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Chat log from R3 of 2016: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R3 of 2016

frenzy: go freo
MontyJnr: is barlow on the ball?
Bulky: Flame for Zac Dawson!
Torz: Barlow almost to his average already!
meka100: Fuck off Yeo you pissant
kangawalla: Looks like the good Elliot Yeo has shown up tonight.
Wends: Wonder how many ditched Barlow this week?
poolboybob: McGovern muppet
a1trader: I don’t think Freo would beat Collingwood. Expecting WC to flog them. Go Redden, Capt this week
AngryRyno: can Barlow & Tommy
kangawalla: Gutsy move a1 trader!
feralmong: Go Fyfe u good thing.
a1trader: or stupid, we will see
zadolinnyj: Blue moon and $ for Dawson
poolboybob: Freo should’ve tried playing like this the first two weeks.
kangawalla: lol…Dawson outscoring Sandi!
Wends: Sandi just copped a knock and coming off
Yelse: where is barlow playing
BestCoast: Sandiballs is a poor mans wardrobe big and empty
Brown*Dog: barlow looking good today
poolboybob: Kicking efficiency pathetic. Looks like Brisbane vs Carlton.
Brown*Dog: how many guys trade him out already
zadolinnyj: Priddis is going to be cheaper. Games get easier so may grab him in 2 weeks
zadolinnyj: My god freo flower around with it
frenzy: looks like redden gunna make an alps of ya @ a1trader
Torz: How many traded out Barlow this week?
zadolinnyj: Never had Barlow. Did not fall for his forward status. Hall and gray were cheaper and better
JRedden: I traded him for merret so its still worth it
zadolinnyj: Sandi going to hospital
pies13: not me @torz was very tempted 2 glad i didnt
snozza: So many would’ve traded Barlow. Sux to be them right now lol
stakerz: i couldnt trade him, got rid of rock and crouch. lobbe next week
iZander: Who rucking for freo now? Alex Pearce?
zadolinnyj: Hate dreamteam. Fyfe kicks it to west coast and they kick a goal. Plus 6 points for Fyfe??????
snozza: Freo in all kinds now
kangawalla: @JRedden….your namesake needs to lift. a1 trader has him as C!
poolboybob: Watching Hawthorn kick versus the way these teams kick is like night and day
pies13: i did the same @stakerz went titch and hunter u?
Bulky: Ross Lyon back to his crappy defensive style football that will never win him a premiership.
zadolinnyj: Lobbe to mummy for me
Torz: For those wondering where Barlow is playing. He’s rucking against Naitanui. Haha
Raspel31: Thank god a commentator said derby-as in darby-not durrby.
snozza: @Torz, he actually is that’s hilarious
Vich: Cya later then Zady.. Dont let the door hit…
zadolinnyj: Lol Torz. As you said that, Barlow did ruck against nat
AngryRyno: Barlow to ruck permenantly what do we say?
AntoRyan14: Barlow is most likely playing in mundys place
tabs: Not watching the game, who is rucking for freo?
AngryRyno: Zac Clarke and Griffen are also injured, add Sandi and Freo have no ruck?
SaintsMan: As soon as Barlow gets in the middle he rips it up! But when Mundy comes back, Do you keep him still?
zadolinnyj: I play sc @Vich so still relevant hear. don’t be an angry freo supported mate
uw0tm8: Barlow is where he clearly belongs, if Lyon puts him foward next week he clearly has no clue how his own team works
zadolinnyj: *here
frenzy: Hannath @ angryryno
stakerz: i went blicavs and libba pies13, blic to ruck next week
a1trader: why did I have Redden as Capt?? ffs
stakerz: and piss off lobbe, god he is awful
AngryRyno: this is perfect really, Barlow gets time in the middle and Nic Nat gets points for HTA, all points for me!
Raspel31: On the money uw
RooBoyStu: To all the people that traded out Barlow this beer is for you
Vich: griff got dropped didnt he? No mention of him on the current injury list…
Torpedo10: Fyfey is disappointing me right now. Wanted a big score from him this week.
Raspel31: I’m one Rooboy-just slide it across quietly.
