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Chat log from R3 of 2016: Gold Coast vs Carlton

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Carlton, R3 of 2016

nbartos: danger or GAB for C?
MattyZ: I’m going Gaz
MattyZ: There stil isn’t a lemon for lemmens. why m0nty why
myteamsuks: This game is going to be ugly
MattyZ: scrambles for days
MIJG: 185 for GAJ sc cheers.
feralmong: Reckon danger at home v lions will outscore Gaj.
uw0tm8: I think robinson might stick on dangerfield in that match
maygs: Or christianson
circle52: Robbo ran with Danger both games last year and Danger only scored 112 and 113
Snarfy: Interesting to see how Weeters handles Lynch!
Snarfy: And just as I post that….Lynch Scores!
spudaroos: The players pages lead to a 404 page. Surely after spending 3 days upgrading the servers, it would manage to work.
feralmong: Don’t think weiterbix was in that contest.
feralmong: Lol casboult
maygs: Did hall miss the team bus?
feralmong: Gee still,early but thinking I made right call not c gaj.
bigbaddasa: wow give guys a chance to get into the game
frenzy: eski back ?
snake_p: Hall back on the bus now Maygs
uw0tm8: Go wieters you little gun
MattyZ: eski’s role is hard to find, he’s just roaming around wherever he wants atm
bigbaddasa: we happy with Hall now maygs ya sook…
maygs: Lol
AngryRyno: lift Kedge
uw0tm8: How goods having ablett, hall, weiters, docherty and kerridge in the 1 game
spudaroos: Cripps ya hack. Breaking my heart.
MIJG: 20sc at half time comn Gaj.
zadolinnyj: Carlton won’t play 4 qrts so Gazza will be fine. He will kick goals
MIJG: Er qtr time
MattyZ: jesus that run from hall we just “give me dt points m8 i’ve made myself captain”
circle52: Muppett for runner
MIJG: Piss off hall. That is all…
frenzy: thank goodness I dont have simspson, Lol
Raspel31: Having just popped in we are happy with the weitering and Kerridgebut not so happy with the Gablett. Please adjust.
MattyZ: Hang on McKenzie is off?
Torz: It’s been adjusted Raspel.
circle52: Yep Matty apparently when he went off woth blood rule they are tresting him for concussion.
Raspel31: Thank you.
rupink06: lol people who doubted GAJ
zadolinnyj: Nose job mckenzie
myteamsuks: Cripps looks really slow tonight
Dangeroo: Give the Kedge his kick back
snake_p: capt gaz warming up now
Raspel31: Phew-hate the loophole-nervous nelly am I. Go gazza.
myteamsuks: Weitering is like the best house in the worst street. Pretty classy player
MattyZ: Weiters is so damned good.
ballbag: lol. go and get fucked mckenzie hahaha fricken flog
carlton_99: 5 free kicks in one half can only happen to Carlton
axe9: will Mckenzie come back on ??
kangawalla: Concussed early ballbag
kangawalla: I’m sure its happened to lots of teams @carlton99
zadolinnyj: Surely Mckenzie will play second half??? Just a nose. Unless the eyes have puffed
AngryRyno: I think McKenzie’s vision would be impacted
maygs: Sandi lands – broken ribs going to hospital
MIJG: Wettering is shitting me
AngryRyno: thanks for the spoiler maygs
ballbag: hospital is ordering a billiard table to treat sandi on
kangawalla: @maygs. And Barlow is doing some ruck work against Nic Nat!
zadolinnyj: Need huge Ablett to make up for mckenzie
Raspel31: Just grand to see an underdog team make a gameof it- go Carlton.
zadolinnyj: Lol @ballbag
circle52: McKenzie has a fractured nose and will not be back.
zadolinnyj: Day could be something but when will he work it out
Raspel31: I think I am the only person in the world to pick up Weitering. Proud of that.
zadolinnyj: Lol Raspel
AngryRyno: picked him up before R1, little bit prouder
runt: after a hard running game last week the Suns will tire. Blues have to hang in there
Torz: Clay Cameron on the bench. :/
runt: @Raspel31 I have Veitering too but benched him this week!
MIJG: Sandi made it hospital but his feet are still at the park
zadolinnyj: I was going to @Raspel but could not go past Zac Dawson.
Raspel31: Too funny Zado.
zadolinnyj: Did Ablett just hurt his shoulder
Roksta: The wheatbag looking like a keepers
zadolinnyj: No just the jewels for ablett
uw0tm8: Dont you dare gary
MIJG: Wtf is this watering 90sc bull
circle52: Tackled Casboult and got winded I think zado Hit him in chest
maygs: Able looked like a knock on the knee. Probably just a stinger
AngryRyno: all the non Weitering owners rage
zadolinnyj: ta circle52
AngryRyno: Zado why did you hit Gaz in the chest
Roksta: Hit him again zado lol
zadolinnyj: See what you did there AngryRyno. Nice.
kangawalla: That boundary line is like an electric fence!
zadolinnyj: Gold Coast very selfish up forward
Roksta: Hall will be awesome when he cleans up his disposal
zadolinnyj: GC bench like an episode of mash
runt: It has to be said, Casboult is useless
Raspel31: Whatever happens, we can all go to bed happy as Collingwood got smashed.
AngryRyno: Casboult is one of the best marks in the AFL, just can’t kick
Brown*Dog: Is that a single nut icon for Rowe?
Str1k3_M95: brown dog a savage
zadolinnyj: Think it’s a poo @Brown*Dog
ballbag: @brown in ireland they call that a potayta
Raspel31: Tater to my Oirish relatives-why waste letters.
runt: If GC think they have this won, think again
Pokerface: is lonergan getting much mid time?
ballbag: whale oil beef hooked @raspal
Raspel31: Off to the rugger for 15 ballbag-check back in
circle52: Thompson also gone for the Night Matty – Ice pack on ankle.
Snarfy: We’ll see how the Suns finish off with 2 players short
Raspel31: But for Jaeger-they would be a very fine team indeed.
circle52: Do not forget Swallow as well Raspel
AngryRyno: Gaz working towards an awkward VC score
Snarfy: Casboult’s fan club are looking for new members….Are you interested???
Raspel31: Yup circle
frenzy: junk it up Gaz
vamos77: I’ve been watching footy for 30 years. When will I learn not to back Richmond
circle52: another 10/15 from Ablett will do nicely
runt: I think GC may have this won
Raspel31: Stuck with Gablett after failed loophole but there are worse things in heaven and earth.
vamos77: Is that a potato next to Rowe or is that a testi icon
zadolinnyj: Parker got 120 as my cv so I’m even at worst with gaz
zadolinnyj: Scores are low for sc so some upscaling to come
Raspel31: Parker my vc too zado.
jfitty: Hall should have the seagull icon
frenzy: Gaz perma capt.
zadolinnyj: Been very consistent Raspel31
ballbag: carlton are fucken pathetic!!!
Torz: Glad I went Rocky to Hall. Should’ve had him already though!
tabs: that was like the generals playing the globetroters
MattyZ: seriously hall is a captain option against lower teams
Stuart88: Go jump ball bag
Str1k3_M95: dat scaling
kangas2014: alright lads what do we do, take the GAJ 131 or risk Danger against the lions (usually scores well against them). Leanin
kangas2014: leaning towards the loophole **
vartic: Take the 131
Raspel31: My prob too Kanga-but, after last weekstick with Ablett.
kangas2014: good call, even if danger gets a 140 won’t be kicking myself too much
Str1k3_M95: 135 i’ll take it
circle52: hate to disagree kangas but Dangers scores against Lions last year were 112 and 113.

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