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Chat log from R4 of 2016: West Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for West Coast vs Richmond, R4 of 2016

J.Worrall: Go Li’l Tiggies!
DMS774: News just said Priddis was out…who’s going to be captain now?
buttox: priddus out
J.Worrall: Pridi Boi out?
Lecras: My mate is mates with priddis brother he told him yesterday that he wasn’t playing
crazyet23: test
jocka: Tiges will go hard for 10 minutes, then meekly submit.
BestCoast: Fire up NicNat
man0005: My mate is mates with damien hardwick’s brother he told him yesterday that he would be sacked if they lose this game
frenzy: nup next week when they lose to the dees
CamT: I’ve got Menadue on the bench this week. That can only mean one thing
man0005: Putting the captain on Menadue, cheers Cam
ballbag: @lecras he’s been in a moonboot all week so was never gonna play
Dangertime: Come on gaff don’t let me down
Dangertime: Caron gaff don’t let me down
frenzy: Lol ballbag, moonboot for a grion
Fletch91: Lambert first goal for Tigers 3 out of 4 games
Steelers7: Where is bruceee
ballbag: @frenzy yeh, he had his balls tucked in it… for his foot you shinbone flog
frenzy: muppet ballbag, ur thinking of Emac
feralmong: On tv it looked like his hand was slung. So,maybe a couple fix ups done while he recovers.
Dommy02: what are these new icons?
runt: My mate is mates with mates of mates who are mates of these other mates that told me I am a cunt
Smithy1: dustys killing it
OZDocker: MMMOOOOoooooeeeee
Raspel31: If only every team made footy tipping so easy Richmond.
runt: Tigers statistically very busy but all for nowt as usual.
AngryRyno: underpants, a shovel, a pencil? give us the run down m0nty
runt: Is the much maligned Cotchin living up to his much maligned reputation?
m0nty: it’s in the legend
feralmong: Tigers tryin to be cute with the ball. Just do the basics ffs.
AngryRyno: not in my legend, have checked
jalapenoh: Wow this is really bad umpiring. Richmond getting fucked over pretty hard
m0nty: um I mean the icon list
jalapenoh: that was absolute bs
Gordo450: Thats a feather next to Brandon Ellis “coming off a wing”
Raspel31: Interesting-W Coast looking good as a team but not many individuals you’d want on your team.
runt: Get it to Riewoldt late in the last quarter-that is the Tigers plan
jalapenoh: This west coast team are far from flag contenders. Not a chance
Smithy1: start doing something kennedy
OZDocker: welcome to the west world of umpiring jalapenoh
rooboypete: I got no shovels in my icon list…
frenzy: must be a premium thing m0nty
OZDocker: Twice Natakneey throws a player out of the ruck contest, no free
jalapenoh: So bad, @OZdocker. I cant believe how one sided this game is.
jalapenoh: Natanui and Shuey are the worst 2. Umpires feeding them frees
feralmong: Hehe ozdocker. Ty will fix him up later.
sammyo7: Not on my icon list either
BestCoast: @OZDocker do you mean Golden Knee
circle52: Typical of my SC trade Yeo last week and he does this
feralmong: Boo all u like, cox the cheat deserved it.
snozza: I hope no ones suggesting Richmond r losing because of the umps..
LuvIt74: bloody hell race don’t do stupid things.
Eaglesuk: West Coast getting another epic run with the umps, surely not!
Raspel31: Interesting year so far-apart from Brisbane and Carlton-any team could win. And Brizzie when they get Rocky and Beams ba
runt: The umps are always to blame. Except when you are winning
OZDocker: lol, tigers are playing like crap. just saying, ump pays free for one and not the other
feralmong: Course not snozza. We just didn’t go down on them like u do.
LuvIt74: You traded out Yeo he had a good start, scored two 90+ and one crap 45 in round 2? Well you deserve to get this.
Mash: Hope not snozza, they are getting the better run but far from why they are losing
snozza: Haha Vickery is piss weak. His hit on cox was a dogs act. Only people like feralmong would think different
jalapenoh: Fuck the eagles
LuvIt74: This isn’t even worth watching, Richmond look crap.
jalapenoh: Worst team with the worst fans in the AFL
Kernahan: Funk you Yeo
Eaglesuk: What is the free kick count Snozza?
poolboybob: Richmond don’t even look good enough to finish 9th this year.
snozza: Lol it sux to be you feralmong. Haha
LuvIt74: For some reason Tigers & Pies games its always the umps fault, its getting very old.
jalapenoh: Literally can not stand them. Guess living in Perth and having to deal with their fans had a toll on me haha
feralmong: Eagles can’t kick straight because of knee rash before the game.
snozza: Wow a lot of east coast haters on here tonight 🙁
LuvIt74: Although that being said I didn’t like what the Umps did in the first quarter in the Hawks vs. Dogs game.
