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Chat log from R4 of 2016: Essendon vs Geelong

Chat log for Essendon vs Geelong, R4 of 2016

J.Worrall: Brown all over the ground again!
ademase: haha J.Worrall…..i was just going to say something similar
westy501: should get a good score out of brow its like there is 4 of him
westy501: should get a good score out of brown its like there is 4 of him
gavy J: Should put him on ground then lol
1pistol7: theres 8 of him… they still wont get close
gavy J: I agree 8 goddards might make a difference
ademase: hey guys whats that icon beside lycett, reiwoldt, lloyd etc? icant seem to get all the icons below
gavy J: Spearhead mate that is all
ademase: cheers gavy J
AngryRyno: 8 M Browns and he still won’t ton
frenzy: tippa on field this week, could end badly
cartz411: missing a mark and kick for Zaka on the D50 paint..
Torz: No brainer getting Duncan in this week. Good start from him.
poolboybob: Chuck a dollar sign on Matt Dea
vartic: Zaharakis has been a great pickup this year. Knew the points would have to go somewhere
september: Bombers by 14 Goals Today
AngryRyno: c’mon JB get involved
uw0tm8: A lot of awkward scorss at the moment
FREODUCK: zaha missing a +6 from the start
Slightly01: If a behind is an ineffective kick, what happens if scores are tied and a behind after sure wins game?!
heppelitis: really good start dons….avoiding a belting so far
poolboybob: Do something Bartel
feralmong: hoping to loophole danger today.
Raspel31: Do like lttle Zac Merrett
heppelitis: both teams fumbling
FREODUCK: zaha is a little piglet
heppelitis: gwilt on world record pace for marks here
uw0tm8: Tippa and parish go bang
Generalsor: Come on Zachary, keep pigletting
Raspel31: Danger not exactly bad but maybe time to move cap.
biggs2dujj: Is Bartel injured?
mjdub: no, just mentally impaired
BestCoast: Cats to bust game open in second half Danger to score big
poolboybob: This is a bit embarrassing for Geelong
Brez09: Is baby Joe playing?
Lecras: give merrett the cape
daniel87: Last week the commentators giving port shit for not winning enough to be a contender wonder what there saying about geel
Ben_Gogos: Surprisingly Merrett has not caped yet. High quality performance though.
poolboybob: Looks like Ablett for captain since Dangerfield isn’t doing much
mjdub: he’s playing Brez, but Geelong know not to give him as much room as what you blokes did
the worm: probably the same, neither of them are contenders for anything
yuhalo101: hi
feralmong: looking like it poolboy but type of player could be 100 at 3/4
Brez09: Oh thanks mj dub – your the man, man
gdshifty: selwood from 38 to 29… wtf?
mjdub: thanks man
Jackwatt$: Merrett is a better footballer than Heppell
Jackwatt$: Good call Ben?
PureSwag: no his not
Ben_Gogos: @JackWatt$ I suspect so, but this is a small sample size of eliteness…
tamoz: Keep doing what you’re doing Merrett, loving your work!
Ben_Gogos: Hawkins wins a muppet for over handballing to a man free in the goal square
feralmong: nice SC dea and walla.
tamoz: Whats wrong with Bartel this year?
PureSwag: @Jackwatt$ based on stats heppel is better then merrett, just
Gebs: @tamoz he’s old
poolboybob: Bartel seems to be playing deep forward or deep defence. Not being put in roles where he’ll see much ball.
stew42: Walla isn’t tackling, therefore will have a crap score. Will always be a rollercoaster player because of this.
feralmong: I’ll take his money stew. He’s makin it.
mjdub: Heppell and Merrett are difficult to compare because they both play differently
feralmong: walla tends to amble around a bit when i watched.
stew42: @feralmong, same here, but I wouldn’t dare put him on my field!
AngryRyno: Dangerfield also not tackling, therefore he is just as good/bad as Walla
Sloaneyyyy: Dons probably would have been decent this year if not for their drug-cheating suspensions
stew42: Dumb comment @AngryRyno, Danger racks up the pill like an addict, Walla doesn’t
grossn: Nice 15pts in 2 minutes from Dea
feralmong: yeah but i have gibson. So no choice.
BestCoast: Tippa outscoring Both Bartel and Danger
Raspel31: Danger a hero but taking the cap off him today
AngryRyno: I’m just implying your logic @stew42
Raspel31: Parker or Gablett for Cap now ?.
ballbag: good boy danger. trying every 2nd week as expected 🙂
