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Chat log from R3 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Melbourne

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Melbourne, R3 of 2016

iZander: Still hoping for Ben Jacobs to be a late out…or not go to Jones..but i can’t think of anyone else he’d go to 🙁
frenzy: probs Vince
colin wood: need a big one from gawn and an 80 from oliver come on boys!
bigpens: Lift Oliver
Lecras: Go Harvey
AngryRyno: let’s go bennedy!
AngryRyno: goldddddddddy
vartic: what a start goldy
AngryRyno: Goldy again!
Hadouken: im 300 points up and all he has unique is goldy as captain lol. going to be close lol
AngryRyno: both Rucks doing nicely
korza: It’s all about Goldy and Gawn
willywalks: hard to lose a game inside 20 minutes, but the dees have managed it
snake_p: goldy showing Gawn who is is top dog
korza: Goldy on track for 200 plus
AngryRyno: Goldy going to get back to back 150s against the Dee’s
SwaggyP: goldy to ton up by qtr time
Fletch91: @Hadouken, lol you’re fucked!
Crowls: goldy looking for 200 again
willywalks: captained goldy in matchday, hope the other muppets pull their weight
korza: Gawn is 5 th best on ground according to S/C
AngryRyno: SC said Goddard was BOG against Power LOL
vartic: almost had 4 for the quarter
mark621: what on earth is wells doing
korza: Put the bleeding star on Goldy and get on with it
SaintsMan: the day i need gold to go bad….
awesomeguy: someone please stop goldy!!
uw0tm8: He’s had some unbelievable luck this quarter, playing well enough but every ball landing in his favour
AngryRyno: Gawnstein is the SC combo of the round
vartic: after everything, he’s on track to hit his SC breakeven O.o
Damo07: Goldy should have his own icon, the golden cape
BestCoast: The C on Goldy go you good thing. Big Beast
uw0tm8: I just domt know how 9 touches and 3 goals can nearly warrent a ton
awesomeguy: I agree with saintsman, the one day i needed him to play bad he does this
AngryRyno: there’s some angry non-Goldy owners here, very funny
MIJG: 10 hitouts 3ff
Lecras: lol
23rookie23: Gawn with 3FA going at 20%eff and has a good SC ratio WTF???
Lecras: my opponent has gold as capt….
ballbag: @uwotm8 gloy- most gols, CP and clearences on the ground +10 HO
SaintsMan: you are so right ryno
Fletch91: Get into the game Wells!
gavy J: Nathan Jones great p.o.d said no one ever
Heizenberg: Yeah I’m
ballbag: @gavy chuckle 🙂
Heizenberg: I’m one of them angry ryno
urmumsaid: mcDonald and Goldy in my squad. feeling a bit Bipolar
Heizenberg: Godly was expensive 🙁
colin wood: Apologies guys I brought in wells and Papley this week…
uw0tm8: Hopefully this surge slows goldie down and boosts gawn up
Hadouken: wellsy has a pulse !!
colin wood: Great tap Gawn!!
Damo07: North have gone home
a1trader: Think Wells is not relevant, everyone has him
korza: Lynden Dunn 2 posseions no tackles no goals 24 s/c points. Enough please Champion Data
Jovenites: Cmon Bken
korza: Dunn vs Vandenberg s/c points vs stats HOW someone please explain to me
uw0tm8: Haha goldie didnt like that gawn mark at all
Torz: Gawn!
Fury: Another 67 this qtr pls Goldy
vartic: Dunn, 3 possies, 2 contested, all effective, mark was probably contested, probably applying defensive pressure too
MIJG: What happened scores even.
vartic: Supercoach is about a lot more than just raw stats
feralmong: Korza in sc u get points for things other than possessions.
SaintsMan: Yes Gawn! Catch GOldy
uw0tm8: Gawn cape at this rate no doubt
Fletch91: Do something Wells, please!
Fury: Wells, I am disappoint.
ballbag: @fletch chill. everyone has wells and benken on ground
colmullet: of course i bench oliver this week….
awesomeguy: My oppenent has gawn and goldy. Can it get any worse for me?
Heizenberg: Who’s watching? Is there a big breeze? This is crazy..
ballbag: big gawn is smashing goldy!
m0nty: There is a massive gale force wind, yep
Heizenberg: Or dees just nuts this quarter?