BestCoast: Least our club didnt have to rattle tins to survive @jalapenoh bandwagon flog
jalapenoh: *Inesert the west coast fuckhead fan here
Eaglesuk: Can’t wait for ASADA to finally test the Eagles properly after a night out in Leederville
jalapenoh: @luvit you a west coast fan? Lol you can not ever speak of bad umpiring, eagles get fed wins every home game
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers! Caulfield tomorrow Race 9 number 13 Toothless is an omen bet.
snozza: 100 plus win coming up ……
jalapenoh: @BestCost stfu, your club is pathetic and insignificant. Making up the numbers
feralmong: Hampson done.
J_Pinkman: Nic Nat about to go BANG!
snozza: Yeah the umps give us wins, what planet are u on dude???
Raspel31: Sick of people knocking the Tiggers-we should offer serious compassion and love-coz they need it.
Fletch91: Hope Lambert gets back into the game.
JButcher: what has happened to bachar, has he fallen off the earth or something?
BestCoast: Broken record @jalapenohidea
m0nty: enough of this club-based stuff please, this is why I don’t have icons on very much…
snozza: @jalapenoh, if u hate Eagles soo much then what the hell r u doing in this chat. What a doush lol
LuvIt74: @jalapenoh im a Doggies fan mate
poolboybob: lol Tiges have completely lost the plot
snozza: Sorry monty, just flying the flag, back to the footy
ronburgndy: Stop looking at the negatives Richmond are kicking straight
LuvIt74: This will be a 100+ blow out, these games are boring to watch, I ha to change the channel.
Grasscutta: Look here Jalopeno it appears that you smoke a lot of fucking cocks
masterhc2: surely hardwick would have to be in line to be sacked mid-game here
feralmong: Lycett gone.
poolboybob: hahaha Vickery aka Glass Joe
snozza: Haha Vickery just copped a slap. What a weak prick
3rdstriker: Kamdyn well on his way to a mare
GJayBee: masterhc2, you are so, so right
LuvIt74: I’m happy with my only 2 players tonight so far anyway.
GJayBee: I am still interested because I got Shuey on ‘Most AFL fantasy points in group A’
jalapenoh: Fuck off Grasscutta
Brez09: How does Hampson have a spot on an AFL list ?
feralmong: Ty could go 18 rounds. 1 for each eagle.
BestCoast: Eagles need to repair there goal kicking radar in a hurry wasteful
masterhc2: jesus yeo is either 100+ or sub 40 i swear
Grasscutta: suck my balls you prick
ronburgndy: Keep it up Richmond and you’ll lose your Friday night games
LuvIt74: @Gjjay im just on this awesome site, but couldn’t stand watching the game on TV
Raspel31: Still picking the Tiggers to walk this in.
GJayBee: yeo yo
Gordo450: Get involved JJK! Feast on this carcus!!
GJayBee: Calvin’s call from DT talk I think
feralmong: Yeah boo cox yah cheat.
jalapenoh: Grasscutta you are a fucking pencil mate
GJayBee: I hear ya luvit, I am on here rather than watching it hahahah Often listen to radio and hang on chat rather than watch.
Brez09: Deliberate rule is rubbish
Torz: Menadue on the ground, with C Ellis on the bench. Typical.
circle52: Menadue only 5 points that quarter Was looking good in Qtr 1. may noot be working loophole now.
Raspel31: Calm down jalapenoh
BestCoast: @jalapenohidea wants to bung it on with everybody A grader
feralmong: Frees 21-9. The great western train robbery.
Yelse: watching A league final Melb Vic and on this site
AngryRyno: poor QTR Menadue, was looking good early
masterhc2: if yeo could kick straight would be around a ton already, has been everywhere. enjoying the ride this week
Str1k3_M95: had enough of menadue tbh
MIJG: Rubbish on purpose there
Raspel31: Yep,think most of us benched Menadue after last week.
J.Worrall: Surely Yeo has a few more goals in him tonight?
ballbag: wce free kick every 2.5 minutes.
LuvIt74: menadue isn’t worthy of putting on the ground u shold know this. u should have him as your emergency.
heppelitis: nice…got the vc on rance
J_Pinkman: Menadue is rubbish. promised so much pre season. Fail! We’ll take whatever money we can get for him this weekim
LuvIt74: That way if he does score well u can put someone like Dunkley on ground and take Mills off.