RooBoyStu: This beer is for everyone who traded Barlow out. 3 Cheers for Barlow …Hip Hip Hooray….
pies13: is that dteam @stakerz? ive got blika n libba had them from the start
feralmong: So who rucks this game for freo?
Str1k3_M95: nathan fyfe lol
m0nty: Alex Pearce from the looks of it’
m0nty: Alex Pearce from the looks of it
Str1k3_M95: just kdding, pearce in the deep end now
feralmong: Ta monty
feralmong: They should put balla in there.
Str1k3_M95: barlow -4 ?
stakerz: nah supercoach mate
kirky12: Come on Fyfe Lift you champion
the spud: very honest from josh hill
jalapenoh: fuck sake come on Fremantle!!!
jalapenoh: I cant stand the eagles, worst team in the AFL
ballbag: still waiting for the semi trailer to arrive to take sandi to hospital
frenzy: the wet toast seagulls
kangawalla: @ballbag. Gold!!!
feralmong: They waiting for a tow truck for sandi?
jalapenoh: Barlow has vanished……
poolboybob: lol LeCras, can’t make the distance from 30m
kangawalla: @ballbag. They may need to run a barge up the Swan river!
poolboybob: There is no way Kennedy has missed 12 shots from that distance to the right side.
BestCoast: The Chokearoos @frenzy
Raspel31: Freo definitely doing a Sainter- sad but true.
Str1k3_M95: freo no legspeed
AngryRyno: possible collapsed lung for Sandi, ouch
zadolinnyj: No good. May have to use a submarine as an iron lung
zadolinnyj: Alex Pearce deserves a heart for his efforts. Doing very well to contest
David: All the players stats have disappeared, Scores are all jumbled up. What’s wrong with this site?
frenzy: select dream team /SC in the sort by box @ David
ballbag: @zado pretty sure theyre more concerned bout giving sandi a lung than giving pearce a heart
Str1k3_M95: frenzy +12
poolboybob: Nice goal kicking
zadolinnyj: Nice @ballbag
zadolinnyj: Fyfe is like a taxi. The dt/sc score meter keeps ticking even when he is stationary
poolboybob: At least now that it’s raining these clubs can blame the rain for the hopeless accuracy.
GJayBee: tell it like it is zadolinnyj
AngryRyno: finish off Tommy, hit 90
Gordo450: Goal of the year Pav!
GJayBee: Go Barlow!
Rebuild: wow that was out
Gordo450: Purple Cape Pav!
GJayBee: Barlow, this could change every thing between us. Please, do it for Johnny
poolboybob: hahahaha get OPSM for the boundary umpire
kangas2014: where is the BT “That was outta bounds!!” commentary when you need it
poolboybob: lol how does Suban still get a game? Utterly useless player
a1trader: Lycett on top, who’d have thunk it?
Kenny27: in the paper tomorrow you will see Suban in the best players for west coast
zadolinnyj: Is this a Dawson record?
AngryRyno: who had Redden captain?
willywalks: 91 points isn’t bad, but barlow has been gone back to last weeks form in this 2nd half
kangawalla: @zad. Dawson got 70 something earlier this decade.
a1trader: me! Redden used to score 100+ regularly with Brisbane….
GJayBee: i bet they will round up nic nat even if he doesn’t do antything else,
zadolinnyj: Give you points for having a crack a1. He has scored high before
MIJG: Gaff instrumental ripped in sc
poolboybob: Ballantyne being a flog, big surprise
Yelse: problem is ross lyon doesn’t play kids much
zadolinnyj: Is morrobito still around?
happytimes: are these sc score legit?
kangawalla: Ton up Barlow, you deserve to
Gordo450: @MIJG DE of 62% hasnt helped. Could still get good upscaling
BestCoast: Morrobitto played in the WAFL today apparently played well
poolboybob: Dockers losing the plot, lol
Raspel31: No players i this game-hmm. Picked the Freo slide.
zadolinnyj: Ta BestCoast
kangas2014: who got the ross glendinning medal?
kangas2014: priida?
kangas2014: pridda?*
vartic: ya priddis. Priida sounds like a Toyota
zadolinnyj: Awesome effort this year @Monty with sc scores. Now to just get purple name game back
Pokerface: priddis
willywalks: yep
Lecras: What a game

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