantasy coaches who chose the crouches should change their names to clanger
feralmong: The seed is not germinating.
Grazz: @Roksta go on the forum see how many whined about the frees, none
dipstick: you were on 62sc at HT ffs danger. lift slacker
Grazz: Nice kick skipper
Roksta: Your coach and 90% of Adelaide supporters were sooking last week
zadolinnyj: Cameron looking
poolboybob: The Crouches have hit more Geelong targets than Dangerfield has.
zadolinnyj: Cameron progressing very well
ryanbob: Adelaide can’t complain about the free kick count now
LuvIt74: mottyloppy
monkebuket: what was that free kick for?
feralmong: Duncan sc going to boost a lot from here.
para: @feralmong have you got the seed?
Grazz: Haha now your just making it up. Not true at all
LuvIt74: gr8 goal
feralmong: No chance para. Hehe. Opponent does.
RooBoyStu: Seedsman what a dud, my budgie shows more heart at his seed
dipstick: any chance lonergans sc score will be inflated to 2? or 3?
para: same here
shaneyboy: Free kicks 20 – 8, I’m guessing crows are still getting robbed
AngryRyno: no, he literally did nothing to deserve a point
Grazz: that was funny dipstick pay that one
LuvIt74: well my two players will ton up tonight on SC in motlop & Danger just hope danger scores 120+
jalapenoh: The cats have seemed to get the short straw in every game they have played this year. Umps must not like them or smthin
zadolinnyj: I may get a record low this week. Season to forget this year
feralmong: Luvit if danger kicks a goal he will.
Jair: A more bazzar scoreline i have not seen
benzammit: Time to recall Lyons
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure it’s their kicking @jala
desmondo: Umps are being influenced by the crowd big time
Grazz: True Jair, Cats kicking has kept us in it. Lucky to be this close.
Stuart88: That be right put Z Smith on my bench then comes out a put up 100 didn’t see that coming tonight
LuvIt74: 26 to 14 scoring shots, that is shocking from Geelong. Forget the free kick stats that score board says it all
benzammit: They need to teach Crouch how to kick he is becoming a legend on a bad way fast.
LuvIt74: Who the hell would have a $360k ruck on the bench, thats very smart
Str1k3_M95: brodie smith just doesnt want to play
the worm: whats crazy about an expensive ruck bench?
Stuart88: He had been stinking it lucky I can loop hole it and swap Cox and Grim
LuvIt74: Kerstens hair looks shocking.
Grazz: wasted cash and points The Worm
Pokerface: free kick sloane
the worm: its only wasted cash/points if you spend all the rest wisely
AngryRyno: you fielded Cox over Zac Smith?
feralmong: Cats looking good for a gf. Good in def, ruck, centre and fwd.
RooBoyStu: Selwood down arrow surely
dipstick: jelwoodn’t be able to ton if he tried. what’s the deal
LuvIt74: @Stewart88 so u must have Cox on the field over Smith? OMG
zadolinnyj: Amazing a free kick can be paid for pointing at the ump
Grazz: Cant point at the umps Thomo
casey22: Dumb. dumd full forward
Grazz: nuh mate believe me it’s wasted
LuvIt74: I’ve heard it all, if you done that then whats the big deal, you’ll still get Smith’s score. Although it sounds suss
grossn: 24 – 9 frees and 9.18 stories of the night if adelaide win.
Stuart88: Yeah didn’t change it before the game was playing with it during the week think I’m very lucky I can loop hole it
gdshifty: rooboy jelwood will make his fantasy BE…
zadolinnyj: Eddie became a ninja
Roksta: Dirty Eddie betts trying to kick people
dipstick: @stu then get your hand off it and stop playing with it. focus on sc players
Grazz: nice grab
poolboybob: lol Seedsman what a dud
Grazz: omg
gdshifty: seedsman lol
deekay: wherethe hell did danger come from? my opp has the C on him
danmaio: Go fuck yourself Seedsman
LuvIt74: @theworm to have a $360k rck on your bench is crazy because 99% of the time u wont be able to get his score.
Torz: Oh Seeds.
Roksta: #freekickadelaide
3rdstriker: thats a terrible deliberate call
stuballs: Jeee3eeesus how was that in any universe deliberate against Jimmy???
LuvIt74: Carn danger plenty of time for a 130+ the way your going
danmaio: How can you miss from there
poolboybob: Now as big a free kick disparity as last weekend’s match.
