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Chat log from R3 of 2016: Geelong vs Brisbane

Chat log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R3 of 2016

frenzy: cheers Rich, thanks for that.
frenzy: go Jelwood you beast
Bursill: Come on Danger ! Get me to 2300 SuperCoach points 🙂
circle52: Robbo running with him
awesomeguy: Stay down Danger, Go up Jimmy
circle52: Brisbane have not improved goal kicking
Heizenberg: Is rich out?
Terlob: Rich out as of yesterday
JockMcPie: yeah late withdrawal
Heizenberg: If so is good i have suclking emer in sc
cusch1: Down by 18 with Sicily Taylor and danger (c) Cs Gibson zsmith and danger…trouble?
Fletch91: Keep going Danger, got you as my C.
uw0tm8: just quit now robbo lol
LuvIt74: Glad Danger is my C at this stage
LuvIt74: I got rich but happy to take AMT 71 points
uw0tm8: stef martin lets go
circle52: Faair Dinkum Goalkicking is RS from Lions 1.8
Torz: Probably should’ve put Ruggles on the ground
AngryRyno: suddenly, Gaz is the worst captaincy option with Goldy and Danger!
gdshifty: is Martin injured this season?
circle52: As if we are noot bad enough but have to fight umpires as well
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Duncs.
circle52: Dpaid HTD against Bell but did not pay down the other end
desmondo: I hope so, he is my captain 😉
heppelitis: Heart for Duncan after being mummyfied last week and showing up today
desmondo: Oooops wanting danger to break the 200 point barrier in SC 😉
poolboybob: Just put the star on Danger now
LuvIt74: hope danger scores 150, im not greedy ill be happy with that.
cusch1: Harry Taylor keep or trade?
kirky12: Geelong should drop Stanley, Worse than Smith in the ruck and does nothing when he’s not rucking.
Bursill: Come on Danger ! Get me to 2300 SuperCoach points 🙂
uw0tm8: dangerfield already hit his projected, keep going you star
Lecras: danger for the hulk got tagged and still smashing it
Torz: Stef not getting the marks around the ground much this year.
kangawalla: Trade cusch. Plenty like him giving better value
korza: 2300 par score this rd
Bhack87: 2317 with danger to go
frenzy: will be rapt to get 2300 Korza, I wish
korza: Bhack on track for almost 2500
runt: Muncan has risen from the crypt
runt: 3 votes up for grabs here, Dangerfield better get on his Mogg bike
GJayBee: 2300 par! go easy mate
runt: Going for the 3peat
colin wood: Rugglicious!
feralmong: Need 238 from danger and Martin.
AngryRyno: you’ll get home after scaling I reckon Mong
heppelitis: Ruggmuncher…im excited
Fletch91: Danger has gone quiet in the second half. Such a shame!
frenzy: ton up Blic
runt: Josh Walker must be pulling his hair out with the lack of quality delivery
cusch1: Fletch he has sat in the square all half that’s why
circle52: Umpires continuing to find fault with Brisbane defence but can not seem to find any up the other end. Robbo did not eve
runt: Dangerfield just protecting the hammies
runt: Cats have this
feralmong: I dub runt Capt. Obvious.
runt: good play Cats
runt: Admiral Obvious to you
feralmong: 10 more points I need. Going to be a narrow $$ league win.
Fatbar5tad: Rubbish bin for Kersten
frenzy: junk it up jelwood
iZander: you mean cape 😉
runt: Dumpster for Kersten
Solat: more like vulture
Fatbar5tad: Suppose that’s a free to Robbo as well Circle?
feralmong: Over the line by 1 point. No free kicks clowns.
runt: Robbo needs to sto calling umpires cunts
circle52: No Fatbar agree with that – but just highlighting the inconsistencies at both ends
Fletch91: Im so close to 2400 SC points for the week! Cmon!
Fatbar5tad: Martin gift sinks me in round 1 🙁
runt: Robbo 5 frees for, 6 against, dont be surprised if he gets the 3 votes!
runt: How many times has the lead changed?
frenzy: robbo aint a taggers rump
cusch1: Wow Brisbane is bad
runt: Duncan obviously benefited from the crush of the Mumy
runt: Brisbane has more important things to do than win games. Always keep your eye on the bigger picture
Hadouken: go siren, 13 up in elite and he has 4 players to 1 with danger captain. go sirrrreeeen
feralmong: Clear by 20 pts. Cash league r1 sorted.

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