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Chat log from R3 of 2016: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R3 of 2016

nbartos: Giants a chance?
Ben_Gogos: @nbartos I think so
nbartos: Mummys tackles LOL hurting dudes
AngryRyno: would be nice of those 3 dollar signs got some points
LuvIt74: I wonder if the Pap Smear will do nothing now that everyone has him in.
Dangermaus: not this shiz again please Hannebery, what the fudge!
Wends: McGlynn back snuffing out some of his points Luvit? Also, keep it up Ward, my SC Capt.
AngryRyno: come on T Mitch get this show on the road!
Dangermaus: so glad I got off Greene after week 1…
NewFreoFan: Do something Hannebery you flog
Jackwatt$: WillMs in for whom
uw0tm8: Mills and papley…
AngryRyno: Williams in for Buntine
colin wood: mills, buddy, ward and heater come on lads fix this horrible start of a round up for me!
TeamJab: I hear ya NewFreo.
NewFreoFan: Most the way through quarter 1 I have 10 points from 4 players in this game…
jalapenoh: man what the hell is hannebery doing? Anyone watching the game? Where is he playing
AngryRyno: screw this, had mills on the pine before Crocuh was a late out, not too worried about Papley as he scores in chunks
MIJG: So glad I got the pap in this week
Raspel31: Hate to trade but $600,000 on Heath Shaw. Looks old and tired and slow.
GJayBee: don’t smear the pap
jalapenoh: Hanners is gone this week!! Def not a premium anymore, hopping on Zerritt, better late than never
Kenny27: @jala at the moment he is waving a swans flag on the sidelines
Ben_Gogos: As long as you aren’t starting Papley, it doesn’t matter too much. He’ll make the big bucks
Wends: Well you automatically made about $113k Mijg, it’s not all bad.
poolboybob: Not a lot of ball for the dolla sign boys
jalapenoh: He is pathetic, wtf….
GJayBee: hannas, greene, I will mow your lawns in you crack the don’s!
Wends: Say it aint so Raspel 🙁
Torpedo10: You didn’t start Papley, Ben?
nbartos: Papley donut qtr
NewFreoFan: Hannebery, Mills, Hewett and Paps. What is this nonsense.
GJayBee: Nooo, I started the Pap, but EVERYONE did!
uw0tm8: Finally papley gets a touch lol
GJayBee: Papley is a liar.
Jackwatt$: $ icon a bit early for Papley perhaps. Just sayin
NewFreoFan: You can’t comment you put a $ in Watts’ name…
Raspel31: On form Wends bring in Christiansen and upgrade to another midfielder gun ?
Ben_Gogos: @Torpedo10 no, papley is a small forward and Giants have been restricting well.
Dangermaus: wtf Hannebery… seriously!
Jackwatt$: Fair call sir, that was just to impress m0nty though
Pokerface: with a break even of -149, paps can have a $ sign even if he gives away 10 frees
colin wood: so weird seeing the $ signs on the swans side rather then the giants side this season..
Ben_Gogos: @JackWatt$ his break even is -149 in SC and -91 in DT, he’s going up!
Ben_Gogos: @Pokerface Yep!
Torpedo10: Very good call Ben, hopefully for us he can lift and scrape a 60. Who do you have onfield in Fwds?
Wends: Cant help u there Raspel, been a part time SC-er at best so far this season. Golden rule, trading out yr premos tho??
spiggs: Bad round for rookies so far
kangawalla: $cully & Davi$ earning their ma$$ive pay packets thi$ year.
Dangermaus: How can Hannebery not be getting the ball? It defies logic
NewFreoFan: I held Daniel Cross the year he dropped to like 350k cos you “don’t trade premos.” Sometimes it’ss ok to trade
jddd: who wins tonight eagles v freo
heppelitis: gee…just another 9 great handball hewett for a sc ton
heppelitis: oops…mills
Dangermaus: If Hannes doesn’t get 90+ today, he’s gone, premo or not
NewFreoFan: One hell of a hand pass that must have been
Ben_Gogos: @Torpedo10, I brought on Adams this week mate
frenzy: his names not pendlebury hepp
Wends: True NFF – but grappling with Rocky to Libba, feel like going against nature..
Pokerface: where is that clown who trading mummy out after round 1
Torpedo10: Smart Ben, I have Adams on in Defence but Tippa on my back bench with no DPP link.
NewFreoFan: Hannebery just a lazy +12 haha
Torpedo10: Btw Ben call me Torp
the worm: @ wends, rocky to libba wouldve been a smart move even if rocky wasntinjured
Ben_Gogos: Hahah no worries!
uw0tm8: Mills does well on HB but he belongs on-ball
kangas2014: Buddy and Parker looking good for me
nbartos: Syd newbies in struggle town today
circle52: I stayed clear of the Sydney Mids because I thinbk they will be up and down each week due to the quality.
colin wood: would like these Swan Rooks to start touching the pill..
circle52: Only cosolation Colin is I think we all have them so will not be too bad at end of round.
