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Chat log from GF of 2016: Carlton vs Sydney

Chat log for Carlton vs Sydney, GF of 2016

mace485: Sinclair hype is REAL
oc16: what is TMitch doing?
frenzy: Okay Kerrigan your in, now park it on the bench
frenzy: Flower auto-correct
buttox: sinclair is a spud
nbartos: is anyone considering Kade in Def this year?
Sloan4Pres: Sydney are going to be very ordinary this year.
Dangermaus: woooah steady on there Hannebery, don’t use up all your tickets before the season starts
Dangermaus: Titch would have a ton by now if that kick to handball ratio was the other way around
Dangermaus: really wish Kruezer had played well, so that all the spuds would get him
frenzy: Dunno if brave enough to go Graham
nbartos: Weitering not a Lock
Dangermaus: torn between Walker and Franklin… looks like Franklin has put his hand up so far
frenzy: Buddy cheap
jonnyhart: 9 Kermits for Daisy. Daisy loves Kermit.
spudaroos: KK or Kade, who to pick?
nbartos: only take Kerridge & Buddy from these two
spudaroos: Buddy burned me too hard never again, also Mills looks a solid player.

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