Stuart88: @dipstick cheers bud I’ll stop playing with it and get back to SC 😂😂
casey22: What a good game to watch
AngryRyno: Roksta has nothing to say except negative adelaide comments #sour
LuvIt74: Unless he is a Ruck/Fwd which Smith isn’t.
tbrowne: Does Brodie Smith know what a football is?
Grazz: flower
colin wood: Good boy Ruggles
the worm: @ luvit unless there are 3 bye rounds and injuries and late withdrawls
Yelse: adelaide seriously can’t kick… nearly as bad as the pies
stuballs: Oooooooooofff up the puss!! On ya old dog Boris!
zadolinnyj: disgusting = free challenge Roksta
dipstick: @stu have you got docherty or simmo in sc yet? then lift brother
J.Worrall: LottaMoppo!
jalapenoh: Good night adelaide…. ffsf
Breezey: Best on Ground Motlop
Grazz: @The Worm, mate it’s wasted. Trying to help you not harm you.
feralmong: Ooh vc danger I’m getting interested now.
zadolinnyj: Telling the press your own player gave away secrets when he didn’t = ? @roksta.
willywalks: duncan has cost me a payout unless he lifts!!
Dommy02: slow down brodie!! wouldn’t want you to get a possesion
LuvIt74: @theworm as i was saying its ludicrous. Carn Mottyloppy u delicious beast.
the worm: @grazz im trying to help you guys
Stuart88: I was gonna get Simmo today wentBoyd
RooBoyStu: had $ on crows tonight, but they are a bottom 4 of the top 8 at the best.
danmaio: Seedsman nails that, they get the momentum
poolboybob: Hawkins has had a mare
feralmong: Winning bounce that last goal.
Grazz: I don’t need that help, I rank ok every year and i’d never do what your doing, it’s wasted cash and points
masterhc2: guthrie outstanding tonight, would be giving him the 3 votes
LuvIt74: Rooboy u cold have just said they are bottom top 8 at best. lol
JRedden: wonder what crows fans are saying after tonights free kick count..
feralmong: That little bit of square base of the post deflected the ball.
masterhc2: meanwhile ive got b smith, putrid
Roksta: Free count only thug Adelaide are winning #shower
colin wood: Lol at the Menzel target well played lads
the worm: @ grazz, so i guess u didnt waste 300k elsewhere on some speculative bust?
Str1k3_M95: b smith @ 370K after tonight lol
Grazz: Dogs fans still butt hurt over 97 98 lol
dipstick: jelwood is more like jelflaccid. not happy Jan. b crouch is beating you
Grazz: No I didnt mate
AngryRyno: roksta appears again #flog
zadolinnyj: 97 and 98 all you bulldog fans. That is all
casey22: Come on danger, need 120 plus for loop
JRedden: pft you couldn’t even beat a half-depleted dogs side
Roksta: Haha port will be the better Adelaide after this week
the worm: you must be in tho top 20 rankings then, my hat is off to you
LuvIt74: Mottyloppy has leather poisoning.
Stuart88: 26-10 free come on and these out of bounds are a joke
willywalks: why has menzel got the target for 1.2?
King_Robbo: Lol Adelaide blaming the umps again #flogs
zadolinnyj: Who is blaming the umpires idiots. Check the last few games as well. Nobody here mention umps.
deekay: @willywalks probably because he is like 3.9 for the year, hence this is an improvement
Grazz: lol you dogs fans need to grow up a bit
dipstick: @roksta blues are gonna 4peat this week
LuvIt74: Crow eaters shut up bout the frees, Cats should have been 10 goals in front. See that thing called the score board?
jalapenoh: Lol calm down fellas
Sloaneyyyy: where did all these dog-flogs fans come from?
LuvIt74: cmon danger junk it up m8
Kenny27: Guthrie star
willywalks: moved it to Motlop now haha, good one m0nty
Grazz: Which of us has said a word LuvIt about it, nobody
J.Worrall: What thing called the score board?
JRedden: we came to point out the irony of your free kick dilemma last week
dipstick: samjacobs is a sc flog. useless
Yelse: would you guys take dangers score for C?