Rebuild: hard for papley to do worse than menadue but he’s trying
nbartos: cmon GWS
kangawalla: Cornholio doing well for the Giants.
Raspel31: Bummer-have to head out. Advice? keep loophole on Parker or cap Gableet, Mitchell or Danger.
circle52: I have bth Pap and Mills
LuvIt74: The Pap smear disastrous.
LuvIt74: @circles same here
nbartos: Mills cold? What about Paps 100+ avg
colin wood: circle true mate. I did bring in Pap this week for that extra doosh
NewFreoFan: Paps Mills AND Lleyton here. Not ideal haha
colin wood: but they do need to move or else they may get the axe next week and we dont want that yet us SCers!
frenzy: flame up Heater FFS
colin wood: mills getting some good pressure act SC pts here!
uw0tm8: No one really talking about shaw… 600k and super underwhelming
Raspel31: Absolutely uw.
GJayBee: i’m driking, i didn’t notice mills, add him to paphead and i can only hope everyone has them!
Fatbar5tad: First time I have the Smear on field all year LOL
LuvIt74: spending 600k on a defender is crazy
GJayBee: I can’t talk about Shaw yet. It’s to emotional. I am hanging on like Cloke’s ego.
deco: Shaw seems to have lost the ability kick. Has been garbage.
Raspel31: I sooo want to lose Shaw-what a waste of $600,000but how ?
jalapenoh: Where is Hewett playing?
circle52: I have Shaw but more pressing issues to adress next week as well. Think I am resigned to keep him
nbartos: Shaw will be top 6 Def – stupid to trade
vartic: My question is what has changed so much for Shaw between the NAB cup and now? He was huge in NAB cup
deco: Heater will lose cash but I don’t see any point in trading him. Shouldnt be many better defenders
MIJG: How is greens sc so high ? 58 de and 3 fa
Pokerface: @vartic other teams started fielding senior players?
uw0tm8: Shaw will be the talking point for next week, 3 games all sub 100 isn’t good enough
colin wood: its round 3 stop hanging crap on Shaw we all have him…
Raspel31: Agree circle. Goodnight all.
circle52: Yep if you look at last year he started slowly as well Only averaged 98 for first 8 rds with only 4 scores over 100
Pokerface: no we do not colin.
NewFreoFan: Don’t have Shaw either colin
nbartos: MIJG – good question
nbartos: Shaw will prob get 100 this game – whingers around here
GJayBee: shaw is my favorite backman that is also a lizard and footy god.
jalapenoh: Hannebery just hangs outside the contests like a flog, he is no good.
nbartos: Shiels a player
Crowls: hope people are stupid enough to trade out shaw. I didnt start with him. a couple more weeks get him for <550
Crowls: are hewettt and papley on the ground?
Fatbar5tad: Pure Pap. 2 points for Fox sake.
Pokerface: if you don’t have shiel you should probably hit delete team
MIJG: Wtf papley lol.
zadolinnyj: Goal umpire hairiest arms ever
poolboybob: Tippett looks kind of like the Canadian prime minister
Dangermaus: would be happy if Mills got to 60 or so
colin wood: come on buddy get a move on need a big one, same Ward keep ticking it over!
GJayBee: Hannas is a private school god who will have hot girlfriends and live a life of luxury.
GJayBee: lol poolboybob
Ben_Gogos: Ward is a star!
colin wood: True Ben, a smoky for Charlie at seasons end IMO
poolboybob: I guess the good news for Papley and Hewett is that they’ll go up a lot in price even with these pathetic scores
colmullet: Come on Titch, DT captains spudding it every round!
Torpedo10: Loving Ward, hating Papley. I’ll take a 40 now. 😛
jalapenoh: Hewett royally fucking me over.
gdshifty: donut for Wilson
zadolinnyj: Will pick up shaw next week. Always starts slow then gets going
uw0tm8: Wonder if everyone is still gonna trade hanners after this round lmao, clowns
IHateChat: What number is apply?
IHateChat: What number is papley
reconfigrr: yet to get hewitt and mills right on the filed this season. .. looks like i could get it wrong again
LuvIt74: Nice to see Mills pull his finger out this quarter
GJayBee: hannas for life
AngryRyno: Hewett will be dropped next week, Papley will survive to next week
GJayBee: hope paps was watching mills
circle52: I am happy in DT colmullett I had Jack Steven as captain.
power2000: brotha
power2000: sonny jin
colmullet: @circle, had Fyfe, Rocky, n now Titch, im cursed haha
power2000: george hewett needs to step up his game
AngryRyno: Gray captain in DT no good, now TMitch Captain in AF worse!
