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Chat log from R1 of 2016: North Melbourne vs Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Adelaide, R1 of 2016

RooBoyStu: Round 1 2009 was our last Round 1 victory against Melbourne 101 – 67. Lets make 2016 our next. Go Roos!
Sloaneyyyy: Sorry to say that won’t be happening
feralmong: GL roo thats been a while
feralmong: double checks which crouch he seleted.
Sloaneyyyy: M.Crouch – u star !
feralmong: oh i got the M crouch. thats ok then.
feralmong: sloaneyy whats mcgov like. i picked him without much checking.
Sloaneyyyy: no idea
Rochefort: this chat is sure quiet.
nbartos: Crouch fever
Sloaneyyyy: Wells looking amazing so far
frenzy: c’mon Drew get a kick
jalapenoh: anyone watching the roos game? They a chance to win??
Xephyrise: ffs will the umps just call it 50/50
jalapenoh: roos are done hey 🙁
Sloaneyyyy: its very fast-paced so far… doubt the players will be able to keep this up
Sloaneyyyy: Thomas with a potential torn pectoral muscle
Rebuild: Wells gone home early?
Sloaneyyyy: Tex goes Boom from 55
cusch1: What happened to Anderson ?
mark621: did i pick up the wrong crouch? is M or B better?
Sloaneyyyy: Hamstring
Ash777: B Crouch probably needs a couple of games to get back into it
TeamJab: picked the wrong crouch
st_steve: Went with M Crouch. So far, so good.
Tades: can north come back? its only 3 goals, they probably play best when they are down at the half lol
Lodgy: no such thing as the wrong crouch
MattyZ: B crouch needs to seriously get going
heppelitis: Yes MattyZ…not happy with this selection so far
Sloaneyyyy: new I should have taken Tex instead of Greene
Sloaneyyyy: Umps ruining this game
BomberSam: #BradCrouch80
nbartos: in what way Sloan?
J.Worrall: My crouch is comfy
Sloaneyyyy: too many controversial frees, but in saying that, they are going both ways
Sloaneyyyy: might as well be consistently bad, i suppose
Torz: What happened to Seedsman, gees. He was on 25 at quarter time…
nbartos: gotcha agree both ways at least
Ben_Gogos: And as MattyZ requested, B.Crouch seriously went!
Stuart88: What did crouch do to get the icon?
nbartos: the only crap game coll v syd on TV typical
3rdstriker: Is the note on M Crouch is backwards? Surely Waite was reported for rough conduct on Crouch
Sloaneyyyy: I reckon Crouch’s report will get thrown out
Sloaneyyyy: Waite bending down to pick up the ball and got a side bump from Crouch to the head
Stuart88: That’s a 1st someone getting reported for hitting Waite
LuvIt74: Will these SC scores continue to be one here, this is muuc etter
Torz: Laird has really picked it up. Nice.
LuvIt74: carn goldy
Sloaneyyyy: you know the team’s running out of legs when Goldstein roves a pack to score a goal
Sloaneyyyy: Game on, Eddie!
nbartos: thought sloane would do better
nbartos: w/o danger
Sloaneyyyy: if we’ve ever needed a captains goal…
Sloaneyyyy: 7 minutes left to go still
nbartos: Laird would do nicely for me Sloaneyy
Sloaneyyyy: crows struggling to kick well under pressure
Sloaneyyyy: game over… 🙁
nbartos: multi alive
3rdstriker: Goldy star
Sloaneyyyy: can someone tell Waite how to pull his shorts up… no need to show that crack
frenzy: hearts2hearts
ballbag: heart…2 hearts… shinbones… cheapest cuts at a butcher rooboy LOL
Xephyrise: boomer needs the X
nbartos: SC harsh on very competitive crows
frenzy: you could swallow tongue or cheek

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