BestCoast: Thanks for the rolling comentary on the umpiring every two minutes @fermalong yawn
Number 8: Feels like every 2.5 seconds, blabbing
poolboybob: Vickery’s perm still looks nice, that’s a positive for the Tiges
LuvIt74: @heppelitis well done m8 thats a ballsy move that may pay off, i have Rance also but not as my VC
vartic: I’ve done basically that luvit, but have to take Davis score if menadue doesn’t pick up because Priddis
kingcarey2: haha 73 – 19 scoreline at half time and people are knocking the eagles. They are a class team
LuvIt74: I am going Danger as my VC and Goldy as my Captain. if Danger kills it i then put the C on Waytt
Raspel31: Well said poolboy-adds a bit of uplift that perm.
oc16: 21 to 10 free kicks – thats a big difference
heppelitis: not around much tomorrow…it was him…or no loophole this week
Yelse: what scores if both your emergencies play?
frenzy: hey m0nty, whats the time on ground figures? surely not live?
Str1k3_M95: i had to field menadue for priddis
Raspel31: Same Luvit.
circle52: Same vartic I have Menadue as e and looks like i will be taking Davis as well unless mandue lifts in 2nd half
circle52: At least he has made his B/e so may get a small increase
J.Worrall: lowest Yelse
circle52: Lowest scoring one Yelse unless 2 do not play on field
Harmes37: @yelse lowest score counts if 2 E’s on same line
J.Worrall: Hair plays a huge parod show too!e baldys geta got in fantasy footy – and th
JackRipper: Answer me this lads. How can Rance be operating at 100% efficiency with 2 Clangers to his name ?
J.Worrall: um
J_Pinkman: expect Naitanui to go huge this half, finish in the 140’s i reckon
happylab: freekick against=clanger as well
circle52: Wonder whether his 2 clangers are the 2 frees against
Raspel31: Thought I was building well on 2320 last week but my op got 2560-eek.
J.Worrall: Hair plays a huge part in fantasy footy – and the baldys geta good show too!
m0nty: Rance has 2FAs, they are also clangers
frenzy: 2 frees against
GJayBee: JackRipper, it’s called ‘Muppetry’ and it is the natural law.
JackRipper: Exactly happylab
poolboybob: lol Vickery, can’t make the distance from 35m
DarkLegend: Thought u poring been ok tonight. No silly frees paid. I didn’t expect the frees for differential to be so big
vartic: Clangers can also be dropped marks and other things IIRC
JackRipper: Ok.. So FA are not considered clangers… Cheers
J_Pinkman: some huge scores early season @Raspel.
theuncle: Me exude u spud
GJayBee: Monty, my mum is hardcore Hawkes and said Jed only ran one way and Suckling wasn’t that good a kick and good riddence
theuncle: *Menedue
DarkLegend: I think suckling is a great kick. But he has started to think his kick is good so he tries to do the impossible too much
DarkLegend: Kinda like how Dave Hughes was funny, started to realise everyone thought he was funny. Now overdoes it and isn’t funny
frenzy: hold ya tickets, here come the tiges,lol
GJayBee: Houli crap
J_Pinkman: averaging over 2200 yet about 14000 Rank in SC. Tough year
GJayBee: DarkLegend I appreciate your metaphor but hate Hughes, so yes, I’m with you hahahah
GJayBee: hate’s to strong a word, respect to Dave Hughes
J_Pinkman: definitely a Rioli there
Raspel31: Agreed Pinkman but early-huge scores are due to Gawn and Goldy getting 170 each in battle of the rucks
theuncle: houli is gonna be cheap soon
the worm: dqave highes was never funny
DarkLegend: He was a good stand up comedian but I don’t rate him on radio or TV hosting.
theuncle: Come on boys lets stay on the game here!
GJayBee: teams getting thumped, third quarter, small forward, 19, two goals = a rioli
Raspel31: And he doesn’t drink. But no more Hughes-he’s a pal of mine.
ballbag: if i knew dustys old man was going to get exported i wouldnt have chosen the bogan
Yelse: has menage touched the ball since quarter time
GJayBee: I’ve got money on Shuey, so happy. I feel like a real man.
DarkLegend: Saw while trading this week in rat Griggs has 0.0 percent ownership. Less than Beams
GJayBee: Menage was like my ex girlfriend. Promising but when the heat was on, no courage.
theuncle: Nope only a couple of flippin tackles
theuncle: Nope only a couple of flippin tackles
DarkLegend: All good raspel. I rated his stand up.
zadolinnyj: do something lambert
DarkLegend: Left as is such a front runner. Touch the ball you front running hack
Raspel31: Well, a work colleague-not a mate. Go for it DaRK.