Crowls: zaha vc, nope back in mighty titch. flower
ballbag: 2 guys. 1 went fyfe then danger C, the other went danger then fyfe C. massive difference
Crowls: bring back subs. at least I would have pap on my bench
heppelitis: keeps getting worse for Paps haha
GJayBee: paps is like my first girlfriend
zadolinnyj: Who was it on here who was saying a couple of weeks ago, mummy won’t even get 60 in a game and traded him out for Hickey
zadolinnyj: Mummy worth I pick now he is getting confident again
ballbag: rumuors have it titch was seen putting a cape on under his jumper
IHateChat: Does anyone know what number Papley has on his back?
wadaramus: WIll Papley and Hewett get dropped for next week?!
Woodie: #41 mummies old #
pies13: cant c it its smeard @ihatecaht haha
pies13: chat
stakerz: good win today pies 13 😉
poolboybob: Barry Hall is chilly, get him a jumper
GJayBee: six big ones for ap
gdshifty: this is a disgusting game to watch both fantasy and as a spectacle
wadaramus: Carn Paps and Hewy, 50SC each will suffice from here.
poolboybob: Paps and Hewett will struggle to get to 50 combined.
_wato: Mitchell YOURE a dud
frenzy: bout time you got a kick Tmitch, ur showering me now
MIJG: Where are the brick walls
GJayBee: Greene also lies
spudaroos: I last minute went Parker to Cripps before the season started to get some cash. Regretting that now 🙁
AngryRyno: paps needs a bag of 3 to seal the game I reckon
NewFreoFan: Lleyton needs the score assist for each of those 3 the smear kicks
LuvIt74: yeah parker is on fire looks to be the best midfielder thus far and so consistent
Terlob: Shaw sucks! Hannebery sucks! Titch sucks! You people need to calm down
NewFreoFan: Terlob sucks!
AngryRyno: my team sucks!
LuvIt74: I was going to go Rocky straight to Parker but needed Hall & Paps wish i didn’t bother with pap smear
NewFreoFan: Freo sucks! Wait… 🙁
poolboybob: Patton runs like a fat man going uphill
NewFreoFan: Franklin wasn’t outrunning Hooker on the wing that time 🙂
pies13: yeah i no @stkerz crows were good wots your point? haha
poolboybob: Commentator keeps saying unselfish when GWS kicks it in the middle to 2 Sydney defenders
_wato: Shiel get up and at em son, don’t just stop
AngryRyno: JPK quietly recovering after a poor start to the season
uw0tm8: I’ll be stoked with 50 from papley at this stage
colin wood: ward and buddy where r u now!!! Come on lads!!! FFS
colin wood: shaw haters gone quiet now?
AngryRyno: papley has had a 20pt quarter, not bad for no goals
spiggs: Where those sooks ratting out shaw now? Safe as house, all year round
Ben_Gogos: @colin wood, have they ever 😉
Ben_Gogos: Well done Buddy!
ryanbob: Hope those people giving Shaw shit will shut up now. Absolute gun
LuvIt74: Papley will hit 80 relax fellas. lol
NewFreoFan: haha colin complains about franklin and ward, then mocks people who complain about players 😉
uw0tm8: We were looking at 3 sub 100 scores from a player that costs 600k, that was the issue
AngryRyno: make that a 27 point quarter, carn paps!
poolboybob: Hilarious people saying Shaw is too old and slow like 6 months after he was the top scoring defender in the comp.
zadolinnyj: Point was more about being able to get him cheaper as he always works into the season
colin wood: at a boy buddy!!
Kenny27: Shaw is a jet!
colin wood: No FreoFan I wasn’y mocking anyone I was telling them to get a move on.
nbartos: Papsmear passing Greene LOL
colin wood: Didn’t call them old or slow or threaten to trade them out..
frenzy: don’t flowering stop shaw
circle52: As I said earlier Shaw had 4 sub 100 scores in the first 8 rds last year so not overly concerned.
pies13: agree @poolboy now 92 with a quarter 2go shaw is def a spud haha
colin wood: get ya facts right champ!
MIJG: Cape coming for shaw
Ben_Gogos: Shaw tons in SC
nbartos: Who said Shaw will get 100? mwa
_wato: Shiel and Titch get a move on! Shiel a massive dissapointment after his hot start
bigbaddasa: Shaw is one of those few guys that can crank out a 50 in a Q
NewFreoFan: I think you’re the one with the anger problem colin rofl
myteamsuks: Cape shaw
colin wood: will take a 65 from mills and 50 from the pap from here
Jackwatt$: Shaw is still getting points at 3 quarter time??!! Make it stop m0nty??
zadolinnyj: Correct circle52. Definitely good defender but I’ll take him cheaper
TheLegend6: I played Papley over Ben Kennedy omg.
nbartos: Shiel 8 point QTR
MIJG: Go Giants
wadaramus: Might get some value for my 600K today!
pies13: @raspel hows shaw going 4ya? 6ook yeah well spent i rekn
Kenny27: they counted that kick from shaw lol beautiful
oc16: cape for shaw
nbartos: Freo a chance tonight MIJG?