feralmong: Raspel i’m taking a punt and going Gawn captain.
BestCoast: Same dilemma @Raspel31 Ablett Parker or Goldy, Ablett i am thinking
Raspel31: Had a blinder last week feral but big gamble
tamoz: Anyone going A.Hall capt?
uw0tm8: Have to go goldy, sandi-less freo hes gonna feast on them
Sloaneyyyy: nice junking from Dea late in the quarter
AngryRyno: Walla > Danger confirmed
Dangertime: Glad I took gaffs numbers was gonna have danger as my captain
feralmong: Yeah just tryin to be different. everyone has same players in leagues it seems.
Raspel31: Good point uw but sadly Goldy refused a pay cut with my team
stew42: Not well @AngryRyno. My point is that Walla relies on tackles for his points.
stew42: Look at the PA game, had 8 tackles, 76 points. Rnd 1, 2 tackles 36 points
Sloaneyyyy: had to trade Gaff this week to get GAJ into my SC side before he gets out of reach
AngryRyno: Walla clearly does not need tackles for points, he has 0 tackles – 66 points
Raspel31: Luvs ya work Merrett
frenzy: the danger rollercoaster continues
feralmong: with a couple goals a 130 isn’t out of the question for danger. just don’t see it.
zadolinnyj: Danger was the same at the crows. Will win u 10 but won’t be accountable the rest
ballbag: danger a dreamteam dud at geelong. wont dominate games like at adelaide. any chance of brownlow status is gone now
zadolinnyj: That’s why the crows are not much different without him
Gordo450: Danger looks like he is playing with a hangover today. Mustve thought they were going to romp it in
zadolinnyj: Blicavs very disappointing. Luey is beating you
ballbag: @zado agree the same way adelaide is the same without danger is the same way geelong will be the same with danger.
Rilian: Ayers Rock for Lonergan? Making Daniher his b*tch all day.
BestCoast: Zaha going for leather poisoning
zadolinnyj: Agree @ballbag. Henderson is an improvement though to the defence.
Raspel31: Obvious answer Danger still a good bet when the loop allows
zadolinnyj: Motlop not happy danger did not hit him by himself in the square
gdshifty: Jelwood goes back early in the 4th quarter. Wow.
zadolinnyj: That umpire called holding the ball after everyone stopped
Brown*Dog: What happened to Selwood as on 35 not long ago
feralmong: already satisfied with dea and walla for this game. all bonus points here.
JDolling69: Dangerfield is a hack, get the hell out of my team
Generalsor: Need Tipingwutang and Ruggles to pick up a bit
AngryRyno: Bartel, Dea need some points
ballbag: danger aint no jelwood thats for sure. jelwood has influence and presence.. danger just seems to play for himself
J.Worrall: Is Jelwood’s head bandaged yet?
feralmong: wow walla gonna get a SC ton.
BestCoast: Jimmy Spudtel today get involved ya flog
poolboybob: Menzel muppet
Ben_Gogos: Menzel with a very worthy muppet after that horrendous effort from 15 out.
AngryRyno: Anthony McDollars-Tipungwuti
NewFreoFan: S.T. Ruggles done enough to hold a spot you think?
Ben_Gogos: Bartel’s role is what’s hurting him today. He’ll have his days though.
Slightly01: Fcuk you Menzel
BestCoast: AMT ton up son
feralmong: i’ve had bartel for sc for years. after last years concussions i gave it up.
zadolinnyj: Duncan and Blicavs been good this year but today, terrible
LuvIt74: Danger done nothin in 2nd half
poolboybob: No need to have Stanley, Blicavs and Smith on the ground.
BestCoast: @feralmong i got sucked in once again regretting now
feralmong: was hard to let go. he won me some cash leagues a few times.
feralmong: fuck you pwned us last nite man. i’m effing angry with Tiges.
zadolinnyj: Cast of muppets for menzel
mjdub: there’s not enough muppets in the cast to suit menzel
oc16: geez zahar and merrett just keep getting it done!
poolboybob: Give Menzel the cleaver
feralmong: carn bombers u don’t deserve a 40pt margin. get a couple.
feralmong: need a cross eye symbol for menzel.
AngryRyno: Give Menzel the Cloke icon
BestCoast: @feralmong Tiges look meek at the moment they will turn it around
Gordo450: Loop hole Tippa, have a week on the bench Sheridan!
zadolinnyj: Good seagull 2 mins duncan
AngryRyno: bad game for SC
gdshifty: Happy with Jelwoods 70 point 2nd half
OnTheRocks: Tippa is awesome pickup
zadolinnyj: Take 100 from stokes and tippa
Zeratul: Win by 5 goals, but not a single ton!

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