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Chat log from GF of 2016: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, GF of 2016

frenzy: Plenty to watch in this
frenzy: Plenty to see in this
Yelse: pies are a shambles in defence
buttox: suckling kicked a super goal
buttox: not in stats
m0nty: yeah the supergoals don’t get added to stats
buttox: kk
Sloaneyyyy: Libba will finish top 5 for the day, just watch
snake_p: is Johannisen this years Lumumba?
frenzy: Nup, Aish is
snake_p: not many picking aish frenzy
frenzy: Probs less picking Joh, snake
snake_p: his ownership will rise after today, not for me
Pokerface: is pendles in the guts, or half back where people claimed he’ll play?
Dangermaus: collywobbles need to take a good look at themselves
Dangermaus: when your ruckman is the highest tackler on the field…
snake_p: I think they heard you Danger
grossn: Thanks Danger, they’re picking up now like they did against Geelong.
Yelse: pies better not start the season giving away first half leads
Yelse: @poker face peddles playing in guts mainly and alternating forward
grossn: @Yelse every game will be like the NM game from last year
Dangermaus: turned into a good game now
frenzy: She’s a shootout again
Pokerface: thanks Yelse. interesting.
Sloan4Pres: cute game
Pokerface: collins on the ground? that 0 doesn’t look good.
Dangermaus: Who’s more likely to get game time, Cox or Currie ?
Yelse: wish finally on
grossn: Another fun game to watch in the NAB challenge. Hopefully no more injuries to either team to cap it off
Yelse: *aish
frenzy: Lol, wish
Pokerface: currie. cox needs to be upgraded
Belegur: liberatore in tracksuit? I havent seen him this half
Belegur: There he is. Where the hell has he been? havent seen him for like 40 mins, was he on the bench?
frenzy: The original pig has come from the clouds
frenzy: Tommy Boyd breaking out in pimples
GJayBee: Stay on target, stay on targer
LeFtBehinD: Varcoe about 20 run downs this quarter!
GJayBee: Come on Pies, I spiritually and financially need this.
grossn: Regardless of the results both teams should definitely be pushing for top 8 this year
GJayBee: Grossn, almost tempted to put good money on Pies to make the 8. If i could get two to one I’d lay a grand, OK, maybe 500
frenzy: 14 don’t go into 8

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