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Chat log from GF of 2016: Fremantle vs Geelong

Chat log for Fremantle vs Geelong, GF of 2016

LeFtBehinD: Who’s the sub?
m0nty: you are
LeFtBehinD: Rude.
Pokerface: barlow -3. Jump off!
snake_p: yeah poker and jump on Zac Dawson he has a flame for the first time ever
spudaroos: Geelong playing with 5 players who can ruck. Next level strats.
yeah_nah: McCarthy putting up his hand
Jair: Bennell or Barlow?
Flasha: Can i see the TOG info on here anywhere?
m0nty: only after the game, Flasha
frenzy: Should know that before you went purple @flasha
frenzy: Shhhhhh dangers on fire
OnTheRocks: too many Zacs in this game
frenzy: Hey m0nty, good to see your pop up adverts have been taken to a whole new level
m0nty: which ones would those be? I don’t recall approving any
Flasha: I cant see them for any past games??
frenzy: Could be the service provider, but I don’t want a flowering new car
m0nty: Flasha, you need to expand the window to four columns.
m0nty: which car brand?
Dangermaus: Danger doesn’t want to be outdone by Hannebery this weekend
frenzy: Sorry mOnty, I’m on satellite, out in the coral sea atm, so probs these clowns, but Subaru ads pop up
m0nty: I will look into it but I don’t have pop-ups on the site.
Dangermaus: cheap mid to replace D.Gore as a reserve ?
Dangermaus: will Morabito get a run?
snake_p: ryan davis Suns is he gets upgraded from rookie listd
Hadouken: what is mcCarthy job security like? not good?
m0nty: given Kersten and Murdoch are so disappointing, I think McCarthy’s JS is pretty good
spudaroos: Is bartel dead?
morgs640: concussion mate
Pokerface: and no mitch clark keeping out mccarthy
Hadouken: lock n load lol, im always too fast to get people in to my team ha
Gigantor: Cocky will get 2-4 for that tackle
Dangermaus: Motlop joined my ‘never again’ list after last year
Dangermaus: Barlow doing nicely – 16 contested possessions!

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