Hadouken: relax guys, wellsy’s BE is 19. he might get it hehe
Heizenberg: Thnx mate
cusch1: Need Oliver to double Wells’ score…more than happy for now
circle52: Thanks m0nty. Thought there had to be going by the scoring.
Heizenberg: Makes sense
Heizenberg: He could have a belter second half had
circle52: Took the C of Goldy to take Abletts 135 looks like another dagger in my SC season.
Heizenberg: Same circle
SwaggyP: bennedy forgot to jump on the plane to tassie i see…
ballbag: nice throw goal assist jacobs
Pokerface: why couldnt bennedy do this last week so i didnt feel obliged to get him
uw0tm8: What has goldie done this quarter to get 30sc?
Heizenberg: Chin up guys, they could go bang in the second half
colin wood: Don’t be mad uwot. Your fault you don’t him
gdshifty: Gawn going for 10 FA in one game
Solat: 10 tackles in a half wow
ballbag: pffft umpires on goldys side. thats pathetic
korza: Whats the hit out record anyone ?
23rookie23: Seriously thats 5FA Gawn and look at his ratio!
ballbag: @23rookie 18 HO to advantage. thats 90 pts right there
colmullet: im sorry Oliver….i wont doubt you again
deanie: hit outs to advantage 23rookie.
Heizenberg: I think it’s 70
Heizenberg: Goldstein has it last year
Heizenberg: Not sure if it’s 100% correct though
vartic: 80 or 81 by Goldstein is the hitout record
Heizenberg: Okay Vartic got the player right at least
vartic: Sandilands broke the record with 70 and Goldy smashed it the next game
Torz: Imagine if Gawn won the hitout record against the record holder.
uw0tm8: If gawn hadn’t given 5 free kicks to goldie they could both be on 100
Heizenberg: Okay
Heizenberg: Thanks
Costanza: poor old Goldy and his regular little flame
Solat: how has a tagger not laid a tackle in a half
cjd7769: olivers a gun
GJayBee: go goldy, get six goals and six FF!
gdshifty: wonder how many traded out oliver this week
cjd7769: not here
cjd7769: Wells better pull something out this half
Jackwatt$: Oliver is a premium. You don’t trade out a premium.
bigpens: Ben Jacobs lift
kangawalla: Oliver is not a premium yet & neither is Jack Watts, Jack Watt$ 🙂
Jackwatt$: 73 in a half and you say he is not a premium??!! Yeah right, and Grizzly Adams had a beard!
GJayBee: Premium does not a rookie make. A rookie can become a keeper. Only the next year a premium.
LuvIt74: @kangawalla Oliver & the word premium should not even be mentioned in the same sentence. He wont be a premo this year
Vich: what was he averaging before this game?? Not what premos average thats for sure you numpty!
kangawalla: My sentiments too GJ. And in Yoda-speak too!
Jackwatt$: Back to the game please
Roksta: He’s as premium as hogan
awesomeguy: Yes wells hes stepping up
Vich: Plus no tank and wont kick 2+ goals every week!
LuvIt74: @Jackwatts a premo will average around 115+ and valued at $500+k he is so far from being premo status its laughable
cjd7769: wells wells wells thx lol
circle52: Good to see that Jacobs is using his tagging talents Rich last week, Jones this week, So watch out Fyfe next week
colmullet: Jeez you guys bite easily
LuvIt74: For goodness sakes Oliver scored a 75 & 60 in first two games, just coz he’s having a cracking half one game means jack
GJayBee: Come on Oliver! Rove Goldies taps and give me double points woo woo
Hellbent: Jackwatt$ plans on keeping Oliver all year … interesting
LuvIt74: Those who didn’t pay the 700k for goldy will be playing catch up and have no chance this season.
deanie: Do not agree at all LuvIt.
CamT: I’ll be paying $650,000 for Goldstein in about 7 hours time.
GJayBee: i have ten bucks on dee’s to win at six to one, couldn’t turn my back on the odds
nic-n-nat: hey what’s going on lads
nic-n-nat: c’mon Kennedy!!!
cjd7769: good luck GJAY
kangawalla: @GJ….I wouldn’t back Melbourne with anyone’s money.
nbartos: Circle his tagging isn’t helping the score
LuvIt74: Goldy will score close 170+
nbartos: How r u funding that one CamT?