Ben_Gogos: 68SC points that Q to Shaw!
vartic: whoa, just came back. based Shaw 😀
colin wood: who’s angry Freo? lol
zadolinnyj: Shiel was on bench with lower back issues
colin wood: pies13 – Classic!
wadaramus: Gonna need Shaw to cover the abominable Paps and Hewy.
Wends: Just back to Shaw’s score – Raspel if you’re still here, rethinking yr strategy?
zadolinnyj: Two goals please Steve J
MIJG: Freo will get tonight. But both playing crap foot atm
zadolinnyj: What’s Shaws break even? 180?
nbartos: Wished Shaw had stunk up this game & all the newbies traded him out
Jackwatt$: 1 time on need you on the field Hewitt and u do this. Brad Crouch take a good hard look at yourself!
zadolinnyj: Brad crouch great player but man of glass
Jackwatt$: Time to start putting Tipawunti on the field, at least he gives effort. Rant over!
pies13: people rag 2quick on premo’s shaw n even pendles 2day both have tond it every1 will take that
Ben_Gogos: Wow what an effort from Buddy! Game breaking move!
spudaroos: Ward is something else, even when his stats aren’t huge he scores well. Pure class.
frenzy: you stopped again shaw
NewFreoFan: Quack quack stevie j costs our boy paps 3 points 🙁
zadolinnyj: Love Tippett drops it to give Parker a goal
jalapenoh: hewett is a pathetic peice of shit
circle52: Shaws B/e 194 so will drop a little
ballbag: stop tackling papley. you dont know how to do it properly
MIJG: Ok thats enough Parker. Have acrest
NewFreoFan: The Smear!!!
Ben_Gogos: Papley has had a big second half tbh!
TheLegend6: Tom Mitchell is a great talent
zadolinnyj: Ta @circle52
myteamsuks: Lol ballbag bad timing there
poolboybob: Papley should keep his spot. Hewett is probably gone.
pies13: wow with a b/e of -heaps @jala is still pathetic?
Magicsmell: Hannebery captain, need him to junk it up
deekay: this may be the week my team comes together…. except mills and papley
Wends: lol ballbag 🙂
NewFreoFan: Shaw done nothing this quarter, if I had him I’d trade him out
TheLegend6: C’mon Paps, junk it up son, get to 65 or so!
nbartos: Greene breakout year????? nup
jalapenoh: shaw hannebery and heweet missing?
wadaramus: Carn Heater, finish the job,get to 130+
MIJG: Sc keeps goingbup though
Wends: Cmon Ward you’re killing me!
colin wood: ward 23 sc since halftime.. come on bud!!!
MIJG: So fyfe or gaj capt tonight
_wato: Titch cmonnnnnn, junk it son
wadaramus: GWS having a red hot dip!
NewFreoFan: Jack must have money on GWS
GJayBee: feels like green has had his breakout and i was chasing it!
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Pap!
circle52: going GAJ as VC into Goldy
ballbag: stop fucking with me and get the aggit titch you bloodnutter
Fatbar5tad: Two pretty good sides here
nbartos: fyfe GAJ or Danger as C
NewFreoFan: Giants have plenty of fight in them
zadolinnyj: Surely GAJ vs carlton
Fatbar5tad: GAJ VC Paddy skipper.
nbartos: do Carltank still tag (try to)? Curnow?
ballbag: has shaw even touched it this qtr??
NewFreoFan: jack almost spear tackles griffin and gets a high free rofl
myteamsuks: Dayne Russell is the biggest flog. He keeps talking like giants are winning. Worst commentator
Fatbar5tad: Job done
GJayBee: pap and mills recover like gods!
NewFreoFan: Hanners done well in only 3 quarters
bigbaddasa: stop crying about Shaw…..he is 113……lol
MIJG: Hurry up serien
Ben_Gogos: Papley has shown a lot of heart in this match. I’d be very happy as an owner.
Fatbar5tad: Love Scully for DT
MIJG: Shaw got about 20 sc points for free that qtr:)
Pokerface: shaw has to go!
Torz: Aw. Mitchell dropped it on the siren. Haha.
NewFreoFan: Shaw gone, what a scrub flog
Fatbar5tad: LOL@Pokerface 🙂

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