The Swert: How does Seedsman have more SC than Thompson and Bcrouch?
dashurg: Danger and Slaone my only 2 players in this game 😀
zadolinnyj: Called a bandwagon sloaneyyyy. Don’t see them here for years then dogs win a couple and out comes the scarfs
Pokerface: why would you mix up menzel with motlop?
feralmong: 20 more sc danger I’ll lock it in.
LuvIt74: 30 to 17 scoring shots, deplorable by the cats, this game should have been over at half time.
Ash777: you won the frees so you crow fans should be salty lol
Str1k3_M95: would not take dangers scores for C
AngryRyno: Danger will get scaled to 130, yes
Grazz: @Yelse if he gets to 130 scaled up for sure
dibbydobby: i think im taking VC danger
zadolinnyj: Jacobs looks a lot thinner dipstick. Think they made him lean down with new interchange. Ruined him
Str1k3_M95: unless its 135 +
dibbydobby: after last 2 weeks of inconsistency from my caps im sticking to this!
boydshow: free kicks 26-13, crows still losing lol
zadolinnyj: Correct Luvit
cusch1: Adelaide supporters care more about winning the free kick count rather than winning in the scoreboard
Roksta: Double the frees but still can’t win hahaha
Sloaneyyyy: cats deserve the win tonight. if they could kick straight they would have won by a lot more
feralmong: After Gawn capt last week it all looks weak.
LuvIt74: 120+ I lock it in, we don’t have the luxuries of Gazza & Fyfe any more. dont be greedy
poolboybob: Motlop is what Lewis Jetta could be if he actually tried.
Disco DB: hawkins is a useless turd. #burgers
Grazz: Well done Cats, better all night
deekay: anyone know what danger was on at halftime?
AngryRyno: Sloane very close to BOG
Sloaneyyyy: too many crows passengers this week. douglas and seedsman need to be dropped
JRedden: of course you’d say that, funnily enough dogs deserved their win too, 31 more inside 50s
Roksta: Adelaide 9th
Breezey: I’m going to Pies and Lions tomorrow night. What’s my chances of a win
Str1k3_M95: 68 at Half time
zadolinnyj: Thompson has lost the plot in the last 4 weeks.
cusch1: Douglas used to be a premium SuperCoach player, now more of a dud
J_Pinkman: i’m taking danger, haven’t got goldy, and surely Gawn won’t do that 2 weeks in a row
Pokerface: he was on 60 dekay
Ash777: I suspect gawn not to reach 100sc sunday
grossn: Dees now in the 8!!!
LuvIt74: Guthrie could be a future star, very poised and uses the ball very well.
AngryRyno: no doubt you doggies fans will disappear when you lose to the Dees tomorrow
Grazz: @JRedden yeh did deserve it, whats your point
casey22: Good enough, Paddy, locked in
JRedden: if you are that confident, bet on the dees, be my guest
LuvIt74: Well all the top rucks have struggled to score over 80 when playing the dogs for what ever reason.
Pokerface: gawn will have a field day against campbell
JockMcPie: sort of wanted dangerfield to get 140+, tough calls coming up
zadolinnyj: And if they win they may buy a beanie as well @AngryRyno
LuvIt74: My 2 players on same points 126 a piece thank u
3rdstriker: I think thats an Etihad thing as much as anything Luvit
AngryRyno: you don’t need to bet to be correct 🙂
Jogr: how is seedsman on 54 and selwoods on 66
willywalks: break the zombie out for henderson m0nty!
Rossle97: Who do you support angryryno?
feralmong: Not much to scale with.
Grazz: One thing iv’e learnt tonight Dogs fans are still hurting thr Crows when the big ones
zadolinnyj: Dog
LuvIt74: mottyloppy & Danger thanx for coming sons.
zadolinnyj: Dogs rucks are mobile and get up forward making opponent accountable. Won’t bother Gawn would think. He will kick a coup
Ash777: Roughead is like a tagging ruck
Grumpman: Brodie Smith week and pi
Roksta: Night crows haha
LuvIt74: didn’t the dogs bit the crows last week
zadolinnyj: Henderson kept kicking to himself from fullback hence all his kicks. Geelong gave him lots of kick outs
jalapenoh: I think the dees will MCG too big for them in my opinion the dogs,
deekay: happy with jacobs hitting the ton
jalapenoh: Dogs missing alot of players though
Grazz: We need more mods in here m0nty
jalapenoh: Adelaide proved they are far from contenders tongight. Geelong should of won by 60+

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