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Chat log from GF of 2016: Gold Coast vs Adelaide

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Adelaide, GF of 2016

IHateChat: Could we keep it down in here please.
nbartos: watching Laird and MnKenzie with interest
Sloaneyyyy: is Curtly Hampton injured ??
Tim Tam: Hampton’s not injured anymore… maybe he’s just not ready?
Tim Tam: Have liked M.Crouch since he was drafted… hoping this is his year
Sloaneyyyy: Would have been nice to see Brad have a run before the real season… too bad he couldn’t keep off the drink
Sloaneyyyy: Brodie Smith looking ripe for the picking, C’mon Tex, lift your game
spudaroos: Aaron Hall looks a player.
Tim Tam: True… I’m still tempted to pick both the Crouches
damoc85: m0nty any idea when the SC scores for last game will come out.
Sloaneyyyy: yeah Hall is very underpriced… but just can’t pick him when I can get the same output from guys like Kerridge
spudaroos: @Sloaney Big call saying that Kerridge will score the same as Hall based on a couple of Nab games.
Sloaneyyyy: I’m thinking price rise and value for money, Kerridge will generate cash much quicker than Hall
3rdstriker: If Hall averages 95+ as a forward he will be a cheap keeper, averaged 90 last year excluding 2 sub games
The Cannon: Trent McKenzie goes BANG! from the square after a Hartigan 50m penalty.
Sloaneyyyy: Crouch has slowed down
Sloaneyyyy: is Gore even on the field ???
Sloaneyyyy: Seedsman looking better value than Smith now….

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