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Chat log from GF of 2016: Richmond vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Port Adelaide, GF of 2016

rosty63: Dixon on after half time
rosty63: just you and me again m0nty!
Ash777: danger signs from Lobbe
nbartos: everyones dropped Lobbe like they should
nbartos: dusty must have left his ‘medical’ bag at home??
Power16: those who think lobbe is magically gonna average 90 this year havent watched enough port
nbartos: being sole ruck and carrying previous big wraps – maybe he should
Chelskiman: Exciting stuff from Rioli!
Chelskiman: I see our accuracy hasn’t improved over the summer.
3rdstriker: Conca hamstrung
Chelskiman: We’re dropping like flies at the moment.

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