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Chat log from R3 of 2016: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2016

uw0tm8: Shame collins cant get his debut today
LuvIt74: Damn if stringer kicked that goal i would of won a grand
Torz: Great start Adams and Hunter
vartic: bloody oath, what do the dogs have to do be paid a mark?
LuvIt74: Umpires are stuffing up this game.
nbartos: Umpires paid off here
feralmong: This game is frenetic.
uw0tm8: 2 best counter attacking sides in the comp, would of expected 20+ from both at q1 time
Dangeroo: have to agree with you there
LuvIt74: Absolute BS
LuvIt74: Absolute Crap
cusch1: Dogs getting robbed
AngryRyno: wow that free was a joke
LuvIt74: both hawks goals came from umps
nbartos: No stats for JJ m0nty?
vartic: And Dogs should’ve had two but two marks not paid
nbartos: soz too early
LuvIt74: holding the ball wasnt paid
AngryRyno: how is JJ at 100% efficiency? i saw a dodgy handball and a dodgy kick
Lecras: so happy i had mitchell as captain !
LuvIt74: wth they paid that as deliberate
colmullet: glad i brought Lewis in this week….
vartic: this umpiring is insanely BS
Dangeroo: Wow umps, just wow
Lecras: mitchell going for the cape
AngryRyno: just heard that CD have umpires on -3 SC
cusch1: Wake up Sicily come on
nbartos: Cmon dogs show some bite? Stringer & Bont doing??
circle52: 2colmullet try having him as c in a draft competition not happy.
Magicsmell: Quack quack quack thats a duck
Dangeroo: did he just call deliberate on that??
desmondo: Is Stringer even playing??
Dangermaus: The Package is out of gas ?
Dangeroo: Should probably get a new username…
OnTheRocks: ffs Hunter, Smitch’s hard work is getting wasted because of you
feralmong: Mileroo perhaps
Heizenberg: I benched suckilng for adams
Dangeroo: now that’s a good one
cusch1: Goreroo?
Heizenberg: So far nothing lost
Heizenberg: Haha dangeroo
OnTheRocks: Smitch, Hunter, Robinson vs 71 + Libba and Bartel. This game is killing me
nbartos: Rioli 55 of 4 pos wow
Dangeroo: Could use my old account I guess
LuvIt74: b4 ling john kicked the point the hawks were paid a free in the dogs forward square whyy was it paid a free what i miss?
OnTheRocks: I think Bwuce is doing the scores for Cyril
Dangermaus: McGovernator
LuvIt74: I have Rioli, Libba & Adams
LuvIt74: I hate complaining about umpires especially when my side is playing but the dogs were robbed in the first quarter
Dangeroo: Flair up luvit
Dangeroo: Mileroo30 it is. Gotta wait a day though!
Kenny27: could be worse luvit, try supporting the pies we could get 100 frees and still get pumped
feralmong: I have Gibbo vs stringer this game for the $$ league. Hope it keeps up.
colmullet: our haus, is a very very very fine haus
LuvIt74: Carn doggies
spiggs: 164+Birchall and libba vs opponent Dahl, Mitchell and Martin, am I cooked?
LuvIt74: @kenny27 ive been in your shoes for most of my life mate, but the umps need to be consistent.
Costanza: anytime now Captain Lewis
LuvIt74: @spiggs are you 164 up with Birchal and libba?
Torz: Everyone brought in Hunter this week and broke him didn’t they?
Kenny27: @luvit you will be right, your looking good here hope you win
Dangeroo: Up the doggies!
spiggs: Yeah luvit, just worried about the Haus and Mitch + whatever Martin does
Costanza: hate the Bont POD
Heizenberg: I put adam son field over suckiling in sc
rlangdon87: Caleb Daniel is on my bench in my UF league 🙁
Heizenberg: Adams on*
LuvIt74: @spriggs id prefer to be in your position then your opponents
Gordo450: Matty Boyd getting robbed
Mash: wow, all i’ve heard is how the doggies have been ripped off and all i’ve seen is crapped paid to em
cusch1: Down by 18 with Sicily Taylor and danger (c) Cs Gibson zsmith and danger…trouble?
gdshifty: geez hunter is a hopeless set shot at goal
Heizenberg: Damger is killing it atm cusch
deanie: A lot of terrible calls both ways Mash
gdshifty: love the doggies chipping it around half back!
Torz: Adams goes bang in junk time.
Terlob: How good is Adams
GJayBee: I will paint Adams house and wash his car. Don’t even need no chit chat. Just in and out.
LuvIt74: @Heiz Whats dangers SC score its not loading up for me.
colmullet: Need a super cape Lewis!
LuvIt74: Adams 3rd game the kid plays like its his 300th game
LuvIt74: its ok i looged in the cats game now
Snarfy: Great mark by Adams
Kenny27: adams contested marking is fantastic
LuvIt74: Earn your $10m boyd
Snarfy: Adams again!
Torz: Adams could well be a keeper.
LuvIt74: Dont stuff it up boyd ffs
LuvIt74: What a joke
NewFreoFan: Good fight in the doggies
Lecras: adams is amazing
uw0tm8: stay right where you are johanno. not picking you is my pod
NewFreoFan: Daniel looked like he was trying to jump over a sky scraper lol
Kenny27: stringer had a dirty day ut i reckon he will kick he sealer
LuvIt74: hope your right kenny
AngryRyno: 10 million outs the doggies back in front! screw these hawks
LuvIt74: Bout time boyd stup up son
LuvIt74: Gr8 game
Fletch91: Which match was better, this one or Melb/North?
LuvIt74: didnt watch north
Fatbar5tad: Not deliberate – Hawthorn
LuvIt74: shit murph’s knee
LuvIt74: all ova
Grazz: Fingers crossed Murphy is ok
cusch1: Sicily match winner for Hawks and my sc
AngryRyno: Dahlhaus BOG

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