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Chat log from R3 of 2016: Richmond vs Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Adelaide, R3 of 2016

heppelitis: SEN said Riley Knight in for Lynch…not Atkins?
kirky12: RK is inHe is, Atkins was just named.
NewFreoFan: wtf crouch
Fletch91: Lambert? Crouch? Hello?
kirky12: Richmond’s big names actually playing this week… But the 2nd tier doing sweet FA
gdshifty: cape for houli
Pokerface: please everyone stop picking on cotch. it upsets dimma
poolboybob: Mena-do you know that the game has started?
Rockafella: Seedsmen!!!!
LuvIt74: Only got Laird & Rance this arvo no Saints or Pies players,
AngryRyno: Rance muppet
NewFreoFan: That’s better Couch, catch up
GJayBee: Seedsman always hot or cold. Like Howe who is cold as!
Raspel31: Much as I picked the Crows-cmon Tiggers.
Dangeroo: wow…
gavy J: Keeping Seedsman best trade I never made keep going son
Raspel31: Phew, Lambert 2 touches-glad I avoided.
LuvIt74: Carn Rance & Laird keep it up sons
LuvIt74: Tigers Are pretenders, id luv to see them do well
spiggs: Finally Richmond come up against a well drilled side, shown to be average.
Frankfaust: mb
vartic: Menadue pls ffs
MIJG: Put rioli in the middle
AngryRyno: put Rioli in the VFL
NewFreoFan: Put Rioli in Auskick
Raspel31: Hmm ? Spine Tiggers ?.
snake_p: muppet rance
AngryRyno: Rance given up two easy goals
Snarfy: Dusty is really quiet???
GJayBee: Tiger’s have an underbelly made of tissue paper. I’m hoping the pies have one like a crock!
ryanbob: Come on milera
GJayBee: We’ll, looks like Menadue might be checking out the VFL and shaming my bench.
MIJG: Whens Ramadan.
NewFreoFan: that goal!
han solo: some goal by lambert
Fletch91: Thank god Lambert!
snake_p: yes fletch. He’s doubled his score in the last minute
han solo: lol that was pretty rubbish by menadue
MIJG: Laird stopped for 10mins.
Fletch91: Lambert massive last 5min. So Happy.
damoc85: where’s the cape for ST?
kirky12: Uhh, I’m looking for a Dustin… Dustin Martin? Has anyone seen him?
HawkTalker: lol dusty, lol richmond. SUCK IT
banners87: Dustbin doing so badly, he’s going down at half time!
PureSwag: Richmond just cant play at ES
han solo: laird playing like lard. lift spud. i want a ton
uw0tm8: Wtf is laird doing?!
Daroose: Late change from savage to Seedsman in UF. Great call. #Rippingitup
wadaramus: What a leg from Seedsman.
Dangeroo: Great leg Seed
frenzy: rest up Laird, ya done enough already
OnTheRocks: In junk time i want to see a bin next to Dusty. This vanishing trick does not make me pleased after last week.
Grazz: Nice grab Lyod
ryanbob: Did milera die?
gavy J: Loyd
ballbag: @frenzy prefer if you stay out of lairds ear bud
gdshifty: take the dollar symbol off milera monty
Dangeroo: suck it chaplin
NewFreoFan: That was hilarious, Chaplin so shite
MIJG: Good call putting milera on ground
NewFreoFan: great pass onto Betts’ chest by Dusty
Rebuild: Crows pulling the trigger now
OnTheRocks: is Rance too slow for Betts?
Dangeroo: Betts is too slow for betts
Dangeroo: Smithy!
AngryRyno: adam saad is the only one who can catch betts
the worm: blues had to let betts go, he was ruining the chemistry between liam jones and casboult
AngryRyno: liam jones wasn’t even at the club before betts left
OnTheRocks: ffs Sauce, where’s the AA spirit from last year?
the worm: regardless, who would a forward line of betts and Waite anyway
Tim Tam: shocking umpiring, as usual….
LuvIt74: Best thing the doggies done was to get rid of Jones
LuvIt74: Would of liked tto see Laird ton up but he’s done nothing 2nd half
LuvIt74: @TimTam Richmond supporter right?
nbartos: how can Cotchin be 25SC up on Scoty T??
AngryRyno: i’ll take 90 from laird, he should get a decent scale given his strong first half
Torz: C’mon Seeds and Laird. Stopped this half.
AngryRyno: Scotty T 7 clangers
the worm: because he is 25% more efficient?
SwaggyP: @TimTam don’t fret these tigers are just a bunch of weak dogs
Tim Tam: @ LuvIt, can’t be more wrong…. I’m a Crows fan
the worm: give em a break, they have vickery
nbartos: hairy muff
pies13: would love 2who luvit goes 4? are you still 2teams?
GJayBee: Is Laird in the rooms getting a rub down? The man owes me! hahahah
GJayBee: +2 go Laird!
Dangermaus: Sauce beaten by Hampson, hasn’t been great this season so far
Tim Tam: but as usual, I hate the umpiring both ways…
AngryRyno: laird pumped out 127 last week, i don’t think je owes you
GJayBee: Ryno, the gift of giving is never to much.
MontyJnr: Laird owes noone anything. He averages 108.
GJayBee: Laird has treated me so well, I am becoming used to a certain lifestyle
uw0tm8: Even another 10 sc from laird and i’ll be happy considering what he was on half way through 3rd
Torz: Cmon Seedsman.. you were 59 at HT
banners87: Seedsman barely touched it in the second half!
GJayBee: Don’t get me wrong, I will mow Laird’s lawn.
the worm: hopefully he gives away a few frees and finsihes on 59
GJayBee: As a Pies man I can tell you Seedsman is either hot or cold!
GJayBee: Seedsman is like Melbourne wether
AngryRyno: Lyons should hold his spot
MIJG: Cmon laird big 5 mins get up closer to Houli
Dangermaus: Laird wont get it, because the ball is 90% in crows forward 50
GJayBee: +1 sc! I will fluff laird
Jackwatt$: Dusty usually yinyangs it the other way….he has gone from sprinter to marathon runner in one season!
the worm: or any city that has a winter and a summer
Jackwatt$: Ablett is like QLD weather, beautiful one day, perfect the next!
GJayBee: in SC i have JJ, Laird, Houli and Shaw. I’ll take it!
myteamsuks: 112 disposals from rancE houli Ellis . Only relevant fantasy wise. Means nothing for richmond
GJayBee: Jackwatt$ to true! it’s because he has an imaginary friend in the sky who controls the universe
myteamsuks: Sorry 94
the worm: his dad?
colin wood: time left guys?
Torz: Seedsman’s TOG is terrible. 20 minutes more than the next person. Injury?
AngryRyno: thanks dusty, worked hard to bring home 80
Jackwatt$: I don’t have him but B.Smith should be at least 120SC
Torz: Concussion test apparently.
Dangermaus: how did not one crow get an SC ton ???
MIJG: All the sc points to the team who got flogged.
nbartos: agree Jack, the whole SC scores look the wrong way around
wadaramus: Crows very even across the field, well played boys!

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