CamT: I was planning on getting Goldstein after the NM v Freo match. Had to change plans after Sandilands went down.
AngryRyno: Goldy gonna hit his break even, will be $700k
Fletch91: My prediction. Goldy 185, Gawn 150
circle52: Know nbartos but just highlighting both scores are down.
nbartos: Nasty knee in the ribs that by NN
kingcarey2: bulldogs any chance or have i tipped unrealistic?
nbartos: Rich & Jones are far from Fyfes level
GJayBee: Goldy winning me matches more important than my ex
LuvIt74: @deanie depends on who your rucks are many chose Lobbe so those who did are done for the season.
CamT: Goldstein’s BE is 188. He’ll probably get 160 IMO
cjd7769: big chance
colin wood: Come on Oliver ton up from here boy!
Fletch91: Ziebell is a tacking machine
GJayBee: hometown bias is real
kangawalla: Muppet to whatever Muppet gave away that 50.
AngryRyno: Oliver always runs out of juice, won’t ton
kirky12: No dollar sign for Oliver? Come on son ton up
awesomeguy: gawn and goldy plz stop
cjd7769: there all out of juice
Rebuild: How many free kicks will it take for North to win?
AngryRyno: Goldy has added 30pts each Qtr since Q1, he’ll end up with about 188 on the nose after a juicy scale
heppelitis: whats the record hitouts and Gawn a chance?
GJayBee: Rebuild, I believe the four that have led to goals will be enough hahaha
Magicsmell: mmmm got goldie & gawn 😀
uw0tm8: I reckon with the wind gawn may end up outscoring goldie
colin wood: Always runs out of juice?? Kids played 2 games ROFL… Oh dear
AngryRyno: well he has run out of juice in 100% of games so far LOL
iZander: Oliver was played conservatively previously matches late
cjd7769: 2nd most pos on the ground Oliver and running out off juice like to see him flying
GJayBee: four goal wind?
GJayBee: Oliver cooked, but as an owner in SC, DT, and AFLF I am stoked with the ginger country stud
LuvIt74: m0nty the dogs vs Hawks game page isnt working.
Costanza: 15 knots from east, 25 knots out of my ass
GJayBee: 90 from oliver would be gravy
gdshifty: it is for me luvit74
grossn: I was scared about both my ruckmen in the same game… I wish this could happen every week
GJayBee: I called the four goal wind, hhhmmmm
nbartos: uw0tm8 great predict Gawn Goldy
BestCoast: Go Dees smash the Chokearoos
kirky12: C’mon Ollie, Just a few more mate, 4 effective touches bud.
uw0tm8: As usual the ball finds goldstein lol
LeFtBehinD: How dumb is Jack Watts seriously
cjd7769: olly olly olly
cjd7769: Jack Watts Vs Zac Dawson both gooses
feralmong: Wow Gawn has smashed goldy in hit outs. But goldies goals make up for it.
GJayBee: Watts just needs a tiny tiny tiny bit more poise and he will be there
casey22: Chelsea’s been busy
GJayBee: I got Goldstien at $2.50 to win a ‘group’ on centrebet. muppets!
gdshifty: watts aint finding any more poise. Has been in the system for almost 10 years
GJayBee: Oliver hit 90 in sc, so happy
BestCoast: Jack Squats
GJayBee: gdshifty, it
gdshifty: Gawn given away 7 freekicks ffs
cjd7769: well said gdshifty couldnt off said it better myself
GJayBee: gdshifty, it’s cause on his first match pies boys beat him up in front of 70,000 and no one helped. stuffed him.
AngryRyno: wells working hard to finish with 80, bit like dusty
Costanza: good game of footy
nbartos: Goldy v Pearce next week
feralmong: Thought Roos would get thru. But Dee’s did well.
cjd7769: olly 95 vgood matey
nbartos: If Gawn tackled & less frees
Dangermaus: ffs, traded out Oliver to get on board the Kennedy train and this happens…
Rebuild: Can Melbourne’s score scale up?
Costanza: the day 149 was slightly disappointing

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