DarkLegend: Lecras*
runt: Cotchin desrves the Brownlow for his 5 free kicks for,
DarkLegend: By that logic runt Chistenson has the next 4 brown lows sewn up
3rdstriker: Menadue going nuts, two touches
LuvIt74: Carn NicNat ya do something u kick 2 goals i said
ballbag: @luvit LOL nicnat no opp for 2 qtrs and still done nothing
masterhc2: dusty do something
theuncle: Brown is a true champion
theuncle: Give the GUN to J. Brown already Monty!
poolboybob: Give Rance the Atlas, 112 SC nobody else in Richmond above 77.
theuncle: woops typo
Jackwatt$: Even the Autofill thinks Grigg is a dud!
runt: Riewoldt will kick 3 in the last qtr as usual
ballbag: weak effort tonight dogdog
Raspel31: Well, one tip down. Adelaide and Sydney ?.
Str1k3_M95: rip to those who traded in houli at $534k, chasing last weeks scores haha!
Mileroo30: Dangeroo is no more!
Jackwatt$: Adelaide will win.
runt: Its a good thing Rance has got other interests outside football because he sure couldn’t have them on the field
TheLegend6: Redden not living up to what he showed at brisbane
poolboybob: Has Dusty played since half time?
runt: He sure didn’t play like that for us! reverse Coodabeens
J.Worrall: Was that a drop kick?
masterhc2: monty can you just spud up the whole richmond team lol, utterly hopeless
poolboybob: Here comes the patented Jack Riewoldt rubbish bin
TheLegend6: Rance, Cotch, Jack etc. aren’t spuds though?
ballbag: @runt Jroo 2 so far. nicnat is pathetic tonight
J_Pinkman: oh man, wish Carlton had a bloke like Gaff who could kick a ball like that. Kick envy @ Carlton
zadolinnyj: Good call on Riewoldt @runt
runt: Riewoldt is a dead time specialist now
AngryRyno: J Roo easily Richmond’s best
Mileroo30: To be fair it is junktime Ryno
Mileroo30: Dead-eye set shot though
AngryRyno: he was their best before those goals IMO
circle52: Rance may have something to say abouth that Ryano
poolboybob: Nice handball Dusty
AngryRyno: Kennedy could/should have 5 goals, Rance
poolboybob: Martin looks like a guy you’d see on TV for glassing somebody at 2am on a Saturday night
AngryRyno: last 8 mins, I want 100 from Nic Nat, 85 from Dusty & 50 from Menadue
Str1k3_M95: so wheres old mate that traded out yeo? hes here somewhere lol
AngryRyno: J Roo has worked hard all night, deserves these junk goals
Str1k3_M95: would’ve been on 150 if he didnt kick 4 behinds lol
DarkLegend: Traded in Brandon Ellis, that’s pretty annoying
CamT: Runt wins !!
TheLegend6: Great tackle from Corey Ellis
Jackwatt$: What happened to the Purple Name Game? It used to be bigger than the footy itself
frenzy: nice Bachar, needed that!
heppelitis: hmm..take rances score as vc?
TigersLair: How does Cotching score that high in SC when he turns the ball over every posession
LuvIt74: Bloody oath heppelitis
runt: mmmm
ballbag: @hepp yep
Grazz: Nic Nat got 1 sc point for a mark a handpass handpass recieve then a kick to the half forward flank, I dont get it
wadaramus: Definitely Hepp.
J_Pinkman: u have to don’t you @heppelitus. anything over 130 for me I reckon
Brez09: Richmond are no good. So much hype every year! Pretenders
wadaramus: Rance will finish close to 150.
Str1k3_M95: 222 pints left to allocate. gon be some siq af scaling
rooboypete: Martin is sliding down the board…
DMS774: Melbourne are no good. So much hype every year! Pretenders 😉
AngryRyno: SC scores all but frozen last few mins, points will come
poolboybob: Hampson scaled up to 100
yuhalo101: Loving life atm
runt: Cotchins frees will please Hardwick
yuhalo101: Have Cotchin 101SC + Yeo 124 and Cothin 101 great friday night for my team
heppelitis: lovely
rooboypete: Carn Martin. Even Houli has passed you now.
Brez09: Haha I know that D’s no good ! That’s a given !
AntoRyan14: How does scaling work?
ballbag: weak as piss nicnat ya fucken puss
Grazz: yep i’d keep Rances vc score
Brez09: U must admit 4 the last 3 pre seasons tiges fans have talked up top 4 hahaha
TigersLair: cotchin 105 in SC,,,so many turnovers it’s ridiculous!!
DMS774: Tiges should walk home tonight!
Belegur: gaff best on

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